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Harry Meets a Tenth Doctor by Werewolves of London
Chapter 5 : Parting of Ways
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Hours later, Harry lay on his back on his bed. He and Ron hadn't spoken much. After a day like that, there wasn't much to say. Questions still flew about in his head, threatening to pull him apart. He had tried to sleep but when he closed his eyes all he saw was his father running to the door to protect his family. His mother cradling him close one last time. The horrible, unforgettable green flash as his mother's love had shielded him from death. Harry remembered everything.

Groaning, he rolled over in bed and tried to rest dreamlessly. Minutes slipped by and still he was awake. He sat up in bed and looked around. The dormitory was empty except for Ron and himself, so he slid out of bed and crept out into the school halls.

It took him several minutes to realize that sneaking from shadow to shadow was pointless as the school was deserted. Apart from the soft sounds his feet made the castle was noiseless. No ghosts walking through walls and no prefects, Head Boy or Girl, or teachers to send him back to bed. So Harry stopped trying to be James Bond and strode through the silent school to the Doctor's class room.

Whatever Harry had been hoping to see was gone. The door he opened lead only into a closet. No beautiful mural, no desks clustered around a lectern, no Tardis waiting in the corner.

Harry sighed and slumped against the door frame. Now what?

"What? That's all your going to look for us? Can't find us in there so you give up? Come on Harry Potter!"

Harry spun around. They were still here, Rose and the Doctor hadn't left. they were here! The two of them were smiling proudly, quite pleased that they had saved the life of the young boy-wizard,

"Doctor, what happens now?" Harry asked, but not entirely sure he wanted the answer.

"You will all forget. Life will become what it was supposed to be, what it should be." The Doctor looked quite serious now, all traces of mirth and humor gone, "Harry, it won't be easy, but it will be right. The mural has been fixed."

Harry was still uneasy."What about Violet, Randi and Janie? They can't come back again right?"

"No, you are all safe from the wrath of Ron's fangirls," he told Harry grinning.

"Dumbledore sort of made them forget that they ever came here." Rose explained to Harry.

"Where is everyone?" Harry fired out.

"More like where are you? Everyone else is back to how it should be. We put you here to explain what just happened to you. You won't remember us when we go, but we had to tell you."

Harry felt his stomach drop. Not remember them? They were leaving and he was going to forget them? They had saved his life and he repaid that by living without any memory of what was gong to happen?

"Harry, it has to happen. You will forget us whether you like it or not. You will go on living, thats what the Boy Who Lived does. You have to go on so that others can."

"And what about you two? What are you going to do?"

The Doctor paused for a moment and looked at Rose.

"The same thing as you." Rose gave Harry a hug and walked away down the hallway.

"Right, now, before I go, there might be a few pockets of odd bits, places where the magic was too strong to break. You can't find them if you look, but keep an eye out just the same. Things could happen with those small bits of magic." The Doctor said giving Harry a significant glance. "You never know who could fall through!"

"Why are you telling me this?" Harry was confused. If he was just going to forget, what was the point in him knowing this?

"Theres always a chance. You are a wizard, Harry James Potter." The Doctor grinned once again and walked down the hall after Rose, his long coat flapping behind him.

Harry remembered something.

"Doctor wait! How do I get home?"

Turning the Doctor raised an arm. In his hand was the small device he had pointed at Randi. A blue light shone out from the end as the Doctor pressed a button and the tiny metal wand began to buzz.

"Good bye Harry"

"Good bye Doctor."

Harry yawned and rolled over in bed. What weird dreams. He stood up and was about to tell Ron about it, but stopped. All he remembered were vague feelings and memories. He glanced out the window and saw it was still very dark out.

He yawned again and went back to sleep as worlds away, a blue police call box flew across the stars.

Well here it is. I hope you like it. Review and rate if you liked, review and rate if you didn't like it. It's up to you. And just to be clear, all that I own is the plot and my computer. JK owns Harry and Doctor Who is owned by BBC ~WwOL

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Harry Meets a Tenth Doctor: Parting of Ways


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