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Good Things by loverdover
Chapter 4 : The Fourteen Year Conversation Theory
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A/N:  Okay so I'm a completely awful person.  I've had this chapter done for forever, but I just haven't gotten completely happy with it.  I've tweaked and tweaked, but it just hasn't come out right.  I'm curious to see what you all think of it.  I hope it's alright, I've decided to post out of pure guilt.  I really am sorry it took so long.

Heidi smoothed down her wrinkled shirt in nervous anticipation.  It’d been a whole summer since she’d last seen Remus, and she’d been dying to speak with him the whole time.
But now that she finally could, she had absolutely no idea what to say.

‘Why is this so hard?  Just open your mouth and say something…anything! We’ve already spoken, for God’s sake.  We’ve said hello.  Why run into a wall now?’ Heidi thought frantically. ‘Okay, if someone doesn’t say something soon, we’ll all be smothered by this God-awful silence…’

But, try as she might, she couldn’t think of anything to say to the boy.  Frustrated, she thought desperately back to the last time they had started up a conversation. 
And in a moment she realized their problem:  They hadn’t stopped talking in fourteen years. 

That was her theory anyway. 
This was how she saw it in her split-second epiphany:  She and Remus had known each other since birth, a total of seventeen years.  About fourteen of those years, she figured, they could carry on a coherent conversation.  Since they had only been apart for a maximum of about four days at a time in those fourteen years, Heidi figured that they had just picked back up with their original conversation.  And now that their conversation had been broken for so long, neither one of them could remember what they had been talking about when they left off.
Hence, silence. 

Remus wasn’t really having any luck with the whole talking thing either.  Heidi’s green eyes swept over his long frame.   He was stretched out over the seat in front of her, looking excited and grinning wolfishly at her. 

Sirius Black, on the other hand, had no problem saying whatever he wanted to.
“Wow. This is pathetic.”

Remus and Heidi looked over sharply.

“It’s been like what, two months?  You two are acting as if you haven’t seen each other in years!  What’s wrong with you?”  Sirius looked at the pair of them, waiting for some sort of reply and sweeping his curly hair away from his eyes.

“It’s tragic really,”  he continued, after receiving a sort of muffled grunt from Remus and an incoherent gesture from Heidi,  “without the other one backing you up, you can’t even make polite conversation. Codependent much?”

After receiving no feedback on his little jab, Sirius shook his head and stood, “I’m out.  This is awkward.  Call me when you two aren’t being complete head cases.”

Heidi watched as he stretched up and out of his place by the window, brushed off his worn muggle jeans, and exited the compartment.  As the door slid shut she turned and shot a sheepish grin at Remus before bursting out laughing.

“We – we’re…haha…..s-so p-athetic.” Heidi choked, slipping off her chair and onto the floor.

Soon, Remus joined her and they were both writhing on the floor, laughing at their own ridiculousness.

After laughing for a good five minutes, the air between them was somewhat clearer.  Remus smiled, “How was America?”

 “It was great.” Heidi said, still slightly awkwardly, while pushing herself up to lean against the seat behind her, “It was just me and Dad you know.  We mostly just chilled at the beach while he told me stuff about growing up in the States.  We did go to an art museum though,” she paused, feeling herself slide back into stride with Remus, “you would have loved it.” 

She looked up to see Remus smiling down at her.  He had sidled up to her against the compartment’s worn seat.

She laughed, “I couldn’t stop thinking about the time you took me to that place in London to try and ‘give me some culture’.  You looked at every picture in the whole damn place for about twenty minutes!  I was barely conscious by the time we got outta there.”

Remus chuckled and Heidi grinned at the sparkle in his eyes.
Heidi loved Remus’ eyes.  At first glance they were a sort of murky blue.  But after years of knowing and outright staring at Remus Lupin, Heidi knew better.  The base was a faint blue, the kind you see on old, sun-bleached beach houses.  Above that warm shade of blue was an invigorating shade of green and an enticing shade of gold that seemed to shimmer in the right light.
‘Yes,’ Heidi thought, ‘Remus’ eyes are tops.’

Of course that thought was followed immediately by an incredulous other, 'Did I just say tops?!  What am I, three?'

“Dee?  Dee!  Are you all right?” 

Heidi was pulled back into the real world by a calloused hand waving in front of her face. 

“You kind of spaced out for awhile there, love.  What were you thinking about?  Just how lucky you are to be my best mate?”  Remus asked, a sarcastic smirk spreading lazily over his lips.

Heidi blushed.  ‘I was just thinking about how dreamy your eyes are…. How’s that for awkward?'

“…nothing.  I just missed you, Remus- so much.”  She smiled punching his shoulder playfully.

“I missed you too Dee.”  He wrapped her up in a side-hug, and she couldn’t help but be comforted by his earthy scent.

‘What is wrong with me today?  I mean honestly-I’m practically swooning; First his eyes and now his smell.  I’ve known the boy for seventeen years.  Why is everything about him so…. alluring?  Oh Holy Merlin.  I’ve just said my best mate is alluring.  Something is wrong.  Very, very wrong.  It must be because I haven’t seen him in so long - I’m just enjoying him at the moment.  Yes, that’s exactly it.  I'm just glad to see him.’

Heidi was so absorbed in her internal banter, she didn’t notice that Remus had moved his arms a bit lower and that they were currently gliding their way up her ribs…

A/N:  Well wasn't that fun?  I'm still not completely happy with this chapter.  I really hope you all like it.  Let me know what you think right down there in that little box.  Please?  You know you want to....

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