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Get Ready, Get Set, Don't Go by _Emma_
Chapter 1 : Get Ready, Get Set, Don't Go
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Ron Weasley was lying in on the day of his daughter’s wedding. He didn’t want it to happen. Rose was always his little girl and, even when she had brought her first boyfriend home, he thought she would always be just that. His little baby.


She's got dreams too big for this town
And she needs to give 'em a shot
Whatever they are


“Ron, you need to get up now.” His wife, Hermione, told him as she entered the room.

Ron ignored the comment and turned over in his bed.

“Ron, she’s twenty three and it was obvious she was going to get married some day.” Hermione reasoned as she sat on the edge of the bed carefully so as not to crease her dress.


Looks like she's all ready to leave
Nothing left to pack


“But she’s my little girl ‘Mione.” Ron muttered and rolled over to face Hermione.

“She’s not your little girl anymore, she’s all grown up now.” Hermione sighed. “And she’s getting married in an hour and a half.”

“Does she have to?” Ron muttered.

“Yes she does Ron, she’s an adult and has her own life now. She can’t always be ‘daddy’s little girl’.” Hermione answered. “Now, up and put on your suit and dress robes. Rose wants to see you before the ceremony.” Hermione commanded and left the room.


There ain't no room for me in that car
Even if she asked me to tag along
God I gotta be strong


Ron muttered under his breath about boys taking away his baby girl and marriages as he got dressed. He was still muttering when he knocked on Rose’s room door.

Lily Luna Potter answered the door. “Uncle Ron!” She cried out and hugged her uncle.


She's at the startin' line of the rest of her life
As ready as she's ever been
Got the hunger and the stars in her eyes
The prize is hers to win


“Hey Lil’ L.” He grinned, using the name he had given her at three years old.

“Come in then Uncle Ronnikins.” Lily laughed, using George’s name for her uncle as she moved out of the doorway to let Ron in. She quickly closed the door when he was in the room.

“Hey daddy.” Rose smiled and gave Ron a hug.

“Rosie-Posie, what am I going to do with you?” Ron asked, kissing Rose on the cheek.

“Walk me down the isle?” Rose joked. “Do you like the dress? Gran just finished left to re-clean the tiara.”

She's waitin' on my blessings before she hits that open road
Baby get ready
Get set
Don't go


“I love it honey.” Ron sighed and looked at his little girl in her pure white dress.

The dress itself was white silk. It was strapless with a beaded corset and lace-up back. The skirt had many layers of netting. In her father’s eyes she looked just like a fairytale princess. Like Cinderella.


She says things are fallen into place
Feels like they're fallen apart
I painted this big ol' smile on my face


“Daddy is everything okay?” Rose asked.

“I was just thinking, I remember when you were born. Your mum was at work and wanted to finish one last case file when she was about to have you. She refused to leave without finishing that one file.” Ron laughed.

“Daddy…” Rose trailed off.


To hide my broken heart
If only she knew
This is where I don't say what I want so bad to say


“And when you got your letter for Hogwarts. You were so happy you had a tea party with your teddies and invited us all into your room. You cried when Albus refused to go in because it was too pink. He thought he’d get girl germs.” Ron continued.

Rose and Lily laughed with Ron.

This is where I want to but I won't get in the way
Of her and her dreams
And spreadin' her wings


“And the day you went away, I missed you so much, I sat in here, expecting you to walk in.” Ron said, looking around.

“I missed you when I was away daddy.” Rose smiled and carefully sat on the edge of her bed.

She's at the startin' line of the rest of her life
As ready as she's ever been
Got the hunger and the stars in her eyes
The prize is hers to win


“And when you brought home your first boyfriend, Luna’s son Lorcan, I was so surprised. I never thought you would get a boyfriend, no offence I mean I never wanted you to get one because then you would leave.” Ron told Rose.

“Daddy, I was surprised I went out with him I mean, his twin was quite weird.” Rose laughed.

She's waitin' on my blessings before she hits that open road
Baby get ready
Get set
Don't go


“And now you’re getting married to Jack Thomas, your aunt Ginny had a thing with his dad you know.” Ron teased.

“Uncle Ron! That’s my mum you’re talking about!” Lily cried out in horror.

“I’m marrying his son in about half an hour! I’ll never be able to look at him again!” Rose laughed.

I'm at the startin' line of the rest of her life
As ready as she's ever been
Got the hunger and the stars in her eyes
The prize is hers to win


Hermione came in at that moment.

“Why won’t you be able to look at Dean?” She asked her daughter.

“Dad said Aunt Ginny used to go out with him!” Rose shouted.

“I suppose he never told you about Lavender then.” Hermione grinned.

“Oh no. I’m not listening, I’m not listening.” Lily muttered under her breath.

“Hermione! You wouldn’t!” Ron shouted.

“At the same time your aunt Ginny was with Dean your dad was with Lavender.” Hermione laughed.

“Your mum used to go out with Viktor Krum!” Ron retorted.

“Your dad almost got me killed by a troll in first year!” Hermione said, glaring at her husband.

“Your mum can’t ride a broom!” Ron called back.

“Your dad is afraid of spiders.” Smiled Hermione.

“Your mum overworked herself in third year. She took every class Hogwarts offered.”
“Your dad touched a brain that made him stupid.”

“Your mum knows Hogwarts: A History off by heart.”

“Your dad used to support the Chudley Cannons.”

She's waitin' on my blessings before she hits that open road
Baby get ready
Get set
Please Don't go


“Wait! Hold on! Rewind. Dad used to go out with my future mother-in-law?” Rose interrupted the argument.

“Yes.” Ron muttered.

“And mum used to go out with Viktor Krum? The Bulgarian seeker?” Rose asked.

“Yes, we’re still friends.” Hermione muttered. “Your dad was very jealous because I went to the Yule Ball with Viktor and not him.” She jokingly stuck out her pointy tongue.

“Hey! I was not! I just didn’t want to go with one of the Patil twins!” Ron denied.


Don't go
Don't go

“Sure that’s what it was. You ready honey? Jack’ll be out there waiting for you.” Hermione asked.

“’Mione!” Ron groaned.

“I’m ready mum.” Rose said, taking a deep calming breath.

Hermione gave Rose a hug and went down into the garden where the wedding was taking place.


She's gotta do what she's gotta do
She's gotta do what she's gotta do



Down in the garden many guests were sitting waiting in their seats, barely containing their excitement. The traditional Muggle wedding march started to play, making the guests turn in their seats, craning their necks to get a view of the bride. Gasps were heard throughout when Rose reached Jack at the bottom of the isle.

“On you go Rosie.” Ron sighed, pecking Rose on the cheek.

“It’s fine daddy, I’ll still be the same girl, just a different last name.” Rose smiled, hugging her father.

Ron went over and sat beside Hermione.

“I’m glad you let her go.” She told her husband.

“So am I.” Ron replied, giving Hermione a one armed hug and giving her a quick kiss. “She’ll always be my little girl though.”


She's gotta do what she's gotta do
And I've gotta like it or not

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Get Ready, Get Set, Don't Go: Get Ready, Get Set, Don't Go


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