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Lift It All Up (The Baby Project) by WHATIF_booksarecool
Chapter 2 : Little Miss Moody
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Chapter 2: Little Miss Moody

                Cassidy was trying to study for History of Magic, but had to deal with two crying babies. “Ugh!” she shrieked. “David, can you take care of Davey and Cadance for a bit?” she asked. “No, I have to study for Divination.” He replied. “David, I have to study for History of Magic. All you have to do is write down three dreams you’ve had in the past year.” she told him, angrily.


****Cassidy’s POV****

                Little Davey, that one with red hair, started crying. Again. I was trying to write a paper on Genie Binding, and the three wishes and all that for History of Magic. Then Cadance wanted to join in on the ‘Fun’ (Cue: Air Quotes) and began to wail. I asked David to help me, but he had to do his darned homework. At least he wasn’t doing something stupid, like taking pictures. Don’t ask why, but he loves photography.


                So I was stuck with the brats. I talked David into helping me take them with me to our personal dorm, so I could put them to sleep in their cribs. Cadance’s was a light, creamy yellow with blue and pink butterflies on it. Davey’s was a navy blue, with deep emerald mesh. I picked them both out, and David complained that Davey’s was too girly, so I whacked him.


                When David finished his Dream Diary, and I finished my work on Genie Binding, we decided to take Davey and Cadance out for ice cream. When we got back, I put the kids in their cradles and they went to sleep quickly, a pretty good feat for someone so new to all of this.


                Besides the babies, David collapsed on top of the couch. So I grabbed the Anoka Wool blanket, and placed it over him to keep him warm. Then I walked slowly up the padded stairs to my private room in our family dorm, to rest.



                I woke up to a loud chorus of wails. “David!” I shrieked, upon coming into the twins’ room. He was changing Davey while trying to feed Cadance her bottle. “What are you doing?” I asked him. “I didn’t want to wake you. I thought I could handle it.” He responded. “Here, let me help.” I witheringly said.


                We ended up with everything okay, but we were scarred for life. Not literally, of course. The kids were sleeping, so David and I decided to have a dance party the next evening in our dorm. We sent out magical invites that would whack you on the head if you didn’t come. We invited Hilary Hugh-Wallace, John Mayer (and their kid, Gary Mayer) Alyson Harper and Calub Brown (and their three kids, Jason Brown, Hayley Brown and Lesley Brown) Avery Lisand and Braison Hazlett (and their two kids, Braxton Andrew Hazlett and Samatha Jo Hazlett) Harry Potter and Ginny Weasly (and their kids, Mary Ann Potter and Freddie Lupin Potter) along with Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasly (with their four kids, Frannie Lynn, Jamie Thomasa, Heidi Lisa, Timothy Jake). Ron was a bit depressed because he had three girls, but thank God for Timothy. So we waited for them to come the next night, and as they entered, Games by the Jonas Brothers was playing.


                We had hooked up my iPod, and played my AWESOMENESS PLAYLIST. We had a blast, listening to Joe Jonas, crooning to us through the blaring speakers. Then Nick began to sing the chorus. We were dancing, all having fun. We had hired a first-year and a third-year set of girls to watch our kids, upstairs. “So bored with these games! Yeah!” Hermione yelled, loudly. “So bored with these!” We yelled back.


                At about 11 (this was a Saturday) Braison pulled out some Fire whiskey. We all got a bit drunk, except for Aly and Calub. Then, we began to dance again, this time to Billie Jean, by Michael Jackson. “Billie Jean is not my lover!” yelled Ron. “Better not be!” yelled a drunken Hermione. We all laughed at that one, except for a stunned looking Ron, who ran up to Hermione and kissed her on the cheek. “The kid is not my son!” blared Michael, coming from the speakers. Then Paramore’s Misery Business came over the speakers. “I’m in the business of misery, let’s take it from the top!” I screamed. “Woah, I never meant to brag, but I got him where I want him now!” Avery screamed back. We all sank on the floor, laughing. The song ended, and on came Nine in the Afternoon, by Panic at the Disco. We all sang along. “Well, it’s nine in the afternoon, and you’re eyes are the size of the moon…” My playlist is pretty random, like a box of chocolates (signals Forest Gump).  Then a newer song came on, Voice on the Radio by Marie Digby.  We all listened to her powerful voice. “Wow, she’s good.” Said Hilary. “I thought you liked the White Stripes!” said John, so Hilary shoved him. Harry began to talk to Ginny. “Gin, we better get going. Mary and Fredddddie will probably want ter go home sooooon.” He said, slurring his speech. “Okay, Harry. We’ll let you rest, okay?” she said. I was surprised, I had thought Ginny had never had fire whiskey. “Heck no! I lived off of that stuff.” She replied when I made that remark. She and Harry went upstairs to get their kids, and then waved goodbye and left, Harry leaning on Ginny a little bit. “Bye!”


                Goodnight and Goodbye came on my iPod, so I guess it was fitting (that song is by the Jonas Brothers). Then Avery left, taking Braxton and Sammi, and I conjured up a stretcher for Braison, who had had a little too much to drink.  Then left John, saying he had to work on his Dream Diary. After that, Calub left, taking Jason with him. Then Hilary left, with Gary tagging along in his Magical Walking Playpen. Hermione left with Frannie Lynn, Jamie and Tim, while Ron struggled carrying Heidi. Lastly, Aly left with Hayley and Lesley, giving me a hug goodbye. “See you soon!” she whispered, as she left. We waved goodbye, then retired for the evening.

Chapter 3 is almost done! Yay! Also Avery, Calub, Aly and Braison are from my other fic, Aly and Me. Have fun reading! Mwaah!

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