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I Don't Like Mondays by elveriamoir
Chapter 1 : chapter 1:I dont like mondays
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***Here we go again same old same old. I wonder if I should bother getting up today? After all it is just another Monday. What can be possibly different about this one. ***

 Stupid question really is it not?  I just had to ask it.


It is the twentieth Monday of the term and I have just been rudely awakened by that pestilence formally known as Nott. Maybe I should curse him. Hmmmmmm, I wonder if I can go back to sleep. What time is it? Oh pants!! I’m late I’m late I’m late! And it’s transfiguration first period…I am so dead meat. Now where did I put my books?! Stuff my books where did I put my tie?

Transfiguration - I really hate precious Potter and his stupid friends…I think… I have just found something I hate more than Mondays! No wait I already knew that. Okay I think my lack of sleep might be getting to me. One of these days I swear I will get revenge. Oh who am I kidding he would probably just turn me into a snail or something. I know he is quicker with his wand but does he have to humiliate me every time he sees me? It’s not like I go out of my way to annoy him or anything. It is not my fault I was running late today and did not have time for a shower, but no he picks it up straight away …Greasy git! Greasy Git…I ask you! One day with out a shower, now I suppose it’ll stick. If that wasn’t bad enough it was in front of Malfoy. Oh god Malfoy saw it all! He is the one person in this stinking school who doesn’t pity me or mock me. Not now I suppose. I’ve just had another horrible thought….all my classes today are with Potter and Black. I think I might just go jump in the lake.

Lunch……Oh my God! I cannot believe Pettigrew just did that! Petigrew! The little squirt! I’m going to kill him when I get my hands on him! I swear. I always thought I was safe with that one I mean, it's not like he has the guts like Potter or Black or ok I’ll admit it the brains of Black and Lupin (?) (I think its Lupin) , but he managed to slip me something that made me confess my undying love to Malfoy. I got down on my knees in front of the whole of the great hall and confessed my undying love for LUCIUS MALFOY! I’m going to throw myself in the lake. At least my hair will be clean. Wait what am I saying? Get out of my head, you are not my thoughts! I must be cracking up I’m arguing with a voice in my head. And I think that’s the second time I’ve thought that today, I will not let Potter and Black defeat me!

Potions - I love potions I mean I’m so obviously so much better than anyone else in my class, even supposing Potter and that Lupin bloke is just pathetic. Hmmm saying which he looks a bit sickly I wonder why.. ? Oh never mind Lupin, what are Potter and Black looking so smug about……….? What did they do to my potion?!!!!!….. Its pink!…… why is it bubbling like that? It’s not supposed to be pink or explode !!! Owwwwwww! What just happened? Whats the Slug saying? Oh hospital wing, that’s good hospital wing is good. Oh god there’s two of everybody, two of potty black and that other guy the small one. Argh run!

Later….. Great now I have to spend my entire night under that crazy woman’s care……I suppose it means I don’t have to worry about anything been put in my food…….sweet peace. Hey what’s Malfoy here for?! This cant be good not after what I did today. Wait hey he’s smiling at me!!! Since when does Malfoy smile?! I’m scared!  oh god! Huh oh hes brought me my work. And hes saying...wait where'd he. oh Crud Malfoy! Malfoy ! Come back. He cant kill Potter, Bad move! What on earth did that woman give me I can't get up ? and I feel tired. I need Malfoy to come back. Why do I need....Oh Pants!



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I Don't Like Mondays: chapter 1:I dont like mondays


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