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Can't Touch This by prongslittleflower
Chapter 6 : Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll
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Disclaimer: I do not, in any way shape or form, own anything Harry Potter.

Amulet Girl A/N: Hello good people of Fan Fiction! Here is the chapter, that I know you all have been eagerly anticipating. So, without any delay, here is the chapter. Enjoy!


                                      Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll

Lyla's P.O.V.

I was walking to Transfiguration, when I realized something; I was walking alone, literally, there was no one else in the corridors. I was alone a lot lately. Blair had been preoccupied with James, and they were always together. Alexa had been nonexistent as well. Ever since Alexa had checked Sirius out at Quidditch practice, she had been avoiding everyone especially Sirius. I haven’t even been able to see Remus because he has been spending a lot of time with Andy Ablo, disgusting I know. So here I was, walking alone, while everyone else was off with, or running away from the “loves of their lives.” Ain’t it always the way?

I stopped right before I went into the Transfiguration classroom. Next to me, I heard a sigh. I looked over and saw that a forlorn Alexa was standing next to me. “Hey Lyla.”

“Hi Alexa. What’s wrong with you?” I asked.

“Well, I’m struggling with the fact that I could be in love with my mortal enemy, you know, just the normal stuff,” Alexa replied nonchalantly looking straight ahead. “Oh right,” I responded. “We should probably get to class,” I said. Alexa nodded her head approvingly and we both walked into the class room. When we entered into the room Blair immediately saw us and waved at us to come over. Blair was sitting with James at a desk with Sirius and Bree occupying the desk behind them, Remus and Andy Ablo sitting next to them, and one lone desk right in front of them that Blair had so thoughtfully saved for us. Alexa and I looked at each other with as much enthusiasm as we could possibly muster and headed for our desk. I had a feeling that today’s assignment was going to be death.

As Alexa and I were taking our seats, Professor McGonagall walked out of her office to the front of the class and cleared her throat. “Hmm, hmm, okay class, today we will be changing flowers into butterflies. I will put you into groups of two,” McGonagall began to rattle off names. “… James and Blair, Sirius and Bree, Andy and Lily, and Lyla and Remus,” McGonagall turned to set her parchment on her desk.

“Umm, excuse me professor, but you didn’t pair me up with anyone,” Alexa piped up. The door to the classroom swung open and in walked in Caradoc Dearborn. Alexa’s eyes instantly widened and flooded with life. She looked happier than she had in a while. Caradoc walked past Alexa and flashed her a smile that made even me melt, he was quite cute. The 7th year Gryffindor boy was close to 6'3, with beautiful blue eyes that were 10 times better than anyone's I knew, except for Remus that is, and his dark brown hair made even Sirius Black jealous. The beautiful bastard, why couldn't all guys be like him. Caradoc was also one of the sweetest guys you would ever meet. That, plus his hot body, was enough to make all the girls want to be on him. Mmmmkay, anyways, well, he gave a note to McGonagall and she looked up at Alexa.

“Alexa, since you haven’t been doing as well as I would like you to be doing in my class, I decided to get you a tutor. Mr. Dearborn has so generously offered to help you. Mr. Dearborn is the best in his class and I think you should really utilize you time with him and try to learn a lot. Mr. Dearborn, please have a seat, today we are changing flowers into butterflies, so you should have no trouble with this.” Caradoc made his way to the desk where Alexa was now sitting alone. When Caradoc sat down Alexa gave me a devilish smile and I winked at her.

“So Lyla, should we get started on the assignment?” Remus asked me. I turned to him and nodded my head. “It’s so good to see you,” he said slightly touching my hand on the table. I could feel my cheeks burning a scarlet color. I pulled my hand away and grabbed a flower that was in front of me and started smelling it. Remus also grabbed a flower and set it in front of him. “Will you do the honors?” he asked me, signaling me to change the flower. I positioned myself in front of the flower and pointing my wand at the flower, I muttered the incantation. Mine and Remus’ flower broke into a group of vibrant multicolored butterflies that flitted around us.

“Excellent work Miss Parker, 10 points to Gryffindor!” McGonagall shouted with a bright smile on her face. I looked to Remus who was smiling at me. We looked into each others eyes and it felt like the butterflies I had just transfigured had just entered my stomach. And, then my perfect moment was interrupted by the devil herself. The butterflies in my stomach were immediately squished as I watched Andy Ablo kissing Remus.

I turned back to the flowers laying on our desk and tried to conceal my sadness. It obviously wasn’t working, because when Andy had finished sucking Remus’s face off and he turned around and said, “Hey, are you okay?”

At this I became a little angry. How could he possibly even think that I was okay after having to watch him and Andy right in front of me. “No Remus, I am not okay,” I said coldly turning to look at him. “What’s wrong?” he asked with a concerned look on his face. “What’s wrong with me?” I whispered, “I am tired. Tired of having to hide my feelings, tired of being alone, tired of having to see you with her. That’s what is wrong with me.”

Remus let out a sigh and sat in his chair. We sat there in silence for a while, when he finally said something. “I know that none of this has been fair to you, and I am sorry for making you feel this way. But I can’t leave Andy.”

“Why Remus? Why can’t you leave her? You deserve so much better,” I told him touching his leg in reassurance.

He cupped my hand in his and faced me, “Lyla, you know how I feel about you. I just need more time, I don’t want to hurt Andy, wait just a little longer.”

I heard a certain sadness in Remus’s voice. “You keep telling me to wait just a little longer, but I don’t want to wait anymore. I love you Remus; I just…,” I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I really do love him but I just can’t take it anymore, “… I just don’t want to wait forever.”

I waited for him to say something. To say that would leave Andy and that we could finally be together, but the words never came. Remus released my hand and I began to feel tears cascade down my face. I sat there for a moment and then I got up from my seat and ran out of the class. I kept running until I got to an abandoned corridor. My legs gave out and I sat on the floor and cried. I couldn’t believe what had just happened.

When I finally stopped crying, some hours later, I walked backed to the common room. It was getting dark outside and I figured it was close to dinner time. When I entered through the portrait hole into the common room, only a few people were in there. I made my way up the stairs leading to the girl’s dormitory. I opened the door and I saw Blair and Alexa sitting on my bed talking about something. They both stopped talking and looked at me. “Lyla, what happened? Where have you been?” Alexa asked.

Without saying anything, I walked over to my bed and sat down in between them. “Lyls, what’s wrong?” Blair asked with a worried face. I looked at both of them and then cupped my face in my hands and began to cry once again. Alexa and Blair both put their arms around me. They sat there with me until I finally fell asleep at around 10 o’clock.

I opened my swollen eyes to find that Alexa and Blair were both laying next to me. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. There was a blanket of tissues scattered on the bed and some on the floor. I climbed over Alexa and went into the bathroom to wash my face. When I came out Alexa and Blair had both awoken and were yawing and stretching. They both smiled at me and I returned their smiles and went to sit back on the bed with them. We sat there in silence for a moment and then Blair broke the silence, “So, do you want to talk about it?” she asked me with a curious look on her face. I smiled and nodded my head.

After I finished telling them the whole story, they both had astonished looks on their faces. “I can’t believe Remus did that!” Alexa said angrily.

“You poor thing,” Blair added giving me a huge hug, “Do you want us to beat him up?” she asked. I just laughed and hugged Blair back. “Do you want to go get something to eat?” she asked releasing me from the hug.

“No, I’m not very hungry,” I responded.
“Are you sure? It would probably do you some good to get some food in your stomach,” Alexa said pulling me up off the bed. “No, I’m fine, go on without me. I will probably read in the common room or go for a walk,” I indicated. Alexa shrugged her shoulders and then her and Blair both left to get some breakfast. After they left I grabbed a book and headed down to the common room. I sat down on a couch in front of a burning fire and opened the book and began to read. It wasn’t too long after I began reading that some one sat down on the couch beside me.

I looked up from my book to find Lily Evans standing next to me with a smile on her face. “Hi Lyla,” she said in that sweet voice of hers. To be completely honest, I was a little shocked that Lily had even talked to me. “I saw that you were sitting here alone, so I decided to come over and say hi,” I shook my head and entered into an awkward pause. “Um, I just wanted to see if you were okay. You seemed pretty upset yesterday when you ran out of Transfiguration.”

Lily was one of the last people I wanted to discuss my problems with. “Um, I’m okay, thank you,” I said a little confused as to what was going on. She sat down on the couch next to me and smiled. Afraid of an awkward conversation, I tried to move away from her to put some space in between us. She didn't notice and I was relieved on the inside. I thought she would get the point and leave the couch but she didn't and I started to sweat profusely and swear in my mind. I was going to punch a small child if she didn't get up.

“I also want to say I’m sorry,” she said looking sincere. “For what?” I asked even more confused. “For calling Blair a slut,” she responded. What was going on? Since when is Lily Evans nice to me and since when does she apologize for calling people names? Was she going through some kind of anger management program? What is this, 12 steps for Lily Evans? I was waiting for her to be like, 'Hi, I'm Lily, and I have a problem.' Her sincere expression never left her face. Maybe she truly was sorry. “Do you think we can just put all of this behind us?” she asked.

I sat there for a few moments acting like I was thinking about what my answer was going to be, when in reality, I was still trying to figure out what the hell was going on. I decided to accept her apology, “It’s fine. By the way, I’m sorry for turning you into a frog,” I said with a slight smile on my face. Lily burst into laughter.

“That was quite funny,” Lily said through her laughter. I began laughing with her. When we both stopped laughing we, yet again, slipped into an awkward silent moment. Lily finally stood up and said, “Well, I have to get going,” I let out a sigh of relief. I so desperately wanted to thank her for releasing me from this hell hole. She turned and walked towards the portrait hole. “Bye Lyla, see you around,” she said waving. I waved back and she was gone. I had no idea what just happened and I didn’t really feel like trying to find out.

Not too long after I had my strange encounter with Lily, Alexa and Bree had come back from breakfast. Following close behind them were James, Sirius, Bree, and, of course, Remus. I was still too upset to deal with people, especially Remus. Alexa must have noticed my concerned look on my face because she came up to me and said, “Hey, you want to go out for a walk and get some fresh air with Blair and I?” I looked up at her with a relieved smile and hopped up off the couch and linked arms with her and Blair as led them out through the portrait hole, avoiding any eye contact with Remus.


As Alexa, Blair and I skipped down the corridor back to the portrait hole, I suddenly remembered that there was going to be a good chance that Remus would still be in there and I would have to talk to him. I stopped skipping and Alexa and Blair also stopped to see what was the matter. “Why did we stop skipping?” Blair, who seemed to be overly enjoying our skipping, asked.

“Remus might be in there,” I responded looking straight ahead at the portrait.

“That is a definite possibility, considering he lives there,” Alexa said in a sarcastic tone. I shot a glare at Alexa. “Okay, look, I know that you are hurting, and I don’t blame you, but you just need to act like nothing is bothering you. Don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that he hurt you. Just put a smile on your face and march through that common room like you own the place,” Alexa advised me.

After a few minutes of thought, I decided to take Alexa’s advice. “You know what Alexa, you are absolutely right. Let’s go,” I put a smile on my face, spoke the password to the Fat Lady and when the portrait swung open, I took a deep breath and walked through it into the common room with Alexa and Blair trailing close behind me.

Just as I suspected, Remus was sitting on one side of the common room, accompanied by James, Andy Ablo, Sirius, and Bree. I immediately steered to a couch on the other side of the common room and plopped on a couch followed by Blair and Alexa. The couch was positioned to where I could still see Remus, but if I needed to, I could hide from his sight.

All three of us were unintentionally staring over at the group. James was playing chess with Remus, while Andy played with his hair and was whispering, what I could only assume, were some sort of evil devil spells to strengthen her power over Remus.

“Look at them. They make me sick,” Alexa said with disgust. “I know,” I responded still staring at Andy and Remus. “I can’t believe we were ever friends with her,” Alexa added. I looked over to Alexa who was looking not at Remus, but at Sirius and Bree. I immediately understood my sister’s disgust. Sirius was sitting in a chair with Bree straddling him. Bree seemed to be eating Sirius’s face and was giggling and laughing so loud that you could most likely here her from miles away.

“That is utterly disgusting! She is literally sucking his face off. I don’t see why anyone would want that on top of them,” Alexa said shaking her head with anger as she stared at Sirius and Bree. Bree stopped kissing Sirius turned around suddenly and saw that all three of us were staring at her and Sirius. We all quickly looked away and Blair started whistling.

We all waited a while until we looked back over to where Sirius and Bree had been. Instead of finding Bree sucking Sirius’s face off, we found an empty chair. “Where did they go?” Alexa asked searching the common room for Sirius and Bree’s figures. Blair and I both shrugged our shoulders. “I’m going to head up to the dorms, do you guys want to go?” Alexa asked us.

I nodded my head and stood up. “No, I don’t think I am going to head up yet. I think I will go and talk with James for a little while. I will meet you up there later,” Blair told us. Alexa and I just shrugged and Blair walked over to where James seemed to be losing at chess.

Alexa and I started to make our way up the stairs to the dorms. We were talking about her new, very cute, tutor that she had gotten for Transfiguration when we opened the door to the dorms. Alexa stopped dead in her tracks and got silent. “What?” I asked. She said nothing, all she did was point over to her bed.

There, on Alexa’s bed, was Bree, with her shirt off, and Sirius with his shirt half unbuttoned. Bree was ravaging Sirius’s body and was making all sorts of weird noises. My mouth dropped open and I let out a small gasp. Sirius must have heard my gasp and sat up on his elbows and had a mortified look on his face. Bree slowly rolled off Sirius to face us with an evil smirk on her face.

“Oh, Lyla, Alexa. I am so embarrassed. I didn’t hear you two coming up the stairs,” Bree said nonchalantly. I looked over to Alexa, who I expected to be furious, especially since they were on her bed. Much to my surprise, Alexa was the opposite of furious, she seemed to not even be bothered by the fact that her ex-best friend was snogging and groping the boy who she used to like. My mouth remained open in shock as I looked back and forth from Alexa’s cool face to Sirius and Bree. “I’m so sorry that you two had to see us like this,” Bree said with a smug look on her face staring down Alexa.

“Oh don’t worry about it. The fault is entirely ours,” Alexa said with a warm smile on her face. My mouth opened even more. What was going on? I looked to Sirius, who seemed to be just as shocked and surprised as I was. “No need to stop on our account, I just have to get something out of my trunk.” Alexa walked over to her trunk, rummaged through it for a moment and pulled a notebook out. “Please continue,” Alexa said before turning to leave and walk back down the stairs back to the common room. For some reason I just couldn’t move. I finally snapped out of it. Before I left the dorms though, I looked back at where Bree was sitting unsure of what had happened and Sirius was sitting with a semi-angry face. Preparing myself for what I was going to say I took a deep breath and gave them my best bitch attitude.

“You disgust me.” And with that I spun around and scurried out the door. I'm proud to say I did not trip like Alexa would have. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, Alexa was waiting there for me looking down at her shoes. “Hey don’t worry about it. You know they won’t last,” I added reassuringly.

Alexa just looked at me and simply said, “I’m not worried about it. I honestly don’t care what they do; so don’t worry about me because I don’t care. I do not care at all.” Even though she said she ‘didn’t care’, I knew Alexa better. She always would repeat stuff when she was angry, but I wasn’t about to press the issue (especially since she didn’t care).

We both returned to the couch that we had been sitting on before. After a few moments of silence, I remembered the conversation that we were having before, well you know. “So Alexa, tell me about your new found interest in Transfiguration,” I said looking quizzically at her.

When I said this, Alexa’s face lit up and she scooted a little closer to give me all the details. “Oh my god, Caradoc is so nice, he is very funny, and not to mention, unbelievably gorgeous!” Alexa squealed. “He is extremely smart, has a hot bod, as I’m sure you already know, and he is good at quidditch. He is pretty much the perfect guy. I personally just can’t wait to have another Transfiguration class. I have never wanted to study more than I do now,” she said through her laughter. I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of Alexa in a library, let alone in a library studying.

I noticed that Alexa’s gaze drifted over to the stairs going up to the dormitories. I also shifted my gaze there. Bree had just emerged, with Sirius right behind her. Her hair was unnaturally untidy and her shirt was buttoned wrong. Sirius, on the other hand, had managed to button his shirt right and had a dazed look on his face. They both headed over to where Remus, James, and Andy were.

Blair had made her way back over to us and plopped onto the couch right in between Alexa and I. “Did you see them?” Blair asked nodded towards Sirius and Bree. She had no idea how much we actually saw of them. I shuddered at the thought. “So did anything interesting happen while I was away?” I looked at Alexa and we both started to laugh hysterically. “What? What happened? What are you guys laughing at?” Blair asked with a very confused look on her face. We both just laughed even harder and all three of us made our way up to our beds.

The next morning, after breakfast, I went to the library to write my paper for Ancient Runes. Right when I was in the middle of writing a sentence, some one put their hands over my eyes. “Guess who.”

I let out a sigh, “Alexa, I have been your sister for 16 years, I know your voice.”

“Why must you crush my dreams?” she asked jokingly. She knew darn well that I don’t like to be interrupted when I study. However, ever since 1st year, she has always seemed to disregard this rule.

“I don’t have time for games right now Alexa. I have a…” I was cut off mid sentence because someone had called my name from behind me.

I turned to find Lily standing behind me. “Hey Lyla, I just wanted to remind you that we have prefect duties tonight. We are going to meet in the Great Hall at the usual time,” I smiled and nodded. “Okay, well, see you later tonight.” Lily waved goodbye and then scurried out of sight.

When I turned back to face Alexa, she had a curious look on her face. “Umm, what was that all about?” she asked.

“You know what, I’m not even quite sure,” I said truthfully, “but that is really the least of my worries. I have prefect duties tonight,” Alexa motioned with her hand for me to go on because she didn’t understand the severity of the situation, “I have prefect duties tonight, with Remus.”

“OH, well that sucks,” she said. Oh how I loved my sister. You can tell she really cares about my problems. I stood and collected my books and headed out of the library. “What? Was it something I said?” Alexa shouted after me.

After dinner, I knew that the time for me to go do prefect duties was near. The end of my life was inching closer and closer with every second that went by. To say the least, I was not looking forward to spending the whole night with Remus. Maybe Lily would pair us up with different people, oh I hope so.

When the time came for me to face my doom, Blair and Alexa bid me goodnight, and I headed down to the Great Hall. By the time I had gotten down to the Great Hall, nearly all the prefects had arrived. “Okay, we are going to go ahead and get started,” Lily said in a very assertive voice. “We are going to split up tonight again with the same person you were with the last time.” Shoot, I thought to myself. I looked up at Remus, who was giving me a weak smile from across the room. “Alright, so off you go.”

Remus slowly made his way over to me. “Hey,” he said in almost a whisper. I just turned around and completely ignored him and walked out of the Great Hall and went up to the 3rd floor to patrol. The sooner we patrolled the floor, the sooner I could leave.

After about an hour of silence, Remus spoke, “How long are you going to not look at me?”

“As long as I want to,” I responded coldly.

“Will you please just look at me and talk to my face.”

“No, I think you can ‘wait just a little longer,” I said making quotation marks with my fingers.

Remus grabbed my arm and jerked me towards him. “What is your problem?” he asked me.

He seriously had the nerve to ask me that? “You are my problem,” I spat at him yanking my arm out of his grasp.

“This is really stupid,” he said raising his voice.

“Oh yeah? Well, it’s your fault,” I shouted poking him in the chest. At this moment something happened that completely caught me off guard. Remus grabbed my face and kissed me with so much passion that when we separated, I had to catch my breath and balance. It was probably the most amazing kiss that I had ever had. I stood there for a moment just looking at him, then I did something completely out of character.

I threw myself at Remus kissing him as passionately as I could. Remus stumbled back against a wall as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He entwined his fingers in my hair, and quite frankly, we went at it. As Remus kissed my neck, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I shifted my head to see better, but I wish I hadn’t. When I looked down the corridor, I saw someone who could most likely destroy my life. Only a few feet away from where Remus was nibbling on my neck, stood none other than Lily Evans, a.k.a, Andy Ablo’s best friend. Super!

I tried to push away from Remus but his hold around me was too tight. “Hey, Remus. Remus, um, stop for a second,” I said still looking down at Lily who had a shocked and scandalous look on her face.

Remus finally stopped and looked into my eyes, “What? Did I do something wrong?” I looked down the corridor raising my eyebrows towards Lily. He slowly turned his head and whispered under his breath, “Shit.” Remus quickly stepped away from me and we both turned to face Lily. She stood at the end of the corridor with her arms crossed and her foot tapping a steady rhythm on the floor. I looked over to Remus who shared the guilty look that I had on my face.

Lily slowly motioned with her finger for us to come to her. I started to move towards her but Remus wasn’t moving with me. I looked back to him and said, “Remus, come on,” he shook his head at me with a scared look on his face. “Seriously Remus, come on,” he yet again shook his head, “get up here right now!” I said grabbing his arm and pulling him along with me.

The walk over to where Lily was standing, seemed to be miles long. As our walk of shame came to an end, we stopped right in front of Lily, keeping just the right amount of distance between us. I was really nervous as to what was going to happen. Lily was known to have a really bad temper, and I was afraid. Lily opened her mouth and I panicked, “Lily, it’s not what it looks like!” What was I saying?

A slight smirk crept across Lily’s face, “Oh good, because it looked like you and my friend’s boyfriend were snogging, but it’s not what it looks like so, that’s a relief.”

“Okay, so it looks exactly how it looks,” I said, Remus shooting me a glare.

“Lily is there anything we can do to get you to not tell Andy about any of this. I want to be the one to tell her, I don’t want her to find out from someone else. So is there some kind of deal we can work out between us?” Remus asked looking hopeful.

Lily remained silent for a while thinking tapping her finger on her lips. She let out a sigh and said, “You come to me with a proposition tomorrow evening, and I will consider it.”

I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. With out thinking, I lunged forward and hugged Lily. “Thank you so much! Did I ever tell you you’re my hero?” I said hugging her tighter.

Lily patted me on the shoulder and said, “Okay, let’s not go overboard here.” I released Lily from my grasp and she turned to leave saying, “I will see you tomorrow evening.” And then she disappeared into the night.

“Bloody hell, that was close,” Remus said sliding down the nearest wall to sit. I walked over to where Remus was and sat beside him. He took my hand in his and looped his fingers between mine. I leaned my head against his shoulder.

“Now, all we have to do is figure out a way to bribe Lily so she won’t tell Andy,” I reminded him. “Got any ideas?” I asked.

“I have absolutely no idea. Do you?” I shook my head. “Who do we know that can easily manipulate people and get them to do anything they want?” I immediately thought of someone who had basically been manipulating people his whole life. The person in question, was, of course, Sirius Black. Ever since first year he had always manipulated girls with his so called charm. I mean, if you think about it, he can get a girl to do what ever he wants them to do, it’s really kind of sick when you think about it. In any case, I really didn’t want to have to ask Black for any sort of help at all, given my current view of him, I decided to keep my revelation to myself. Remus’s face lit up and he opened his mouth with excitement and said, “I know the perfect person, Sirius!” joy. It looks like I will just have to suck it up and ask Black for help, but you can be darn sure I am going to be as mean as possible about it.

Remus hopped up off the floor and pulled me up. We hurried back to the common room to see if Sirius was still awake. When we entered the common room, we found Sirius sitting on a couch, shockingly reading a book. We approached him and Remus said, “Sirius, are you reading?”

Sirius looked up from his book and responded coolly, “Why yes I am, my good man.”

“You can read?” I asked with a cold sarcastic tone.

Sirius had a small smile on his face. “Yes, my dear Lyla, but I try not to make a habit of it,” he said. “What can I do for you two this evening?”

“We need your help, Padfoot,” Remus said plainly.

The smile on Sirius’s face widened, “Hmm, a Parker sister asking me for help? I thought this day would never come. Let me just have a moment to savor this moment,” he said closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

I rolled my eyes as he ‘savored the moment.’ “I don’t need your help. I just need a suggestion, not help,”

“You are just as stubborn as your sister, but I am willing to lend my knowledge to you. I think of it as educating the less fortunate,” Sirius said leaning back against the back of the couch. What a wanker. “Tell good old Sirius what the problem is. Did someone finally catch you two?”

My eyes widened, “You know?!” I asked.

“Of course I know, I'm Sirius Black, I know all,” he responded casually.

“How did you find out?” Remus asked looking at Sirius quizzically.

“Well, it's really wasn't that hard to figure out. All the stolen glances and the secret snogging. I am honestly surprised that more people don't know.”

“Did you tell anyone?” I asked hoping that his answer would be no.

“No, Moony is my best mate, I wouldn't hurt him,” he said patting Remus on the shoulder. “So tell me who found you two doing your dirty deeds.”

Remus told him how Lily caught us, and when he finished, Sirius rubbed his chin. Sirius finally leaned forward to say something. “Okay, so here's what you do, you lure her into a dark corridor. You then you take 6 feet of rope and tie her up and lead her to one of our secret passage ways. Then you simply just bribe her with sex, drugs, and a little rock n' roll,” he said with a proud look on his face.

“That has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard in my life!” I shouted at him. He was zero help, I knew we couldn't count on Black. “Thanks for the suggestion, but no thanks. I think we will manage just fine without you.”

“Have it your way. Good luck coming up with something as brilliant as what I came up with,” he said shrugging and getting up to leave. “'Night Moony. Lyla, always a pleasure,” he said flashing me a smile. I just rolled my eyes at him.

As Sirius made his way past us, I had a stroke of brilliance, as I often do. “I've got it!” I excitedly proclaimed, “You know how the prefects are in charge of the Halloween dance on Saturday?” Remus nodded his head, “Well, that Saturday is also a Hogsmeade day and the prefects have been asked to skip the Hogsmeade trip to stay and set up for the dance. So, we should offer to cover for her so she can go to Hogsmeade.”

Remus sat there for a moment and then said, “I think that might work. You are amazing,” he said kissing me on the cheek. Remus pulled me up off the couch and walked me to the stairs leading up to the girl's dorms. Before I turned to go up the stairs, Remus grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. “Goodnight, have sweet dreams,” he said kissing me again, but on the lips this time.

When he released me from the kiss, I couldn't help but blush. “Goodnight,” I said before turning to head up to my dormitory. At that moment I had a feeling that things would be looking up real soon.


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