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Snape's lost child by malfoychild
Chapter 21 : Chapter 21
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A/N I'm back! Finally. I'm sorry I've been gone for so long everyone, but I've had a lot of problems writing this chapter. But I hope that you'll like it. And I mean that to everyone. Normal readers, exlude that last sentence ha ha (Anime sweat drop.) Enjoy.
Recap: She saw a door in front of her and reached to open it...

As her hand reached out to open the door it swung open on its own, but towards her.

The breath was knocked out of her as the door slammed into her. She fell backwards and down the stairs. As she tumbled down the stairs she hit something large, knocking it down the stairs with her.

After what felt like an eternity Hermione finally hit the landing, and whatever she had hit before fell on top of her, making her groan in pain. 'Dear God, what did I hit? A suit of Armor?' She heard someone walking down the hall towards her. She tried to move but it felt like that every bone in her body was broken.

The foot steps were becoming louder and then Hermione heard a voice. "Get off of her Crabbe. I swear, if your hulking mass hurt her in anyway I'll kill you."

The heavy suit of Armor, or Crabbe, groaned and rolled over off of Hermione. James got on his knees and gently pulled Hermione onto his lap.

He brushed some loose strands of hair away from her face. "Are you alright love? What happened? Did Crabbe do this to you?"

"Which question do you want her to answer first James?" Came a sneering voice. James' head snapped to see Lucius slowly walking down the stairs, his wand pointed straight at them.

James glared at Lucius, but softened (SP?) when he looked back down at Hermione. "Love?" 

She glared up at him, but answered. " I'm fine, No Crabbe didn't do this. And Lucius happened, I think. I was running up the steps and the door opened, knocked into me, and threw me back down the stairs. Crabbe was behind me and I guess I hit him on my way back down."

"Hmm." James said. He looked back over at Lucius to see him still pointing his wand at them. "Would you mind pointing that somewhere else?" He snarled. 

Lucius laughed coldy, sending a shiver up Hermione's spine. "Of course not. I plan to kill you and the little mudblood. She stole my son's heart and made him bloddy pansy-boy, and then you killed him. You killed him even though I told you not to." He sighed dramatically and smirked. "Now, is there anything that you would like to say before I take yours and that pathetic mudbloods lives?" 

James glared and looked quickly to the side and then back up at Lucius. "Yes I would like to say something. Attack." 

Surprise filled Lucius' eyes as the hulking mass called Crabbe tackled him from the side, knocking the wand from Lucius' hand. 

"Crabbe, you bumbling idiot, what are you doing?" Lucius screamed as Crabbe wrestled him  face down on the ground, tieing his hands behind his back. 

James gently leaned Hermione's battered body aginast the wall and stood. "He won't answer you Lucius. He's completely under my control." James pulled his wand from his robes. "I'm so sorry that it has to end like this Lucius, but I can't leave any loose ends." 

Lucius' eyes widened in fear as James' wand levelled at him. "Goodbye Lucius'. Avada Kedavra!" 
The green light blasted from James' wand and smacked into Lucius, taking the light from his eyes. 

James walked over to the corpse and sighed. "Such a pity." 

He turned around to find Hermione trying to crawl away and shook his head slightly. "Shouldn't you know better than to try and run by now, love?" He asked as he picked her up and set her on her feet.

Hermione glared at him. "I will always try to escape you, James. Always." 

James' eyes narrowed. "After tonight you will never get another chance my love." He reached for her but jerked away from him. 

"I am not your love! I will never be your love! The only man I have and will ever love is Draco, and he is dead! I will never be your anything you arsehole." 

James sneered at her. "You will be mine, or you will be dead. I'm never going to let another man touch again, even if it means that i can't touch you either."

She glared at him. ":Then kill me. There's no point in living if Draco is dead." 

James' body shook with anger. "Fine." He raised his wand. Avada Kedv-" 

Surprise shown in James' eyes as his body stiffened slightly and then crumbled to the ground. 

Hermione gasped and looked up into the eyes of her savior. 

A/N No that's not the end. But I have to go. Chao my lovely readers.

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