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This Feeling's Taking Control by Dracoxoxo
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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Chapter Two:


Ginny plopped on her bed and screamed in her pillow. She heard the door to her room open and someone sit down on he bed. She rolled over on her back and saw it was Harry.

“Ginny I’m really sorry.” Harry said.

“Harry, This is so stupid! I have to marry a Death Eater!” Ginny said horrified.

“Ginny how do you know he’s a Death Eater” Hermione asked coming into the room with Ron.

“Its Malfoy” Ginny said.

Ron nodded his head vigorously and asked “When do you have to get married anyways.”

“In two weeks” Harry supplied

Ginny groaned and stuffed her face back in her pillow. Hermione stroked Ginny’s hair and got up pulling Ron out of the room so Harry and Ginny could have some time alone. Harry laid down next to Ginny. Ginny sat up and glared at him.

“I’m sorry” Harry said.

“Harry I’m not mad at you because I have to marry Malfoy. I’m mad that you never told me. I thought we were best friends” Ginny said staring at him.

“Ginny, I’m so sorry. I know I should have told you but I didn’t  because me and Mr. Weasley were trying to find a way to get around the prophecy but we haven’t found  any. I’m really sorry I didn’t want you to get hurt.” Harry said honestly.

Ginny smiled and hugged him.

“Now I just have to tell Dean” Ginny said sighing.

Harry nodded and got up. I’ll see you later.” He said walking back to Ron and his room.

After Harry left, Hermione came in and sat next to Ginny on the bed.

“Gin, I know you think its bad marrying Malfoy but there are some good things. First, he might not be a Death Eater, second, now you can get away from Ron. You’re always complaining how Ron is so annoying. And if Malfoy tries anything, me, Harry, and your brothers will come beat him up.” Hermione said.

Ginny half smiled at the idea of Hermione having a fist fight with Malfoy.

“Thanks Hermione. I’m gonna go take a shower and then meet Dean.” She said getting up and heading to the bathroom.

Marry Malfoy? That would be horrible. would he annoy her? Of course he would that was a stupid question. But he wouldnt be too happy about having her a 'filthy weasley' in his house. She could torment him. That could be quite fun. Maybe I can use this to my advantage. Ginny thought as she undressed and got under the steaming water.



After taking her shower, Ginny put on a pair of jeans and a black turtle neck. She grabbed her coat and apparated to Dean’s house. She took a deep breath and knocked.

“Hey Gin, Come on in” Dean said, opening the door.

Ginny followed him into his kitchen.

“Dean I cant marry you" Ginny said bluntly.

Way to let him down easy. Ginny thought to herself.

“What, why? Does your family not approve?” he asked.

“No its not my family, there’s a prophecy made. I have to marry someone else.” Ginny said nervously.

“Who” he asked bitterly.

“Malfoy.” Ginny said quietly.

“Bet you cant wait” he said, snorting.

“What’s that suppose to mean? Do you actually think I want to marry him! He tormented my whole family forever and he is probably a Death Eater!” Ginny said angrily.

“Yeah, but I also heard he is a good shag” Dean’s said crossing his arms.

“You have got to be kidding me! I cant believe I was going to marry such an insufferable git like you” Ginny said furiously.

“Well that’s great. Now you can marry Malfoy the bouncing ferret.” Dean said.

“Here’s your ring! Goodbye!” She said slamming her ring on the table and storming out. She apparated back to the burrow and stalked up to her room slamming the door loudly.

“That didn’t go to well did it?” Ron asked Hermione and Harry.

They had been sitting in the living room an had watched Ginny come in looking furious. Harry shook his head.

“Maybe we should talk to her.” He suggested.

“No, not right now.” Hermione said thoughtfully.




The sun shined in through the clear glass windows framed by the dark green, velvet curtains. The man lying on the bed rolled over on his bed which was covered in blue silk sheets. The young man sat up and ran a hand through his platinum blond hair. He got up and went about his daily morning business. Soon enough he was sitting on a large table eating a delicious breakfast.

“Master, Wobby has got letter for master.” The house elf said holding out a letter.

“You can go” Malfoy said, after taking the letter from the elf.

He looked at the seal and realized it was from the ministry. He used a knife and slit it open to read it.




Dear Mr. Malfoy,


We hope this letter finds you in good health.  We have addressed this letter to you to inform you that a prophecy from the Department of Mysteries concerns you.  The prophecy was made by the celebrated Seer Cassandra The prophecy hereby states that you must wed the first girl born to the Weasley’s after seven generations. The woman’s name is Ginevra Molly Weasley. You must wed Miss. Weasley within the next two weeks. Sorry for any nuisance and good day.


William Macmillan

Department of Mysteries


Malfoy crumpled the letter in his hand and stood up angrily. He would never marry someone as low and muggle loving as the Weasley’s. That was absurd! He picked up the plate he had been eating in and threw it against the wall where it shattered into pieces. (He wasnt  so good in dealing with his anger issues) A house elf that had been cleaning the fire place cringed and cowered trying to blend in with the wall so as to avoid the wrath of Draco Malfoy. 
Malfoy smirked, as he glanced at the pitiful creaature. Perhaps, he could make Ginny's life worse then his own was about to be. Yes. I promise you Weasley, you'll wish you'd never met me. he thought with an evil smirk.


A/N: So what did you think ? I tried a Malfoy POV, normally I’m not so good at that but it was small so I think I did okay right? Well tell me what you think. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Once again, this is not forced marriage, as you can see, they both dont mind marrying each other even if their marrying for revenge rather than love.

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This Feeling's Taking Control: Chapter Two


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