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Make a Wish by earthfarie
Chapter 1 : Make a Wish
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Disclaimer: If it was mine, I wouldn’t be writing fan fiction. :)

It was an easy task. Anyone could do it. Pick up the flower, close your eyes, and blow. Making a wish on a dandelion, it was that simple. If it was this easy, why was it proving to be such a problem? I know what I want; I’m one hundred percent sure. Then why, oh why, was I so scared to wish for it? Wishes don’t come true, anyways. Right?

My wish isn't to mean everything to everyone but something to someone.

    It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I, Ginny Weasley was on a date with my wonderful boyfriend, Harry Potter. At the moment, things couldn’t get any better. But that feeling of content only lasted for a few short moments into our date. Then he ruined it, and asked me to do something. This something was something I had always had trouble to stop doing. I hadn’t done it for a while now, and he’d just made a very tempting offer. He’d just offered me to wish on a dandelion. Yes, I know, it’s something quite simple and it’s not something one has trouble not doing. But not for me, it’s never been easy for me.

    Ever since I met him, I’d always wished for the same thing. Always. It was a silly wish I’d held onto throughout my teenage and young adult years. The wish itself was a little silly, but the fact that I’d remembered to wish for the same exact thing, the exact words, since I was ten years old, was really silly.

    Now Harry stood, with a look of slight confusion across his face. He’d pointed at a pristine dandelion, ready for wishing and sticking up from the ground. It seemed nature had blessed this flower to have a perfect life. Light seemed to radiate from it, making the world a little bit sunnier. It’d been a full minute and all I’d done was stare down at the dandelion as if it was Lord Voldemort himself, back from the dead. I made a noise that was something like a dry sob. Harry looked worried and he took a step towards me, placing a hand on my shoulder.

    “Ginny, what’s wrong?”

    I couldn’t answer, a huge wave of emotion had just washed over me and I was at a complete loss of words. Why was this little flower causing such a huge problem? I should be able to tell Harry why I can’t make a wish. When I think about it, I’ve told him every silly thing I’d done concerning my crush on him, why would one more thing change anything between us? But…this was different. This was the one thing that I’d put the most hope in, the one thing I’d always believed that might actually work, if I kept my faith long enough. Harry wouldn’t laugh, I knew that, but I’d never told anyone about this, not even Hermione, or my mum. Besides, telling Harry would create an awkward situation for the both of us, and I didn’t want to ruin the date.

    Harry said “Do you not want to make a wish?”

    Yes. I do not want to make a wish. But I can’t tell you that Harry, I can’t. I’d have to explain myself, and I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to do that at all, not even a tiny little bit.

    Shaking my head, I said “Yeah, I want to.”

    His grip on my shoulder tightened slightly and he said “What’re you waiting for then?”

    “Why do you care so much about a dumb dandelion wish?” I spun around to face him, and to turn away from the flower, the bitterness in my voice still hanging in the air. I instantly regretted snapping at Harry, he didn’t deserve it, and he had no clue why I was making such a big deal about the flower.

    Harry’s face contorted “Ginny, what’s wrong?” I turned my gaze to the ground. What was I supposed to say? What excuse would be good enough, let alone what excuse would Harry believe?

    “Ginny,” he said more urgently, taking my shoulders in his hands “What’s wrong?” My face was still turned towards the ground, and I forced myself to look at him.

    “It’s nothing.” I whispered, trying as hard as I could to say it forcefully.

    Harry almost laughed “What’s going on is, I’m one-hundred percent sure, not nothing! Now, tell me what’s wrong!” I sort-of knew he wasn’t going to believe me, but it was worth a shot, at least.

    I scowled “There’s no need to yell.”

    Curtly, he said “Sorry.”

    I took a shaky breath “Really Harry, it’s nothing.”

    “Ginny!” he cried, bringing his face closer to mine, desperately searching my eyes, as if he’d find the answer there. Knowing how well he knows me, he might.

    “Harry! If it was important, I’d tell you. But it’s not important!” I twisted out of his grip and took a few steps away from him. What was I going to do?

    “Gin…” he voice was softer now, almost pleading.

    Without thinking, I threw my hands into the air and said in a tired voice “Alright! I’ll tell you, for Merlin’s sake!” I turned my head slightly, still very hesitant about telling him.

     “I always wish for the same thing.” I whispered.

    Harry’s tone had clear evidence of confusion in it “What’s wrong with that?”

    I whipped around again and yelled “It never bloody comes true, you arse!” Yet again, I instantly regretted snapping at Harry. He really didn't deserve it.

    He stood silently for a moment before saying “What d’you wish for?”

    “That,” I say in a quieter voice “is none of your businesses.”

    “Yes,” Harry says, with the tone of urgency back in his voice “it is. I know it.” Of course he does. Nothing is going my way in this conversation, is it?

    “I can’t tell you. Try to understand, please.” I say, attempting to look him in the eyes.

    “I refuse to understand. I need to know, Ginny!” Of course he refuses to. He refuses everything he doesn’t agree with.

    Yelling again, I say “It’s about you, bloody—bloody, you’re so bloody ignorant!”

    His face went blank. Did he really have no clue that the wish was always about him?

    His voice came out strangled “And?”

    “And nothing! I’m not telling you anything, anything else!” I’m still yelling.

    “Yes you are, Ginny! You can’t just tell me part of it—then not tell me the rest!” He’s almost yelling now.

    Continuing to yell I try to hold in my frustration a little and bark “I can and I will!”

    He says nothing, and seems to be trying to figure out what to say.

    The entire conversation keeps running through my head, and I know, eventually I’m going to have to tell him what the wish is, and, knowing this, I scream “Bloody hell! Do you really want to know, honestly? Because once I say it, I can’t take it back and you’re going to have to deal with it because you’re the one that wanted to know it in the first place!”

    “Yes. I honestly want to know.”

    I quickly step towards him, my face set, and I get right up next to him, then say in a deadly voice “Ever since I was bloody ten years old, I’ve wished for the same — the same exact bloody thing! I’ve wanted to bloody marry you! I was ten, and I’d fallen for you harder than you could ever imagine! When you’re a ten year old girl, the only romantic thing you’re thinking about is your dream wedding! So, naturally, I wanted to bloody marry you!”

    Harry looked offended “You say it like marrying me would be a bad thing.”

    I could barely control myself. I took a few steps back to stop myself from slapping him across the face and yelled “That’s all you’re going to say?!?”

    He just sighed. “No, what I’m going to say is: you were ten years old. That’s that. You’re much older, and more mature now.”

    This pushed me further “You don’t get it! I didn’t wish for it once, I wished for it on every wishing dandelion I came across until I was well out of school! A long time after we started dating! During the war! When you were gone, then I finally managed to stop!”

    Harry’s mouth went slack. He seemed to be in a severe state of shock.

    “You didn’t think I’d ever propose?”

    “Of course I expected you to propose, eventually, but I was, and still am, in love! As soon as the war was over, I wanted you to do it! I wanted something stable from you! Some sort of promise that you weren’t going to just get up and leave, again! But you only gave me your word, and I know that your word is worth a lot, but I wanted more, and that thought didn’t seem penetrate your thick skull!”

    This obviously peeved him and, looking surly, he said “Just wish on the flower, Ginny.”

    Not understanding at the moment what his hidden meaning was, I stalked over to the flower and plucked it gently. Bringing it up to eye level, I looked at it for a moment before squeezing my eyes shut and thinking the same thing I’d thought all those years ago.

    ‘If anyone’s listening, my wish is to get married to Harry Potter, the most eligible bachelor on the planet for me.’

    I let out a strong breath of air, and could almost feel the flutter of air carrying the little fuzzy things away. A thought suddenly occurred to me, and as I opened my eyes, I was almost scared of what I was going to see.

    Popping my eyes open, I looked around and instantly saw Harry, on one knee, holding a little box with a diamond ring sparkling in the center of it.

    He smiled and said softly “Hey, Gin, I’m sorry it’s so late, but I was wondering…”

    He took a breath, and, not even letting him finish, I dropped to my knees, said “Yes,” and, throwing my arms around his neck, kissed him.

    Pulling back, Harry said with a smile “Do I get to ask?” I nodded silently.

    He smiled “Ginevra Weasley, will you do me the honor of making me the happiest man alive, and become my wife?”

    I nodded again “Yes.”

    Dandelions are now my favorite flower. Who would’ve guessed it?

A/N: Nothing else to say except everyone who reviews gets cookies!  --earthfarie :]

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