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Won't Let you Fall by Femme_Fatale
Chapter 1 : Won't Let You Fall
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Won’t Let You Fall

“Harry, how many times do I have to tell you? I don’t give a damn, I don’t care if the whole bloody dark magic world wants your throat on a silver platter, I still love you! Nothing can change that.”

Harry made a strangle, frustrated sound low in his throat and closed the distance between he and the stunning red head in one furious stride. His emerald eyes were wild with rage and some indescribably painful emotion. He seized Ginny’s arms, giving her a firm shake.

“Don’t you think I know that?” he growled, his face mere inches from hers.

Ginny trembled, not entirely from fear. A flare of raw power fanned her hair around her face, giving the illusion of flames.

“God, you’re in my head more that all the evils out there,” he murmured.

“Then why do you deny me?!”

Harry released her and turned away so that she wouldn’t see the crystalline tears pooling in his eyes. “You just don’t understand,” he whispered fiercely.

Ginny placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, willing him to face her. There were tears in her eyes as well but she refused to let them fall.

“Then make me understand.”

Harry turned and met her gaze. Ginny’s lower lip trembled and Harry was overcome with the mad desire to kiss her; to kiss that look off of her face before it tore his heart asunder. He was asking the love of his life to love him no more and it was slowly killing him.

“Ginny,” he whispered, stoking her face, She leaned into his caress, eyes closed. “Don’t do this. Don’t make it so hard. You know why this has to be, love, you know.”

Ginny’s eyes opened abruptly and she stepped away from him. “You can’t make me stop loving you, Harry. You couldn’t your sixth year and you can’t make me now.”

Ginny had grown up. She was no longer Ron Weasley’s kid sister but a stunning young woman with all the right assets complimenting her supple eighteen year old body. And Harry loved every inch of her but ever since he had vanquished Voldemort, all of the magical pariahs wanted that rise to power. They all wanted to be the next Dark Lord and the only way to do that so it seemed, was to kill the ‘Boy Who Lived’ or according to the ‘boy’ in question, the ‘Boy Who Got Lucky’.

“I’d take a Killing Curse for you just as sure as I’m standing here Harry, and you know that.”

Through the depths of high and low
Wherever you may go, I’ll follow
To the end and back again
You know.

“I know that and that’s why it has to end here Ginny. What would I do if I were to lose you?”

“And exactly what do you suppose I’d do if I were to lose you?”

Harry stared into Ginny’s eyes. There had been many times before when he thought he would get lost in her light brown orbs. Ginny wrapped her slender arms around Harry’s middle and pressed her small frame up against his solid and muscular chest.

“Hold me, Harry, like you used to. Hold me and you’ll know that you won’t leave me. You’ll know that there’s no way in hell you’d let me go.”

He could feel Ginny’s hot tears soaking through his shirt. Why was she making this so hard?

I’ll never let you go
So never let me go
I will be your journey
And you will be my road

“I can’t” Harry mouthed, his voice thick and raw with emotion. “I can’t Ginny.”

She held him even tighter, refusing to hear his refusal. She held on to him, pressing herself even harder against him as if the two could merge together completely.

“Ginny,” he moaned, succumbing to her touch. He stoked her hair, running his calloused hands through the soft red, vanilla scented tresses. He knew if given the choice that she would never let him go; she would hold on to him for eternity if only she could. Tears coursed down his face, dripping into Ginny’s hair.

I will dry your tears
Take away your fears
Let me be your shelter
You heart is safe in here

“I’m so afraid,” Ginny whispered in a tone Harry was certain that had he not been standing where he was, so close to her, he would not have heard.

He knew that she was afraid for he was too; afraid that he might not survive this, afraid that he would drag her down right along with him. He was even more afraid that should he survive, Ginny would not. And that fear was so great, so tangible, so gut wrenchingly painful that he would rather she love another. He would rather a broken heart than a shattered soul. But he knew her fear just as well as he knew her. He knew Ginny. He knew her sweetly scented hair and her intricate stare; he knew her body, her kiss, her caress and he knew that her greatest fear was losing him.

Down the stormy path
Our love will never some to pass
It will be our anchor
Although the winds may blow

Lifting her head, Ginny stared into Harry’s eyes. His eyes, the portals into his soul, they showed her his deepest secrets and hidden feelings. He could not hide anything from her, and as she held his gaze, she realized that he wouldn’t leave her. He would never leave her. He loved her, just as much as she loved him, and nothing could change that. He wanted to protect her, yes, keep her safe but did not realize that she wanted the same? Did he not know that she wanted him safe as well? She wouldn’t let him get hurt or killed. His foe would have to go through her first.

So beautiful and pure
There is nothing I would not endure
Love has got me blinded
I can see it all so clear

Harry watched her, watching him and knew that she would not back down. She would not surrender and neither would he. There was nothing that he wanted more at that moment in time than to kiss her. He wanted to touch and caress her lips with his. He wanted their breath to mingle in the most intimate way; he wanted to taste her mouth and to let her know without words that he loved her.

But she knew him too well. Before he could get a breath out, her lips were on his. She kissed him hard and his mouth opened beneath hers. Though it had been her who kissed him, it was he who crawled inside and took control; the muscles in his mouth, his jaw, and neck working as he explored her, possessed her. All she knew were the taste of his lips, tongue, and teeth as her continued to drink her, drawing her into his mouth as if she were the finest butterbeer and he was dying of thirst.

Won’t let you fall
Fall out of love
Because together we will be
Holding on
All we have is us

Rendered breathless, Ginny broke the kiss first, gasping, eyes wide, heart pounding. It was Harry who held her up for her legs seemed to have forgotten how to work.

And this was why she loved him. This was why she would never leave him. He did things to her body that no one else could. She didn’t want him out of her life.

Harry nearly wept at the endearing look in Ginny’s eyes. The look only made him love her more, if such a thing were possible. At that moment he wanted to do anything in his power to have Ginny look at him like that for all time.

“I love you,” he whispered fervently into her fiery hair. “I do love you.”

Something like a smile crossed Ginny’s lips. “I let you go once, Harry Potter,” she murmured. “Never again. Never ever again.”

I won’t let you go
Go away again
Because I don’t need
Nothing at all
If I don’t have your love

Harry kissed her again, this time a brief, chaste touch of the lips. A tender kiss.

“I won’t let anything happen to you Ginny. I won’t let you fall.”

“I won’t let you go, Harry.”

And then she reveled in just touching him, in knowing his nearness. Feeling his heart beat and listening to him breathe. She took in his warmth and basked in its’ caress. Harry was hers and nothing would change that. Nothing or no one would take him from her. There love would beat all. Together they would rise above all adversity. Her and the champion of the wizarding world.

I’ll never let you fall out of love
Because together we will be holding on
All we have is us
Won’t let you go away again
Because I don’t need nothing at all
If I don’t have your love

Ginny sighed. “My champion,” she murmured. “Always and forever.”

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Won't Let you Fall: Won't Let You Fall


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