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Lift It All Up (The Baby Project) by WHATIF_booksarecool
Chapter 3 : Little Miss Polite
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Chapter 3: Little Miss Polite


Cassidy Lance sat, giggling with her close friend Avery, while pushing a double-seater, orange-and-yellow stroller containing her twins, Cadance and Davey, while Avery was pushing two strollers (one red, one blue) with her two kids Braxton and Sammi.


****Cassidy’s POV****

Avery and I were sitting on the stoop in front of the school when we received a message that read, “To  Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Avery Lisand, Alyson Harper, Hilary Wallace, Cassidy Lance, Ronald Weasley, Harry Potter, Calub Brown, Braison Hazlett, John Mayer and David Fromstreet: Please report to my office immediately. Your kids all have babysitters and are in the Brown’s dorm. Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster.” We sat, in shock. “What do you think it’s about?” Avery asked, as we walked up to odd-looking gargoyles. “I’m not sure, maybe a teacher died or something.”    I responded.


****Cassidy’s Flashback****

                Me and David, along with Avery, Aly, Calub and Braison were walking down into the corridor where the fighting was, inside of the Reed Sander’s Memorial Library. We used our wands for light, looking for the Death Eaters. Out popped Fortune, the newest edition to the Death Eaters. He started aiming spells at us, and we dodged them. Soon Lucius Malfoy and Wendellin the Weird joined the fight. We were battling it out, heavily, when a red curse came bouncing onto Calub’s chest. He gasped, then fell to the floor. We all thought of the worst, and fear gripped us. “Is he…?” began Aly, tears in her eyes. “I’m not sure.” Braison yelled. Fortune started aiming at me, and I had to dodge the spells. David started aiming at Fortune, and began yelling. “You evil guy!” and he shot a killing curse at him.


****Cassidy’s Back to Present****


                “Ah, you’re now all here. Do you want a Lemon Candy?” Proffesor Dumbledore asked us all. We all nodded our heads no. “Well, I know Seven Things (LOL, song by Miley Cyrus. Don’t like it!). One, my name is Albus Dumbledore. But I’m not going to go through the rest of them right now, alas, because you will have to go to your classes soon and there’s a lot of work to be done.” He restarted.


                “I would very much like to make this simple. Some of your kids aren’t dolls, they’re…real. As in, humans. Our ‘lovely’ Proffesor Snape has secretly been working for Fortune, the death Eater. He put a spell on you. I’ll have to examine your kids to find out which are real and fake.” Ron’s face went pale, hoping he wasn’t going to have to keep all four kids.


                David and I were more thinking about our children’s wellbeing. I mean, a family of four, the parents aged seventeen, each? Please swear to me that there’d be no negativity! But there would, because this is life.


                Proffesor Dumbledore summoned Frannie Lynn, one of Hermione and Ron’s kids. He waved his wand over her (in her booster seat) and finally pronounced, “Mr. Weasley, and Miss Granger, you have here your oldest, first-born daughter. She’s real.” Hermione collapsed, and leaned on Ron for support. Ron comforted her, running his fingers through her hair.


                “Let’s see. Your other kids, next. Heidi.” Dumbledore said, then summoned their second-youngest child. “She is, hang on. Fake, so far you have one daughter.” Heidi wasn’t real. Relief washed over all of our faces. This was a good sign. Even though Hermione was my friend, I would still like there to be less of a chance that I’d have kids at age seventeen.


                “Mr. Weasley, Miss Granger, I will now be checking your daughter, Jamie. She’s real, you have two wonderful daughters. And Timothy Weasley is…fake. So your kids are Frannie Lynn and Jamie.” He pronounced. Hermione did a choked laugh, and Ron blushed a bit.


                “Proffesor, I swear we didn’t-” Ron began. “I know, it was Snape. He’s fled now, and he will never be offered another position here.” Dumbledore replied.



                “But we must go on. Mr. Potter and Miss Weasley, come here. Here’s Mary Ann.” Dumbledore said. “Actually Proffesor, we changed it to Sa5m. Well, spelled with a 5. It’s a trend.” Ginny blushed. “Ah, well then. Sa5m is…real. And Freddie is… a fake. Good luck with your family, Mr Potter, Miss Weasley.” Dumbledore said.


                Just then, Proffesor McGonagall walked into the room, and had a hushed discussion with Professor Dumbledore. “Children, Minerva and I have decided to disband this project. The fake children will be turned in, and that will be a Free Study period in the Lift It All Up classroom. We will continue with the Fake and Real sorting.” Dumbledore informed us.


                “Well, on then. Avery and Braison, come here. First Braxton.” Dumbledore said, and waved his wand. “Braxton is real.” And after a moment, “So is Sammi. So you have a son and daughter. Good luck with your life.” Avery and Braison looked at each other, then picked up Braxton and Sammi and started rocking them.


                “Alyson Harper and Calub Brown, with your kids Jason, Hayley and Lesley. Jason, fake. Hayley, your oldest girl, real. Lesley is your youngest girl, so good luck.” He stated.


                 “Hilary Wallace and John Mayer, you’re son is a fake, so you slipped out of that one. Now, Cassidy Lance and David Fromstreet, your turn. Cadance is real, and so is Davey. Good luck.”


                “I’m sorry, Cassidy.” Said Avery.


                “Sorry? Oh God, I’m thrilled! I mean, it’s not the best, but I would have missed them when they went back.” I said.


                “Though you’re chatting about our recent discovery, we must head off. But first, we must explain the preliminaries.  You will visit Professor Estochupars once a week, or if you’re having any trouble. But here, just read through this sheet. Also, you have the next two weeks off your classes. You also have your dorm rooms converted into houses, on the roof. As long as you wish, be it one year, or twelve, you may live there. You have a kitchen, dining room, bathroom and bed room. If you want any furniture or more rooms, you may order them through this catalog. And be off with you!” He said, and we left his office.


                We then began traipsing down the corridor. “Hey, let’s visit our houses.” Avery suggested. We all agreed. We started from the first house and went down.  The first house was called, “Daydream” and that was Hilary and John’s house, or so the welcoming mat said. But it had a sign out front, claiming it was Daydream. Next was Hermione and Ron’s house, “Feeling.” We all laughed at that until Hermione gave us a look and Ron threatened to scalp us. Then we went on to Ginny and Harry’s house, “Real.” It had a white outside wall, with pink stars. Harry, Ron, David, John, Calub and Braison all looked at the stars with horror.


                We went on to Avery and Braison’s house, “Route.” It had a green exterior, and luckily had no stars, but a blue border. Aly and Calub was next, “Cool.” It had a simple light blue exterior, and was by far the prettiest so far. We all thought it was quaint. Next was David’s house. Well, and mine. So we came to it, and all gasped. It was light silver, with a light blue border, and it had two stories. We read a note stuck on the door.

Dear Fromstreet family,

Your house has a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, and a nursery. This is for David risking his life to help his friend when battling a Death Eater months ago. He killed the evil Fortune, and for that we’re thankful. So you have an extra.


                “Thanks, David.” I jokingly said to him. “Oh, shucks.” He replied. “Hey, you get an extra room! And I’m the one with two kids!” Braison said. Avery shoved him, then he shoved her, and soon they were playfully wrestling in the grass. Everyone looked on, laughing. It seemed like it was perfect, but nothing is what it seems.*

I’m amazed, y’all! The first 3 DAYS chapter 1 was up, I had 88 reads! In 3 days! You all rock. Reviews are nice! Um…JKR’s idea, not mine. My idea was the theme. Write now (get it? Like, writing!) I’m going to my friend Sydney’s softball game. So, yeah. This is a longish one, longer then 1 and 2. Have you noticed the similarities in my chapter names? Thanks to all my “fans.” P.S. The chapters will always get longer. P.S.S. I won’t be posting June 20th-June 27th. Vacation, baby! WOOHOO! P.S.S.S. 189 reads! Yay!


Cassidy and David- Cadance: F Davey: M

Hilary and John- None, Daydream

Aly and Calub- Hayley: F Lesley: F, Cool

Avery and Braison- Braxton: M Sammi: F, Route

Ginny and Harry-Sa5m: F, Real

Hermione and Ron- Frannie Lynn: F Jamie: F, Feelings

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