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Contrast by OvergrownEden9
Chapter 12 : The Charm-Bracelet
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Disclaimer: I'm sad to say I own nothing but OCs. :( I want to huggle Sirius.An. So sorry about the long wait... I hope you ... "like" this one. I'm sorry, in advance... does it help that you find you Matthew's secret? Oh, and things will get better for Claire? :( >.<Chappy Image By SillyBeee @ TDA!

But right now, everything is turning blue and right now, the sun is trying to kill the moon.
~ Joesph Arthur - Honey And The Moon.

Chapter Twelve
The Charm-Bracelet

I think that, sometimes, you can just see something happening before it happens. You know what’s going to happen. That night, before my white nightdress was ever torn, I think I knew what was going to happen to me. Other times, you find out some incredulous information and you think ‘I knew that’. The fact that Remus was a werewolf was one, I willingly admit, I never saw coming.

Perhaps I should have. I mean, I have known him for what… almost seven years. He was frequently ill, always around the time of a full moon. Thinking about it, I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was. But, sitting there with Matthew behind the shelves, I was dumbstruck.

Matthew, on the other hand, seemed less taken aback with the information that Remus was a werewolf than I was. He was, though, somewhat surprised that I wasn’t aware that Remus had Lycanthropy. We crept from behind the stalls to escape from the library, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. Obviously lacking the sneaky skills (I ignored the ‘Sirius voice’ in my head, who considered the term perverted-sounding) that we needed to actually be inconspicuous, Irma Pince sensed our presence.

“Why were you hiding behind the shelves?” She clacked, with narrowed eyes. I tried to ignore the burning sensation that was beginning to grow in my cheeks. I opened my mouth, but Matthew beat me to it.

“What do you think we were doing?” Matthew said easily, slinging his arm around my shoulders. My cheeks flushed scarlet and I looked at the floor, desperately wanting it to open up and swallow me. It didn’t. Damned floor. I retorted to fiddling with my charm bracelet.

Irma Pince raised her eyebrows, a faint blush in her cheeks too, “Er…”

Matthew continued easily, “We were breaking no rules, I assure you.” It was like his tone was screaming, ‘WE WERE SCREWING AGAINST A BOOKSHELF!’ Irma Pince seemed to pick this up but, with no proof, she could do nothing. Unless, of course, she fancied going to Professor Dumbledore and saying, “I think two students were having sex in the library.” I doubted it.

Matthew and I returned to the Ravenclaw tower, my head buzzing with a million thoughts. Matthew interrupted them the second he saw we were alone in the common room.

“You really didn’t know?” He asked, with a raised eyebrow. I shook my head. He raised his other one too, “I thought you were friends?”

“We are,” I replied, without thinking. I paused suddenly, considering those words. Were we actually friends? Maybe not. I was Sirius’ friend. Matthew seemed to read my thoughts.

“Black’s friend, huh?”

I didn’t reply; I felt slightly sick. I should not have listened to that conversation; it wasn’t anyone else’s business but Remus’ - least of all Matthew’s. Wait - Matthew. “You cannot tell anyone about this!” I hissed at him. He rolled his eyes.

“I’m not that pathetic.”

I raised my own eyebrow, and it was Matthew’s turn to blush. He opened his mouth to speak when I raised my hand, “I don’t want to hear it. Goodnight.” I left to go up to my dormitory, as I was absolutely exhausted and I didn’t particularly want to spend any extra time with Matthew. As it turned out, I got very little sleep in the end.

I woke up the following morning feeling utterly crap. I had a blinding headache, I found out that I had used up my headache potion and I was very late. To top it off, with a cherry on top, Lynne Page was still in the dormitory.

“Morning,” She said sardonically, flicking her hair and applying more makeup. Her seventh layer, no doubt, judging by her face being a good deal darker than her neck.

Saying nothing, I slipped out of my pyjamas and began to get dressed. Yawning widely, I tied my hair back hastily and proceeded to find my missing socks. As I slid sock number two onto my foot, I noticed Lynne watching me with a raised eyebrow.

“What now?” I asked brusquely, looking at myself in a hand mirror quickly.

“You must have eaten a lot during half-term,” Lynne said, her voice determinedly off-hand; as if she wasn’t trying to annoy me.

“I did indeed,” I said indifferently, “I’m positively obese.

Lynne suddenly turned around, slamming down her face-power. It puffed everywhere, sending a haze of orange my way. I coughed loudly.

You’ve changed,” She spat. I looked at her, confused.


“You’re mean.”

I laughed slightly, “I’ve always been like this.”

Lynne shook her head, “You were quieter before. I almost respected that. Now, you’re running around with Black and ditching your real friends. You think that those Gryffindors will care about you anymore when he ditches you?”

Lynne laughed mockingly, “I highly doubt it. As soon as Sirius sees that you’re just that sad, prude-of-a-girl, who’s walking around in a slag’s role, he will ditch you. He probably already knows and is taking advantage; everyone knows that the ugly girls are always desperate.”
Her words were like his.

“No, he’s-”

Lynne laughed darkly, “I know what he’s like,” She spat, “I probably know best of all. He said it was ‘our little secret’. Mine and his. Then he saw you.”

Sirius wouldn’t do that, would he?! Of course not… but… I was just Sirius’ friend, wasn’t I? They wouldn’t care if I was there or not.

I left without a word to Lynne. I was already very late; I had missed first period. Rushing into History of Magic, I took my usual seat next to Sirius. But, for some reason, it held some other sort of feeling. Doubt.

“Tut tut,” Sirius grinned, as I sat down, “Skipping class.” Sirius gently placed his hand on my knee under the desk. Suddenly, an image of him doing the same to Lynne Page appeared in my mind. I said nothing. Sirius didn’t seem to notice a change in me. Binns still hadn’t arrived.

“I bet,” Sirius said, “That Binns will forget he’s dead today.”

“How is that even possible?”

“Bet on?”

I nodded, “Yeah, bet on.”

Sirius leant closer to me, “So, is our little secret going to stretch to the dance? I really want you to go with me.”

Again, Lynne Page popped into my head. Merlin’s muffins…

Before I could answer, a mildly surprised mumble came from the door as a white hand came through it. Professor Binns floated through the door, his translucent eyebrows raised.

“Oh dear; is the door broken?” He promptly began to read his notes. Sirius cheered triumphantly.

“Hah!” Sirius grinned, “I’m smarter than you!”

I rolled my eyes, “You are not!”

“I am!”


Sirius put his nose in the air. I chuckled slightly.


Sirius shrugged, “I have nothing to declare, except my genius!”

I snorted. Sirius laughed at me, “Piggy; sometimes I am so intelligent, I don’t understand a word I’m saying.”

“That makes two of us, snuffle-poos. What about the time you thought that ‘fundament’ was a food?”

Sirius folded his arms, “Do not expect mere proof, Clairy Fairy, to sway my belief.”

Emerging from the class, half-an-hour later, I felt better. Maybe Lynne was trying to poison me against Sirius, but was it really possible for him to not care about me when he acted like that?

“Hey, Claire,” Sirius asked, slinging his arm around my waist as we strode down an empty corridor, “Did you go to the library yesterday?”

Crap. “No!” I said quickly, “No, why do you ask that? No I wasn’t, I-”

Sirius interrupted me, “Calm down; who bit your ass? I thought you have books to take back.”

“Oh!” Maybe he is smarter than me. “Yeah, I do.”

Sirius looked at me questioningly, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine!” I pulled myself out of his grip and began to walk in the direction of the library, “Coming?”

“You bet,” Sirius followed, still looking confused.


I placed the dusty books on the Librarian’s desk, where Irma Pince sat stiffly. As if Sirius and I weren’t there, she affectionately ran a long finger down the spine of one of the books, smiling lovingly. Sirius stifled a laugh as she smelt one.

Irma looked up at me suddenly, her eyes unhazing. She stuck her finger in the air, diving under the desk. She emerged, holding a large cardboard box. It was falling apart and ripping, strained from the weight inside it. A handwritten sign was on the side, reading ‘Lost and Found’.

She opened the box. Masses of junk lay inside. She began to take things out, one by one, as I stared at her. I was utterly bemused. A teddy bear with one eye was placed on the desk, followed by a lollipop, a diary, a mug, a chopstick and a sticker. Sirius picked up the sticker, grinning.

“This is mine!” He announced, “Look! I lost this in my first year!” On the sticker was a motorbike.

Irma continued putting more things on the desk, so it was piled high. Dirty magazines, a fingernail, a pencil…

“Aha!” Irma found what she was looking for. She slid a charm bracelet across the desk to me, her vulture-like eyes popping from their sockets.

“You left this here yesterday.”

Sirius looked at me. I felt sick.

Irma waved it at me, “You must have dropped it on your way out. You and that blonde fellow seemed in such a hurry, after being behind the shelves for so long.” I wanted to kill her. Sirius’ eyes darkened; he’d never looked at me like that before.

Irma seemed to be enjoying this, “If you plan to argue, please leave the proximity of the Library.” She said ‘library’ like it was holy. “Have a nice day.”

Sirius walked out, slamming the door. I followed, wanting to vomit.

“I’m sorry!”

Sirius turned to face me, “You’re sorry?! For lying, or cheating on me?”

“For lying!”

“So, you aren’t sorry for cheating on me with Twatthew?” Sirius yelled. Suddenly, Matthew appeared from behind a statue. Xan was with him too, looking irritated.

“Someone said my name?” He asked brightly. Sirius grabbed him, slamming him against the wall.

“You f-”

I widened my eyes; I’d never really seen Sirius flip. Xan grabbed Sirius with one hand and Matthew with the other, breaking it up, “Calm down, Black.”

“Calm down!?”

“Yeah. Matthew doesn’t fancy Claire.”

I looked from Sirius to Matthew to Xan.

“Do you fancy him then, Claire?” Sirius turned to me, his eyes not holding their happy shine anymore.

“I didn’t cheat, I-”

“Of course not!” Sirius spat, “We weren’t official.”

I wanted to cry. This was not meant to happen. Suddenly, Matthew wrenched himself from Xan’s grip.

“WAIT!” He screeched, “Seriously; nothing happened between me and Claire. She’d never do that to you, and I don’t see her in that way.”

Sirius’ voice dropped dangerously low, “I want proof. I know you fancy the hell out of her; why else would you be such a knob about us?”

Matthew took a deep breath; then, suddenly, I knew what he was going to say.

“I’m gay,” Matthew announced, “I fancy you.” He looked at Sirius steadily. Sirius wrenched himself from Xan’s grip, crinkling his nose.

“Why,” Sirius said, taking a step away from Matthew, “Where you both hiding behind the shelves?”

“Because,” Matthew replied, “We overheard your conversation. We know that Remus is-”

Then, Sirius’ face paled. He looked at me, hurt in his eyes, “You let him find out?” He gestured at Matthew, “Wasn’t it obvious that-” Sirius stopped, and turned away, “I can’t look at you right now.” Then, Sirius walked away. I wanted to scream how sorry I was. All I could do was choke.

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Contrast: The Charm-Bracelet


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