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It All Started with a Bet by dolphindreamer20225
Chapter 2 : Phase 1
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A/N: Sorry it took me so long to update. I wasn’t sure where to take this story next, and honestly I’m still not sure; I’m just gonna wing it this time because I really need to update. J I hope it turns out good, and I hope you enjoy it!


“Harry, are you sure about this?” Hermione asked nervously, twisting her quill between her fingers as she glanced up from her Potions essay to glance across the table.

A laugh answered her, followed by a pair of emerald eyes that tore away from Harry’s own essay to catch her gaze, “What’s there to not be sure about?” he asked confidently, “Just not kiss Malfoy for a week. I could make this bet last for a year and still win it, Mione. Don’t worry.”

Hermione looked as though she wanted to reply, but Ron beat her to it as he set down his quill next to his half finished essay, “She’s right, Harry,” he said, shaking his head, “Malfoy’s not going to give in that easily. He’s probably got some kind of tricks. I mean, if he can break, stomp on and shred dozens of people’s hearts and still have people lined up to date him, than he has to have some kind of tricks to keep them coming to him.”

Harry only shook his head, undeterred, “Unless he has a love potion or something, I seriously doubt his tricks will work on me.” He watched his two best friends exchange a familiar glance that meant it was pointless to argue, and added, “Seriously, just trust me, ok?”

“Ok,” the two chorused together, though neither sounded convinced.

Hermione sighed, and pulled all three of their essays together, making corrections to all of them without Harry and Ron having to ask for once. This was probably only because this was the last bit of homework she would get to go over for them for a few weeks, as the essays were due Monday, and that afternoon began the Christmas holidays.

As this thought struck Harry, he wondered if Malfoy was staying at the castle over the holidays. Of course he would have to be, unless he was so arrogant he thought he could win the bet before classes were over on Monday, which was also a good possibility. He pushed the thought from his mind. It was irrelevant anyways.

His chair scratched against the wood floors as he slid back and stood. Ron glanced up at him, and Harry only muttered, “Lunch,” under his breath. It was early for lunch, but he hadn’t eaten much for breakfast, and Hermione and Ron’s interrogation for the entire morning about Malfoy had taken a toll on him.


A head of blond hair rolled back in laughter that mingled with the same familiar sounds of a few fellow Slytherins. Blaise shook his head, still chuckling slightly, and spoke to Draco over Crabbe and Goyle’s roars of laughter, “So Scarhead actually agreed to it?” he asked in disbelief, “No one has ever turned you down; what makes him think he’s so different?”

Draco smirked, “But isn’t that what’s amazing about the boy?” he said, in a fake adoring voice, “That confidence, that strength,” he faked a swoon and the Slytherins roared in a fresh bout of laughter.

Glancing towards the doors that led to the Entrance Hall, Draco noticed a familiar head of raven hair, that had apparently just turned away from Great Hall, as though he had thought about entering, but thought better of it, and instead headed towards the doors that led out to the grounds.

He looked back at Blaise, who had noticed this too, and winked at him, “Begin phase one.” he said under his breath as he stood and strode towards the way that Harry had disappeared.


The sound of unpleasantly familiar laughter form the Great Hall made Harry decide that he could wait a while to eat lunch. Maybe he’d go visit Hagrid instead.

Walking out to the grounds, he glanced over at the hut, but the lights were off, so Harry guessed Hagrid must be doing something in the forest. He turned, instead, towards the greenhouses, and walked towards the bushes and trees that hid the building from view.

The sound of crunching snow followed him, but he assumed it must be some younger students who didn’t know where they were going. He stopped, and debated if he should turn around and ask if they needed help, but the voice in his ear told him that he should have kept walking, “Hey, Sexy,” the velvet voice said, only inches from his ear.

“Damn,” Harry muttered under his breath as he started walking again, but a strong arm shot out and caught him around the waist, pulling him back.

“Where are you going?” the same voice whispered again, undeterred by Harry’s obvious annoyance.

“As far away from you as possible,” Harry hissed, turning his head. His breathing stopped for a moment when he realized that his nose was almost touching Draco’s, but he recovered and gave the boy a much-deserved glare.

“You can’t try to avoid me,” Draco said, cocking his head to the side in amusement at Harry’s discomfort, “That’s not really fair. You have to give me a chance.”

Harry finally managed to free himself and turned on the spot to face Draco, “Since when do you play fair, Malfoy?” he asked in an acid tone, “Last I checked, I thought I could just go about my day as usual, even avoiding you as I would’ve done anyways.”

Without another word, he pushed past Draco and walked back towards the castle. Draco watched him, the infamous Malfoy-smirk plastered across his face. He didn’t bother trying to stop Harry. He would get other chances. He was just going to take his time for now. Get inside the boy’s mind, where he couldn’t help but think of that evil Slytherin boy who will steal and break his heart, just like so many others.


A/N: I think that turned out better than I thought it would considering I had no idea what this chapter was going to be about. Hope you liked it too!! Remember to R&R!!

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It All Started with a Bet: Phase 1


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