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Like Day And Night by drowninginmusic
Chapter 3 : Trapped
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Hermione Granger spent the rest of the day avoiding Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini. She had even managed to find her way to the outside grounds. She smiled as she felt the warm breeze toy with her cheeks and nose, giving them a slight tint. Today was such a pretty day that it was almost as if the rainfall had never occurred the night before.

She hugged herself as she sat on the warm grass. Spring was finally here. The flowers bloomed among the trees. The birds were chirping catching Hermione's attention. Oh how she longed to be as cheerful as they were. She wished she could fly away to the heavens and feel as free as they do. She wished she was anywhere but here.

This "Malfoy Manor" was nothing but a cold and rude awakening. It's gorgeous on the outside, but hideous on the inside. Just like Draco Malfoy himself.

Hermione glanced at the Manor and noticed Draco staring out of the window that was probably connected to his room. He was wearing his hood which covered his pale face in shadows. His piercing, blue eyes were the only thing that could be seen clearly. Hermione didn't waste a second. She returned a glare that could kill.

Hermione wondered why he was inside, wasting away such a beautiful day, but soon realized that she really didn't care. He was just simply missing out and she didn't mind. She preferred him to be locked inside than anywhere around her.

She was still shaken up from their previous encounter. The thing that upset her the most was that she didn't stand up to him. She allowed him to hurt her. She didn't try everything in her power to keep him in his place. Instead, she let herself become vulnerable. Hermione looked back up at the sky, promising herself that she would never let Draco Malfoy get to her again. Next time she would stop him for sure. No. There won't be a next time. Hermione came to the final conclusion that she would just avoid him until she found a way out. That's easy enough. Right?

She shook all thoughts out of her head and took in the shapes of the clouds. She found many different shapes and scenes playing on these balls of fluff. She was able to pick out a lion, a rabbit, and even a snake. With the order the clouds were in, it looked like the snake was heading for the rabbit. The lion was behind the rabbit for protection.

Hermione had managed to keep herself outside until the sun started sinking into the depths of the universe. Before the sky had a chance to get dark on her, Hermione made her way back to the Malfoy Manor.

She tip-toed through the halls until a hand was placed on her back. Chills went down her spine out of fear. She did not want to turn and make eye contact with whoever had found her, so she kept her face forward. Not allowing her eyes to wander.

After walking down a hall. The person opened a door, and Hermione was shoved in, harshly. Only when she had fallen to the ground did Hermione look up. The person who had done the pushing was the young maid from earlier. Except this time, her face was all bruised and cut, along with her legs and arms. "This is where you are to stay. No snooping. Understand?" Hermione nodded and stood up. With courage clawing at her heart, she asked the maid, "What happened to you?"

The maid's eyes went cold. They were a steel gray and were now harder than ever. A sneer formed between the corners of her mouth. "Thanks to the little stunt you pulled, this house is on lockdown. I am to make sure that nobody leaves their rooms in the middle of the night. Mr. Malfoy is out and won't be back until dawn." After that being said, the maid turned on the ball of her foot and left without a good bye.

Hermione walked to the window and allowed herself to stare out of it. She was thinking about how horrible Malfoy really was, when she saw silhouettes move around in the dark. She squinted her honey brown eyes, and noticed that Draco and Blaise were the ones snooping around under the protection of moonlight. Hermione took a step back, not wanting to be caught again.

Polly brought up food for Hermione. She ate it and thanked Polly. Polly smiled and left. Hermione laid herself down on the rather soft bed. Sleep took her quicker than she wished, and soon her thoughts had slowly turned into nightmares. 

Sunlight poked at Hermione's face, letting her know it was time to wake up. Hermione peeked her eyes open, but did not sit up. The memory of her nightmare was still the first thing on her mind:

Hermione had been walking through Diagon Alley, when she found Ron and Harry picking out tuxes. She called to them with a smile on her face, but they didn't acknowledge her presence.

Hermione cocked her head sideways in confusion. She saw Ginny walking down the street, so she ran up to her to engage in a hug. Instead of hugging her best friend, she ran right through her. Hermione turned back around to look at her, but all she could see was darkness. An evil laugh erupted all around her…

That was the last thing she could remember. Deep down inside, Hermione knew this nightmare would never come true, but she was too upset to think rationally. This place was getting to her and it's only her second day. How on earth could people live here for their whole life? It amazed her.

After laying there for another hour, she decided it was time to get up and find her way outside again. That was where she had told Polly to bring her breakfast. She went into the bathroom and noticed an unopened toothbrush and toothpaste.

She let a toothy grin escape her pink lips. Quicker than a heartbeat, Hermione ripped open the toothbrush and attacked her teeth. After taking care of that problem, Hermione noticed how she was in dire need of a shower. Her hair had pools of grease in it. She had patches of dirt on her arms. Her fingernails were disgusting.

There were just two problems. One: she didn't have clothes. Two: she didn't have a wand to summon clothes.

Maybe I can find something in here… she thought.

After searching through all the dressers only to find them bare, she decided to go after the closet. A gasp escaped Hermione's mouth as she swung open the closet doors. It was a walk in so she of course walked in. As she reached the middle of the closet, she took in the gorgeous fabrics she was surrounded by.

There were all dresses. Some were too big for Hermione. Some were too small. A couple of the dresses were just her size. She pulled out a blue dress that had been the right size. It dazzled and sparkled in the light.

Without worrying about the consequences, she took a shower and tried on every dress that was her size.

"Like what you see?" An icy tone made Hermione jump. She turned on the ball of her foot and came face to face with Draco. Hermione stood there, waiting for a blow that never came.

"This is my mother's collection of dresses. From a young girl, all the way to now. I see you like the blue one. You've had that one on for awhile." Draco smirked, as he took a step past Hermione.

Hermione wanted nothing more than to slap that smirk off his face. "Well you sort of left me with no change of clothes, when you so rudely abducted me from my house."

Draco pried his eyes off his mother's dresses to glare at Hermione. His blue orbs pierced her skin, causing her to shudder. "Well maybe if you weren't so nosy, then you wouldn't be in this predicament to start off with."

"Well maybe if you didn't snoop around in the middle of the night, then I wouldn’t have to be nosy."

Draco clicked his tongue at the fired up girl before slapping her. Hermione held her cheek in pain but returned the favor. Draco grabbed Hermione's throat and held her against the closet door. "Don't you ever hit me again or else I will kill you without a second thought," he threatened fiercely.

He released her and made to leave Hermione's room. "Don't ever hit me again and I won’t have to hit you!" Hermione called to him. He froze in his steps, and slowly turned to face her. He dangerously stepped towards Hermione. The look on his face caused Hermione to step backward.

Draco pulled out his wand and held it to her throat. He breathed in her scent, and left without another word.

Hermione's breathing was quickened and her hands were shaking. Grabbing a pair of heels, she decided to get outside as fast as possible. She knew he wouldn't dare come outside while the sun was out. He definitely preferred the moon and Hermione took advantage of it.

Hermione found her way out easier than yesterday, without being seen. That was what she thought at least. However, as the reader, we know Draco was secretly watching her the whole time. He watched as her hips swayed as she quickened her pace. He watched as she kept nervously looking over her shoulder. He smirked as she stepped out into the sun.

Turns out his plan was going great. Pothead and the Weasels were in desperate search for Hermione and she didn't even know. Draco wasn't planning on telling her either. Hermione's disappearance had been on the front page of the Daily Prophet.

Search parties were looking everywhere, but they were all the wrong places. His Manor was the last place people would look and he loved every second of it.

Hermione sat down on the grass in the same spot as yesterday. She allowed her mind to wander as she got comfortable. When she finally was, her thought had managed to settle on her and Draco Malfoy. Weird to think those two would be present in the same thought.

Hermione knew it was a weird feeling for her. Thinking about her and Draco. He was a mystery but a cruel one.

They were complete opposites and they both knew it. She was like the day and the sun. He was like the night and the moon. The two of them should have no chance at meeting ever again, if Hermione played her cards right.

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