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17 Things I'm Not Allowed To Do At Hogwarts by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 1 : Rule #1
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A/N: Okay, again, i probably shouldn't  be starting a new story, but i couldn't resist this idea. I'm sure you've all read '150 Things Not To Do At Hogwarts.' Well, this is a short collection of my favorites. I may make another list, but for now, these 17 are it. For anyone's information, I did not come up with any of these. I also have no connection to any allusions made within these.

Rule #1:  I will not poke Hufflepuffs with spoons nor will I insist that their house colors indicate they are, “covered in bees”.

"Oi! Prongs!" Sirius Black called out to his best mate, who was about a hundred meters in front of him and on his way to Care of Magical Creatures class. Sirius’ black robes were not buttoned in the front, and it was flying out behind him, exposing the white shirt, black pants, and striped tie that he wore underneath.

"Hey, Padfoot. Why are you not off snogging some girl in a broom closet? I was pretty sure you were free this period." James looked confused. He was almost positive that he had Care of Magical Creatures, but Sirius’ presence was telling him otherwise. His glasses had slipped down his face; he quickly pushed them up the bridge of his nose.

"Been there, done that. I got bored," Sirius answered. His hair was slightly messed up, and there was a faint pink streak running across his jawline.

James shrugged and they kept walking.

They had not been walking for ten seconds when Sirius gasped and cried out. "Holy crap! Diggory! Oi, Diggory! Watch out!"

Amos Diggory, who had been walking nearby Sirius and James looked around, confused. "Why?"

Sirius, who was now frantically running over to the Hufflepuff had his wand out. "Mate! You’re covered in bees! I hope you’re not allergic!"

Diggory cringed when he saw Sirius’ wand. "Mate, I’m not covered in bees," he said, in a flat voice.

"Yes! You are! Look at all that yellow! Obviously, you are covered in bees!" Sirius casually tossed hair was now sticking out in all directions. It quite resembled a longer version of James’ hair. He was closing in on Diggory, but had put his wand away.

Sirius’ hands were now outstretched and Diggory found himself being pushed towards the lake.

Amos Diggory looked down at himself. All he saw was his yellow and black robes. "Black, I’m not covered in bees."

Sirius seemed to deflate, and calm down, but continued to push Diggory towards the lake; he wasn’t completely convinced and he wasn’t about to let his classmate get stung by a large, angry hoard of bees. "Are you sure?"

Shaking his head, Diggory sighed. "Positive."

"Oh, alright then." However, before he turned away, he gave one last thrust with his arms, and Diggory found himself floating in a shallow section of the lake, with fish biting at his feet. Sirius then made his way back to James, who was shaking his head at his best mate.


"Pssst." Sirius was in Transfiguration class; he had to be quiet, because he couldn’t risk getting caught talking by Professor McGongall. "Pssst!"

The Fifth Year Gryffindors had Transfiguration with the Fifth Year Hufflepuffs; Amos Diggory sat next to Sirius.

"Pssst!" Sirius stage-whispered. This time, he leaned in close to Diggory, and jabbed his acquaintance in the side with a spoon.

"Will you stop that?" Diggory yelled. He looked and Sirius that made James (who was sitting behind the two) afraid that Sirius would not finish the class alive.

"Mister Diggory, please refrain from calling out in my class." McGonagall stopped her lecture and looked sternly up and Amos.

"Sorry, Professor."

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