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When There Was Me and You by tehshalena
Chapter 1 : when there was me and you
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A/N: After reading a lot of dramiones and general fan fics, i find that pansy is portrayed as a whiny little cow, and well i felt sorry for the lass. I'm building on the pansy that loves Draco a lot and stuff, but i've toned it down a little.
And another thing, this was written 2 years ago, im juts copying and pasting, so excuse the language, if i have time i will come back and edit and brush up the language a bit :)

It was morning, and the first day of the second week at Hogwarts of her 7th year at Hogwarts. Pansy Parkinson sat alone at the Slytherin Table waiting for her fellow classmates. She stared at her plate which held sausages and eggs. Pansy didn’t feel like eating and merely swished the food round her plate while day dreaming.

After a few moments Draco and Blaise entered the Great Hall and joined her at the table. She looked up to see them, but her heart drop as soon as a 5th year girl come across and drape her hand around Draco’s neck and pulled him into a kiss.

That was her this time last year. Pansy had been with Draco for a year, her 6th year, which had been the most magnificent time of her life. She had a loving boyfriend, school was going well, she had lovely friends life couldn’t have been better.

Ever since she had first met Draco she had been immensely attracted to him. It started as a crush in 1st year but she was a shy girl back then, so she kept her feelings to herself. She later became friends with Draco and Blaise, they didn’t treat her like a proper girl, but did respect her in her girl ways. They put up with her, were there for her.

It pained her to see Draco with another girl. That he wished to spend his time with her,. The 5th girl was beautiful, prettier than Pansy could ever hope to be. Her golden locks cascaded down carelessly down her back in soft ringlets. Her complexion was soft and innocent. The perfect princess that guys felt thy had to protect and look after.

She watched as Draco and the girl, who Pansy could not recall the name of chat sweetly together. They looked at each other with passion in their eyes. While Draco caressed her delicate face. Pansy stared at her plate, occasionally stealing glances at the couple.

Its funny when you find yourself looking from the outside

I’m standing here but all I want is to be over there

As Pansy moved up the years of Hogwarts she felt closer to Draco than ever. The more she got treated like a friend the more she wanted to be more than that. She had kept her growing feelings for Draco that soon grew into love to herself fearing that she would lose her last connection with him.

He world brightened up in her 6th year as Draco confessed that he too had feelings for her. He said that he had liked her since his first year and that he had grown to love her. She melted instantly.

Why did I let my self believe miracles could happen?

Cause now I have to pretend that I don’t really care.

Pansy looked up again to she the new couple as they continued to sweet talk at each other. Blaise to her right was watching her from her right. Ever since she broke up with Draco she had avoided him and then when she returned to Hogwarts she acted like it was nothing to her. That she had recovered and now it didn’t matter.

I thought you were my fairytale

My dream when I’m not sleeping

A wish upon a star that’s coming true

Pansy let her thoughts drift back to her time with Draco. It was a blissful time. She could be herself and no longer holding anything else in from any body. She could express her love for him and hear him telling her back.

They spent times talking about things that mattered, when she thought that guys ever only wanted one thing, but she was proved wrong, she could spend hours just talking to him. She saw the deeper side to him, a side that she didn’t know he could have. It was so different to being his girlfriend.

He showered her with presents and gifts of precious values and treated her like a queen. Not that, that stuff mattered to her, she just felt that she was acknowledged, she felt like she meant something to Draco.

But everybody else could tell

That I confused my feelings with the truth

When there was me and you

She had been so taken by Draco and his acts of affection she refused to listen to any of otheres warnings. She was told that Draco had a reputation for being a heart breaker, one that she knew about. But she had been his friend for nearly 6 years and she thought that it made a difference. She didn’t want to believe that she was just another girl on his big long list.

Draco had told her that he loved her on countless of times. She truly felt that this was how he really felt. She loved him and she felt that he loved him back.

I swore I knew the melody

That I heard you singing

And when you smiled it made me feel

That I could sing along

They had been together for a year and that it self was enough evidence to her that this was different. Draco had been so sweet to her that everything that happened to his previous girlfriends seemed like they didn’t even come close to what she had with him. That this was for real.

Sometimes she had seen her future with him,, a happy family living happily ever after. They had even talked about this, Draco himself admitted that he was wanted to spend his life with her. Pansy though that life couldn’t get any better.

But then you when and changed the words

Now my heart is empty

I’m only left with used to be’s

And once upon a song

But then, everything came crashing down. It was the last week of school in 6th year, on a beautiful summer’s day. Draco had taken Pansy out for a walk along the lake where it was quiet while everybody else was on the fields on the other side of the castle.,

He had taken her there to break up with her. It had come too suddenly that Pansy refused to believe it were true. She remembered his exact words.

“Pansy, I don’t feel the same about you any more.”

“But how? You said you loved me!”

“But I don’t anymore. I can’t see myself with you anymore. Pansy, my feelings for you have changed.”

“Tell me this is a joke please!”

“Pansy, please don’t be like that. What we had was special, but I don’t feel that anymore, I can’t look into your eyes and see my future with you anymore. It’s just not there. I’m sorry Pansy.”

“Draco? Why does it have to be this way? How can you change so quickly? I still love you!”

“I know this sounds over used but I sincerely hope we could still be friends after this. You’ve been apart of my life for 6 years and I don’t want that to be ruined because of this.”

Now I know your not a fairytale

And dreams were meant for sleeping

And wishes on a star just don’t come true

At that time Pansy had no other choice. She still felt strongly in live with Draco and would do anything to stay in his life. It would be better to be in his life as a friend than out of his life full stop.

Draco had smashed her fairytale ending and she was left broken. It was lucky that she had the summer holidays to recover. She had rethought everything, and came back to Hogwarts hoping for a better year.

And now even I could tell that I confused my feelings with the truth

Because I liked the view

When there was me and you

She watched the couple in front of her and compared it to her relationship she had with Draco. She watched how they looked at each other.

She noticed that there was slight difference to the way that he looked at her. She saw things more clearly now, and there was no flame. Was this the way that he looked at her?

Was she blinded by her own love for him that she made herself believe that he loved her too? But he told her that he loved her too.

I can’t believe that I could be so blind

It’s like you were floating

While I was falling

But I didn’t mind

She again returned to her dream bliss of the time that she had together with him. Draco was her first boyfriend, her first kiss, first snog and first ‘time’

Pansy didn’t regret all of that. She loved Draco with every fibre of her being.

Because I liked the view

I thought you felt it too

When there was me and you.

The Bell rang for students to head for their first classes. Pansy picked her bag and started heading towards the door towards her first class - Defence against the Dark Arts, and was soon caught up with by Draco and Blaise. Who walked by her side.

They didn’t know of her still existing feelings for Draco ad were back to step one. They were back to three best friends, with Pansy having secret feelings for Draco.

 disclaimer: i dont own Harry Potter because if i did, then i wouldnt be as successful as jk, and if you believe that i do own HP then maybe you should see the doctor :P

oh, and i would love to hear what you think!! -hints- :P

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