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Flowers. by toonmili
Chapter 25 : The Family
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CHAPTER: The family

The following day had brought about various changes in their household. The best change she could note was the noticeable absence of the crowds of people outside their house (a favor she called on to Kingsley)… The next thing she could note was that Jane… seemed to have gotten over her nightmare. However, Teddy didn’t seem to. He looked at her like she was about to explode and when he had exhausted the amusement wondering about her provided he turned his attention to Severus. While he didn’t stare, Tonks knew that his constant glances in his direction meant that he was most likely thinking about him. If Severus was aware of this behavior he did a remarkable job hiding it. Tonks watched the three of them from her position on the table. Jane was forming a smiley face with the blue barriers she picked out of her pancakes, Severus reading… or pretending to read to the paper… and Teddy looking at the pair of them with a mixture of fair and amusement. So this was the final picture, this was what she would wake up to every morning for the rest of her life. She could get used to it. It was by no means a perfect picture but she didn’t need it to be… perfect was boring.

She laughed at herself and took a sip of her coffee.

The three of them looked at her, expecting her to share the joke… “I was just thinking about something,” she explained and they all went back to what they were doing.

She smiled again… it seemed like they were in perfect harmony for a second. It didn’t seem so new that they were together… it was like she was witnessing a morning ritual.

Teddy opened his mouth to say something then hesitantly closed it. He looked over to Tonks and tilted his head to side. She knew Teddy well enough to know what it was he wanted but she decided to pretend… pretend so he would be forced to do what he didn’t want to do. He looked at her pleadingly and Tonks shook her head like she really had no idea what he was trying to communicate to her. He slouched his shoulders in defeat and turned to Severus. “Um.. excuse me, can I have the sports section please?”

Severus looked at Tonks first with one brow raised and then turned to Teddy. “Of course,” he said and scrolled to the back and pulled out all the sports pages and handed it to him. Once Teddy had his distraction Severus looked at Tonks from beyond the paper… he smirked at her. It was a small step but a huge one at the same time. Teddy had never addressed Severus directly… so even though it was just to ask for piece of the paper it was huge deal.

“Can I have some of the paper pa?” Jane asked.

Teddy laughed at her. “There’s nothing in there for you,” he said to her.

“No stories?” she asked.

Teddy shrugged. “Stories… about bad people… you wouldn’t like it.” he said. She tired to peak over to see what he was looking at. She sighed and went back to her pancakes. It seemed to amuse teddy that Jane hardly complained about anything… she accepted instruction pretty easily. He looked over to her… she was sulking but not complain. He took out piece of his paper and passed it to her. “Here,” he said. “This is about the coolest girl in the world.”

She took the paper and looked at the picture that went along with the article. “She’s on a broom… why?”

“She’s a witch,” he said plainly.

“A witch?”


By now Severus was watching the conversation closely. Jane was still very much afraid of the word witch and she just attributed magic to fairy god mothers… she simply believed everyone she met who could do magic was related to some sort of a fairy. Severus kept her so sheltered from the magical world.

She put the paper down on the table. You could see from the look on her face she was troubled. “Why do you like her then Teddy?” she asked… and she seemed really concerned for his safety and also questioned his judgment.

“Because…” he started, “Not all witches are bad Jane… most of them are really nice…” She looked at her father for confirmation and Severus nodded and she turned to Tonks and Tonks nodded. “You see sometimes some witches turn bad and they do really really horrible things but most of them are good… I’ve met hundreds of witches and only one of them is horrible.”

“You know witches?” she asked in alarm.

He nodded. “You know some yourself.”

“No…” she said but it was obvious that she was not sure.

“Yes… Guess who… I’ll tell you when you say their name.”

She seemed to be thinking really hard… “umm.. Aunty Ginny?” she asked. It was an esay guess since she was the only other woman she knew besides Tonks…

Teddy nodded. “You guessed right… she’s a witch… and you like her don’t you.”

She looked hesitant to say it but she eventually nodded. “I guess… but how do you tell the good ones from the bad ones.”

“You don’t worry about that… no one can hurt you when you’re with us… if there’s a bunch good witches and wizards fighting one bad witch… who do you think will win?”

“The good witches?” she whispered but even then there was a signs of skepticism etched on her little face. She turned to father again for confirmation and when she received it she decided it was okay to read the article in the paper.

“What’s quid—ditch.”

“Only the coolest game in the world.” He said.

Tonks could tell from the enthusiasm in his voice the conversation was not going to end for a long time. Teddy didn’t care who his audience was… anyone who was willing to talk about Quidditch with him was worthy companion… and the fact that he trumped her in knowledge gave him that upper hand he never had with his friends at school or Harry, Ron and sometimes even Hermione, who just liked to collect facts, for knowledge sake.

Teddy finally decided it was best to show Jane his quidditch cards for her to have a greater appreciation of the beauty of the game.

Severus looked at the pair of them as they left the room. He turned to Tonks waiting for her opinion on the exchange. “Was I being optimistic or are his feelings about me actually ameliorated.”

She laughed slightly and got up from the table and began to place all the dishes in the sink. See. “You were worrying for nothing.”

“Not nothing… everything,” he said and she could feel him behind her. His hands went around her waist and … “I want to do this right.”

She couldn’t help but smile at this. She waved her wand over the dishes and tuned around in her arms. She looked up at him and raised her brows at him. “So what, are you going to ask his permission?”

He pondered it while he pulled her closer to him. “Umm… seek his blessings.”

“He’ll give it… I can tell, especially after this morning. If he really hated you he would have not talked to you at all.”

“Wait till he finds out I want to marry you…”

She was about to assure him on that fact when a voice interruption. “You want to WHAT?”

Their bodies quickly separated and Tonks looked beyond Severus to see Teddy and Jane at the door. Teddy expression said that his worse nightmare had come true. Her mind was racing… she was trying to find words to say but there was nothing she could think of saying. She did not intend Teddy to find out about it this way, she would have liked for him to be eased into fact, after he got to know Severus better. “Teddy…” she started but she never got to complete the sentence because at that moment the fireplace sounded. She knew right away who it was. They got an owl during breakfast that said Severus’ belongings would be delivered. The embarrassment could not get any worse, like she really needed someone from work to witness the embarrassing explosion that was sure to come.

“Hello…” she hard the person called.

Teddy turned and walked out the kitchen and Jane followed him. Tonks knew she had to talk to him. She followed him to the living room to find that it was actually Harry in the living room with a single bag in hand. Harry looked at Teddy as he walked to his bedroom looking all hot and bothered. “Did I interrupt something?” Harry asked observing the hot heads in the room.

Teddy turned back to face Harry. “Nothing… except mum and her friend are apparently getting married and no one seems to care what I think?”

“WHAT?” Harry said… Teddy shrugged and walked to his bedroom door and slammed the door shut in, leaving Jane outside. Harry turned to Tonks… there was no use denying it. She nodded slightly.

“This is… crazy.” Harry said and he needed to take a seat. His brain seemed to working it out. “I guess that explains the ring huh?”

A/n: I get totally frustrated when I'm not writing... so I had to. My block is kinda-sorta lifting... but it's still there.

So thanks for being so patient with me...

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