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Snape's lost child by malfoychild
Chapter 19 : Chapter 19
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A/N I'm back.

The picnic went off without a hitch. Everyone was themselves, especially Ron who got hit again for talking with his mouth full.

The next few days were bliss to the group. There were barely any sightings of James and everyone was happy with each other.

Of course, things can't always be hunky-dory.

Hermione and Draco were walking by the lake, letting the surf tickle their bare feet every once and a while, enjoying the weather and each other. 

They walked to a weeping willow and sat underneath it, the branches circling them, making a neat little hide out around them. 

They sat together, cuddling and kissing every once and a while. 

Draco turned to Hermione his eyes shining and grabbed her hands in his. . "Hermione you know I love you right?" Hermione nodded her eyes slowly turning into slits, wondering what was happening. He smiled at her, “Well I wanted to ask you something." He reached into his robes and pulled out a small black box and held it out to her. "Hermione Snape, will you marry me?" He asked as he slowly opened the box. 

Hermione gasped at his words and at what was in the box. It was a simple ring, at least for a Malfoy. It was a gold band with a large heart shaped emerald outlined in 10 small diamonds. 

Hermione’s fingers slowly outlined the ring in wonder just staring at it.

Draco was sitting there, his expression going from hope to wonder, to annoyance, and then to desperation.

Finally "Hermione!" he gasped. She jumped and looked at him startled. He glared at her. “Am I going to get an answer?”

Hermione’s brow furrowed in confusion for a minute, then she understood. She blushed. “Yes.”

Draco narrowed his eyes. “Yes I’m going to get an answer or yes you will marry me?”

She punched him in the shoulder. “Yes I’ll marry you, you idiot.”

He smiled. He leaned in a bit and softly kissed her.

After a minute he pulled away and picked up the box. He took the ring out and slowly slid it onto the fourth finger on her left hand (A/N her ring hand for those that don’t know what it is.).

Hermione smiled and held her hand out in front of her to get a better look at the ring. It fitted perfectly on her finger, glittering faintly in slight sunlight. 

Draco grabbed her hand and pulled it toward him. He kissed her fingers one at a time moving to her palm, then her wrist, the inside of her elbow, her collarbone, her neck, her cheek, and finally her lips. He kissed her passionately and she responded eagerly.

He started to lean her back onto the slightly wet grass, but when he heard a quiet, evil chuckle behind him he stopped.

Draco turned quickly reaching for his wand, but a wand at his throat told him he should stop. “Make another move I dare you.”

Hermione stared up in horror at James holding his wand to her fiancés’ neck. James smiled down at her. “Hello my love. I’m sorry but I must hurt him for lying to you and making you accept his horrid offer.” He smiled evilly and pushed his wand even farther into Draco’s neck. “Say goodbye.”

Hermione, who had been mute up until that point screamed, “James wait!” James looked at her quickly and Draco’s eyes cut to her, even though it was hard because of the position he was in. She kneeled at James’ feet. “Please James, let him go and I will do whatever you want and say. Just please let him go.”

Hermione’s eyes watered, hoping that James would answer her plea.

James looked down at her with an unreadable expression for a few moments. But then his lips slowly tuned into a mocking smirk as he said, “ As much as I love seeing you like this Hermione, and as much as I love hearing you plead with me, I’m afraid I can’t do that. You both care far too much for each other and I can’t leave the risk of this bastard,” he snarled the word pushing his wand farther into Draco’s neck, making him wince, “ruining our future marital bliss.”

Hermione’s tears evaporated as she felt hot and vicious anger boiling in her veins. “Marital Bliss! I will never marry a foul, loathsome evil little cockroach like you!” She screamed at him standing up. 

Draco smirked at his old nickname being used on someone else, that was until he heard a resounding slap lightly echo through the branches and seeing Hermione sprawl to the ground. 

‘Hermione, no! I feel so helpless! I can’t move. He’ll blast me to oblivion if I do and I don’t know if the power of the ring is working yet. I can’t leave Hermione alone with this madman.’ Draco though desperately. 

James was glaring at Hermione while Draco was thinking. “I’ll forgive you for doing that, seeing as how it was this bastards fault for making you act like a brat. But don’t worry, I’ll cure you of that in no time.” He smiled wickedly and turned back to Draco. “Now back to business. Avada Kedavera!” 

Hermione’s head whipped around quickly, just in time to see the light drain from Draco’s eyes and his body fall limply to the ground.

James slowly walked over to her and smiled. “Now you’re mine.”

A/N Interesting. What did Draco mean by “the power of the ring”? I have no idea. I hope liked this chapter and I want you to know that there are only a few chapter left, so you better enjoy them. Remember: rating and reviewing helps me with my stories and tells me if I’m doing a good job or not. So RATE AND REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!

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Snape's lost child: Chapter 19


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