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It's A Funny Story. by Misty_Dreamer
Chapter 3 : Love?...and its anger.
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.: Chp. 4:
Love?... And its anger :.






I paced back and forth in my room. I was in anger.




I tried my best to get rid of it, for not knowing why. But it kept coming back.




I couldn’t get the reason for it out of my head.





I glanced at the clock. 8:42AM. I should be heading towards the Hospital now if I don’t want Nicole fusing my brain cells out of me ears.






“Nicole! No NO! I love you Nicole! Why cant you understand my love?”


“Get out Karmickle. NOW.”


“But Nicole, how- “


“I don’t want to see your stupid face, Derik.”


“Stupid? STUPID! No!! NO! I DO NOT- no no no… my dear Nicole, I love you, my dear love.”


Once again every 9:00 in the morning, Nicole’s lover, Derik Karmickle, comes to gain her love. He clings to her, causes her high points of annoyance, cries for her, yells out her name in agony when she is not listening but goes soft when she goes frightened. And she in desperation even tries to claw his face.


Cute couple, if you ask me.


“Nicole. Nicole. Nicole. Nicole, love?” No answer. “NICOLE!!” Let me tell you, this Derik guy has high emotions. I mean the way he just said ‘Nicole’, it was just like Voldemort’s screaming, really loud, for life.


“Derik! Shut up, will you? I’m so tired of you! Please just get out!”


All the employees and nurses are so used to this that they don’t even have to look at this commotion.

“No.” He dropped to his knees. “Anna Nicole Smith, would you marry me?” Even though he had no ring he put his hands together in plead.


Nicole, not surprised, replied in a quite calm fashion, “No, Derik. Now please get out before I just lose it.”


“Anything for you, love. But this is not the last of my visits.” And he left.


To my utter surprise, Nicole started to giggle. Uncontrollably.


She turned to me, snorted, and said, “Can you believe the pain he’s in? His suffering? The crushing heartache he endures every time he sees me? Gosh, it just makes me so happy!”


All I could do was stare.







Stupid Hermione, where are you?


I seriously don’t know where my anger for Hermione was coming from but I know it wasn’t jealousy……… I just know.


It was in fact 4:33 and she was no where to be seen. Those 7 years of being perfectly on time just had to effect her today, 6 years after?


That soft knock, once again, came on my office door.


“In.” I simply stated. And she came.


Besides me taking in her appearance, she took mine. In fact, I had just come in from a jog. I was in my shorts, and I had a button-up t-shirt on that clearly wasn’t button up. Her eyes were stuck.


I rolled my eyes. “You can sit down, you know?”


She sat.


“Ok, well I eventually looked over the form you had filled out yesterday, and you qualify. If you do want that abortion I would have to check the state of your child.” I nearly grumbled it all.


Then her eyes, once again, traveled down my shirt.


“Hello? I'm up here…” Annoyance came like bliss. I flinched as flash of memory came to me; it had to do with un-buttoning shirts.


She looked concerned. “Whoa. Are you ok? Are you comfortable?”


What the heck? Comfortable?


“Am I comfortable? Me? No, no that doesn’t matter. I think you’re the one not ok. Should I take my shirt off? Will that make you feel better?”


Her expression, looked like a mixture of shocked and confusion.


“I,I…….no? Wait- the-no-I, uhh what?” she stuttered.


I just gave her a dirty look. And beckoned her to follow me to give her an ultra-sound, to see if her child was not fully developed, to see if it had a brain, heart, and its organ’s yet, to see it was breathing.

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It's A Funny Story.: Love?...and its anger.


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