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Grey Street--A Song Fic by Mandy_Weasley
Chapter 1 : 1.
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Disclaimer: All of the lyrics solely belong to The Dave Matthews Band!! And the characters are all J.K Rowling's creation! Thanks! xD

Grey Street--A Song Fic

Oh look at how she listens

She says nothing of what she thinks

She just goes stumbling through her memories

Staring out on to Grey Street

Hermione Granger stood looking at the street sign, her mouth slightly gaped, thinking of things she should have done, should have said. It was too late now, what was done was done. She never before voiced her feelings, regret, but she always remembered. The regret was killing her inside…Ronald…her Ronald. Gone forever. Never to return, all because of something she had said.

She thinks, “Hey, How did I come to this?

I dream myself a thousand times around the world

But I can’t get out of this place.”

She continued walking down the familiar street, her apartment building almost coming into view. God, how she hated this same dreary place. She hated Newcastle… It was too dull, too boring. She could not get out of here, no matter how many times she tried or dreamed of going abroad. Ron, his memory, still lingered there, and that is what killed her most.

There’s an emptiness inside her

And she’d do anything to fill it in

But all the colors mix together to grey

And it breaks her heart

The emptiness in her heart killed her…made her feel completely worthless and useless. She tried filling it up, with other men, but none of them were quite the same as that fiery red head she loved, and would always love. Everything around her was vibrantly colored, but the fact that she was totally alone made everything turn grey. If she hadn’t gotten into that argument that night…she would see the lovely colors. However, now, her heart was broken.

How she wishes it was different

She prays to God most every night

And though she swears he doesn’t listen

There’s still a hope in her he might

Every single night since the day he left her, she prayed and she prayed. She asked God to bring back Ronald, to relive that horrible moment of when she said the things she said. She could not bear it any longer. No matter how many times she cursed God up and down about not listening to her requests, she still had a tiny ray of hope within her.

She says, “I pray!

But they fall on deaf ears,

Am I supposed to take it on myself?

To get out of this place.”

She cursed him, right then and there, on Grey Street, and screamed to the heavens. She screamed how God never listened, and all she wanted to do was to get out of this wretched place. She broke down, falling to the ground bleeding, and cried for a few moments, regained herself and continued toward her apartment.

There’s loneliness inside her

And she’d do anything to fill it in

And though it’s red blood bleeding from her now

It feels like cold blue ice in her heart

When all the colors mix together - to grey

And it breaks her heart

Her palms were scraped, along with her shins, for they had been sliced open by a piece of a beer bottle. She did no longer feel the pain. Even though she was bleeding bright crimson, it felt more like cold and blue, in her lonely heart she wished to fill.

There’s a stranger speaks outside her door

Says take what you can from your dreams

Make them as real as anything

It’d take the work out of the courage

At last, Hermione reached her apartment building. There was a man in all rags, a prophet, speaking outside the doorway. He was speaking of dreams and trying to make them real, so you could somehow have courage. She was baffled by this strange man, and flipped out, for she was alone and scared.

But she says, “Please There’s a crazy man that’s creeping outside my door,

I live on the corner of Grey Street and the end of the world”

She whipped out her cell phone and dialed 911. She told the police dispatcher about the crazy old man outside the door. She said she lived on the corner of Grey Street, and mumbled “and the end of the world”. That is how she felt. She didn’t live in Newcastle…she lived on the corner of Grey Street and the end of the world…the world was ending for her…her world was anyway…

There’s an emptiness inside her

And she’d do anything to fill it in

And though it’s red blood bleeding from her now

It’s more like cold blue ice in her heart


She feels like kicking out all the windows

And setting fire to this life

She could change everything about her using colors bold and bright

But all the colors mix together - to grey

And it breaks her heart

It breaks her heart

To grey

After the police came, she entered her brick apartment building, her palms and legs still bleeding bright red, but not hurting a single bit. Four little glass paint jars stood on her coffee table and she flung them at the brick wall. Yellow, orange, red, and purple paint splattered on her wall. She screamed and ended up on the floor, crying, shaking back and forth, so lost…so confused. She so badly wanted to kick out the windows and set fire to the whole building. And even then she would not have Ron again...

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