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Everything Begins with a Change by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 25 : Chapter 25 - The 25th of December
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Chapter 25 - The 25th of December

OH - aren't I CLE-VER! Chapter 25 is on the 25th of Dember.. Christmas! Woot.

Oh, so, Hi all.
Firstly I wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the lovely reviews you all left on the last chapter. 31 reviews! Who would have know that a mear 500 word chapter would create such... well.. give me so many reviews! I am positve you all have an inkling of what is going to happen in the future - so I am not going to defy you and say anything - other that - that was was not James thinking that - I think one or two of you got that into your heads.. or were a little confused. AND I know you all just want me to get to that chapter.. the one where James comes rushing in on his nobel, loyel stead and rescues the flowery princess.
Well. I am not going to say that that wont happen.
But Said scene (the one that most of you have guessed is going to happen - and the one I am not going to mention because some of you may be to thick to have guessed) is not going to happen for a chapter or two.
So dont get too excited yet. I cant just jump to that scene - there needs to be Christmas and the dance in between and the Full moon. So. yeah. Not this chapter - although for all you who love a little lovey-dovey-stuffy - you'll like this chapter.
I also wanted to appologise for the ridiculously long author in the last chapter - that took up at least half of the actual word count. And also for this ridiculously long author note I am currenly typing.
Thank you again for you support - maybe that many reviews this time around???

Love you all!

xx Iced_Cherriez

Chapter 25 - The 25th of December


Lily awoke the next morning quite late feeling light-headed and tired. She had drunken a little the night before, but so had the rest of them. However, she was sure that she didn’t have a hangover, as she was awake until she was sober, watching James fall asleep.

After they had left the living room, and the vicitinty of the large, green Christmas tree, Lily had walked James to his room. She had gotten it into her head that she would stay with James until he was asleep - the boy needed to rest and Lily was sure he hadn’t slept properly over the last few days.

So she held him in her arms and they lay there for the rest of the night, James finally falling into a somewhat restful sleep.

Now, the next morning, as she turned her head, she could see that James was still fast asleep. She gently lent over and ran her hands through his jet black hair. It was long, thin and smooth between her fingers, and Lily was sure she felt James shudder underneath her touch.

Lily’s eyes moved to his face and she realised that he was awake.

“Morning, James,” She said, happily, moving her hand away from his head.

“Aww - don’t stop,” He moaned, closing his eyes momentarily.

Lily laughed and sat up, ignoring his request. “Merry Christmas!”

“Oh!” James sat up quickly, pulling Lily into a big hug. “Merry Christmas to you too, Flower!”

Lily giggled into his shoulder.

“Should we go downstairs or something?” She asked, his body warm against her face.

James let go and looked as though he was in deep thought. He stretched his arms lazily and lay down again.

“The other boys wont be awake for hours - especially Remus,” He told her, snuggling into the warm doona. “I say we spend the morning in here,”

Lily liked that idea - she liked it very much. Bending over James’ body and grabbing his hair again she kissed him passionately. James, who was caught a little off guard, finally took control and rolled Lily onto her back. He pinned her to the bed and kissed her neck.

“Mmmm - I really like that idea,” She moaned, feeling a little dazed.

James just groaned, sending his kisses a little further down to her collar bone. His soft lips tickled Lily’s skin.

“Maybe we should give each other our presents now,” he said, leaving Lily breathing heavily on the bed. She sighed in annoyance as he stopped and got up off the bed.

“Fine…” She grumbled, pulling herself up off the bed, and grabbing James’ dressing gown.

“Have you taken official ownership of that? Or do I get it back sometime?” James asked, his back to her as he opened his drawers looking for her present.

“Nup. Its mine now,” She said, pulling it closer to her as she exited the room.

When she returned, James was lying with his hands behind his head, looking rather intrigued by the stark white ceiling. Lily tried to sneak up beside him to scare him, but failed dismally as he grinned at the ceiling.

“I can see you,” he whispered dramatically, still not moving.

“Damn,” Lily cursed, but jumped on top of him anyway.

“Oi - ouch - careful,” He squirmed from underneath her weight. Finally Lily sat, legs either side of his stomach. She bit her lips to keep herself from grinning as James held his arms up in defeat. “Okay - you win,”

“Here you go,” She said, handing him her small wrapped present. “Go ahead, open it,”

James rolled onto his side, sending Lily falling onto her face.

“Sorry,” he muttered as he looked down at the present. He carefully untied the black bow and slowly unwrapped it. Lily lay there, one of her legs stuck under James’ weight, the other tickling his leg slightly.

He eyed the small velvet box and then looked at Lily questioningly. She just smiled in anticipation.

As James opened the box he froze, and momentarily Lily began to believe that he didn’t like it. But that line of though seemed somewhat stupid. Why would someone say they didn’t like their present, it would be rude. Lily shook those thoughts away and focused back on James’ blank face.

Then, finally, it broke into a huge grin and he tackled the half squashed Lily into a hug.

“I love it!” He squealed quite girlishly and Lily’s laugh was muffled by his weight. “And here I was thinking you were going to buy me some quidditch book or something corny,” He muttered.

“I wanted to get you something you didn’t have already,”

“Well, I definitely don’t have something like this,”

He carefully took the necklace out the box and watched it spin as he held up against the light. The chain that the charm was on was long and dark, which Lily though sutied James perfectly.

She took it from his hands and pushed him off her. Sitting on his lap, she reached over his shoulder and fastened it around him, kissing the back of his neck as did.

James kissed her on the cheek and reached over to grab her present.

“Mine isn’t going to be so exciting now. And I know it’s a little cliché and all - its probably not as special as yours is and you might not-”

“Just give me the damn present, James,” Lily joked as James bit his lip and handed Lily an equally small, wrapped present.

Lily impatiently ripped the neatly wrapped paper off the present and looked down at the small box in her hand. She hadn’t even opened it and it looked expensive.

Pulling up the small latch she slid the lid open. She gasped.

Sitting inside the box, placed carefully on a red bed of velvet was a small silver bracelet.

The chain was dotted with small green stones, which Lily was sure were emeralds.

Even though she had to admit it was rather cliché to buy her something green - this was not what she had been expecting from him. It was almost too much - too expensive for her to except. But James was her boyfriend and he wanted to treat her to something.

Arrogently, she knew she could get used to a life of such luxury, such wealth.

“Oh - my -goodness, James…” She muttered as she took it out of the box. It was absolutely beautiful.

Copying Lily, James took it from her hands and clipped it around her wrist. He pulled her hand towards him and kissed it softly.

“For you, madam,” He said huskily, and Lily had to admit in his amost Irish accent, it sounded rather sexy.

“Thank you,” Lily breathed, staring at the chain around her wrist.

“Its almost twelve, should we go down now?” James asked.

“Aw - not yet,” Lily moaned, her arms finding their way around James’ neck.

“Okay, five more minutes,” He breathed, smirking as she lent forward to kiss him again.


Half an hour later, James and Lily walked hand in hand into the living room. Everyone, save for James’ parents, was sitting around the Christmas tree, either half asleep, or high on caffeine.

Lily poured herself a cup of hot coffee from a pot on the coffee table and sat down next to James on the floor.

“Fi-inally,” Sirius whined, playing with Lily’s messy hair. He sat behind Lily, placing his legs either side of her. James gave him a strange look and Sirius resorted to attempting to plait Lily’s hair.

“You could have come and got us,”

“We didn’t really want to interupt you two,” Peter informed them.

“What do you mean,” Lily turned around to see Remus trying to cover up a tired smile.

“Nothing - nothing,” Sirius said, taking Lily’s hair back into his hands, before stopping suddenly. “Presents now?”

Lily seriously thought that he had grown at least ten years younger. He sounded so juvenile and cute. He whined again until James finally bent forward and started looking for names on the presents.

Quite a few of the presents were for James’ younger cousins, who were sitting on another couch to the side of the tree with their parents. Jack was sitting on a chair next to them staring at the carpet. He moved his steely glance away from the floor and looked up at James.

James was positive that he had smirked, but it had only lasted for a second, and before long Jack was looking back down at the floor again. James shuddered slightly - he felt as though he was looking at himself in a mirror - even though he thought they looked quite dissimlar.

He handed his family their presents quickly and then turned back towards his friends.

“Okay - present number one,” He announced, throwing a badly wrapped parcel at Peter. He handed two similar looking boxes to Remus and Sirius, before handing Lily hers.

Lily wrapped it open vigorously - Christmas had always been, and would always be her favourite time of the year.

The first present she opened contained a snow white beanie from Alice. She pulled it over her bed-hair and down just above her eyes.

James looked over and smiled warmly at her before turning back to unwrapping his presents.

Finally, after everyone had opened their first parcels, James handed them their second, and then their third.

At last Lily had opened her last present and sat back against the couch, still between Sirius’ legs, contently.

She had received a rather skimpy black dressing gown from Olive, which she had to hide in its box before anyone saw. However, she was certain that she heard Sirius laugh discretely from behind her and felt her face growing red.

Her mother had sent her a package of very nice clothes. It was one of the reason why Lily loved Christmas so much, as her mother always treated her daughters to an almost completely new wardrobe.

However, like most things Lily‘s mother, it had taken her quite a while to understand her daughters tastes in clothes, and Lily was sure she still had a few bright pink and purple shirts and frilly socks in her wardrobe at home.

This year she had also been give a beautiful pair of extremely high shoes. Lily was certain that her feet would fall off if she wore them for too long, however she had taken to their glamour immediately. They were black and made of velvet, and Lily decided that she would wear them for the dance that evening.

Petunia had, surely reluctantly, sent Lily a box of jewelled hair clips, which, Lily had to admit, were actually quite beautiful. There was also a small box of chocolates from her distant cousins in America.

Remus and Peter had both given her two rather heavy books. The former volume contained useful potions and the latter a mixture of spells, charms and curses.

Surprisingly, Sirius hadn’t given her something ridiculously sexy or embarrassing - he had given her a simple, silver picture frame with her initials engraved at the top. She turned it over and laughed. L. E. loves J. P. was engraved in a fancy cursive, which had made Lily giggle quite childishly.

She got up off the ground finally, kissing each boy on the cheek.

“Thank you everyone, for everything,” She announced as she left the room, making a beeline for the kitchen.


James sat rifling through his pile of presents - it was quite a bit larger than the others, but that was because of the large amount of mandatory books, clothes and quidditch paraphernalia that he received from his parents every year - or rather from his mother that year.

He glanced up to watch Lily exit the room and head for the kitchen - she was obviously hungry. Thinking about the previous few hours with her, he touched the charm around his neck, twisting the long chain around his fingers.

“What is that?” Remus asked, half-dazed. He looked awful - pale and sickly - but he always had on the day the a full moon.

“A present from Lily,” James muttered, his attention diverted from the chain as he watched Jack get up and enter the kitchen. He frowned slightly, before ignoring Remus, who seemed to be asking him about the necklace, and got up.

Entering the kitchen, the sight that met him seemed rather odd to him. Lily was sitting at the far end of the kitchen, chatting away to a rather frightened looking house elf. She curled her red hair around her fingers as she talked, the other hand playing with a bowl of warm pumpkin soup.

However, this was not what made his blood boil. Standing, only a few feet in front of him, at the side of the kitchen and leaning against the wall, was Jack Potter. The older man didn’t notice James and continued to stare at Lily, licking his lips slightly. He looked, for want of a better word, rather perverted, running his hand through his neatly combed, black hair.

All James wanted to do was punch him, but he restrained himself against it, and instead, walked forward and sat down with Lily at the table. He would need to keep an eye on that man. He glanced back at Jack and glared at him, watching his retreating figure with disgust, before turning back to his girlfriend.


Later that afternoon, Lily was lazing around on James’ bed while he showered, flicking through the book that Peter had given her. It actually seemed rather useful, full of defensive charms and everyday household spells.

She had just gotten onto the chapter about charmed jewellery when there was sudden knock at the door, which caused Lily to lose her page as she rolled off the bed to answer it.

As she opened it there was a high pitched squeal and suddenly she was being smothered  into a large hug by her two best friends.

“Olive! Alice!” Lily exclaimed when she finally got her breath back, “You’ve never greeted me like that before,”

“We know - we know… now, what are you doing in here-” Olive was cut off when James exited the bathroom wearing only a towel around his waist, just above the three large gashes that dominated his middle. Olive let out a long, low whistle.

James just waved at the blushing girls and grabbed his suit bag before entering the bathroom again.

“Woah - was that-”

“Yes - come on, lets get ready,” Lily muttered, leading them out of the room.

As they entered Lily’s bedroom, the other two were still bickering about James being half naked and Lily had to physically take their bags off them and place them on her bed before she got them to shut up.

“Are you two not staying after the dance?” Lily asked, as she noticed how small their bags were.

“Well, Mum wants me home early tonight because we’re going to visit my Grandparents for a few days.” Olive told her, as she shuffled around in her bag producing a white head band. Lily was rather said that she wasn’t going to be spending more time with them - but she would see them in a week or so back at school.

“I’m - kind of - well, I’m grounded,” Alice said, blushing a little.

“What? Little Alice is grounded?” Olive said, patting her on the back and wiping away an imaginary tear, “What for?”

“I - don’t really want to say,” Alice muttered, turning her back on the other two and pouring the contents out of her bag. “Now - who wants to get ready?” She said, holding up a stick of bright red lipstick.

Lily and Olive just chuckled and pulled out their flowing dresses.


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