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In His Eyes by silverotter1
Chapter 15 : Give and Take
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Chapter 15 Give and Take

Hermione opened her eyes and focused on the deep green canopy above.  A slow smile curled on her lips as thoughts of last night came flooding back to her mind.

“Mmm.” A little sound escaped her as she stretched out lazily beneath the luxurious covers.  Here she was, waking up starkers in Draco Malfoy’s bed.  The thought made her feel just a little naughty.  

Where is he?

Her hands rested lightly on her stomach.  “Draco,” she chanted, closing her eyes while sliding one hand up her side to her neck, then into her hair.  The other hand drifted down as she bowed her back.

A drawling voice startled her.  “Getting started without me, are you?”

Her eyes flew open.  There he stood with a tray of fresh fruit, tea and muffins.

“I thought you might be hungry.”  He wasn’t wearing anything either.

Hermione smiled and she reached for him. “Come here,” she demanded huskily, her sable eyes smoldering.

“Yes, Professor,” he teased, gladly obliging.

He set the tray down on the night stand then crawled over to her and captured her mouth in a searing kiss.  She responded instantly, her body rising to meet his.

“Miss me?” Draco whispered roughly; as he slid his strong arm under her back roller her on top of him.

Their eyes locked and he needed no verbal reply.  Her dark eyes were flickering with heat and desire.  He ran his hands up her thighs to her narrow hips causing a soft moan to flee her lips.

“Draco,” she murmured again, pleading for his continued caresses.

His name on her lips ignited a fire inside of him.  He needed her now.  He’d always needed her.  Draco raised her up, and then groaned as he lowered her down onto his turgid length.  Hermione watched the unadulterated pleasure sweep across his features, his steel grey eyes sparking.  He dug his fingertips into the flesh of her hips and she gasped at feeling the fullness of him within her.  Slowly he rocked into her, and she matched his rhythm; their pace quickening with need.  They held each other’s gaze, eyes revealing what words never could.  

The two, rode out their passion until waves of pleasure crashed over, in and through them, stealing their breath.  Her small hands clasped his large ones.  Her smooth lean thighs gripped his trim waist.  Her inner walls clenched him so forcefully, he felt lightheaded.  He emptied himself within her, his fulfillment wrenching his body up off the mattress.

Hermione’s body seemed to hum and vibrate until at last, she collapsed on his chest, her heart thundering against his ribs; Draco’s quick, ragged breath heaving against her forehead.

They lay still, for a long while while, silent and spent.  Both knew they had crossed a bridge, burned it down and never intended to return to the place they were before last night.


Very late that morning Hermione watched Draco dressing, admiring his physique.  Her eyes kept lowering shyly every time he caught her looking.  Draco bit back a smile at this, pretending not to notice.  She was so sweet, and her innocence excited him more than experienced skill ever could.   He grew hard just thinking about taking her again.  

Unfortunately, he would have to wait until later.  He had to meet with his contact in Hogsmeade and Hermione was having brunch with Ginny before the youngest Weasley left Hogwarts for the Winter Holiday.

His contact would be anxious for news— Snape.  He was to meet with Snape for the umpteenth time with still no solid lead on his task.  He knew the elder man would not be happy.  Lost in these thoughts, he reached for the ruby ring. Draco begrudgingly placed it on his right ring finger, longing for the time when he would wear it no longer.

Hermione had crossed the room silently, reaching out to him before he even realized she was there.  She stood behind him, sliding her slender arms about his waist and up his abdomen to his chest.

“Draco, I know I haven’t treated you well the past few weeks…especially last night”

“Oh I disagree, you treated me exceptionally well last night,” he kissed her hand, “and this morning…”

Hermione sighed as his lips grazed her palm and the inside of her wrist.  “You, know what I mean.  I said dreadful things to you at the Ball and I truly am sorry.  Please forgive me.”

His teeth nipped and his tongue soothed until she felt quite dizzy.  “I forgive you, Hermione.”  He turned within her grasp, taking her face in his hands.  “I’ve wasted too much of my life on grudges and resentments.  You and I, we’re starting from here, from this moment.  As I told you before; I won’t break your heart, Hermione.”

She looked deeply in his eyes.  “Then it’s yours,” she sighed.

Draco smirked, but then his eyes softened. “You should know I plan on keeping it.”

“Well, that is good to know.”

“I have something for you, as well.”  He pulled a slim jewelry case from his bureau and returned to her embrace.   “Unless you want to wait for Christmas?”

“Draco…a gift?  I…don’t know what to say?”

“Just open it.” He placed it in her hands.  The box was of fine craftsmanship; deep green velvet with a silver hinge and clasp.

She popped open the clasp and gasped at what lay nestled in silver satin.  A gleaming, silvery chain held a superb emerald pedant of the most exquisite cut.  The stone was such a deep green it appeared almost black.  The gem was bezel set, also in the same silvery metal. 

“Oh, Draco, it’s exquisite. I love it. Thank you.”

Draco’s winsome smile brightened his face. He explained, “It was Mother’s.  The piece is goblin made and holds strong magic.  The metal is rare—quantainium.  Similar to platinum, I suppose, but much more precious…and more beautiful by far, never losing its luster.”

Hermione plucked the necklace from its case and immediately felt the pulsation of magic. A faint breeze ruffled her curls and she closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth and buzz from the newly forged magical bond.

Draco’s eyes darkened with delight.  “It belongs to you now.  When I place it round your neck, only you will be able to remove it.  There are strong protection charms on this piece and it will enhance our power as you see fit.”

Hermione looked with question at his intense stare.  “I’ve never owned anything like this.  Are you sure it’s safe?”

Draco chuckled.  “Of, course.  More than safe, actually.  And wizards and witches don’t own magical objects, they just belong to them.  Just as you don’t own your hands, they are apart of you.  And likewise, Potter’s invisibility cloak belongs to him and one day, it will belong to another.  As for this emerald, it now belongs to you.”

She held the necklace out to him and turned, lifting her thick mane of waves so Draco could catch the clasp.  Again, she felt the power and a pleasant heat emit from the jewelry; then it felt as if she wore nothing.  She turned back to him and asked, “Well, how does it look?”

“Stunning.  And the necklace is fine as well.”  He bent his head and kissed her mouth, lingering about her lips, tasting the sweetness he loved so dearly.

“Thank you, Draco.  I’ve a Christmas gift for you, as well, but it’s in my quarters.”

“You’ve already given me all I could ever want.” He nuzzled her nose with his own.  “Promise me you won’t take the pendent off?  I will feel a measure of ease, knowing you have extra protections.”

“All right, Draco, I won’t remove the pendent.”

She was surprised to observe him exhale deeply, as if relieved.  She couldn’t help but wonder of the dangers he was facing for the Order, and what it meant for them and their future.


Hermione stood with Ginny at the train station, hugging her friend goodbye.  Harry was hoisting his and Ginny’s bags to the porter, in the end car.

The girls embraced for a moment and then Hermione offered, “Good luck with your exams and practical.   I know you don’t need it- you’ll be brilliant.”  

“Thank you,” replied the tiny redhead.  “You and Harry truly boost my ego.”

Hermione nodded enthusiastically, but her face feel as she glanced over Ginny’s should to spy Harry walking briskly toward them.  He stopped a few paces away from them, as if to keep his distance.

“Ginny?  Ready to board?”  Harry asked, tersely.  He looked quite miserable.

Hermione strode right up to him.  “Harry, you are stubborn, daft and ridiculous prat!  Don’t you know I’ll never stop being your friend—know matter what?”  She threw her arms about his shoulders, catching him in a viselike hug.

He hugged her back fiercely, his bad mood seeming to dissolve.  “And the same to you.  I love you, Hermione.”

You are like a brother to me, Harry.  I can’t stand to be at odds with you.  Please try to understand how I feel.”  She pulled back, looking at him with pleading eyes.

It was true; Harry disliked Malfoy, even hated him and certainly didn’t trust him.  But his love for Hermione out shone even his deepest abhorrence for the soddy git.  He smiled and kissed her forehead.  “I’ll try to accept Mal— Draco,” he nearly choked, “if it’s what you really want.”

“I want you to trust me and trust in my decisions. Thank you, Harry.  You never let me down.”  Her grin spread across her face.

Harry pulled her back into a hug.  “You are the one, who has never let me down.  I know I’ve been a stupid prat.  I’m sorry.”

Hermione pulled away again, brushing at the tears that had sprung to her eyes.

Ginny swallowed the lump in her throat.  “Well, it’s ‘bout time you two!”

All three hugged as the train whistle blew.  Ginny and Harry climbed aboard, waving, as the train began to lurch and roll down the track.

 “Owl if you need anything at all,” cried Harry.  

“Have a wonderful Holiday!” replied Hermione.  She watched the train rambled away. 

Little did she know, another watched, as well.


Hermione and Draco lay wrapped in her pink sheets within her bedchamber.  “I have something for you,” Hermione whispered into a sated Draco’s ear.

“Go again, eh?” he murmured, snagging her waist and pulling her flush with his frame.

“Not that…I’ve a gift for you.  It’s Christmas morning you know.”

“Is it?  I’ve lost all sense of place and time.”  He kissed her neck her chest, and then dipped lower to her breasts.

“Ooh, don’t do that…you know I can’t resist if you do that.”  His determined      explorations weakened her resolve to leave the bed.

“Don’t you think I know that?’  His tongue flicked out to tease her erect nipple.  Hermione felt a scrumptious tightening between her thighs, but resisted nonetheless.  She wriggled free, pulling the bed linens with her, holding them lightly round her whilst she retrieved a handsome wooden case from her bureau.

“Hey,” laughed, Draco, “I’m indecent here without a blanket—how can you leave me in this condition?”  He cocked his perfectly arched brow.

“You’re indecent alright,” she joked, returning and setting on the edge of the bed.

“And you, are a vixen,” he snaked his arm round her waist once more.  “You know you love my indecency.”  He was relentless in his pursuit, gathering her close and placing wet kisses along her collarbone, up her neck to finally nip at her earlobe.  

Draco… I want you to open your present.”  She shivered at the feel of his warm breath on the pulse point below her ear.  In another moment she would be lost to his caresses.

He slipped his fingers inside the fabric she hugged about herself, attempting to strip the pink cotton sheet away.  “That’s what I’m trying to do.”

“Here.”  She shoved the long slim wooden box in between the two of them.  “Take this and open it before I hex you.”

“Such a brute, you are…”  He took the box and opened it.  Inside was an attractive eagle feather quill, with fine intricate scribing up the shaft.

“It’s eternally self-inking,” Hermione gushed.

Draco removed the quill from its case, and examined the minute scribing.  The carving was small but if one looked closely, an ornate cauldron with swoops of steam could be detected, snaking round the shaft.

“It’s magnificent.  I like it very much.”

Hermione beamed. “It’s not as dear as the gift you gave me…”

“This is true.”

“Ah! You’re not supposed to agree with me!”

“Well, there is something you could do to make it up to me?”

“Is there now?”  She leaned in, dropping the sheet from her body.

“Wait here.”  Draco hopped off the bed and threw on his trousers and undershirt.  “I’ll be right back.”

“Wha—where are you going?”



A short time later, Draco returned, to find Hermione lounging on her chaise like Cleopatra herself.  He smiled mischievously.  “I have a little surprise for you,” his voice was low and teasing.

“Oh, really?  I am almost afraid to ask, what is then?”

“Let me show you.  Close your eyes.”

Hermione did so, wondering what on earth it could be.

“Open them.”

He stood before her holding what appeared to be school robes and a Gryffindor uniform.  A girl’s uniform.  In fact, they looked very much like her old school attire.

“Surprise.” He whispered in a playful tone.

Her mind had already calculated his methods to madness.  “No—I know what you’re thinking Draco and the answer is no.”

He frowned.  “Don’t make me beg, darling.  Just put them on.”

“Where did you get those?”

“I owled your mum.  Said a bunch of us old school chums were having a reunion party of sorts.  She even sent your black patented leather shoes and knee socks…”  He smiled and held them up.  “I thought you could dress-up and go wandering round the Slytherin Dungeons, I’ll come by and accost you…”

“Are you describing a little fantasy of yours, Professor Malfoy?” she asked feeling her shock wear away and her interest piqued at his suggestion. 

“Well…yes, actually, I am.”  He came closer and kissed her chastely.  “Something I’ve fantasized about since my school days.”

“Hmm,” she hedged, “I don’t know…I’ve never done any role playing.”

“But it’s not really role playing if we’re still ourselves.  Come on I know you must have fantasized about me when we were in school.”

Hermione quipped, “Yes, actually.  I fantasized about hexing your arse.”

“Typical.  I will beg if necessary.”  He practically pouted.

She drew herself up, stalked toward him and took the clothes from him.  “Okay,” she grinned.

Draco’s eye danced with devilishness.  “Okay, you’ll play? Or okay, you want me to beg.”

“Maybe both.”  She winked and vanished into the washroom, calling back over her shoulder, “Meet me in the dungeons in fifteen minutes.”



Twenty minutes later. A very restless Draco Malfoy skulked in the shadows of the dungeons of Hogwarts castle.  ‘Where the bloody hell is she?’ he mused.    And then he heard light footfalls on the flagstone floor.  A euphoric smiled curled about his mouth and he wet his lips in anticipation.  How long had he dreamed of this?  Too long.  He saw her—it was as if he’d gone back in time.  The robes were a bit short, but not by much.  Her physique was nearly the same as it had been when she was sixteen.  His lip twitched and his breathing became shallow as he watched her move cautiously along the torch lighted hallway.

Her eyes darted to and fro; she carried on haltingly, snatching quick glances behind her now and again.

He chose this moment to jump, with sprightliness from his hiding place.  “You’re out past curfew, Granger.”  He used his well-practiced sneer.

Hermione gasped and clutched at her heart, then began to giggle.

“You find something, amusing, do you?

She muffled the laugh behind her hand.  “Right.  Um…oh, no! Malfoy, it’s you!  I’m frightened of big, bad Slytherin boys,” she said with mock trepidation.

He rolled his eyes at her cheeky remark.  “Very convincing Hermione.”

She blinked innocently at him, shrugging.  Draco caught her hand in his and mumbling a password, dragged her through a small aperture to the Slytherin common room.  For a dungeon it was stiflingly hot, as a huge fire roared in the grate of the fireplace.  It was deserted.  

“You’d best stay here tonight, Granger.  Flitch is about, sniffing out wayward students such as you, who constantly break the rules.”

She stiffened.  “And you do not break rules?  You’re the worst offender of all.”

“Humph, your cheekiness is getting out of hand.  I can think of a better, more satisfying occupation for that luscious mouth of yours.  Come here.”

He whirled her round into a fierce embrace pressing his mouth soundly on hers.  Only a slight whimper escaped and she felt a thrill thrumming through her body.  He then swept her up into his arms and carried her into the dorms.

“What now?” she exhaled, as he laid her on a four poster, adorned in Slytherin green.

“I think the brightest witch of our age can figure that out.”  He pressed his long lean frame against her, kissing her once more. 

Remembering their game once more she cooed, “Malfoy, it’s my first time with a boy.  Please be gentle.”  

“Oh, you’re good at this game,” he replied, more eager than ever.  “You were right.  This is my schoolboy fantasy.  Do you know how many nights I lie in this bed dreaming of what I’d like to do to you?”

"In this very bed?” she asked coyly.

“Yes.”  He rested above her on his forearms.

“You look like a schoolboy.”  She liked the sight of him in his uniform.  “Where’d you get this?”  She grabbed his green and silver tie, drawing her hand suggestively down its length. 

“You should know by now that everything is at my disposable. Now,” he reached down and placed a hand on her knee, “where were we?”

“I believe you were trying to seduce me.”

He brought his lips to her throat, loosening her red and gold tie and moved to work on the buttons of her white dress shirt.  “Is it working?”

“Uh huh,” was all she could say.  His little game was proving to be quite fun so Hermione decided to enhance their playtime.  “I thought you hated me?  Why do you want to kiss me, touch me?”

Draco was pleased that she was getting into it.  “That’s just a show, so no one can guess how I really feel.”  He ran his hand up her firm thigh, under her black woolen skirt and slipped his fingers under her knickers.

She gasped and he took the opportunity to crash his lips onto hers, slipping his tongue into the sweet, warm recess of her mouth.  They both felt sixteen again; the feeling replicated with wonder and newness of first kisses, forbidden touches.  Presently, she pushed him back, scooting up the bed and lying against the pillows.  She smiled seductively at him as she slipped the shirt from her shoulders.  He quickly shucked his robes, trousers and boxers.

“My, my; but you are eager,” she purred.  He kneeled between her legs, his hands gliding up her milky white thighs to tear away her knickers.  As he tossed them aside, he nestled himself next to her dripping wet heat.

“And it seems you are, as well.  I’ll be gentle, I promise.” 

“I have a feeling I may like it rough.”  She reached down and wrapped her fingers round his thick length, causing him to hiss with gratification.  “Do your worst, Malfoy,” she commanded, as she maneuvered him to her entrance.

He plunged into her deeply, his muscles tensing, his body teeming with need.  She matched his fervor; each one’s endless appetite exciting the other to heights neither had ever known.  At last, they tumbled down, lost in the afterglow of rapturous bliss.

Draco woke from a restful sleep with Hermione’s head on his shoulder; their legs entwined under the regulatory Slytherin-green sheets.  He inhaled deeply and sighed.  Her hair smelled faintly of some kind of blossom, apple blossoms.  It was a scent he was coming to adore.  He kissed her forehead causing her to stir.

“Morning,” she muttered, tracing her fingers up his taut stomach and chest, to his cheek, pulling his face to hers for a kiss.

“Good morning, yourself.”  He smiled down at her, falling into the deep brown eyes that had haunted his dreams since he was just a lad of fourteen. “Did you sleep well?”

“Mm hmm, indeed, I slept very well.”  She stretched, like a cat in the sunshine.

“Imagine that,” he chuckled, “and in the Slytherin dormitory.”

“With none other than Draco Malfoy, Head of Slytherin House,” she added.

“You’re a legend now, Granger.” Draco’s face full of roguish amusement.  

Hermione smiled and kissed his chest.  She then ran her tongue up his neck to his earlobe to nibble lightly as she climbed atop of him.

“You are a very brave Gryffindor aren’t you?”

“Indeed.  Draco?” she asked suddenly.  “How is it that no Slytherin students are staying over the winter Holiday?”

He shot her a cheeky grin, “Because as Head of House, I did not allow any Slytherin students to stay.”

Her eyes narrowed. “How long, exactly, have you been planning this?”

“Well, if you must know, since our fourth year.  In fact, the night of our Yule Ball, I wanted to bring you back here to this very bed and have my way with you.”

“Well, I knew that, of course.  Ginny told me a couple of months ago—how you couldn’t keep your eyes off of me the whole evening…and your, er, date had to practically hit you over the head to get any attentions from you.”

“But I never told a soul.  In fact I became more of an arse to you after that, just so no one would suspect.”  Draco let out a hearty laugh.  “But I guess I was that transparent to the discerning Ginerva Weasley?  That girl is shrewd.”

Hermione slipped from the bed and began gathering various articles of clothing.

“Where do you think you're going?”

“I’m starving.  Let’s get back to your suite and get some breakfast.”

They both dressed and hastily made their way to the teachers’ wing of the castle.  They were laughing when Draco pushed open the door, but the laughter died on their lips after taking in the state of his suite.  It was a shambles; furniture was overturned, pillows were sliced, and their stuffing littered the floor.  All manner of disorder imaginable presented itself to the gob smacked Professors Granger and Malfoy.

“Who…who would do this?” sputtered Hermione, amazed at the apparent violence with which one tore Draco’s rooms apart.

Draco clenched and unclenched his fists, pure hatred glinting in his contemptuous gaze.  

“Damn him,” he mumbled under his breath.  “This time, he’s gone too far.”



A/N:  I know it has been way to long since my last update.  My apologies for that.  I will be concentrating on finishing this story again, as well as Fade into You, my other Dramione centric fic. 
There are only about four more chapters or so left (maybe more)—the next few chapters will include the climax of the story and the resolution.  I thank all of you who continue to be interested in this tale.   Thanks for all the wonderful reviews, they are truly treasured.  Thank you so much to my beta BuffyXO, ‘You rock, girl!’

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