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Seven Deadly Sins by petitesorciere
Chapter 6 : Wrath and Kindness
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Hermione idly stirred the cereal in her bowl and smiled slightly. She couldn’t have been further from the conversation about brooms that was going on around her, lost as she was in the blissful memories of Draco’s arms around her, his cool lips touching hers, his tongue flicking across her neck. Putting a spoonful of cereal in her mouth, she chewed ruminatively. She was determined to be careful: yes, she and Draco had slept together (a blush ran over her cheeks), but that didn’t mean that he was a different person. She shouldn’t start investing him with all the romantic qualities that he didn’t possess. She would play it cool, she would pretend that her entire body didn’t thrill to his touch, she would tutor him if she needed to, she would carry on being Ron and Harry’s friend and put the entire experience down to some hormonal plot that was beyond her control…

And yet, she couldn’t help a smile spreading over her lips as she thought of Draco’s blonde hair hanging over impassive grey eyes, of the way he gasped when she stroked him, of the way he had kissed her and helped her to her feet.

Ron looked at her. ‘’What are you so happy about?’’

‘’It’s a beautiful day,’’ Hermione chirped, and without even thinking about it, patted Ron’s cheek and exited the hall in a flurry of robes. Ron and Harry looked at each other and then up at the ceiling. It was pouring with rain.

Draco watched Hermione flutter out of the room, leaving behind a gaping, blushing Ron. He had felt an almost corrosive flood of anger as he had watched her small hand touch Weasley, and had thought in that moment that he might be capable of murder. What the hell was she doing? Didn’t she know that Weasley had a crush on her? Why would she be encouraging him? And more to the point, why was Weasley still mooning over her? Hadn’t he realised that Hermione was so far beyond him that it was unreal? Draco looked down at his hands and realised they were balled up into white-knuckled fists.

Standing up, he stalked out of the room. Hermione would have left to go to the potions room, to have her cauldron set up before anyone else in the class. Pushing open the door to the classroom, he watched as Hermione began pulling books out of her bag and turned to the right potion. She turned as the cool breeze from the corridor slid across her bare neck. The smile on her lips fell to nothing and Draco felt another wrench of anger. She could spare a smile for Weasley, but not for him?

But the smile was back on her lips, slightly nervous this time. ‘’Hi.’’

‘’Hi.’’ Draco felt the knot of anger slide back down his throat and he was able to smile properly at her. ‘’You’re early.’’

‘’I could say the same for you.’’ Her smile was growing wider.

‘’You look all set up.’’

‘’Just have to wait for the class to start now.’’ She could feel her heart racing. A fire seemed to be spreading through her, blazing as his cool eyes ran over her.

‘’I’d say you have a spare ten minutes then.’’ Draco could feel his mouth getting dry with desire. He didn’t know what he was doing. He hadn’t known what he was doing last night, and he was even more dazed today. All he knew was that he had had her once, and it wasn’t enough. He needed to be with her again.

‘’But what to do with ten minutes?’’ Hermione stood up, holding onto the desk for support.

‘’I can think of a thousand things.’’

‘’I can think of more.’’ Her eyes were glued on his, unable to pull away from the almost hypnotic stare.

‘’Care to show me?’’ The words rolled off his tongue and into the empty space between them. Hermione listened to them, almost unable to comprehend what they meant. She watched detachedly as he stepped towards her.

Before she could properly comprehend what was happening, his arms were around her hips and as she looked at him she realised that her arms were around his neck. It wasn’t clear who made the first move but then their lips were moving against each other, parting and kissing and soothing and teasing. His tongue flicked against hers and she pushed him backwards, her hand finding the handle of the potions storeroom. Opening the door, they fell through it. He pushed a box of lacewings to one side, and she moved a jar of bile to another shelf.

Without waiting a second longer, he picked her up and settled her on the shelf. Her legs crossed around his waist, hooking him closer. They both knew time was of the essence and their kisses grew stronger and more passionate. She thought her lips would bruise and had never wanted him more, as his hands roamed over her. Moving offending items of clothing out of the way, Draco moved her slightly and slid inside. Their eyes closed in bliss and then as they moved against each other, their eyes opened and they gazed at each other as the raced closer and closer to climax. And in that strange, dark, little room, filled with all manner of ugly things, they experienced one of the most beautiful and unexplainable happenings, something that had a magic that couldn’t be defined by spellbooks and incantations.

Gasping, they came back down to earth. Hermione wriggled away, adjusting her clothes and smoothing her hair. She looked at Draco, unsure of what to say. His hand reached out and stroked away a stray lock of hair. She tried to resist the urge to press her face against his hand.

Draco opened his mouth to speak. What could he possibly say after that? Every time they did that they fell further and further into a chasm that he could see no way out of. Every time he felt her body pressed against him, he lost control of who he was, what he wanted, what he had ever intended to do.

Hermione turned her head and kissed the palm of his pale hand. Moving away from him, she slid out of the cupboard and walked over to her desk, sure that she would faint if she didn’t sit down.

Smiling as Ron and Harry walked in, she turned to the blackboard and began to make the potion. As usual, she finished long before Harry and Ron, and had to sit at her desk, making notes from the textbook, her potion bubbling away neatly next to her.

Ron looked at his potion in despair and wandered faux-casually to Hermione. Slinging an arm around her neck, he smiled ingratiatingly down at her. Hermione looked up at him suspiciously. ‘’What do you want?’’

‘’Only the help of the most amazingly talented witch in this class.’’ Ron winked at her, and she couldn’t help but laugh, and walk over to his desk.

Draco looked up as he heard her peals of laughter, and his eyes instantly narrowed. What the hell was Weasley playing at? More to the point, what the hell was Hermione playing at?

He watched, his own potion forgotten, as Hermione quickly sorted out Ron’s potion. Ron looked tentatively into the cauldron and beamed as he saw what she had managed to do. Hugging her, he planted a flamboyant kiss on her forehead.

Draco stood up, the only thought in his mind to pummel Weasley to within an inch of his life. Forget music, that wasn’t going to be satisfactory enough; he wanted to feel his fists bruising Weasley’s face.

Fortunately for Ron, Slughorn chose that moment to stand up and make his rounds of the class. Draco was forced to sit behind his desk, his fists clenching and a furious rage burning in his throat, making conversation impossible.

The moment Slughorn dismissed the class, Ron and Harry were out of the door. Draco pushed past his fellow students, the swing of his bag knocking Hermione’s cauldron over. Righting the cast iron structure, she watched Draco storm past her with livid eyes. Immediately she knew that there was trouble brewing and began stuffing her textbooks back into her bag as quickly as she could.

Draco pushed his way through the crowd, and felt a wash of relief. The burning rage in him was going to be vented. ‘’Oi! Weasley!’’

Ron turned around, and his eyes narrowed as soon as he saw Draco. ‘’What do you want?’’

‘’I want a lot of things but right now I’ll settle for making you realise just how fucking irritating you are!’’ Without further preamble, Draco’s fist swung out and smashed into Ron’s cheek.

Ron reeled back but spun forward and punched Draco in the stomach as hard as he could. They both staggered and, as the crowd around them drew back, drew back together, punching and hitting as hard as they could.

Hermione elbowed her way through the crowd, gasping as she saw the two of them together: the boy she had had a crush on for so long, and the man that she was sleeping with. She saw Draco draw his fist back for yet another blow, and ran forward.

Draco felt a small, warm hand wrap around his fist and slow its progress. Turning, he saw Hermione’s anxious eyes in front of him: what he had been fighting for without even realising it. But the panic in those amber eyes was enough to cause the anger in him to subside. What the hell had he done?

Hermione saw the eyes abate to their usual coolness and released his hand. Walking past him, she helped Ron to his feet and grabbed Harry’s arm. ‘’Come on, we’ll go and get some Murtlap Essence.’’

Replying absentmindedly to Ron’s protests that he had done nothing, that Draco was an absolute psycho, Hermione realised that she knew exactly what Ron had done. He had been friendly to her, and Draco wasn’t able to deal with it. Jealousy and possessiveness had made an appearance.

Later that night, she pushed open the door to the deserted classroom where they had chosen to meet. Draco sat on a desk, a cut underneath his eye. And despite all her intentions (how could she possibly be with someone so uncontrollably angry), she felt a melting of her heart and a warm rush through her.

She walked to a foot in front of him and stared at him. ‘’Are you still angry?’’

‘’I can’t be around you.’’ He held out a hand and she hesitantly extended hers and took it. ‘’Every time I look at you, it calms me.’’

‘’Why did you attack Ron?’’

‘’I don’t know. I can’t think about it without getting angry again. I will tell you, when I know myself.’’

Hermione felt his arms wrap around her, and despite her misgivings, knew she was safe with him. She was happy with his offer: she wasn’t ready to know why he was so angry yet, because once she knew she would have to make a concrete decision. And as he kissed her, she knew that she was perfectly happy in her confused, internal conflict.

AN: Exams are finally over! So I have finally been able to put all these lovely little ideas I’ve had into stories. And today, I dragged myself away from Twilight (god, I’m completely in love with Edward Cullen – it’s all good!), and got this written. Hope you enjoyed it, please leave me a review because it makes me pathetically happy! And just to warn you all, the next chapter will be the last one…anyway, all my love – Petitesorciere xxx

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Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath and Kindness


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