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Quiet Connor by SweetAndSilent21
Chapter 2 : A New Target
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Chapter_2.jpg Chapter 2 picture by SweetandSilent21

"Have you died yet?"

Meet Erin Chambers, my best friend. Isn't she just the sweetest thing in the whole wide world? Excuse me whilst I scoff.

"No." I replied, not moving from where I was trying to suffocate myself under one of the large pillow from my four poster bed.

"Yeah, I didn't think so." She said, tossing her issue of Witch Weekly aside, ever the lazy reader. Tis the curse of the Ravens. Reading is what we do. It's sorta our thing, you know? "Come on, I'm hungry." she continued, getting up. "Let's head down for dinner."

"I don't want to go." My voice was muffled, still being under my pillow. "They'll be there." I spat.

"You don't know that for sure." Erin said, attempting to sound sensible.

I removed the pillow and looked over at her, a complete 'Are you bloody well kidding me?' sort of look on my face. "Yeah, the day the Marauders miss a meal is the day I sing  'We Can't We Be Friends?' to those creepy Slytherins." I was half-blood, and I made sure to keep little pureblood Erin here in the loop with Muggle things, so the song was known. My slight fear of the Slytherin house was known to her also. What? They just weren't nice people...

Erin looked thoughtful for a moment, then sighed and nodded. "Yeah, that's probably right. Oh well, get up. I'm going to eat, you're going to eat, we're all going to be happy."

And suddenly, I was being dragged out of bed. "Fine! I'll go! Merlin you're a beast." I said loudly.

Now, if our dormitory housemates walked in they would be shocked, to say the least. I mean, honestly, they called me 'Quiet Connor' when I wasn't around for a reason people. But, when I was with Erin, I couldn't help but join in with her carefree sort of attitude. Most of the time at least.

"I still don't understand why your upset about that whole library thing anyway." Erin said breezily as I got to my feet and brushed myself off. "I mean, you've been pining for a Mr. Remus, sandy-haired, handsome, must-have-a-book-at-all-times, Lupin for ages. You should be ecstatic that he finally took the time to see the thing he's been missing out on for all these years."

I flushed slightly. Erin had a way of complimenting people without even realizing it. "He isn't the one who noticed me." I told her dejectedly, back to my normal quiet voice. "It was Sirius Black and James Potter."

Erin's face colored in anger slightly. "Thickheads." she mumbled darkly.

I merely nodded. "He barely even looked at me." I sighed quietly. Life was so unfair sometimes. I think I'm going to go sit in a corner and write sad, sad poetry now...

However as we reached the entrance to the Great Hall, things only seemed to worsen, because as we stepped through the doorway we found ourselves covered in a slimy liquid.

A slimy, red liquid that tasted like flobberworms and smelled like the horrible stench that lurked outside the 4th floor boy's loo.

Erin let out a scream and I immediately slipped and fell. Because, you know, my bum hasn't gone through enough today. Not nearly enough.

"Bloody hell! What did you do that for?" groaned a voice. James Potter.

Erin's eyes snapped up as she wiped her face off to see all four Marauders quickly making their way over. A snarl left her lips. "Of course, it had to be these stupid bloody sodding pricks." she muttered furiously under her breath.

Several students were standing up to get a look at us. Some were covering their mouths with their hands with wide eyes, while others were laughing openly. Sigh. School is a horribly cruel place sometimes.

"It was suppose to be Snivellus, not you!" Sirius cried in dismay. "Now we wasted a perfectly good prank on you two!"

"I'm going to murder you." Erin said evenly, so calm that it was actually completely terrifying. "Just you wait, I promise you that I will." Sirius looked over a James, paling slightly and taking a step away.

I looked down at myself. I felt like I was covered in some sort of super sticky cherry jell-o. However, it didn't smell or taste like cherry flavored jell-o. I began making a plan on what to do next; I figured I would drag Erin away from her prey, before she ended up in murdering stupid, some-what innocent lives, and take a shower before heading to the kitchens to grab something to eat-

"Er, are you alright?"

I didn't even look up, I would know that voice absolutely anywhere. Remus Lupin had finally spoken to me. Just now. He- He- Oh bloody hell, I could be doing backflips if I wasn't covered in this junk! He talked to me. He was concerned about my well-being! I could sing!

"Eenugh nor harhumph."

I actually might have sang, if I was able to form any coherent words.

Remus blinked. "What?"

"I'm- I'm- I'm-" I couldn't talk. He was talking to me, finally, and I couldn't even talk back! I think a part of my just died inside, actually. "I'm- I'm-" I officially hate myself. "I'm- I'm- you're- I'm- but- I'm- I'm-" Suicide seems like a pleasant option. "I'm- I'm- I'm- I'm-" I must be mad. I just have to be. Say that you're fine! Say it! "I'm- I'm- I'm-"

They were all staring at me. I knew instantly that I had to get away. I needed to get out of there. Right aboooout... yeah, now.

And with that thought, I quickly stumbled to my feet and made a run for it, getting a clean getaway.

That is, unless you count the fact that I was covered in gooey slime, made a complete fool of myself in front of (roughly, mind you) the entire school, and smelled absolutely horrible.

... and the fact that I just slide into a suit of armor.

Oh my poor, poor bum.


The sad thing was, that ever since that display in the Great Hall, the Marauders decided that I was a funnier target then Severus Snape. So, therefore, they haven't left me alone for the past 3 months. Excluding my lovely, lovely Remus, who seemed to be avoiding me. I wonder why? Maybe it had to do with the whole stuttering, unable-to-speak-properly-when-spoken-to thing. Or it could be because he was detracted by Emma Yoast, his girlfriend of now 1 month 27 days and 3 hours.

To say the least, I wanted to die. Die, die, die. And after that, I wanted to die some more.

Right, well maybe that sounds rather dramatic, but you'd be 'over dramatic' too if you had to listen to another girl go on about how the boy you've liked for ages, isn't all that special.

Oh yes. She went there.

Emma didn't even like my dear, sweet, naive Remus! She was using him to meet the Marauders. However, she had no problems telling everyone his kissing technics [Surprisingly rough, unless it was just in passing]. I wanted to kill her, but I thought I was a bit to young to go to Azkaban. Curse the troubles of being young.

"Case," I heard faintly. "Case!"

"Huh?" I looked around in alarm, only to see Erin standing in front of me, bag on her shoulder, ready to leave the dreary room where Professor Binns lectured us lesson after lesson on all things old, barely magical, and dull.

Sounds just about as riveting as it actually is, right?

Wrong. It's even worse. I'm a Ravenclaw though, so I have to stuff my brain with this (hopefully somehow useful) knowledge.

"You have to get out of this funk." Erin said decidedly.

"Funk?" I questioned, smiling slightly. "I'm hardly in a funk."

"Oh, but you are, my dear Casey-wasey-poo." Erin cooed, linking her arm with my own and leading me out of the room and down the hall. Note to self, pray that she never calls me that again.

We walked be a bit before having to seperate. She smiled, giving me a wave before we departed, she to Care of Magical Creatures and I to Muggle Studies.

"Oi, Connor! Heads up!" the unmistakable voice of James Potter called out.

I closed my eyes shut, waiting for whatever impact was coming. I had learned that it's best to just take what they give me and be done with it. Maybe, if I was lucky, they'd lose interest soon.

I felt several Dungbombs hit my back and stopped momentarily. My muscles tensed as I heard laughter. I kept my eyes squeezed shut, it felt like suddenly everything was weighing down on me. However, taking 4 or 5 deep breaths I opened my eyes, adjusted my bag on my shoulder, I kept walking.

"James, you're a horrible person." I heard Lily Evans say, but it lacked it's usual anger and vengeance. Suppose that's what happens when you date someone, you lose sight of all their horrible deeds and find them just "not nice". Damn, and I could really use a good James Potter vs. Lily Evans match right about now.

However, every thought drifted quickly from my mind as I saw something while rounding the corner. My chest tightened.

I wanted to shout, to scream, to let everything out. I wanted to throw something, to break something, to just damage something enough so that it felt the way I suddenly felt. I felt angry. I felt alone, so suddenly. I felt broken. I felt so empty, so hollow.

And it was all because I was suddenly smacked in the face by reality, as Remus Lupin and Emma Yoast swapped spit for the world to see.

I felt bile rise in my throat and my eyes water.

It wasn't, of course, the first I'd heard of their public displays of affection. However, it was the first time I'd actually seen it with my own eyes. Erin usually managed to keep we away from the scenes, but now she wasn't here and I had no one to turn to for help. I couldn't even make myself move away. I just stood there, tears pooling in my eyes and trying to keep upright.

Suddenly, I felt someone take my waist and lead me away.


"I can't believe I'm doing this." muttered Sirius Black.

Indeed, I would never have suspected this event either. Because I had never imagined in my craziest of daydreams that Sirius Black would be the type of person to stand in the middle of a out-of-order girls lavatory while someone he hardly knew hyperventilated and attempted to keep themselves from puking all over the place. And guess just who was hyperventilating and trying to keep themselves from puking all over the place.

Yeah, that'd be me. Oh, the shame. He must think I'm pathetic.

"You don't have to stay." I said quietly after a minute, still trying to calm myself.

"Oh, but I do." Sirius said with a sigh. "You have officially become my responsibility."

"How so?" I questioned, only slightly offended by his tone.

"Because, for some odd reason, you have become part of my circle." He said with a shake of his head.

I blinked. "Your... circle?" I repeated slowly, it sounding odd on my tongue.

"Yes, my circle. It's like, ...the people that I care about." Sirius explained, sliding to sit on the floor next to me.

"And I am part of that?" I asked, very confused... okay, and slightly giddy. "How on earth did that happen?"

Sirius smirked. "To hell if I know."

We sat in silence for a moment before a rather amusing thought struck me and I turned to look at him.

I grinned. "I never would have guessed that Sirius Black had a soft side."

He immediately become defensive, seemingly perfect eyebrows furrowing together. "I do not have a soft side! I just have a hard side and a... slightly less hard side."

I stared at him. He was an odd one, wasn't he? Then again, I didn't really have much room to talk.

"Right, so, up you go." Sirius said, standing up and pulling me to my feet. "Now, what we have to do is formulate a plan."

"For what?" I asked, walking over to broken mirror to inspect my face for signs of tears. Erin would eat me alive if she knew I was crying over Remus Lupin again. Not that she didn't understand, she just hated that I let him effect me in such a way.

"To get Remus to realize that he needs to be with you and not that annoying bat of a female." Sirius said breezily.

I tripped and knocked my chin on the end on the sink, sending my jaw raddling and my tongue buzzing. I tasted the thick coppery taste of blood quickly and spit into one of the sinks. Yuck.

"How ladylike." He stated, nose crinkled slightly, before shaking his head. "Bloody hell, quiet and clumsy." Sirius said, taking my hand and pulling me toward the door. "We've got a lot work to do."

Oh yes, because that sounded inviting. You know, not to mention complimentary.

What in the world had I just gotten myself into?


Well, I got a lot of reviews, which were lovely, thank you to those who reviewed. However, one person told me that they would like this to be more then 6 chapters, and the more I think about it, the more I can see that happening. The plot line that I've got in mind calls for a few more chapters then that, so it will be more then 6, but probably less than 10. However, this isn't set in stone, so don't quote me. It's just a rough sort of estimate, you know?

Anyway, so that was chapter 2, what did you think? Like it? Hate it? Let me know. I'd actually really like to hear what you guess would like to see in the story. Like is there any specific scenes that you'd like to have included?

Let me know!


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