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Following Blindly by XharrysdarlingX
Chapter 2 : Everybody Wants To Kiss Remus
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Chapter 2

Everybody Wants To Kiss Remus

“So,” Sirius looked from Lily to Peter, “When did they start acting all funny, Moony?”

Remus sighed, “when they started telling me they loved me and wanted to kiss me and stuff like that.”

Sirius frowned, “I know that, I meant when, how long ago?”

“Oh, um about ten minutes ago in the library,” Remus replied, trying to pry his arm from Peter’s tight hold.

“Moony,” Peter sighed dreamily, “I could just eat you all up,”

Sirius gasped in horror, “Merlin!” He turned to James, “we have to do something and fast, that could actually happen, he eats everything!”

James sniggered, “what were you doing right before it happened?” He scowled his eyes narrowing, “Evans, what are you doing?”

Lily had her arms around Remus’ neck and was attempting to tug him towards her while he was just as determined not to go near her. “Trying to kiss Remus,” she replied.

James flung up his hands, “just like that,” he exclaimed exasperated, “she says it like it’s the most natural thing in the world and everyone’s doing it.”

Sirius grinned, “it looks like it is the most natural thing in the world, I think Wormtail wants to kiss him too. Everybody wants to kiss Remus,”

“Your not helping, Padfoot,” Remus complained, “will you get him off me?”

“Stupify,” James almost snapped the spell and Peter promptly fell to the floor.

“Oh good, now you can hug me,” Lily said happily wrapping her arms around Remus’ waist and squeezing him.

Remus made a choking sound, “Lily….can’t breath,”

“Sorry darling, shall I make it better with a kiss?”

“NO!” James yelled, “um, I mean, we don’t know if actually kissing you will make the whole thing worse do we?”

“Good thinking, Prongs,” Remus nodded his agreement.

Sirius grinned again, “why don’t you just cuddle? Girls love a guy who spends time cuddling,” he announced.

Remus glared at his friend, “she’s not cuddling me, she’s squeezing the life out of me! Can’t you help instead of spouting random thoughts about cuddling?”

“It’s not random it’s the truth. See, I dated this girl and she said that guys don’t spend enough time cuddling, they always want to move past it too quickly and…”

“Padfoot, get to the point of the story,” James said, arms folded across his chest.

“That is the point, the male species needs to cuddle more,” Sirius replied.

Remus stared stupidly at him. “How does that help me?”

Sirius shrugged, “it doesn’t right now, but it could in the future,”

“Then what was the bloody point in telling the story now?” Remus demanded frustrated.

Sirius glanced from Remus to James, “pure entertainment?”

“I’m going to kill you,” Remus said irritably.

“Calm down, Moony. Now think back, what happened just before they went mad?” James asked, taking control of the situation.

Scratching his head Remus frowned, “um, well….”

Lily giggled and ran her finger down the length of his nose, “your so cute when your thinking,”

“I get that all the time, “Sirius replied waving his hand dismissively.

James ground his teeth together, his hands curling into fists at his side. “Not you, Padfoot.”

Remus glared furiously at Sirius, he had the sneaking suspicion that Sirius was really enjoying himself and found being completely unhelpful a very amusing pass time. James on the other hand looked ready to explode at any moment, although Remus had no time to feel pity for his friend watching the love of his life cooing all over him; he was far to busy pitying himself.

Plus he was finding it hard to think with Lily’s hand stroking him all the time. Suddenly her hand brushed over his side and he sniggered and wiggled. She’d found his ticklish spot.

“Oooh!” she exclaimed with excitement and promptly began to tickle him. “Little baby’s all ticklish,”

“Lily, Lily no, stop doing that,” he pleaded in between his laughter. He tried to squirm away from her and ended up tripping backwards over Peter who was on his hands and knees just coming round from James’ spell. With a loud yell Remus fell backwards and cracked his head on the small coffee table.

He lay motionless on his back, his one hand on his head as he groaned in pain.

“Oh Remus! Darling are you alright?” Lily climbed over Peter to rush to his side.

Peter however didn’t think Lily should get to attend to Remus and pushed her in the back of her knees causing her knees to give way and she slumped to the floor. “Moony, I’ll look after you, I’ll give you the kiss of life,” he assured Remus.

“Padfoot! Prongs! Help me!” Remus cried out.

James grabbed Peter by the arms hauling him to his feet and ended up with Peter’s elbow in his nose. “Ow!” James’ hands flew to his stinging nose to check for blood.

Sirius dived forward and managed to grab Peter, pinning his arms to his side. “Run Moony! Run for your life!” He cried dramatically.

Remus didn’t need telling twice and he didn’t even spare time to give Sirius a withering glare. He scrambled to his feet and raced for the door.

“Remus, darling, come back!” Lily was on her feet as well and scurried after him.

“Leave me alone, Lily!” Remus yelled as he hurried down the corridor, he heard Lily’s high giggle following him. When did Lily ever giggle? Merlin, was the whole school running mad?

“I know you don’t mean that darling, your just playing hard to get.”

“Sure I am,” he muttered under his breath weaving his way between the students in the corridor. He noticed everyone was giving him odd looks as he sped by and he could just imagine how ridiculous he looked running away from a girl, but he didn’t know what would happen if Lily caught up with him and managed to kiss him. Maybe James was right and it could make everything worse!

Worse was something he didn’t need. He needed something to make it better he just didn’t know what. He needed somewhere to go, somewhere quiet where Lily and Peter couldn’t find him and he could sit and talk it over with James and Sirius. But where?

It couldn’t be somewhere he would be trapped if Lily and Peter reappeared, he needed somewhere with an escape route. Hurrying down the corner he took a quick right and pounded down the moving stair cases.

“Remus! Remus wait for me!” Lily called.

Turning his head Remus was glad to see that Lily was stuck at the top of the landing until the stair case swung back round for her. Disappearing around the corner Remus made his way outside and hoped his two friends would think to use the map to find him.

Luckily for him James and Sirius did use the map and they arrived five minutes later with the news that Peter was once again out cold and Lily was busy hunting for him all over the castle.

“What did you do to them?” James asked flopping down on the grass beside Remus.

“Nothing I swear. One minute everything was fine and they were eating my chocolates and the next they were trying to kiss me,” Remus ran a hand through his soft brown hair. “It’s crazy.”

“Chocolates? What sort of chocolates?” Sirius asked him.

Remus shrugged, “some expensive kind according to Lily, Esperanza gave them to me to say thanks for all my help tutoring her.”

James idly picked at the blades of grass as he lay propped on his elbow beside his friend. “Are you sure that’s it? Your not missing something out?”

“No, that’s it,” Remus promised and groaned softly. “I don’t understand it, one minute everything was normal and the next they won’t leave me alone. What do you think it is? Someone could have cast a spell from behind a shelf or something I suppose couldn’t they?”

Small creases appeared in James’ forehead as he considered the possibility, he readjusted his glasses, “I suppose they could have done, but what sort of spell would it have been? Do we have those kind of spells in the library? It’s a bit dangerous isn’t it? I mean things like this happen,”

“Esperanza you say, Moony?” Sirius asked thoughtfully.

James sighed heavily, “Padfoot, will you please keep up, we’ve moved on since then.”

Sirius waved a hand at his friend as he sat up straight. “No, no, you don’t understand, there could have been love potion in the chocolates!” He exclaimed excitedly.

Remus raised his eyebrows, “I don’t think so, Padfoot. Why would someone like Esperanza give me chocolates with love potion in them?”

“Why not?” Sirius demanded.

He groaned, “don’t you start as well, I’ve had enough of that from Lily today already. Esperanza does not fancy me, girls like her do not fancy boring guys like me,”


“Besides,” Remus interrupted Sirius before he could continue. “Love potion is for a specific person, if she had put love potion in the chocolates then Lily and Wormtail would be in love with Esperanza not me.”

“There’s a point.” James agreed, scratching the bridge of his nose. “But I still think Padfoot has the right idea, that there’s something in the chocolates. Where are they now?”

“Still on the table in the library where I left them I should think,” Remus replied, “should we go and get them?”

James nodded and the three friends got up to head back to school. James pulled out the map and searched the parchment for any sign of the dot’s labelled Peter and Lily. Peter it seemed was still in the Gryffindor common room and Lily was up on the third floor. “Should be nice and safe,”

“Great. I can’t wait until this is over.” Remus replied with feeling. “Perhaps it will wear off by itself?” Remus asked hopefully.

Sirius grinned and ruffled his hair, “I doubt it, things like this are never that simple.” 

A/N: Any feedback on Sirius would be greatly appreciated, I'm thinking of maybe making him a character that I start writing about but I'd like some opinion's from all those Sirius fans please before I do anything.

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