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Mouth Shut by BritishBoysLover
Chapter 1 : Repressed Memories
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"What lies behind us, and what lies before us
are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

It all started about two years ago. I was fourteen; so was he. It was at the Yule Ball that I first noticed that luscious ebony hair, the sharp, mature cheekbones, and those pupils surrounded by the beautiful and captivating pools of blue.

It started at the beginning of a ball, like all good stories do. My hair was perfect. The dress, astounding. And I couldn't help but smile as I walked down the steps. My eyes first connected with Harry's emerald ones. Adoration filled them as I saw him take a large breath, and give me a encouraging smile. Sparks emitted from him, but not me. Nervousness flowed out of me, causing me to glance the opposite direction.

And it was when I looked up that I noticed. Noticed the tall, dark, and handsome Blaise Zabini watching me. I saw Draco bend over and whisper something into his ear, but Blaise only pushed him aside with a flick of his wrist, his eyes still watching me. Like a piece of meat, a very scrumptious and overly satisfying piece of meat. In the midst of all of this, I am sad to say that I was intrigued by Blaise as I was led out to the floor by my date.

But it gets worse.

After the ball was when it truly happened. After Ron had left, his face red, I was crashing. I always was lately. With my wavering affections for Ron varying day by day, and Harry's obvious schoolboy crush on me growing stronger by the moments, I was lost. Lost because if I chose one, we all would crumble. And 'The Golden Trio' would be gone, permanently scarred. Always torn. But I would be the worst because I would know that I caused it all.
And as I sat, pouring tears on my once beautiful dress, I felt it. Felt his dark presence come over me. Felt the looming, pale figure stand over me. I managed to wipe away tears long enough to look up and acidly spit,

"Go away!"
But Blaise only stood, his face shining in the flickering light of the candles. He then bent down and stared at me. Stared at me as if I was a rare exhibit in a museum. His eyes then squinted as he leaned forward. I only stared back in curiosity, until I felt his hand suddenly grasp my chin. I became tense, but as he felt this, his hand relaxed. I felt the tears begin to well up in my eyes as he said,

"Struggling. Granger, you're struggling. At least, on the inside."

I only pulled my face away forcefully from his grasp, the tears now uncontrollably rolling down my face. His words stabbed like the feeling of falling into freezing water, like knives were plunging into my soul because the truth hurts. And the truth was that Blaise Zabini was absolutely right.
Why he was right, I never knew. I never understood why he seemed to read me as easily as I read Hogwarts, A History. Blaise Zabini just knew me. It was that simple. To my complicated mind, it wasn't. But in my teenage heart, it was. And after that night I never saw Blaise. Until he flashed into my mind tonight.

There he was, his perfect face coated over my eyes. There lay those cheekbones, the cute, irritated dent in his lips, the dark chocolate hair flipped to the right of his forehead, and his eyes. His feathery eyelashes laid over those lagoons of the deepest shade of blue. I felt my breath catch in my throat as I thought of them, of him.

"Hermione?" Harry suddenly said, his eyebrows creased as he watched me. I picked up my hand and ran it across my forehead, concern clouding my judgment. Concern about the fact that the Slytherin bad-boy had come to me when Harry had asked the dreaded question. But why? Why would that happen? Why would the angelic face of that demon suddenly come forward from my memories?
"Hermione?" Harry asked again, his face now filling with dread.

"Oh! Oh, Harry. I'm sorry. I was just so shocked." I said, referring to the fact of how quiet I had got when Harry had asked me to be his, gulp, girlfriend. I remembered how two years ago, I had feared this. But, it was different now. Ron was with Lavender. So, now all was well.
"Yes, Harry. Of course." I replied, a small smile coming across my face. He returned it, before softly leaning in to kiss me.
But, why was I filled with a sense of dread after I said yes? I was supposed to be happy now. Was the lump that had been in my throat before I said yes a feeling of pure joy? I doubted it. And why did Blaise Zabini's face swim in front of mine as soon as I closed my eyes and attempted to kiss my boy-, Harry.

Author's Note: Well, I hope you've allenjoyed the start of this story. It has been the easiest fiction I have ever written, to be honest. I just wanted to say this piece was inspired by AddysenMalfoy and all her lovely work! Keep on writing, hun! Also, I just wanted to give thanks to her as well for beta-ing this first chapter. It give me all the insight I needed for the future of this fic. Don't forget to review!


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