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Like Day And Night by drowninginmusic
Chapter 4 : Hunger
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A week. That's how long Hermione has spent in this hell hole. She had spent everyday in search of a way out. She had also spent her days doing the chores that were asked of her, not wanting anymore bad encounters with a certain Malfoy. None of her chores had involved Draco's room or belongings, unfortunately.

Hermione was slowly losing her mind, hope, and witty comebacks from this Manor. She barely ate and now was skinnier than ever. She always felt sick. Thankfully, she still had pigment in her skin from the sun's dancing rays, so she didn't look like a ghost.

Hermione only saw Draco when they passed each other in the hallways. He would always get to her with one of his rude comments. He was tearing her into pieces and she didn't like it one bit. The worst part was that it was actually upsetting her. She knew she was better than what Draco made her out to be, but she was getting tired of having to convince herself.

Harry and Ginny's wedding was only two weeks away. She was really starting to wonder if she would make it. Any effort she had made to get out of this dump failed miserably. Something always went wrong with her plans. This was out of the ordinary for her. She usually always had answers to questions, puzzles, and even riddles. She was always on top of any situation you could throw at her. Why was this one so different?

Today in particular had become the worst out of the seven. Hermione was walking down the halls, on her way to get her daily dose of sunshine, when she was ambushed in mid step. Draco Malfoy had pinned her newly scrawny body to the ground. He flipped her over so he could look into her brown eyes. Hermione let out a whimper and used all the strength she had to try and push him off. Of course she failed at this too.

His gaze terrified her and made her cringe. His dark, blue orbs had been replaced with red, penetrating eyes. His mouth was curved into a smirk and it wasn't his famous one either. Nope. It was a creepy one that was nerve-racking.

His white blonde hair was ruffled, but laid flat. His robes were wrinkled and dirty at the bottom. It looked like Draco had found his way through some mud.

Hermione could feel the grip Draco had placed on her shoulders. His fingers were slowly sinking into her fragile skin. A scream was caught in her throat, unable to escape the depths of her body. Fear and anger flared in the pit of her stomach. But no matter how strong and brave she was, Hermione just could not get him off. She even tried punching him several times wherever her fist could make contact. It was all useless compared to this strength that was new to him.

At first, Hermione couldn't look into his eyes out of fear, but soon, she found herself entranced. There was no firing burning in his eyes today. Just a hunger that craved for unknown tastes. His skin was hot and his cheeks had a slight, red tint to them.

Hermione could see into his soul at that moment in time. From Hermione's point of view, it looked like Draco was having a battle with himself. His lips would tighten and then loosen back up. His grip would claw at her skin, and then become soft.

All of a sudden, as if something tore Draco off of her, he was thrown into the wall behind them. Hermione sat up and gazed at him in wonder. Who was this? It certainly wasn't the same Draco Malfoy. No. The Draco Malfoy she knew disgusted her. She hated that Malfoy with every pulse in her body.

No. This Draco Malfoy was different somehow. He made her cower with fear and wince in pain. He made her curiosity run haywire and left her questions unanswered. This Draco Malfoy was a mystery. She meant to ask what was wrong, but it only escaped as a whisper. No answer ever came.

Draco looked at her, his eyes their normal icy blue. His breathing had become even again. His smirk had fallen into a frown. His hands took the form of white fists. His face had gone back to being pale.

He made to stand up, but clenched his side in pain. His face contorted in agony. However, as fast as the look and emotion came, it had left.

Hermione backed into the wall and stared at him, questions being asked through her eyes. "You're never going to get out of here. They're never going to find you," Draco whispered harshly.

"What-what do you mean? Of course I will! I'll find a way out with or without anybody's help. And what do you mean by they're not going to find me? Who isn't going to find me exactly?" Hermione folded her arms across her chest.

Draco pursed his lips. "Everyone. I simply mean that they are all looking in the wrong places. Your best friends are too daft to even think of my Manor. It's probably the last place on anybody's mind."

"They will find me. You just wait and see!" Hermione stood over him.

"They will find me!" He mocked her. "Oh please. If your hopes lie in Pothead and Weasel, then you are a goner for sure." He gripped his side again and stood up and faced Hermione.

Her face had turned scarlet red. You could almost see the smoke erupting from her ears. She took a step towards Draco and sneered. "You're just jealous because Harry and Ronald are more of a man than you will ever be!"

Draco scoffed. "As if," was the only reply Hermione received.

Without a warning, Draco grabbed Hermione's chin and forced a kiss on her lips. He released her only a second after making contact with her skin. Hermione merely opened her eyes, still stuck in a fantasy world. Snapping back to reality, she slapped Draco across his face.

Draco touched his cheek where it was currently tingling. It was also turning bright red with ever second that passed. He went to grab her but Hermione stepped out of the way. He dropped to his knees and looked up at her. His eyes had gone back to their blood thirsty red.

Hermione wanted to run. She wanted to get out of there before he had a chance to stand up. But for some reason her feet were rooted to the cherry wood floor of the Malfoy Manor's hallway.

Move… move… just a little bit… she tried motivating her feet.

Draco stood up menacingly. He went to grab for Hermione again, but this time he was thrown backwards into the wall, that had been spying on them since the beginning of the quarrel. He allowed his body to slide down the cold surface slowly.

"What is going on?" Hermione asked as she got down on her knees.

No… You don't care Hermione… Just walk away while you can!

Hermione, ignoring her better judgment, placed a hand on Draco's flushed cheek and forced him to look at her.

"If I tell you, I would have to kill you. We wouldn't want that now would we?" he cocked his head sideways, allowing a smirk to play on his features. He was now toying with her and she didn't like it at all.

Hermione shook her head and withdrew her hand, but did not move. "Why did you kiss me?" She forced herself to ask him after his eyes turned blue again.

He looked down before answering her. "Something inside of me made me. That's about all I can tell you, unless you really do have a death wish."

That answer didn't satisfy Hermione one bit, but she let it go for now. If anything, it made her even more curious. But she knew she would pry it out of the depths of his mind sooner or later. She was just hoping it was sooner before later. She hoped that before later could come, she would be out of there.

Now as the reader, I understand that you too are wondering what has become of our beloved Draco Malfoy. Why is he acting this way? Why do his eyes keep turning red? Well I'm afraid that the answer to these particular questions will not be answered in this chapter. No. For these answers, you will just have to wait and continue reading. Now back to the story before we all get sidetracked by something else. Maybe even more questions that have yet to be answered.

Hermione sat there, staring at the person who she swore to herself that she hated with a passion, for what felt like forever.

Neither one of them moved a muscle. They were too mesmerized or scared that something else would happen.

The comfortable silence was broken when Draco randomly started laughing. Hermione quirked an eyebrow at him as he clenched his side from his random spurt of laughing. "What's so funny?"

An answer to this question did not reach her ears either. It was really starting to bother Hermione that her questions were not being answered. She was used to having all of the answers.

I guess that seems to be a problem in this story… no answers. Like why was he laughing? Oops. There I go being sidetracked again.

Draco stood up so fast that it caught Hermione off guard, which, in turn, made her lose her balance and fall flat on her butt. Draco simply stepped over her, still laughing. He made his way into a bedroom that Hermione believed to be his.

Hermione furrowed her eyebrows and frowned in bewilderment. She carefully stood up, not wanting to mess up the white sun dress she had chosen to wear today.

She took her rightful place outside, in her usual spot on the grass, gazing up at the clouds.

Today Hermione decided on eating a nice lunch. She called for Polly and asked for a blanket, two sandwiches, two waters, and two apples. She was going to have a picnic.

Polly left and appeared back in front of Hermione with everything that was asked of her. "Why did the miss ask for two of everything?" Polly asked.

"Because you are going to join me," Hermione stated as she spread the blanket out evenly.

Polly's round eyes became wider as she pointed at herself. "Miss wants Polly to join her? But Polly has no right to eat with a master."

Hermione laughed as Polly started shaking her head. "Well things are different with me. I'm not your master. Now I am asking you, not telling, to please share this delicious lunch with me so I don't have to eat by myself. All I want it somebody to eat with and talk to."

That was when it dawned on Hermione. That was what was bothering her the most. Being alone without somebody to share a conversation with.

Polly pondered on the offer, wondering if it was a trick of some sort. She cautiously sat down in front of Hermione. Hermione handed her a sandwich and the two of them ate in peace, with a casual conversation every now and then.

Neither one of them realized that a set of blue eyes were watching every move that was made.

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Like Day And Night: Hunger


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