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The Second Glance by KilledByDrapery
Chapter 1 : Read and Find Out
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The Second Glance

I can’t even remember the last time that I that this bad of a day. No wait, yeah I can. It was yesterday. And the day before. And the day before that... and every other bloody day for the past month... scratch that, every bloody day for my entire bloody life! It’s so horrible! Why can’t I, Lily Luna Potter, ever have a good day?

Example one:
I, of course, just had to be the last born child in a family of all boys.

Example two:
One of said boys who is names James Sirius Potter is a total player and has so far gone out with one... two.. Well, all of my friends and dumped them all after maybe a week or two.

Example three:
The first boy who ever asked me out was probably the most rejected boy in school. He was (and still is) disgusting, gross, ugly, annoying, and probably hasn’t bathed in the past four months (or so I hear). So naturally I turned him down, he cried to his mother who cried to my mother who, being the nice woman that she is, told me that I should at least give him a chance.

Example four:
Going out with reject-boy was probably the worst thing I could have done for my so-called “social life.” Whatever was left of it was immediately destined to implode and thus, I am now left with everything I don’t want (see example five).

Example five:
I have no social life, I didn’t inherit enough of mum’s looks to be considered pretty, I just broke up with reject-boy so I’m now single, and after asking out my long-time crush Sam Finnagin; I was rejected publicly and humiliated. If they had a “do-not-date” list, I would surely be on it.

Well... I think that’s enough examples for now. I mean, I already feel crappy about myself. We don’t really need to rub it in, now do we?

“Lily!” I looked up to see my cousin Rose standing at the end of my bed, hands on her hips. “Are you positive you’re over Sam?”

“Positive.” I answered flipping over onto my back and adding a bit more red to my painting.

She opened her mouth to say something, but just closed it again and frowned. “What in Merlin’s name are you doing?”


“I will now rephrase that question. Why in Merlin’s name are you finger-painting?” Rose asked again, sighing with an annoyed look on her face.

I merely laughed, but after a moment I showed her what I was making. “Woah....” she muttered as her jaw dropped.

“Rose, you got a bit of drool right ther—“ I pointed to her face with a lopsided grin plastered to my face. She hit away my hand and we both burst into giggles as she tried to scowl at me.

“Don’t do that Lil! I’m trying to be serious here!”

I shook my head. “Hun, you don’t want to be Sirius. I hear all people named Sirius totally loose it by this age and become freaky players with no respect for women and in the end their names are all James Sirius Pot—“

“Well hello ladies!” It was James standing in the doorway.

“How in Merlin did you get up here?!” Rose and I practically screamed at the same time. She may have been many steps prettier and more popular than I, but we did have a couple things in common. And one of those things was a hate for a certain brother of mine. “Get lost Potter.” Rose added.

“Now, now!” he said calmly, with a giant smirk plastered to his face. “Ladies! Ladies please... Must we cause such a ruckus?”

“Shut your pathetically huge flapping mouth before I shut it for you James,” Rose told him through barred teeth. I put a hand on her arm hoping to calm her enough that the room would still be intact when she left.

“Fine, I’ll leave. Lordy...” he muttered the last part almost to himself, before shaking his head and continuing. “I was just up here to see where Tyray was. Is he up here by any chance?”

“No. Why would a boy be up here in the girl’s dormitories?” I asked making a disgusted face at my dissolute brother.

“Well for one thing—“ He opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly a hand clasp over his mouth. Another figure stood next to him, holding his hand over James’s mouth like if he moved it the world would implode.

“Good Lord, Hugo! What in Merlin’s name are you attempting to do to James?!” Rose exclaimed putting a hand to her heart as if it might jump out of her chest at any moment.

“Well my dear sister,” he exclaimed with a terribly serious look on his face. “I am trying to stop James from corrupting anymore of the new generation here in England. Although....” he muttered looking thoughtfully up at the ceiling. “I hear the troubled youth in both Scotland and Ireland would be more than happy to hear what James has to say; for both their government and economic society has suffered greatly since the battle here at this very school almost twenty years ago...”

I giggled. Hugo was Rose’s adorable kid-brother who was one of my extremely good friends; considering that he was a little less than a year younger than me. And actually, believe it or not, when he started to talk, he could go on for hours. (He could also be a big of a know-it-all when he tried to act smart- and believe me, he doesn’t have to act smart. He IS smart).

“Yes, yes Hugo.” I giggled waving him off. “But could you please get James out of here? He’s kind of interrupting my finger-painting hour.”

“Yeah. Will I see you downstairs for dinner, Lily?” he asked as James rolled his eyes, struggling out of Hugo’s grip and walking down the stairs to the common room.

“Yeah of course!” I nodded, smiling to him as he left.

“So back to your kick-wand finger-painting,” Rose said turning back to me, smiling now that James and her brother were gone. “That’s the most realistic painting of a troll I have ever seen! It’s so good!”

I blushed deeply at her compliment. I mean, not only was it only a finger-painting, but I always got happy when Rose complimented me. Considering that she’s a lot smarter, prettier, and higher on the social structure than I am AND she still talks to me. (But hey, she’s family. Maybe that means she HAS to like me... But whatever, as long as she still talks to me- I’m cool).

“Thanks Rose! But it’s not all that good. I mean, see here on the jaw?” I pointed to the picture without actually touching it so I wouldn’t get even more paint on places there shouldn’t be any. She nodded her consent. “I can’t seem to get both the color and shape right. I mean, I know it would be a hell of a lot easier just to use a brush.... But I don’t work well with brushes. I can’t control them as easily as my own fingers.”

Rose nodded again as if she understood. “I totally know what you’re talking about. But don’t worry,” she patted me supportively on the shoulder. “I’m sure you’ll find a way to make it just perfect.” And with that, she smiled one last time at me before leaving the room and going to what I expected to be her own dorm room, or to find her boyfriend Tom.

I sat in a daze for a few seconds. The way she had said that made it seem almost like she was well... jealous. I mean, what would you think if someone came up to you and said that they were sure you’d make a way to make it “just perfect”?

Possible Reactions:

Scenario 1:
Be totally cool about it and think it was just a really nice person giving you a compliment.

Scenario 2:
Feel a big freaked out that somebody as popular as Rose Weasley was talking to you. YOU who finger-paints right before dinner every night and hangs them to dry underneath your bed with a conjured lamp so nobody would see.

Scenario 3:
Feel like they were being nice because they were your cousin. But wonder why in the world they sounded jealous when there was totally nothing about you to be jealous about. Your bra was only a 30A opposed to her 36C, your hair was like something a bird would nest in, your eyes were the color of snot (as James so willingly pointed out over Christmas Break), and your grades were let’s just say “less than perfect”. So what was there to be jealous about?

So I was pretty much scenarios two and three. And to top it all off, my stomach was growling like it was about to cave in and digest itself, so I couldn’t possibly skip dinner to think more about my predicament.

Getting up, I put the parchment under my bed with all the other mountains of finger-painting I had done all year up to Christmas Break when I emptied my stash and brought it home to my parents (my mom actually supported my finger-painting habit since she, also, was an artist. She says it brings out the better side in all people and lets them express themselves).

I quickly ran out of the dormitories, down the hall, down the stairs, and into the common room where I totally didn’t bump into my bff Hugo. Instead, I knocked into the Gryffindor bitch, Misty Powell.

“Watch it scum!” Really. I totally didn’t understand why she wasn’t sorted into Slytherin. I mean, that’s where all the totally mean people got sorted, right?

“Sorry Misty,” I said nodding to her before scurrying around her in the hopes she’d just forget about me and get on with her life. But of course, I was never that fortunate.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Misty’s high pitch squeaky voice asked from behind me. Shivers ran up and down my spine and I silently choose to pretend I didn’t hear the redhead, and keep walking. “HEY! I’m talking to you!” I walked faster, quickly slipped out the portrait hole.

Misty followed after, climbing out of the portrait hole. She looked around, her perfectly shaped eyebrows were placed in a delicate arch, her thin lips pressed into a frown. I was nowhere to be seen. 

Once I was outside of the Great Hall, I swung around to the girl’s lavatory, trying to catch my breath. I had started at a full-blown run once I had gotten out of portrait hole, hoping to Albus that she wouldn’t come out before I had gotten out of sight.

“...Lily?” I looked up at a girl in my year whose name I couldn’t remember. “Is something the matter?” her bright blue eyes bore into mine until I was forced to look away. “You seem rather... flushed. Is there something I can do? Do you want me to walk you to the Hospital Wing? Or would you rather I went and got Madam Lavender Brown for you?”

“I’m fine...” I told her smiling weakly. “Just playing a game with Rose. You know how vicious friends can be when they want to win.”

No-name girl shook her head, her almost white blonde hair scattering around her face. “No. I wouldn’t, sorry.”

I looked at her, blinking every now and then. What did she mean? That she had no friends? Come to think of it, I had never really seen her hanging around people all that much. Even less than I did. At least I had Hugo. “Oh...”

It was then that I really got a good look at no-name girl. She was shorter than your average fifth-year girl. Maybe 5’2’’ if she stretched. And there was something else I noticed about her, her skin was pale. Almost white like her hair. And around her eyes it was red, like she had just been... crying?

No-name girl sniffed and then spoke up again, “My name’s Teresa incase you were wondering, but I don’t blame you if you weren’t.”

“No! I was, I was just too embarrassed to ask,” I blushed a light pink. “How come I never knew your name before?”

“Oh...” she said in her soft, delicate voice. “Well I’m not all that outspoken... I’m actually rather quiet in classes. It’s no worry that you didn’t know my name. Not much of anybody does... But I don’t mind at all...”

“Well... um... Teresa...” she nodded to say I had gotten her name right. “I have to go get some dinner, I’ll see you around?”

She nodded and watched me leave, hurrying off to meet Hugo.

Finally making it to the Great Hall, I noted that more than half the student body was already gone. I walked down the isle between the Gryffindor and Slytherin tables. Almost to my desolate spot next to the weird kids, my eyes caught something new.

Well, it wasn’t necessarily “new”. More like unexpected.

Looking over to the right of where I was standing, almost nobody from the Slytherin table was looking at me. Well... one person was. A boy a year older than myself with platinum blonde hair was staring at me intently. His blue eyes reflected as he carefully picked up his silver goblet and took a slow, long sip of whatever was inside. But the weirdest thing was that his glaze never faltered; even as he drank.

“Lily!” my gaze broke quickly as I searched around for the source of the voice.

“Hello Hugo.”

He smiled at me, suddenly standing in front of me. “Something the matter? You’ve been standing in that spot for the past minute or two.”

I blink my eyes, utterly confused. Looking down at me feet, it was utterly obvious that I hadn’t moved a step since I saw Scorpius looking at me.

“Nothing’s the matter, Hugo. Let’s go sit.” I put a hand on his shoulder, walking with him over to the spot where we normally sat. My eyes lingered for a moment on the blonde, before I regained my composure and snapped my attention elsewhere. 

“Is there really something so interesting with the ceiling tiles, Miss Potter?” Snape’s voice was drawling, and instantly pulled my attention off the ceiling.

I blinked. Once. Twice. I can’t even recall how many times I blinked before Snape told me to go out into the hall. But I do recall one thing. The reason I had been staring so intently at the ceiling. Scorpius was in my potions class because I was one of those potion savants. And for some reason, whenever I looked at him I felt something weird.... A sort of pull. And the pull scared me. He was a Slytherin. I was a Gryffindor. What would people say? And that was only if he also felt the same pull. But considering the circumstances, I must have been the only one. It was already bordering on scandalous the way I was dragging this on.

“Miss Potter, it would seem that you have company.”

I looked up at Professor S, who was holding my blonde angel by the nape of his shirt. When Snape went back inside, releasing Scorpius, I took an involuntary step sideways and sat down in the corner of the hallway; my back lingering in between the two intersecting walls.

“What are you in for?” he asked, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms across his chest.

“Like you don’t know,” I muttered. “You were in the class, why wouldn’t you know?”

“Just trying to be friendly.” He shrugged.

I hesitated. That really wasn’t the answer I was expecting. After a moment my voice started to come back. “What are you in... or well out, for?”

He chuckled. It was a low, hissing sort of laugh. But I liked it none-the-less.

“Kinda messed up my potion.”

“What do you mean ‘kinda’?” I asked, my eyes narrowing with suspicion.

“It blew up.” He shrugged, a smug grin on his face.

My eyes bulged and suddenly I had a hard time breathing. “Blew up? How?”

“Wrong ingredients I suppose.” Scorpius shrugged again. He paused, shoving his hands in his pockets. Abruptly, he started walking down the corridor.

“Where are you going?” I asked, standing up at my momentary shock.

“Ditching. What else am I supposed to do when I get sent out in the hall for the entirety of Double Potions?” he called over his shoulder.

“You can’t do that!” I hollered back.

“Catch me then!” the grin was apparent in his voice.

Before I knew what I was doing, my legs were sprinting down the hall, slowing into a walk once I caught up with him.

Scorpius glanced at me out of the corner of his eye. “What are you doing, Mary?”

“Lily,” I corrected him.

“No.” he shook his head. “I’m pretty sure you’re a Mary. So what are you doing, Mary?”

“Lily,” I corrected him again, speaking in third person, “is following an idiot Slytherin who’s about to get at least a week’s worth of detention just for skipping two hours that he would have otherwise spent sitting outside of class doing nothing.”

“Well Scorpius,” he said pointing to himself, “doesn’t like spending two hours doing nothing while sitting outside a classroom. This way he can do something. And still get back in time for class to be over so he doesn’t get a detention.”

“That’s funny. Scorpius never struck Lily as the good-boy, run-back-so-he-doesn’t-get-in-trouble, kind–of-guy.” I pointed out, wagging my finger at him.

“So?” he stopped walking, sitting down on the half-wall that surrounded a courtyard. “You know...” he looked at his nails before continuing; stretching out and wiggling his fingers. “I’m not really such a good-boy as I just pertained. I’m actually a very bad boy.”

“Yes, yes,” I joked. “Go step on some ants.”

He chuckled, but his face soon turned back to stone. “You know that’s not what I meant, Lily.”

The pit of my stomach protested wildly. I was nervous and what he had just said made me go over the top. Color drained from my face so quickly that he probably thought I had saw a ghost (But hey! When was that not normal?). Turns out, I was doing my best “Deer caught in headlights” impersonation.

What was he talking about? Was he a death eater like the long line of Malfoys ahead of him?

My mind tried to shut down, but I kept prodding it so I wouldn’t faint from my stupid thoughts. No... he was just kidding around. ....right?

“What do you mean?” I asked, putting on my most innocent expression.

“This is what I mean,” he said pushing himself off the wall and coming toward me.

Once again, I took an involuntary step backwards. He continued to step toward me, and I continued to back away.

Thoughts ran through my head.

Places. Rome. Italy. New York City. Tokyo. Las Vegas. Disney World. All the places I wanted to go.
Things. Quidditch. Ceramics. Shagging. Poker. Talking on a pay-phone. Skinny-Dipping. Uno. Go-Fish. Riding a dragon. Petting a lemur. All the things I wanted to do.
People. The seeker of Ireland’s National Quidditch Team. Brad Pitt. Johnny Depp. Matt Damon. Godric Gryffindor. Merlin. All the people I wanted to meet.

And now I wouldn’t be able to do any of it. I knew my imagination was running a mile-a-minute. But for some strange reason; I couldn’t stop it. I couldn’t convince myself that I was overreacting. Because truth-to-be-told, I didn’t think I was. I really did think this was the end. And once my back hit that cold, hard, stone wall; breath whooshed from my lungs.

Goodbye cruel world. Nice knowing you. It’s been fun. Good luck with James. I really do wish you luck. But don’t be too hard on him. I figure I’ve done enough of that already. Anyway, nice talking to you. But I must be going now. My eminent death is upon me.

My breath caught in my throat and my eyes snapped to his. They were so blue it was almost impossible to think they were able to do me wrong. I didn’t want to believe that. I didn’t want to believe that—

Oh. Well this is different.

His hands were warm, soft, and smelled like strawberries as he caressed my face. Slowly our faces got closer, and I wasn’t quite sure which one of us had moved to close the gap. All I know is that not even half a second later the gap was closed. And there was nothing I wanted more.

I don’t know how long we stood there snogging, but by the time we stopped there were already people walking to their next classes. Considering that we had been kicked out of Double Potions; we had probably been standing there for a long time.

My knees felt weak and my breath was rigid by the time I opened my eyes to look at him again.

Scorpius smiled at me. “So?” he asked conversationally.

“Yeah,” I nodded. “You’re not a good boy. And guess what?” he raised a carefully arched eyebrow. “I’m not a good girl anymore.”

“Goody.” He smirked leaning in to kiss me again.

By the next morning the whole school was talking about the unusual couple. But not only that, we had both achieved the brilliant stature of well... detention.
By the next year, we were a perfect couple. He held doors open for me, walked me to the classes we didn’t have together, and the works. I ate with his house at breakfast, we had lunch together on the lawn, and he sat with my house at dinner.

“Scorpius?” I asked in a sickeningly sweet voice. “Could you please pass the pumpkin juice?”

Scorpius laughed at my unusual request. “I’ll do you one better. I’ll actually pour you a glass.”

“Oh how chivalrous of you!” I giggled, taking a swig of my fresh pumpkin juice—compliments of my beautiful boyfriend.

“Lily I have merely one question.” He said after a moment.

“Hm?” I asked, moving a bit so I was leaning against his chest with his arm still around me.

“Well...” he looked nervous. “I was in your room last night.”

“Really?” I did my best surprised face. “I wasn’t aware!”

“Be serious.” He scolded.

The smiled fell from my face. “Serious I am.”

“Thank you,” he nodded, taking a swig of my pumpkin juice before I snatched it from him. “So I was doing a bit of tidying up before I left to get my clothes from the dungeons.”

“So that’s why everything looked a bit cleaner when I got up. And that also explains why you left right after we shagged. I thought it was just because you hated me so much.”

“Don’t say that,” he scolded again. “You know I love you.”

“Naturally!” I fanned myself with my hand and then giggled. He chuckled along with me, but didn’t look as happy as I was. “I’m sorry. On with your story.”

“So I was tidying up,” he reminded me. “And I kicked something under your bed.” The color drained from my face. He was studying my expression, trying to figure out what it meant. “So I got down to find it.”

I swallowed. Here it goes. The bomb is falling. He found my paintings, thinks I’m a freak, and wants to stop dating me. Damn it! I knew I should have gotten rid of those paintings after we started going out!

“—And you’ll never guess what I found under there.” He continued.

“Oh I bet I can guess...” I mumbled under my breath, taking another swig of the water.

“Almost fifty finger-paintings.” He informed me.

I took my wand out of my pocket and pointed it at my glass. A moment later I was drinking the spiked pumpkin juice; hoping it would ease the blow.

“What are you doing?” he asked, alarmed; yanking the goblet out of my iron grip.

“Easing the blow,” I told him, voicing my thoughts.

His expression was one of confusion. “The blow of what?”

“You dumping me.” My tongue was loose now. I couldn’t stop telling him what he longed to know. The pumpkin juice had indeed done what I wanted it to. But not the way I wanted it to.

“Why would I dump you?” he asked; now more appalled than before.

I was confused. Why was he acting like this? I mean he had taken my friendship with Teresa well. He didn’t even make fun of her with his friends! And Misty had been beaten down from her damn high horse after Scorpius found out she had been bullying me. But why wasn’t this the last straw?

“Because I’m weird...?”

Scorpius laughed. Not the fake kind, either. This was an out-right laugh. “Lily darling,” he said pulling me close to him; kissing me on the top of my head. “I could never dump you for something as stupid as that. Yes, I know that might be weird to some people. But I don’t think that’s weird at all. It’s a part of you. And when I decided that I loved you; I decided to love all of you. Not just your perfections. I decided to love your funny quirks as well.”

“You’re a stupid boy.” I commented, punching him playfully in the chest.

“But I’m your stupid boy!”

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