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Flowers. by toonmili
Chapter 24 : His Friends
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CHAPTER: His Friends

There was never any doubt in Harry’s mind that there was evil in the world. He been aware of this fact for as long as his memory would allow. When he was too young to know the ways of the world he thought there was nothing more evil than making a eight year old boy go to school with a less than flattering hair cut. He remembered the days when he thought his aunt merge was evil personified and that the probability of meeting anyone more foul was impossible. Of course that notion was quickly dispelled when he turned eleven and he found out the truth about his life and his parents. He always thought that there was no greater evil than Voldemort There was a strange sort of comfort in this perception… because despite of the trials he had been through he always held it was more than worth it in the end. He believed that the most evil person he knew was gone and anything he faced after that would be mild in comparison. But he was wrong… there was something worse out there... worse than someone who would could look at a child… a total innocent and thing of hurting that child. There was someone who would actually look at their own child and think of hurting her.

There was nothing more precious in the world than a child. Harry could not understand it, he could not see the reasoning behind it and that is what made it even scarier to him.

He felt restless, even while he sat at the breakfast table pouring his coffee he couldn’t think of anything thing other than what Snape had told him. It kept playing back in his head. It made him sick to his stomach. He could hardly swallow when he thought about it.

“Are you okay Harry, you look horrible.”

He looked up at Ginny and smiled apologetically. “Yeah, I just didn’t get much sleep last night.”

“Well you spent almost the entire night at Tonks’ place. What were you guys talking about anyway… you said you’d tell me in the morning.”

He just felt like he needed to keep it to himself for a while… he couldn’t even repeat it if he wanted to… the words came out like bile on his tongue. “It’s just about Jane and her… her um… mother.” He couldn’t decide if that was the right word to call her. It sounded obscene to him.

Ginny’s eyes went big at the news. “What about her… I mean who is she?” She had been wondering for some time about Jane’s mother. In fact she had often joked about Jane’s mother being blind or mad. She decided those were the only too factors that could delude a soul to such a great extent that they would consider having children for Snape.

She sat at the table and propped her chin up with her hands.

Harry passed his hand through his hair and took a deep breath. “She’s… umm…”

“She can’t be worse than Snape.” The look on his face must have took her off guard because she her face twisted with surprise. “Is she?” she asked.

“She’s actually worse than Voldemort I think…”

She laughed. “Oh come on… how bad can she be… Jane is so sweet and we know she didn’t get that from Snape.”

Harry shrugged. “Maybe she did… I don’t know but there is not a drop of that woman in Jane. Ginny… she…” He groaned again. It was so difficult to say. “ She tried to kill Jane when she was a baby.”

“What?” she whispered and Harry could tell that she didn’t completely believe what she was hearing. “Who would do that?”

“ She poisoned her milk and left it for Snape to feed her…”

“Did he?” she asked. Harry nodded. Ginny gasped and place her hand over her heart. “ But if he did how is she…”

“She used aconite and it doesn’t have a smell that you could spot unless you know what you’re looking for.” Harry couldn't get the image out of his head. Even though he didn’t witness it… he could see it clearly. Severus feeding his only daughter and watching dying in front of his eyes because of something he feed her. He should have gone mad from it. Heck… Harry was certain he would have gone mad.

Ginny shook her head. “So he spotted it in time.”

“I mean if it was anyone but Snape else in the room with her… she would have died.”

“But why… why would she do that?”

“Well she’s apparently a Voldemort sympathizer and she found out who Snape was. I mean she must have known the best way she could hurt Snape was to take his daughter away from him… Ginny… have you seen Snape with her? It’s like he’s a different person. I can see it. If he lost Jane, It would have killed him for sure.”

“So she doesn’t care that she is her child too.”

Harry sighed. “Well she never liked Jane… Snape said she wouldn’t even look at her, feed her, or do anything with her really… she hated her… she knew Jane was a squib right away.”

“She was a baby… lots of kids show magic late.”

“I don’t know Snape said the moment she was born they could just tell… “

“So where is she now… I mean what did he do?”

Harry shook his head. This was the part that was confusing him to. “He didn’t do anything…”

“So she’s still alive. Big death eater and he didn’t do anything.”

Harry always knew there was a lot about Snape that he didn’t know… but for the past years some things were becoming more apparent. “Ginny… I get a feeling that Snape was never truly a death eater… not in his heart anyway. He just hid her… he has been hiding her for the past six years. If Tonks didn’t find him last year he would have never came out of hiding.”

“She convinced him…”

“From the way I see it he began to notice that it wasn’t possible for him to continue the life he was living… so in a way she did convinced him.”

She sighed. “Gosh… I never thought I would feel so sorry for Snape… I mean, I never liked him but… how the hell could he not read her mind… he couldn’t tell she was with a psycho.”

“Ginny… don’t go blaming him, he blames himself enough as it is.”

“I’m not blaming him Harry… I just wish that he didn’t fall into that mistake… it’s a huge mistake to make.”

“It’s the only kind he seems to know how to make,” he replied. “He must be tired of them… he seems tired of himself… like he’s ready to give himself away.”

“He’s not suicidal is he?”

Harry almost laughed. “No… I think he just wants to give up his past and move forward… start fresh…”

“With Tonks?”

“Possibly…” he conceded. He detected a certain change his disposition every time he said her name. It was as weird as the site of him comforting Jane after her nightmare. It was like it was a different Severus speaking her name. “I think while they were in Ireland they most have gotten close enough… close enough for him to fall in love with her.”

“Coming from you… it must really be something… I’d like to see it firsthand.”

“Oh you will…” Harry said…. “I forgot to tell you… we’re having a meeting here?”

“What meeting… when?’

“Well I think it’s time we got the old gang back together…”

“You’re calling an order meeting…” she asked with excitement in her eyes.

He nodded. “Tabitha would never think to look in England for him. She knew he was in hiding and she used that to her advantage. You saw the paper Rita wrote… the cat’s out the bag… she’ll be coming and when she does she bringing scores of her closest friends and family…” Harry shook his head and took a sip of his coffee… his first for the morning. “She thinks she has powerful people on her side…well she has no idea the kind friends he has…”

A/N: OMG… I took super long with this chapter… sorry… but again. I’m still having problems…

No Snape and Tonks in this chappie… sorry.

They should be in the next one. I’m not making any promises though…

Gosh I’m not to happy because this chapter introduced nothing new to you guys. It’s just that Harry knows about Tabitha now… gezz.

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Flowers.: His Friends


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