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Breaking Hearts Has Never Looked So Cool by thebakerwhowouldntcook
Chapter 5 : V.
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Gen stood in front of the mirror in the dormitory bathroom, bushing her teeth while surrounded by a bunch of other gossiping Gryffindors. Communal bathrooms, what a sick joke. She finished up and turned around only to be face to face with Bridget Holloway.

Oh Bridget. Bridget, Bridget, Bridget. She was in Gen’s year, although she wasn’t sure as to why due to the fact she seemed to be better at memorizing who was shagging who than any academia related information.

“Hey, Gen.”

“Hi,” said Gen trying to move around the girl but was stopped as Bridget’s two bimbo friends stepped up to block her path. “Can I help you?”

“I saw you and Sirius Black hanging out last night. Are you two like, dating?”

Uh, they had been doing a Potion’s essay in adjacent armchairs? Gen had taken the first half of the grueling essay, and Sirius the second half. But then again, she had noticed that Sirius had abandoned his attempts at flirting with her. Had he really quit? All that fast? She decided that maybe he needed a small push.

“Well, yeah kind of. He gave me this you know,” Gen lied, holding up her wrist to show them the bracelet that had actually been given to her by her parents.

A chorus “oooooohhhh’s” and “aaaaahhh’s” came from the girls as Gen smirked with satisfaction and took her time getting down to the common room. When she walked into a buzzing common room and most eyes fell onto hers.

“Hey,” said Sirius coming up to her.

“Hi,” she said looking around the common room. News must travel faster than she thought. Like speed of light fast.

“Can we talk?”

“Sure.” Sirius led to her a vacant corner of the common room as the buzz of noise grew again.

“Okay, well, there have been some rumors going around that were…well…together,” he said putting air quotes around ‘together’, “and I just want you to know that I didn’t start them.”

“Really? That’s the first I’ve heard about it, but thanks.”

“Uh, yeah. Anytime.”

“Okay, well I’m going to go to bed. I guess I’ll see you later, boyfriend,” said Gen with a smirk and headed up to her dormitory.

“Well alright then,” Sirius said, more to himself than anyone, with a satisfied smirk.

Gen was smiling like a damn fool when she crawled into her cozy bed. Emmeline noticed and cocked a brow.


“Boys are dumb.”

Gen took it a step further and but on her best “I’m trying to wear my poker face but it’s not working because I’m upset” face when she was talking to Potter about a play for the first match and they ran into Sirius sneaking into a broom closet with what’s-her-face. He took little to no notice of Gen but gave Potter and thumbs up. Besides, boys were worse gossips than girls. It was a matter of hours before Potter spilled the beans that Gen was pissed, or whatever. And she kept ignoring him for the next two days until the match against Ravenclaw that Saturday.

The conditions were nice, cloudy and dry. It was 50/40, advantage Gryffindor. Unfortunately they had just lost Green to a nasty bludger and Potter had called a time out for a “quick” pep talk. Hooch had already given them a warning but he just kept going on and on about keeping the score in our favor and getting the snitch only when we were ahead, obviously.

“Potter, can we speed this up?” she interrupted.

“You think you could do better?”

Okay, she hadn’t really expected that, but fine. She really didn’t want to wait for the point of Potter’s monologue.

“Yes, yes I do,” she said accepting the challenge. “Go left, it’s been Their weak side all morning. And get cocky. We won’t win if we don’t think we can.” She could feel Sirius’ gray, confusion filled eyes boring into her like they had been for the past couple of days, but she still refused to meet them.

“Everyone set?”

The team nodded and she raised her eyebrows at James triumphantly.

The scarlet and gold clad team walked onto the field as the whistle blew. Gen mounted her broom and, coincidently, was the first to get possession of the quaffle and raced down the left end of the field. Sirius was already waiting by the goal post for a pass. Instead Gen just out ran the Ravenclaw chaser who was tailing her (Sturgis), scored, and stuck her tongue out at him. She did this three more times (minus the tongue) before James was on her ass yelling at her.

“Gen! Pass the damn ball! Sirius is open! I’m open!”

She didn’t get it. She had scored every time. It probably hurt his ego not to have all the glory. And besides, her whole ‘fake mad jealousy wah’ thing toward Sirius was seemed to be working.

Ravenclaw had now caught up score wise. Gen scored once more without the help of Sirius and tried for again, but missed. Now it was Sirius’ turn to yell.

“What the hell are you doing?! I’m open!” yelled Sirius flying up next to her. Honestly, did it not matter that she had scored fifty points?

“HERE!” Gen yelled back passing the quaffle to him. Hard. And now she was kind of mad. For real.

The tension between the two Chasers could have almost cost them the game. Gen refused to pass to Sirius and Sirius refused to pass to Gen. That led to the use of two person plays and the third Chaser caught in the middle, Potter, grew tired of utilizing the whole team and it became the James and Sirius show. Like that was anything new.

Nobody else was sour about it. In fact, there was even a party in the common room. So, Gen forgot why she was mad in the first place and decided just to have a good time (partially with the help of whatever someone poured into the punch half way through the party).

So there was Gen, totally fine, talking, laughing, and dancing with Emmeline, Caradoc, and Rachel, a girl in Gen’s Transfiguration class, when suddenly someone grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her out of her little ‘circle of fun-ness’.

“We need to talk,” said Sirius pulling her over to one of the quieter and less crowded corners of the common room.

“Why are you so pissy all of a sudden?” he asked. “You almost cost us the game!”

“Yeah, almost. But we won. So what’s the big deal?” said Gen and started to walk around him to get back to her friends but he grabbed her wrist and this time, when she wriggled herself out of his strong grasp, she lost her bracelet. Not just a bracelet either. The really pretty, yellow, rose, and white gold bracelet that had been custom-made for her. The bracelet that was the last thing she ever got from her parents before they died. The bracelet that was the only piece of them left. She rounded on him.

“Black, you better give it back unless you want to wake up tomorrow confused and in Cuba.”

“No way,” he said holding the hostage bracelet high above his head so she couldn’t reach it. “I’ll give it back when you explain yourself.”

Gen reached for her wand but realized it was up in her dorm. Damn, damn it all! "Explain what?"

"You either really like me, or you really hate me, so pick one! No more games."

"What answer results in me getting my bracelet back?"

"The truthful one," he said raising the bracelet higher above his head, while Gen was getting dizzy clawing at it from below.

"You're going to break it, stupid!"

"Aw, I'm sorry. Was your uber precious bracelet from your dear traitor Caradoc?" he sneered.

"Shut up!" Gen paused trying to get herself together, though the alcohol was rooting for a breakdown. "It's the last thing I've got parents. Who are dead," she explained quietly, her words coming out a little slurred as she glared up at him, her jaw clenched. If she thought about it, she didn't know she cared as much as she did. She didn't like to think about her parents all that much.

"Oh. Here, sorry," said Sirius as a wave of regret flashed across his face as he handed it back to her.

"Thanks," she muttered sliding it back onto her wrist. Sirius ran his hand through his hair and looked around as silence enveloped the two. Gen went to turn away but turned back.

"Hey Sirius?”


"It's neither." He paused and gave her small, half-hearted smile.

"Want me to help you up the stairs?" he asked, noticing she was a little tipsy.

"It's fine, I think I can make it," she said and turned away and was fine for all of two seconds before she stumbled over, tripping on the stairs. After all, heels weren’t made for the drunk.

"Okay, you can help me now."

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