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Torn Between Two Lovers: A Vampire's Tale by alicia and anne
Chapter 7 : Guess Who
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A/N: hello everyone, just to let you know with this chapter some things have been changed. In the book it says that they arrived back at Hogwarts on the Knight bus but we decided to make it so they went back on the train, just so we could fit things together. Hope you enjoy this chapter. Happy reading :-)



Over the next few weeks they were busy getting ready for school and she didn't have much time to spend with Ron, or worry about what people were going to think of her (she had decided to forgive him for his overreaction as the twins had made it a long running joke between them)

They took a trip to Diagon Alley to restock their supplies which had run out before the holidays and they spent most of their evenings trying to fill Lucida in on life at Hogwarts, and it wasn’t long before they were on the Hogwarts express saying goodbye to Mr and Mrs Weasley out of the train window.

The waved their goodbyes as the train started to speed up and the group decided to find a compartment to sit in.

“It’s ok she always fusses like that” Harry said about Mrs Weasley, Ron nodded in embarrassment

“She can be so embarrassing sometimes”

“Oh she’s not that bad” Hermione said shaking her head at him as they walked into a compartment

“Talking of someone who is bad, is that who I think I smell?” Harry said nodding his head to where Draco and his cronies were standing by the door.

“Well no one can smell as bad as Weasley at least I can afford to wash” Draco looked at Harry

“Next time you want to come up with a crappy insult, potter” Draco spat “take a look at the company you keep and not forgetting your family history ….” and quickly he turned on his heel and barged past Crabbe and Goyle 

Lucida looked a little confused

“Was he supposed to be going somewhere with that?” she asked

“He just….didn’t finish his sentence…”she laughed

“Don’t worry we’re not all as eloquent as Draco at Hogwarts” Hermione said

“Thank god for that!”

“Can you imagine the conversations we’ll have!”

“…but really Harry…you could have come up with something a little better then that …”

Ron burst out laughing

“Hey! If I hadn’t come up with that we wouldn’t be able to laugh at Draco would we?”

“Now if Lucida had said it” Ron said

“It would have been funny because she has a heightened sense of smell…..”

“Ron…let it go…..”

The rest of the train journey was uneventful, and before she knew it Lucida was being led to the great hall by Hagrid and placed on the stool in front of the teachers table to be sorted.

“I hope she’s with us” Ron said fidgeting on the bench

“I’m sure she will be, ….but I still think it’s cruel to be sorted on her own like that”

“Well we had to do it” Harry said

“But not on your own, in front of the whole school”

“Oh she’ll get over it…she’s been through a lot worse remember?”


Hermione shushed them, as Professor McGonagall asked for silence and placed the hat on Lucida’s head.

Ron crossed his fingers under the table and Hermione and Harry held their breath, as the hat called out


A huge cheer erupted from the Gryffindor table as Lucida joined them, smiling broadly at the trio

The hall fell silent again as Dumbledore stood to welcome them back from the Christmas holidays and the new addition to Gryffindor. After a lengthy speech and an even lengthier feast they were all sent to bed, Lucida eagerly awaiting the following day, to see what excitement it might bring. 


*           *            *            *            *            *          


“Guess who?” Lucida said as she put her hands in front of Ron’s eyes

“Erm… if that’s you Harry I want to know why you wear women’s perfume” Ron said laughing

“Hey! I only wear women’s perfume on the weekends” Harry said pretending to sulk

They all laughed and started to walk down the corridor.

“So enjoying your first day? How were ancient runes?” Ron asked Lucida “is it as boring as Hermione makes it out to be”

“No it’s actually quite fascinating and I love it here at Hogwarts” Lucida said with a small laugh as Hermione sniffed at Ron.

“Ok don’t bore us with the details” Harry said frowning

Lucida smiled and went to grab Ron’s hand as they walked to potions, as soon as she grabbed Ron’s hand he moved it quickly away and pushed back his hair and then put it back down, Lucida went to hold it again but this time he let go and moved it into his pocket. Lucida frowned at him and decided to give up trying to hold it.

They were standing outside potions, they were the first ones there, Lucida looked at Ron who smiled at her as they leant on the wall, Harry and Hermione were talking to each other.

“Ron?” Lucida asked

“Yeah?” Ron said smiling at her

Lucida moved forward and kissed him, but Ron didn’t kiss her back

Lucida moved away and frowned at him again.

“Are you alright?”

“Fine” Ron said

“Then why didn’t you…”

“Well well well if it isn’t scarhead” someone said

They all turned around to see a group of Slytherin’s walking towards them

“Shove off Parkinson” Hermione said turning back round to face Ron and Lucida, Harry doing the same.

“Ooo” Goyle said laughing

Hermione rolled her eyes

“What are the idiot’s problems?” asked Lucida

“What Goyle? …Cant read … and Crabbe? I think madam Pomfrey said something about fleas” Ron said lazily, they all burst out laughing

“Nah their just being pricks, jealousy you see …” Harry said smirking.

Lucida smiled

“Hey who’s the new freak of Gryffindor?” Pansy asked nodding towards Lucida

Lucida glared at them

“Funny Pansy I didn’t know that you joined Gryffindor” Ron said

“Why would you say that?” Pansy asked

“Because the only freak I see here is you”

Pansy shot Ron a look of pure hatred

The Gryffindors all turned to face Pansy and smirked at her before turning back round

“Is she your girlfriend Weasley?” Pansy said, “You could have picked a prettier one couldn’t you?”

Lucida moved forward anger on her face but Harry and Hermione held her back

“Just ignore them Lucida”

Lucida still glared at Pansy and folded her arms

The door to the potions classroom opened and Snape walked out

“Everyone in”

Everyone walked in the classroom and sat down the Slytherins sat behind the Gryffindors.

Snape came in and sat down behind his desk and started calling the register

The Slytherins were sniggering and passing around a note, which got thrown forwards in front of Ron, who picked it up and opened it, Lucida looked over as Ron quickly hid it and glanced at her

“What is it Ron?” Lucida asked putting her hand out for the piece of paper, Ron reluctantly gave it to her she opened it and laughed

“I take it that it’s meant to be a picture of me” Lucida said looking at Ron as she smiled “I think by the drawing you can tell it was by a five year old…”

“So yeah it was done by either Crabbe or Goyle” Harry said laughing

They giggled and Hermione took the piece of paper off Lucida and looked at it

“Oh you see now this isn’t a person its more like a pig … and I think they’ve got the wrong person” and Hermione turned round “I think its meant for you Pansy” and she put it on Pansy’s desk

The Gryffindors laughed

“Settle down” Snape drawled, “…I hope Mr Malfoy that you have a good reason for being late”

Draco closed the dungeon door and said “sorry sir” and then went and sat down

“So next lesson we are going to do a potion using some hair from a Tebo but first we need to learn about it…can anyone tell me what a Tebo is?” Snape asked, straight away Hermione’s hand shot up

“Yes Lucida?” Snape nodded towards Lucida.

“A Tebo is an ash-coloured warthog found in Congo and Zaire. It has the power of invisibility, which makes it difficult to evade or catch, and is very dangerous. The Tebo’s hide is highly prized by wizards for protective shields and clothing” Lucida said putting her hand back down

Everyone gaped at her and Hermione was shocked that someone else had got to answer a question.

“Good Lucida five points to Gryffindor” everyone gaped more at Lucida and opened their mouths in shock; no one had ever witnessed Snape giving Gryffindor points before.

“Open your books to page 374”

Lucida turned the pages in her book

“Wow your smarter then Hermione” Harry said smiling

“She’s not smarter then me she just answered a question” Hermione sulked

Lucida blushed and smiled a small smile as Ron flashed her a smile, but she stopped smiling when her chair started to get kicked.

“You will read to page 378 about the different uses for a Tebo, before doing the potion next lesson” Snape told the class as he sat down

Lucida got more annoyed as her chair got kicked more often

Hermione had noticed how angry Lucida was getting

“Calm down Lucida there not worth it”

Lucida moved her chair forward and tried to carry on reading but … *kick, kick, kick*

“Oh for the love of god …” Lucida said standing up and turning around “…Do you want me to thump you or something!” she shouted at Pansy

“Lucida sit down!” Snape said over the papers on his desk

Pansy smirked at Lucida who was still standing

“You haven't got the bottle,” she said

Lucida started to turn back around

“I’d only beat her to a pulp anyway the snivelling cow” Pansy whispered to Blaise

Lucida turned around suddenly and went to climb over the table to get to Pansy, but Ron and Harry had stood up in time to stop her. Pansy had a look of terrified shock on her face


“Now sit over here” and he pointed to a chair near him

Lucida glared at Pansy as she grabbed her book and sat down near Snape

“Lucida do you want me to give you a detention on your first day?” Snape asked looking at her

“But Severus didn’t you see how angry she was making me?”

“Yes I did Lucida …and when were around people you call me sir or professor…now please read the chapter”

At the end of the lesson Lucida stood up and went to walk out

“Can I have a word Lucida” Snape said

“What Se…Sir?”

Snape looked at her “you know that you can come see me whenever you want?”

“Ok sir”

“And I would like you to come see me every Friday night”


“Because how else are you going to eat Lucida?”

Lucida put her bag on her shoulder and said “is that all sir? Because I'm hungry and want to get some lunch”

Snape nodded and Lucida walked out of the classroom, Ron, Harry and Hermione were waiting for her

“Hey” Harry said

“That was so great how you just went for Pansy” Ron smiled

“It's not funny Ron… she could of got in trouble”

“But Snape seems to like her”

“I can’t believe you’ve only been here for a day and you’ve already nearly beaten someone up” Harry said as they walked towards the hall

“What would have happened if we hadn’t of stopped you?” Ron asked as they entered the great hall and sat down at the Gryffindor table

“I most probably would of …” and she started to punch her fist into her hand. Harry and Ron laughing as she done it

“It’s not funny, don’t you lot get the seriousness of this? You should go to a teacher Lucida”

“Why? I can handle myself…if not Snape will get me off the hook”

“Talking of Snape” Seamus said “I can’t believe he gave Gryffindor points”

“I know” Neville said as he grabbed a banana and started to eat it

“What’s this?” Fred asked as he sat down in between Lucida and Ron

“You really like annoying me don’t you?” Ron said getting up and sitting back next to Lucida

“Did someone say be annoying?” George said sitting down in between Ron and Lucida

“With you two being around I’m not going to get anytime with Lucida am I?”  Ron sighed

“Oh stop crying” Fred laughed

“Snape gave me a few points for answering a question and everyone’s being all weird about it”

“Snape gave points?” Fred said shocked “did someone beat up someone he hates?”

“Lucida nearly beat up Pansy”

“And Snape didn’t dock points for it?” Fred asked aghast

Everyone shook their heads.

Later on that evening Harry was sitting in the common room with Hermione, Ron and Lucida. He kept looking at his watch as it neared six o’ clock.

“Will you stop worrying about it” Lucida said as Harry checked his watch again

“I’m sorry I cant help it … its just… Snape doesn't like me as it is, Now he's got free reign to dock points for anything" Harry said

“What’s Snape going to dock points for?" Lucida asked

“It could be a new game … what's wrong with Harry today that we can take points off of Gryffindor for?” Ron laughed

“well I don’t want it to be a game… and I better be off Snape’s not going to like it if I’m late, I'll see you guys later” and he got up and left.

“Shall we go to the library?” Lucida asked

“Yeah alright”

Three hours later Ron, Hermione and Lucida had gone to meet Harry down at his occlumency lesson, and were walking with him back to the Gryffindor common room when a short woman wearing an alarming amount of pink appeared in front of them

"And who are you?" Umbridge sneered down at Lucida

"I’m Lucida..."

"Miss" Umbridge added for her

"Miss" Lucida repeated

"Lucida what?"

"Valenteen ...miss"

"And why haven't I seen you before?"

"She’s new miss" Ron said

Umbridge smiled a sickly sweet smile

"I always found it politer to speak when spoken to Mr Weasley"

"And why are you starting school now and not at the start of the academic year?" Umbridge asked

Lucida faltered as Harry answered for her

"We’re not sure miss, even we don't know. You should ask Dumbledore"

Umbridge tore her gaze from Lucida to stare at Harry

"You again Mr Potter"

"Fine I’ll take this up with professor Dumbledore as you suggest" before she went to go she turned back to Harry

"And this better not be one of your little lies Potter" she smiled as she walked down the corridor making her way to Dumbledore’s office.

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