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Blood Runs Thicker Than Water... Wanna Bet? by luvinpadfoot
Chapter 2 : Faithful
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. Nor do I own the black kitten with purple eyes. JKR owns Harry Potter and Tamora Pierce owns the little black kitten with purple eyes.

“ROSE WEASLEY!” I opened my eyes to Mum’s horrible yell. Crap. I must have told her I was getting up when I was half asleep. I hate it when I do that. “You said you were up an hour ago!” Woops. “We’re leaving for Diagon Alley in ten minutes whether you’re ready or not!”

Leave without me then. Ahh. Closing my eyes and going back to slee-


Clothes… Where are my clothes?! What if I’m late? What’ if they leave without me? “I’m coming!” Run down the steps, faster, faster. “I’m here! Is it time to go yet?”

My entire family is looking at me. I wonder why. “You were asleep two minutes ago. We still have eight minutes left before we leave.”

Oh, ok! Now I have time for breakfast. What good food do we have in the refrigerator? Cheese! Yum… I am off in a world of heavenly goodness…

“Time to leave, Rose.” Fine. I’ll go to stupid Diagon Alley and leave my yummy cheese behind.

“Now remember, just throw the powder into the fire and say ‘Diagon Alley’ very clearly. I remember before second year Harry said Dragon Alley by accident and ended up in Knockturn Alley. Blimey, that was the first thing that went wrong that year.”

“Ronald.” Mum’s warning voice goes on whenever Dad talks about second year. No idea why.

“It was just a fact!” Now they’re gonna have a huge fight. It always happens.

“Can I go first?” I hope I sounded eager enough. I hate faking eagerness. It takes too much work.

“NO!” Geez. They don’t both have to shout it at the same time.

Mum will go first, she always does, then Hugo, then me, then Dad. It’s kind of a tradition. A dumb tradition, but nevertheless a tradition all the same.

“I’ll go first. Hugo will follow me and we’ll just visit shops. We’ll meet the two of you at Flourish and Bott’s at noon.” Fun.

Mum and Hugo leave me and Dad here all alone. “Well, me first. Meet me over there as soon as I’m gone, ok?”

“Sure.” He eyes me suspiciously before leaving. Why do adults always do that? I hate being eyed suspiciously. He’s gone. Maybe I should scare him and go to Knockturn Alley. Maybe not.

“Diagon Alley.” How hard is it to say Diagon Alley clearly? Harry must’ve been an idiot when he was twelve. Unless he had a lisp. I’ll have to ask Dad sometime.

“Good, you didn’t disappear. Got your list?” What does he think I am? Stupid?


“Let’s go to Madame Malkin’s first. You need robes.” He starts off quickly down the street and I follow at a trot. Slow down, idiot! I’m not a giant.

“First year students will require: Three sets of plain work robes (black), one plain pointed hat (black) for day wear, one winter cloak (black with silver fastenings), one set heavy gloves (dragon hide). You think we can get all of these at Madame Malkin’s?” I thought she just did cloaks, but maybe not.

“All except for the gloves. I’ll drop you off there and get the gloves.” Good. One less thing I’ve got to go looking for.

I walk into the shop and a bell rings. “Hogwarts too dear? Have a seat.” I sit down beside a small boy with blond hair.



We sit there a few minutes before the boy says, “Are you going to be a first year too?”

“Yeah. My dad’s getting dragon hide gloves right now.” I offer a small smile and the boy grins back. “Where’s yours?”

“He’s at home. My Mum came with me and she’s picking up my books.” We sit there another few minutes. “Do you like Quidditch?”

“No.” Well if that’s all he cares about then he can just talk to a wall for the next couple of minutes!

“Really? Me too! I never understood why people made such a big deal over it, I mean. It’s just a sport. My dad’s not gonna be real happy if I don’t get on my house team. He was on the team when he was at school.”

“Tell him to stuff it.” The boy looks at me with a horrified look on his face. “Kidding! But you shouldn’t be expected to do something just because your parents did. Mine are kind of the same way.” We smiled at each other and sat in silence until Madame Malkin walked up.

“Come on, Dearie. Time to get fitted for your robes.” The lady dragged me into another room.

“I’ll see you on the train?” I see him nod as Madame Malkin sits me in a chair.

“Now you just wait while I measure you. This’ll only take a second.” One second. Two seconds. Wow she lied. Now if there’s one thing I hate, it’s grown ups who think that kids don’t take things literally. “All down. Here are your robes.” Black robes. She hands me my hat to and my winter cloak. Everything is black. Not that it’s a bad thing, but still.

When Madame Malkin ushers me back into the room I was in the first, the boy is gone. Darn. He didn’t even tell me his name. Oh well, at least I don’t have to wait for Dad anymore.

“Rose! I got your gloves.” Well that’s a relief. I wander out to him and hand him my robes. “Minisculo.” He shrinks them into a small bag with my gloves in it. “So, what next?”

Crap. I lost my list. Oh wait, never mind. Other pocket. “One cauldron (small size), one set of scales (small size), one set mortar and pestle, one set of knives.” Knives. What I could do with knives…

“Rose?” Woops. He left without me. Awesome store. Lots of potions stuff. “This is the Apothecary and Cauldron Shop.” Awesome. “I’d like a student set for my daughter.”

The man glares as Dad hands over the money and he hands over the student set. “Minisculo.” How long is it going to take before the bag fills up? “What next?” Do I even care? Well, yes, but still.

“One bookbag, one telescope, one Student Writing Packet (including quills, ink and parchment).” Not fun.

“Flourish and Blotts. We can get your books here too.” Dad walks into a small store. It’s kind of musky, but there are books everywhere so it’s ok. “A beginning student study kit for my daughter please.”

“Ahh, Mr. Weasley. I haven’t seen you since your wife worked in here.” Dad turns red. Bet he was only in here before for Mum.

“I’ll also need a set of the first year books.” Way to hide your embarrassment, Dad.

“Here you go.” The man smiles at Dad, so unlike in the potions shop. “And you must be Rose. It’s nice to see you again. Hermione used to bring you in here every week.”

“Nice to see you again too, sir.” I have no idea who he is.

“Minisculo. Now all you have left to get is your wand.” And a pet. I am going to get a pet whether you like it or not. “Only place for a wand is Ollivander’s. Old guy’s bloody mad.”

This shop is like the last one; old musky, but no books. Just small boxes on the walls. “Miss Weasley. You shall have a wonderful wand.” His voice is creepy and old and it makes me jump. Ugh. No wonder he’s creepy, he reminds me of Harry.


He’s gone and when he comes back he’s got like twenty thousand boxes in his hands. “Try this one.” He shoves a box in my hand and I open it. What else am I suppose to do with it? Anyways, there’s a wand inside.

“Wave it around,” Dad suggests when I just hold it. I wave it and the window breaks.

“No,” He hands me another box. I wave the wand and some boxes fly off the wall and hit Dad in the head. This is fun! “Definitely not!” More boxes, more wands. More boxes flying off the walls and more glass breaking. “Try this one.” He hands me another box. Ready for more mischief I wave the wand. Nothing breaks or explodes or anything. The wand kind of lights up the room in a glow.

Dad relaxes when nothing else flies at him. Wish it had. “Well then, that’s done with.”

Mr. Ollivander has a strange look on his face. “Fifteen and a half inches, oak, with a unicorn hair.” He still has an odd look on his face.

“Fifteen and a half?” Dad looks surprised. “Isn’t that a really powerful wand? The longer it is, the more powerful, right?” His mouth is nearly touching the floor.

“The odd thing isn’t the length of the wand, Mr. Weasley, but that I’ve sold a wand exactly like that one.” Yeah, and?

Dad chokes on the air he was breathing, or at least he seems to.  “Exactly?” His voice sounds strained.

“Yes, Mr. Weasley. The unicorn hair is even from the same unicorn.” I really don’t care. Can we just go someplace and get a cat or an rat or something?

“Who? Who has the other wand?” Dad’s voice sounds even stranger. “Is it someone you sold it to recently, or a long time ago, or what?”

I don’t care about this at all. Let’s just get a cat, please? “I am not allowed to disclose that information, Mr. Weasley. Good day.” I told you he was a weird old guy.

“But the other wand-?” He sounds like a little kid who was told not to get dirty. It’s kind of funny when you think about it.

“I’m sorry Mr. Weasley. Good day.” The Ollivander guy walks into the back of the room. Doesn’t seem very sociable.

“Bu- bu- but-” Dad’s still standing in the exact same spot. He doesn’t seem like he’s gonna move on his own for the next few days so I drag him out.

“Can I get a pet?” Dad looks at me like I’m crazy. “The list for Hogwarts says I can bring a pet. Either a rat, an owl, a toad, or a cat. Please?”

“You have a wand that’s exactly the same as someone else’s, and all you can think about is a pet?” Yeah, so? “Ok, we’ll get you a pet. But please Rose, just this once, be civil.” I only make it hard for you, because you make it hard for me. Whatever.

“Sure thing. Whatever you want.” As long as I can get a kitty or a rat.

He walks for a while, past Fortescue’s, then stops at a shop. It’s newer, nicer than some of the other ones. When we walk in, animals are everywhere. Owls are in the front with the rats in the back and cats just roaming.

The young woman at the desk looks stressed. “What can I do for you? If you want a snowy owl, we’re all out.” Snowy owls have become very popular since Uncle Harry defeated Voldemort and people found out he had a snowy owl named Hedwig.

“I wanted a cat. A kitten, preferably.” Dad looks at me surprised. Not that I care. Owls are seriously overrated.

“This way.” She seems more relaxed now that she knows I don’t want an owl. “We have two orange kittens, a black kitten, and seven brown and white kittens.” An orange kitten pokes  his little nose up at me. He has emerald green eyes, just like Uncle Harry’s. Extremely creepy.

The little black kitten has the shiniest fur I’ve ever seen. It looks up at me with its huge purple eyes. “Aww!” I pick up the tiny kitten. “Please?”

“Alright.” Dad forks over the thirteen galleons and seventeen sickles. I haven’t let go of my kitten yet. And I’m not planning to either.

“Have a nice day.” The woman looks happier now that she hasn’t got any customers to bother with.

“Thanks Dad.” He looks at me and just nods. Ok, so maybe he couldn’t care less about a cat and a couple galleons, but he told me to be civil.

“Fortescue’s! And we’re right on time.” Joy. Now he can go worship Hugo.

But Mum’s not here yet. Not a surprise. Hugo probably convinced her to buy him some sweets or something.

Dad goes up and gets us both ice cream. Chocolate pistachio for him and vanilla for me. Boring old vanilla. Ugh.

“Hello you two. Already got ice cream without us?” Dad about jumps a mile when Mum comes up behind him. He’s been really tense ever since Ollivander told him about my wand. I still don’t get what the big deal is.

“Hugo, go order some ice cream. What ever you want.” Hugo grins and goes over to the counter. Mum smiles as he walks up, but Ron shakes his head impatiently.

“Hermione, we need to talk.” Mum’s gaze sharpens and she looks at Dad. “Not here. Rose, you and your brother stay here and don’t move.” Fine. Move the conversation that happens to be ABOUT ME where I can’t hear it.

“What is this about, Ronald?” Mum only uses Dad’s full name when she’s upset or worried. Dad must’ve scared her with his ‘we need to talk’.

“Where’d they go?” Gross. His mouth is full of ice cream.

“That’s disgusting! Your mouth is stuffed full of ice cream.” Well, someone ought to teach him some manners.

“You still didn’t tell me where they went.” Idiot.

“Give me one good reason why I should tell you.” Bet he’ll say because he’s Hugo. He’s an idiot.

“Because if you don’t tell me, I’ll tell them about when you punched me really hard last week.”

I didn’t punch- “You wouldn’t!” He just smirks at me. He definitely would. That little brat! “They’re talking about me.”

“You’re getting adopted? Yes! I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life!” Umm, I’ve been here longer than you have. I think I should be the first to stay.

“Uh, no. I have a powerful wand and Dad was concerned about it. That’s it.” So ha! In your face, twerp.

“You have a powerful wand? If you have a powerful wand, think about how powerful my wand’s gonna be.” The brat! I’ve finally got something good going for me, and he has ruin it!

“Shut up.” Brat. And he just sits there smirking! Of all the idiotic, stupid things. I am ignoring him. Starting today and ending when I go to Hogwarts. Or never.

“Done yet?” Of course that’s the first thing Mum asks.

“Were you really talking about how Rose has such a powerful wand?” I wouldn’t lie to you! Well I would. And I wish I had thought of it before. Sigh.

Mum and Dad exchange a look at Hugo’s question. “Yes, we were.” And are you going to tell me? It was my wand you were talking about. “What’s that you’re holding, Rose?”

I’m holding? Oh yeah, my new kitten! She fell asleep in my arms. “My new kitten.” Duh.

“Ronald! You got her a cat?” Mum sounds horrified. “You know I hate cats!” Not true! She does not hate cats. Uncle George told me she used to have a cat when she was at Hogwarts.

“Hermione, please. It’s just a cat. She’ll be at Hogwarts half the time anyways so you won’t even notice.” Who’s the she? Me or kitty?

“Can I get an owl, Dad? Please? Can I get an owl?” Dad and Mum seem to be considering it. “You let Rose get a cat. Can’t you let me get an owl?”

That’s so unfair! I couldn’t have a cat until I got my Hogwarts letter. They wouldn’t even have considered it last year for me. “We’ll think about it.” That means yes. For Hugo anyway. For me it would mean no, definitely not.

“Mum, can we go to WWW?” Yeah can we? I wanna talk to Uncle George again.

“Sure. We’ll go over right away.” She shoots me a look. “You know how your uncle feels about animals.” He doesn’t care at all! He likes animals. Unlike some people.

“I’m gonna visit Uncle George.” Mum sighs and we head over to Weasley Wizard Wheezes. I love WWW. It’s the coolest store ever. When Uncle George’s twin was still alive, he fixed up the place pretty good.

“How’s my favorite niece and nephew?” Uncle George is the coolest. I can’t wait til I have my own money and can buy some things from his shop. I can’t remember his twin’s name. Nobody talks about him around Grandma or Grandpa or Uncle George or Aunt Angelina.

“Rose! Come on!” Woops. Guess I forgot to follow them.

“Hermione, Ron! Hugo, Rose! Did you come to buy things or did you come to ask me when I’m gonna get a real job?” Uncle George! I give him a hug and Mum looks surprised.

“Of course we’re going to buy things, Uncle Georgie.” I love visiting Uncle George. He’s the coolest person in my family by far.

“Well take a look around.” Mum looks around disapprovingly. Dad and Hugo go off to look for some ‘necessary items’. “Except I wanted to show you something, Rose.”

Me? Why would he want to show me something? “Have fun Rose.” Yeah, sure. You just want to get rid of me.

“What are you gonna show me?” As soon as we’re out of ear shot. What else am I suppose to ask?

“Nothing. Well, I wanted to give you something.” I must have shot a questioning look to him because he says, “I had to tell Hermione something.” Hermione being Mum.

He leads me into the back room where only employees are allowed. “Hey Angie! Can you mind the customers for a few minutes?”

Aunt Angelina nods and heads out to the front. “Sure.” She’s not too bad, I guess. Aunt Angelina’s kinda laid back and all, except when it comes to Quidditch. “What are you going to name your cat?”

My cat? Oh right, my kitten. “I’m not sure. Maybe Faithful?”

“I like that. She’s a cute kitten.” Aunt Angelina smiles at me and Faithful. She’s not too bad, really.

“Still with me Rose?” I blush. It really sucks when I get lost in my thoughts and other people notice. “I put together a Hogwarts set for you. Skiving Snackboxes, fireworks, swamp, and some of my new inventions.”

New inventions? “Why are you giving them to me?” Yeah, why?

“Because you are one of the very few that I can trust to follow my directions exactly.” Really? That rocks. “Don’t show them to anyone, unless of course, they are helping you.” Uncle George grins at me and I grin back.

“Some of the new ones have directions to go along with them. Some are written and some are oral. Follow them precisely and it should do what it’s suppose to. Ok?”

Anything for you! “Ok.”

“The box is minimized and won’t enlarge to its normal size until you open it, so don’t open it until you’re at Hogwarts. And I’m still coming over the weekend.” Really? Awesome! “I’m planning on building something in the back of your room. Is there space behind it?”

“Umm, I think a couple feet. Not much more than that.” I’m confused now.

“I’ll take a couple of feet off your room then. Now go on back out before Hermione gets suspicious.” But what about the space behind my room? Oh well. Sigh.

“Where have you two been?” Umm, I don’t know. “Your father and I have been waiting for you for twenty minutes.” Not my fault. Blame him.

“I was just showing her some of my new inventions.” Wait. He lied! Except without lying. I want him to teach me how to do that.

“What’s that box in her hands? I won’t having her getting into trouble at Hogwarts.” But you wouldn’t care if Hugo did. Except your precious Hugo would never get into trouble.

“There’s a two way mirror in it, Hermione. Nothing to worry about.” He did it again. I think there’s a two way mirror in it. That is so awesome. “Put the box in your pocket so she doesn’t look in it.” He muttered that in my ear so no one else could hear it.

“Well let’s go home now. It’s almost three and we haven’t had lunch yet.” Why can’t I stay here and not go home ever? “Come on Rose.” Fine, but I won’t like it.

“What about my owl?” Spoiled little brat. I don’t know how people can worship him.

“I’m really sorry, Hugo, but we have to go home now.” Hugo puts on his I’m-really-sad-but-not-really look. Maybe next time, ok baby?” He nods unhappily, but I bet he’s really smirking at them underneath his hair.

“Hermione, don’t you think you’re taking things a little too far?” You think?

She sends him this really evil look. “You got Rose a cat,” Who is named Faithful and still sleeping in my arms. “And Hugo wants an owl.” Dad just nods. Mum’s in love with Hugo and Dad’s too in love with Mum to argue. And I’m not in love with any of them.

A/N: I hope you like this chapter! I took me hours! Ok fine, two, but that’s technically still hours. Anyway, don’t forget that the little box at the bottom of the screen feels empty and lonely. Leave a review!

Also: Since this is my fic, the longer wands choose the more powerful witch/wizard. You can’t just use a long wand and be powerful. The wand chooses the wizard! If you don’t understand, let me know and I’ll try to explain better.

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