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The New Malfoy. by life_writtendown
Chapter 6 : 6
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In about a few minutes Blaise and Pansy would arrive. I have been thinking of my escape strategies, so here we go:


1.) Fake a fatal illness and do a dramatic fainting seen and somehow avoid actually harming myself.

2.) Hiding in my room (real mature, right?)

3.) or all of the above


 Now, realistically neither of them would work because I’m a witch and sickness is never an issue. I could blame it on my period, but that would be like committing suicide. I would never hear the end of it from Malfoy. The door rang and I heard the squeal of Pansy the Pig and the drawl from Blaise. Uh oh. Im still in this showy slutty skirt. There’s no way in Hell I would give Blaise (vice sex god) a show. I rummaged through my trunk to find some sweats or jeans but everything seemed to be wrinkled or dirty. As I pulled down my skirt I dumped the remains of the trunk onto the bed and screamed as 10 or so snakes (of a green color) slivered out.


“MALFOY!!!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.


“What is it now Granger?” I heard a low drawl come from behind the door.


I was still shaking from the snakes when Malfoy opened the door. I looked down and realized I was still in my knickers.


“Come on Granger, I didn’t know you could have such fine lingerie sneered while grazing his eyes up and down.

 “I thought your family was in what you mudbloods call um poverty?”


Oh no! He had pulled the final straw. Forgetting about my almost naked body, I ran across the room and slammed Malfoy into the wall so our bodies were pressed together and reached to slap his face when the door opened and Blaise slipped through the door and glazed his bright green eyes around to find Malfoy and I in a quite uh…uncomfortable position.


“Umm Draco” He stuttered uneasily, losing his confidence for a few seconds. I could understand why.


“Yes Blaise?” He said in a casual tone. Malfoy slipped passed me and brushed off his pants and stood up to face his friend,


“You and Granger aren’t ya know??” He stuttered.

“What Blaise?”

“Fucking!” He stated blankly, obviously regaining his confidence.

Ok. I think was my cue to join this obscene conversation.

“Oh HELL no!” I yelled right in Malfoy’s face.

“Well then Ms. Granger, why were you and Malfoy pressed up against the wall?” Blaise said slyly.

“What I mean to say is that there must be some reason?”


“Well maybe, dear Blaise your best friend Mr. Malfoy here was insulting me and you almost witnessed me snapping his head off!” I snapped and stormed out of the room grabbing my swimsuit and headed off towards the pool. Honestly I had no clue where I was going and I saw Malfoy and Blaise chasing after me in the corner of my eye waving there arms up and down shouting…. Im guessing that I am probably going the wrong way so I turned around to head the other way when  I heard a door creak open behind me. A mans voice made a shocked gasp and muttered…


“Ms. Granger!”

“Oh my god Mr. Malfoy!” I stuttered and tried to cover up my underwear with my bikini, let’s just say that wasn’t working out! Too well.

“Cover up at once Ms. Granger!” he snarled hastily. “I will not take such indecency from you or any of you mud I mean whatever you call yourself”

“Im sorry sir” I said pointing my head at the ground.


    I could hear Malfoy and Blaise snickering behind me and pointing at my knickers which had ridden up from running down the hall. I think I could officially call this my most embarrassing moment ever. Mr. Malfoy shut his door with a sneer and I heard Narcissa on the other side asking who it was. And with a heavy sigh I turned around again to face Malfoy and Blaise rolling on the floor in guffaws of laughter.


“Real mature guys, real mature!” I hissed under my breath as I made my way carefully around them making sure none of them could see my you-know-who from there view on the floor. Once I had reached my room I slammed the door behind me and slipped on my bright pink bikini (which highlighted my summer tan) and went to the window to see if the weather would be nice for swimming. When I looked out the window I saw the pool directly adjacent from window. Wow, am I having an off day or what? Giggling to myself I opened the bedroom window and slipped through and made my way across the smooth carpet grass towards a humongous swimming pool with a waterfall and an underwater cave.

 I handed my excess clothes to the house elf that was standing at the gate and ran and dove right into the pool. I could feel the water caressing my skin gently as it streamed in currents around my hair. I went up for air and found myself in the grove underneath the waterfall.


  While I was still underwater I got see a pair of men’s legs sitting on the edge. And when I finally went up for air I saw a handsome man with bleach blond hair smiling down at me.


“I thought you might come.” He said assumingly.

“Umm, excuse me!” I said aghast. Who in the world was this?


“Most people can’t stand my family for more than five minutes, when I heard that you lot were coming I knew you and I would meet up somehow!”


“Would you mind me asking, but who exactly are you?” I exclaimed


“Oh I’m terribly sorry; my name is Malfoy, Pax Malfoy!” And with that he doubled over in laughter. “I’ve always wanted to do that!” He said between laughs.


I just stood there staring at him while he laughed. Oh God was he sexy. His hair was bleach blond with blackish brown streaks in it and he had a lip ring and a tattoo across his left shoulder that said Skillfully Insane. His laughs died down and he was staring off into space when I broke the silence.


“Wow, nice name umm Pax?”

“Yeah, its some Latin name thing, It runs in the family” He said carelessly. “Mine means peace or something, yeah right!”


“How are you related to the Malfoy’s?” I said questionably, moving my body to the underwater bench that he was sitting on.


“What Malfoy’s? There are millions of them; oh you mean Lucius and Narcissa?” He said. “They are my parents”



“How old are you?”

“What year were you in at Hogwarts?”

I had so many questions and I just kept on asking them and asking them until he looked at me with an amused look and dove out of the cove. To not loose him I dove after him and grabbed his back and pulled him up to the surface. We were both breathing heavily w=and trying to tread water. Pax had positioned his arms around my waist and was leaning his head into mine. I started freaking out in my mind. I mean a total stranger! He could be a rapist or something! But he was cute, might as well. And before I knew it his lips came crashing down on mine and we fell under water and had a sweet and breathtaking kiss, while his arms held me tight.

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