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Lily and James by lily_lilyevans
Chapter 3 : Best friends for never.
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First of all, THANK YOU so much to my vivid readers! I appreciate all your reviews and it makes me work harder to get my chapter out faster. There is a lot of internal dialogue going on in James' head, which is in italics. Occasionally Lily's. The point of view switches often but I think it's the best way to get the story across.

J.K. Rowling conceived the idea of Harry Potter and its contents. I only claim Abby Finley and Nathaniel Drew(as of now.) If you see any familiarities it was not intentional.


The echo of their footsteps hitting the floor danced throughout the discomfort in the air. You could practically cut the tension in the air with a knife between Lily and James. And for the first time, it was none of James' doing.

Her mind was weighing heavily. Thoughts were crowding her mind and she needed to let them resolve. Since when did Abby and her fight? It was ridiculous. How did she even happen to hook up the first day too? Abby wasn't like that. Oh, Potter's eyes are so lovely. You can't tell if they're hazel or gold. Ewww, Lily!? Potter is disgustingly arrogant. He doesn't need you drooling on him. Shut up right now! You should be more absorbed in fixing things with Abby.

"I mean she barely knows him! It's the first day back and she's ALL over him." She exclaimed. She quickly covered her mouth with the palm of her hand. James was startled to real life by her random outburst. She had been quiet ever since she had arrived in the dorm.

"Pardon, but who?" He asked. Lily was looking down at her feet not meeting his eyes.

"Abigail." Her voice coated in venom.

"Oh I see." James said even though he didn't see. He didn't want to press for details. He remembered the previous summer when he was at the manor with Sirius. Sirius was coaching him on advice on chicks. . .especially Evans. Sometimes less was better with girls. He liked Lily. More than liked her, but this was a sticky situation. Whenever he tried to talk to her it was always followed by a 'get out Potter' or a 'bugger off your arrogant prat.' As of now he was perplexed on the situation - to help or not to help.

"Honestly. Does she expect any better from him? Abby is not the one to do something that heedless. She may be impulsive but this isn't like her. Then! Then, on top of it all she claims that I'm merely jealous of her, and that I should be happy for her!" Lily said, adding an 'UGH.' Girl nonsense..

"Your right. Abby isn't usually like that." He said. This was unusual, even coming from Abigail. Lily seemed to be clinging to his every word. Maybe this was a dream? He thought. Evan's is looking at me. What should I say? Your looking fine, Evans? No No! Damn! Maybe I should be talking bad about her friend. . .Isn't that what girls do when their mad? Girls are bonkers.

"I don't know what to do." She whispered. He wasn't sure if she was talking to him or herself. They had already finished their patrol and were arriving back at their new common room.

"Cypress wood." James said to the Osram Ne Nsoroma portrait. He expected her to go to her room and close the door like she had previously, but instead she sat down at the leather couch and put her head in her hands.

"Maybe. . ." He started. Maybe he should go for it. Try and be truthful - like a friend would do. "Maybe you should just let her figure this one out for herself. Abby's a smart girl. She'll come around. If she's really your best friend Lil-Evans, she'll see what she's done. It'll be okay." He nearly called her Lily again.

Her eyes opened expressively; she looked taken aback. That actually sounded, well, decent coming from James Potter. She swallowed loudly against her dry throat. Had it actually been a day where he hadn't asked her out?? Strange, it feels - strange. Bad girl. No. Potter's toxic, arrogant, and pathetic, no. Focus.

"Hopefully. I'll have to take your word. Sorry you know, to urm, inconvenience you with all this. G'night Potter." She said slowly getting up to go to her room. When she closed the door James flopped on the couch with liberation that things had actually gone smooth with her.


Breakfast was awkwardly silent at the Gryffindor table. If looks could kill, murder would be on Abby's permanent record. Lily was trying to avoid looking at her best friend, and James was sitting next to Sirius whispering to him like an old maid. Apparently Sirius had yet to discover about the riff between the two girls.

"But why are they fighting Prongs? It makes no bloody sense!" Sirius shout-whispered.

"Not that confusing. Follow along Padfoot. Well, you see Abby hasted into a relationship and Evans doesn't approve. Evans is of course right to think so, but Abby just thinks she's jealous." James stated obviously.

"When dod you find all this out mate?" Sirius looked at him bewildered. It was as if he was speaking Mandarin.

"Last night. Evans was talking to me." He said with an air of nonchalance.

"What?!" Sirius cried. The Ravenclaws' turned to stare at him. He continued, "Evans. . . You?! Talk. . . impossible. You sure she didn't try and throw something at you?" He muttered.

"Nope, to handsome for that. I mean we just talked." He said smugly, looking up Lily was sitting diagonally from him, picking at her scrambled eggs. Across from her was a certain blonde intertwined at the mouth with. . . Nathaniel Drew? No wonder Lily was upset. Rumour mill had it they had a thing for each other sixth year.

Sirius nudged his shoulder forcing him to face him. "Drew?" he mouthed in utter disgust. Nathaniel had been a victim of a few of the Marauders pranks, not that he ever realized it was the Marauders' doing.

James nodded. He didn't like that kid; mainly because Lily had fancied him but still. I have to do something. Unhappiness doesn't suit Evans.

"Psst!" He said, almost inaudible. Lily looked around wondering who was calling who. James nudged her leg with his foot raising his eyebrows.

"What?" She whispered. Her mouth turned into a frown rolling her eyes at the sight of her best friend.

"It'll be okay." He mouthed back to her. She just nodded and went back to pushing around her food. He didn't like seeing her upset. Finally, he got up from the table and walked towards the entangled couple. Tapping Abby's small shoulder, the pair broke apart. Abby looked up angrily at James.

"Finley, kindly remove yourself from poor Nathaniel here or I might have to give you detention. Swapping saliva this early in the morning might nauseate some of the first years." He smirked. Making eye contact with Lily, he noticed she was positively beaming at him and his snub. He walked off leaving his breakfast and the couple horrified.


"Potter. Hey POTTER?!" Lily called, walking quicker to match his pace. Smiling to himself he turned around and look toward a mirthful readhead.Merlin she's so gorgeous.

"You rang Evans?"

"I owe you for that. Thank you." She said. It took Lily a lot of restraint to someone she had built up years of intolerance to, but it was easier than she thought.

"No problem at all. It was kind of making me sick. Remember patrols tonight. 9 'o clock. Don't be late" James said with a wink. Running his hand through his hair, he turned on his heel leaving Lily standing there with a giddy smile and butterflies.


Was it okay? I was in a little rush and this was kind of short. The next chapter will be longer of course. Tell me what you would like to see happen! Feedback is great!

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Lily and James: Best friends for never.


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