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Blind Arrogance by Liadan Lightflower
Chapter 4 : Chapter Three
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“No one ever choked to death swallowing his pride”

Hermione’s teeth chattered violently when her family’s carriage pulled away from Hogwarts, her eyes glaring at the invisible occupants behind the castle walls. She closed her eyes and tried to will the image of a young, platinum blond headed man from her mind. He was insufferable…the lowliest of creatures. She couldn’t stand his prejudice for her family. Mudblood…that word burned through her body, breaking every guard she had, making her involuntarily shudder. She tried to forget about him…she thought about the many characters from her books, but still he managed to stay on the border of her mind, nagging her, until she felt the carriage come to stop. She sighed in exasperation and stomped off of the carriage and into the house, allowing his face to resurface. She groaned and walked into her room, Ginny following closely behind.

“What is the matter?” Ginny inquired, searching the face of her sister.

They quickly changed into their night cloths in silence, Hermione’s lip tightly pursed.

They laid down covering their cold feet, backs facing each other. “Hermione?”

Hermione’s eyes were closed, but she didn’t ignore her sister this time. “Draco Malfoy thought it wise to call me a Mud—a Mudblood,” she finished with a sigh of hate.

“How appalling!” Ginny hissed.

“Don’t worry Ginny, he is not even worth the acknowledgment,” Hermione stated matter-

“I just wish we could have made a better impression,” Ginny whispered defeated.

Realization dawned in Hermione. She had forgotten all about Mr. Harry Potter during her little frustration bout that she had. She was being a foolish young woman. Had she lost her sense of pride? Since when had she been a selfish person. She would do anything for her family, especially Ginny, her closest sister and friend. She didn’t even care to think about her sister and how her night went. She did have to admit that her sister’s affairs posed the best distraction to her current thoughts. Suddenly, she found it extremely easy to forget about her meeting with Mr. Malfoy and rolled over to face her sister. “Oh Ginny, don’t say that!” she hissed. “This will do nothing to damage your relations with Mr. Potter,” she reassured.

Ginny turned around to gaze at her sister, her mouth twitching at the sides, trying to fight a smile, yet her eyes betrayed every emotion that she was trying to hide. “I only hope dear sister. I fear that he has no interest in me at all,” Ginny hopelessly declared.

Hermione scoffed at such accusations. “Don’t be daft Ginny! I won’t be surprised if he is half in love with you already,” she smiled. “Did you see the way he followed in your shadow? He could not tear his eyes away from your radiance. Ginny you have nothing to fear. Mr. Potter is positively smitten and I believe you are too,” Hermione mentioned, searching her sister’s eyes for a confirmation to the assumption she just made. She must have found what she was looking for because a triumphant grinned found its way on her face, lighting up her brown eyes.

Ginny couldn’t help but giggle in response. “Shhhh,” Ginny whispered. Ginny grabbed Hermione’s arm for they were now sitting cross-legged on their bed, and pulled her down. “We should get to bed. We will talk about this tomorrow,” Ginny gently ordered, her face glowing.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we find him begging at the doorstep,” Hermione teased, prodding her sister playfully in the side.

“Oh hush,” Ginny tried her utmost to seem annoyed, but couldn’t help but smile. They both lied down and shut their eyes. Hermione fell asleep without a thought in mind except for the happiness of her most beloved sister.


Hermione was wondering aimlessly into her house when she heard the shrill voice of her younger sister Lavvie call her name. “Hermione, you must come here this instant,” she said, dragging Hermione into the living quarters by the hand. Hermione was quite alarmed not knowing what to expect.

“What is wrong Lavvie?”

“Ginny received a letter!” she declared, excitement evident on her flushed cheeks. Hermione’s heart bubbled over in joy, knowing that it was probably from the one person that Ginny was waiting for. It had been two days since the ball and Hermione had spent those two days with a very anxious Ginny. Hermione knew deep down inside that Mr. Potter would call on her older sister. She just wished that it would have happened sooner.

They were in the living room where all of her sisters, including Ginny, and her mother were assembled. Her father was no where to be seen. Most likely off in his office, minding his own business and not meddling into the lives of other people like his wife of twenty-three years. If only he had a son.

“What did it say?” Hermione asked, her question directed towards everyone. Ginny was the one who answered rather timidly.

“His friend, Ms. Parkinson, requests to have lunch with me. Mr. Potter will be in the city on business,” she said disheartened.

By fate a loud crack of thunder filled the room, making the china rattled in warning. “Well we can fix this,” Mrs. Granger her mouth upturned into a mischievous smile.

Her daughters looked at her in puzzlement. “Whatever do you mean mother?” Hermione questioned, knowing that her mother’s schemes were very hard to get out of.

“Ginny you will dine with Ms. Parkinson and take the horse,” Ms. Granger commanded. Another threatening boom echoed throughout the house.

“Mother! The weather…you can’t possibly have Ginny ride in this weather. She will get sick,” Hermione mentioned appalled by her mother’s suggestion.

“Exactly my dear. If all goes well we will have an engagement in a fortnight and a marriage in two months!” Ms. Granger cheerily exclaimed.

Hermione groaned in defeat and glanced at Ginny, shaking her head. Ginny smiled sheepishly in return. Things as they both knew it were about to become exceedingly interesting.

A/N: Hey! Long time no see. Well let’s just say college, lack of harrypotterfanfiction motivation, work, and generally life got into the way. I cannot guarantee updates, but here is one. It is not great and it has definitely been a while. Thanks!

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