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xoxo, wondering witch. by frostedteardrops
Chapter 1 : Prelude
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Disclaimer: All the real names of places, people, and events have been altered or abbreviated to protect the innocent. Namely, me.

summer days are here again

The wizarding world seems to be recuperating well from the Last Great Battle. Time to shy away from the worldly aspect of life and shrink back into the petty, glamorous lifestyle that we’re used to. 

So who are we exactly? Well, we’re the guys and dolls that you can’t help but stop and stare at on the street, la crème de la crème of high London society, the tight-knit group of magical youth of whom you wish to be a part of. We’re the ones dressed in the latest fashions, the ones who get special treatment, the ones who look amazing no matter what we’re doing. We’re who you want to be. 

Summer’s arrived again, July days melding together as some of us leave school for the last time, ready to party fancy free and footloose for one last summer before setting out on our equally glamorous adult lives, sure to be filled with marvellous travels and exotic parties.

To kick off the summer festivities? A masquerade ball hosted at the gorgeous Greengrass Manor; everyone who’s anyone will be in attendance. Did you make the cut? If so, I’ll see you there tomorrow night, dressed in Fior finery. Let the parties begin!


This just in: D spotted exiting Honeydukes carrying a large brown parcel of scrumptious chocolate; wonder what’s got him so down lately? 

Shopping season is back again, and P jumped right into the fray. She and bff D.G. seemed to enjoy themselves greatly at the Janel Summer Collection Show. 

G spotted getting dragged back to a meeting with McGonagall by his rather stern, fox-like mother. Did he not pass seventh year? He has had a lot on his plate lately, what with the recent death of bff C, and the more recent arrest and sentencing of his father to Azkaban. 

B seen in Grand Central Station, smartly dressed as usual, but looking more gorgeous than lately. Seems like he’s getting into the summer flinging game with blond highlights done at Hairby Hair House. Decked out with decadent Godiva chocolate, B seemed to be expecting someone. Who was he waiting for?

A mysterious new someone is back in town, ready to rock it out for two glorious months. Exciting, n’est pas?

your owls

Q: Dear WW,

Who’s this mysterious someone who’s back in town?


A: Greetings Curious,

You’ll find out soon enough; at the Greengrass Masquerade, to be exact. That is, if you’ve been lucky enough to score an invite.


So, what’s the purpose of this? Well, society is experiencing social unrest right now, if you’ll excuse my going back to politics. Things are changing drastically, high society is shifting, and some of the older set have fallen from grace. Some are selling out old family friends, sacrificial lambs to keep themselves out of trouble. Are you to follow? I’m here to document every little misstep you take, every slip that comes out of your mouth, and finally, should it come to that, your very own fall from grace. 

Can you handle the pressure, or will you crack long before then?

And who am I? That’s a secret I’ll never tell. Cheers,

xoxo, wondering witch.

A/N: A guide, in case you're curious as to who's who:
WW - Wondering Witch
D - Draco Malfoy
B - Blaise Zanbini
G - Goyle
P - Pansy Parkinson
D.G. - Daphne Greengrass
The mysterious newcomer - You'll just have to wait and find out

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xoxo, wondering witch.: Prelude


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