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What If... by Irisheyes
Chapter 14 : XIV
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"Love is the immortal flow of energy that nourishes, extends and preserves. Its eternal goal is life."

~Smiley Blanton


          Hermione awoke gently opening her eyes slowly. She could feel his arms wrapped tightly around her, his skin against hers. She tenderly ran her free hand over the length of his muscular arm; she reached his hand and squeezed it. He fidgeted in his sleep, but did not wake. She turned his hand over and stared at the lines on his palm, softly tracing them with one of her fingers. She remembered something they had always done with one another before he disappeared from her life. They had never needed words to express their love for one another, though they told one another often. But now and then they would trace the shape of a heart into one another’s palms, randomly and always unexpected; but the small symbol was something so vast for them. She had not realized it but she was tracing a heart at that moment, and it was then that he woke.


          “I love you too,” he said with a sleepy huskiness to his voice. It was as if the evil part of him had vanished, as if nothing had ever happened that were bad; as if they had never been separated. She rolled over to face him and looked into his silver eyes with adoration.

          “I’ve missed you,” she whispered with a smile.

          “I’ve missed us,” he sighed, and she knew what he meant. She knew that this moment they had would not last forever but she was just thankful it had lasted this long. He gently tucked a stray piece of her russet hair behind one of her ears. She took his hand and held it hostage in hers, resting it on her face and closing her eyes in hopes the tears would not fall.

          “Please don’t make me walk away from you again,” she pleaded softly and kissed his hand.

          “I wish with all my heart I never had to be apart from you.” He said with the most sincerity in his eyes.

          “You are my life Draco Malfoy, my heart beats for you. And when I go days or even months without a word from you it literally breaks,” she said not letting go of his stare.


“They will not stop until I am dead. I can not allow you to be thrown in harms way because of me. Look at what happen to Ginny. I could not bare it if you were to part this earth to soon,” he said and has he did he pulled her closer to him. She nestled her head into his bare chest and breathed him in. She wrapped one arm up and around his neck and kissed it delicately. He closed his eyes and ran his fingers through her hair. She smelled of lavender and it intoxicated him, it always had even when she would brush past him in the halls of Hogwarts all those years ago.

          “Harry is going to try and kill you,” he heard her say barely above a whisper. It was then his blood started to boil. He could feel the evil rushing back to him and he tried to fight it. He pried himself away from her and sat up putting his face in his hands.

          “I would die before I let that happen,” he heard her say and he could feel her moving closer to him. He shot up from the bed with incredible speed and spun around to look at her with a frightening glare.

          “No one and I mean no one will hurt you. Or they will die by my hand and my wand and so help me Merlin I will strike down everything they love dear in front of them before I cast them into eternal sleep.” The venom seeped from his lips. Hermione’s body crawled with goose bumps. The evil stranger was back and her Draco had been sucked back inside him.

          “Harry would never hurt me,” she tried to defend her best friend.


In an instant Draco had towered over her on the bed and grabbed her face by the chin so fast she almost thought he was going to try and rip her head of literally. She tried to pull away from him but he yanked her chin hard so as to regain eye contact with her.

“He is sick with grief Hermione and to him you are merely sleeping with the enemy.” He snapped at her. “Don’t think for one minute he wouldn’t sacrifice your life in order to take mine.” He released his grip on her and turned his back on her. She tried to catch her breath but didn’t have time because he yanked her up out of the bed by her arm.

“Get your clothes on and get out of here,” he said throwing the clothes at her he had practically ripped from her body only hours before.

“Stop it Draco,” she demanded, clutching her clothing tightly, the sheet loosely still wrapped around her. “I know what you are trying to do and I won’t allow it. Not this time, not ever again” He came at her now but stopped just before he knocked her over, balled fists at his side. She stared up at him in defiance, she was terrified on the inside but she wasn’t about to let him see that.


          “Harry loves me, he would never hurt me,” She defended Harry, her protective tone over him leaking out in her trembling voice.

“Ya and I love you more then him and I fight the urge to take your life every damn day,” he hissed.

“That is something entirely different and you know it,” she said through gritted teeth.

“NOT in his state of mind right now, Hermione.” Draco snarled at her.

“Oh and your state of mind is so stable as of late,” she said and as she was saying it she was regretting the words she could not stop from spilling out of her lips. She closed her eyes, it was not what she had meant but she knew he would explode.

“YOU HERMIONE GRANGER MUST MAKE A CHOICE!” he bellowed. “You either choose him or me, but only one of us can live. Who do you love more?”

“Don’t make me decide between the two of you, you know that is impossible,” she sighed, still regretting her remark knowing he would be angry for some time at her now. He leaned in very close to her face, grabbed her arms with bruising force and yanked them up in a restrained fashion so she could not pull away from him.

“Don’t make me choose for you,” he paused and released one of his hands grip on her arms to caress her face, “because that is something you will truly regret.” He hissed, and as he relinquished his hold on her he pushed her from him.


          He dressed in silence, as she still stood motionless in the sheet letting all of what had just happen; the utter realizations sink in for her. When he was finished he took the pot of floo powder that was on the mantle of the grand fire place and slammed it down on a table next to the flickering flames. It caused Hermione to jump back in to reality and it had delivered his message clearly to her, he was finished with her for now. She didn’t even look at him when he glared at her before exiting the bedchamber, she didn’t want to. It was not how she wanted to remember him, for she did not know how long it would be before she would see him again; or if he would forgive her for that matter. She put her hands to her face and fell to the floor in tears, why did all this have to be so damn hard. Why did any of this have to happen at all?


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