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All Hail The Heartbreaker by define_normal
Chapter 10 : A Plot Set To Destroy
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I'm sure if I had a heartbeat, it would've stopped beating when I heard those last words spoken. It was like it had paralyzed me from the beginning, and here I was day three, still immobile, and barely breaking through. I didn't know what to think, I mean when my secret was revealed, didn't he feel comfortable to tell me his? Did he really believe I'd be such a hypocrite and hate him for what he became?

"Sweetie, you're starting to scare me." Its been like this all morning, Sky telling me how much she was worried. It seemed like the words never made it to my brain, like they couldn't comprehend what she was speaking.

"I'm sorry, uh.. I think we need to talk." I looked around, it was only lunch and since it was a tuesday everyone was rushing to finish last nights homework no one felt like doing. She didn't respond, only looked up at me with her questioning dark blue eyes standing out so vividly.

There was no one remotely in our area, except maybe the odd first year, but they were too busy mumbling to themselves to even notice anyone else in the room. Poor first years, they always worry themselves into the ground, if only they would realise its not as bad as it seems. Just do the assignments, and show up to class, be respectful, and blend in. Its really that simple.

"You know how I'm... a well.." She nodded, grinning at my lack of explanation. I rolled my eyes, and continued on. "Well Remus, I think he might be a..."

"Harmony, I love you, your my best friend, actually more like my sister. But I don't think you should go around accusing others because your insecure of your own problems." Insecure? Is she serious? "I have to go to class, please Harmony, get some sleep, visit Professor Dumbledore, talk things out with him. I think your new abilities are messing with your mind a little bit."

I probably looked like a goldfish the way my mouth open and closed trying to make out a coherant sentence as I watched her walk away.

"How'd you find out?" You have got to be fricken kidding me! I turned around to face the familiar voice, letting out a breath of relief when I noticed it was Remus himself.

"I was out hunting myself that night." He rose an eyebrow, but didn't question which I was highly grateful for. "Look, I'm real sorry. I just couldn't keep it from her. Shes my best friend, and I don't want her to get hurt in the end because of something stupid."

"I would never hurt her."

"You better not, or I might have to kill you with my amazing new abilities. I can become invisible, you know." So I stretched the truth a bit, like he'll ever find out.

* * *


That night I waited and waited for Sky to come up to bed, when it reached almost ten o'clock I began to get worried. Like an overprotective parent, I sat on my bed my nails in my mouth, chewing rapidly. There were more dangerous things than me in the world, but in Hogwarts there was a simple tie.

When the clock struck ten, I jumped up from the bed. Curfew was at nine, so it was impossible that she would be out and about. But I didn't think she'd be downstairs this late. For me, it was better that I avoiding heavy popular areas at night, the heartbeats all beating together was enough to make one go mad.

I didn't care though, I told Sky something important, and I had to make sure she wasn't off doing anything stupid... or that could get her into VERY BIG trouble.

When I reached the common room, I noticed that about three quarters had gone to bed. The rest were doing their homework like crazy, or just relaxing by the fire. I learned in first year doing your homework at night was to stressful, so I worked out a system. Do homework as soon as it was assigned, and don't waste any time. Its fresh in your mind, and you don't have to worry about it being late. Works for me, not so much for other people.

Spotting no Skylar, damn her, I moved up towards the boys dormitry, going to bother Remus about her, and if he wasn't there, I could always bother his friends. Based off memory I navigated my way through the hall stopping at the door I believed was theirs.

Taking a small breath, I knocked loudly on the door not stopping until someone swung it open madly. "What the hell, people sleep you know!" Sirius' hair was sticking up in every direction, his eyes were opened lazily. Whoa, the almighty Sirius Black was in bed before his sidekick James, whom I noticed was letting go of the gold snitch, only to catch it again five seconds later.

Not even bothering to ask questions about his appearance, I got straight to the point. "Have you seen Remus?" I asked warily, not really wanting to talk to Black of all people. He just shrugged and walked over to a curtained bed. There lay Remus Lupin sound asleep.

I went to take a step forward but a shot back a yelp escaping my lips. It felt as if an electrical shock shot into my body, almost jump starting my heart."Are you okay?" James asked the snitch no longer in his arms range, and was fluttering around the roof madly. "Just peachy."

"You can come in," Remus muttered groggily, kicking a tired looking Sirius off his bed. I smiled at him greatfully and took a step inside the room, closing the door behind me. A smile of relief broke out on my fave and I couldn't be happier that the shock did not strike.

"Have you seen Sky anywhere? I mean, usually shes up in the divination tower but its too late to be there, and I don't know where else she could be besides with you. Cause we all know you guys are perfect for eachother. Don't tell her I said that, and wipe that look off your face. And don't you dare even think that!"

How in the world does she know what he was thinking?

"Shut up Black, I was asking Remus an important question before you butted in." I huffed crossing my arms over my chest. "He ... didn't even say anything?" James questioned himself, looking thoroughly confused. I didn't even bother to explain myself, and kept constant eye contact with the little wolfy that sat silently on the bed.

"She was in the library, but we left together when it closed. She may be in the kitchens, she said she had to make a few stops before she came back here." I nodded and turned to Black. "Sorry to wake you up sleeping beauty, you can go back beddybyes." I replied mockingly before turning to around and exiting the room.

Shit, I have to be more careful with this. Its not like I actually read Remus' mind, his eyes gave away all. But if I was paying more attention, I would have noticed that I had tapped into Black's thoughts without even realizing it.

Maybe its an act of hatred, I read Sky's mind when I was mad at her, and I just don't like Sirius, simple as that.

I stopped outside the door hearing there voices from inside the room. "She digs me." Sirius said cockily, "She even called me a beauty. Shes just being all sarcastic and rude to protect herself." I shook my head, my hands clenching tightly into a fist. "You don't even know who sleeping beauty was for one thing, and secondly man... I don't think she has any remote interest in you." Thank god at least one of them is smart, and slightly sane.

"You'll get your chance dude, if Remus follows through, she'll be in your hands for two whole weeks."

Whatever they meant by that, but there was no way in hell I'd "be in his hands". If I had the choice I'd never even go near the dirty conniving bastard.

* * *


"Skylar if you ever EVER do that to me again, I might have to rip off your finger nails and shove you in an oven!" I gasped out when I saw her walk into our room almost reaching the eleven o'clock mark. "You worried me half to death," No pun intended. "And I even had to go to Remus to make sure you weren't kidnapped by the giant squid or something. You even listening to me? Why are you smiling? SKY!"

"Sorry Harm, I didn't hear you talking." Talking? I was practically yelling in her ear. "And its nothing to be worried about, I went and got a hot chocolate from the Kitchens. You know, to help clear my mind. I must of lost track of time, but when I got back I met up with Remus in the common room. "Well.. since he was staying the christmas vacation at James this year, and his parents are bloody rich you know? Well they said it'd be alright if I could come too."

"Are you guys even officially dating?" I deadpanned, looking at her dully. She swatted at the back of my head, giving a small girlish squeak. "Of course we are!" She defended. "At least, I think we are..." Her defense began to weaken. "Okay, so he hasn't asked me out officially, but I think this is the start of a relationship, we've gone on dates and such before..." She trailed off a happy sigh escaping her lips.

"And one more thing, he said I could bring along you.. so I wouldn't feel so... overruled I guess. You know how guys can be.. Please Harmony. Your gorgeous, drop dead gorgeous, and jesus where did you get those pyjama's. Damn girl you look good." She teased, ruffling my hair lightly.

"Alright, alright! Jeez, whoever said 'flattery will get you no where' was definately ugly and alone in life."

"Your such a sweetheart."

"Don't push it."

* * *

"What did she say?" Sky shrugged pretending to look a little upset. "She rejected? Does that mean you're not coming?" James asked Sky looking down at her. They were both standing outside the classroom, about ten minutes early for class.

"No she said yes, but once she finds out Sirius is going to be there. She'll go beserk. I mean, is it such a good idea? Shes been very edgy since her birthday, and I don't know if this will help any." James shrugged lightly, mimicking Sky's upset expression.

"Maybe, but thats why we have levelheaded people like Remus. And Sky, you are an absolute horrible liar. Now I better go, don't want to give people the wrong impression being early for class, now do I?"

"Of course not, see you later."

Authors Note: I'm on a roll with chapters. When I should be studying, and doing my homework. But who needs homework? PSSH!
I also got an interesting review, asking if my story was.. I guess influenced by the book twilight. In all honesty, I started writing this way before I even read twilight. I might make so references or something without knowing it, but this is based purely off what I believe from the different stories and such I've read. If you find something similar, its probably because I agreed with it.
Thats all, make sure to review :D

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All Hail The Heartbreaker: A Plot Set To Destroy


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