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Time travel by lily_times
Chapter 9 : hapter nine: kisses and fights
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Chapter Nine Kisses and Fights

Lily groaned, trying to sit up, all she felt was pain, cradling her head, she sighed. What happened? Oh that’s right; I yet again tripped over my own feet. 

Sighing as stumbled to her feet, cursing herself she cradled her head, stepping forward she fall down, a wave of dizziness passed over her again, sitting cross legged she looked for her wand, she groaned. Stupid me 


Lily looked up sharp to see Scorpius stepping towards her, smiling she said “Scorpius you scary the crap out of me” 

Scorpius shook his head “The mighty Lily scared by little old me” 

Lily rolled her eyes “What are you doing in here?” picking up her wand.

Scorpius offered Lily his hand “I was following you to ask you something, but then I seen you an Albus go into the forest” 

Lily narrowed her eyes, ready to yell as him, it instantly dissolved as she took Scorpius’ hand, stepping to her feet. 

He tucked a lock of hair behind her ear “You’re beautiful” 

Lily blushed, laughing nervously she looked down at her shoes “you’re not to bad yourself” 

Scorpius lifted her chin 

Lily moved her head in closer, as Scorpius’ lips touched hers; dropping her wand she wrapped her arms around his neck, as he placed his hand gently on her waist.
Pulling away from him Lily stated “Scorpius I have a boyfriend, Cam Chang remember” 

“How could I forget” Scorpius spat 


He raised his hand to silence her “Don’t Lily, just don’t” 

Tears stung at her eyes “Will you listen” 

Scorpius looked at her sadly “No Lily, you listen to me, I like you, I have seen your first year, but I couldn’t do anything, and no not just because you were a first year but because you were Albus’ sister.” He paused lily went to speak but he cut her off “I wanted to kiss you today, and I know you wanted me to kiss me to, but I couldn’t because of these stupid morals, that being a Malfoy I shouldn’t have, but I do, all I wanted was to show you that I liked you.” He looked down at his shoes 

Lily stepped back tripping she stumbled to her knees. She never realised he had liked her. 

Twigs snapped, to there left, shaking Lily and Scorpius from there thoughts. 

Lily looked to the left to see a shaggy overgrown dog walking towards her, as a ear piercing howl issued she, sat in horror as it came closer to her, realising that this was a werewolf, and that she couldn’t reach her wand, watching dumbstruck she let out a scream, as the werewolf went to pounce on her, a great black dog jumped out of no where dragging the werewolf down to the ground. 

Lily watched transfixed as the big black dog bit and nipped at the werewolf, jumping out of its way as it swiped with its great paws, the way the werewolf and the dog fought reminded lily of a strange dance, the way they dodged blows, jumping in circles, tearing at each other. 

Tears pricked at her eyes as she realised that the black dog, wasn’t a dog, it was a mighty black wolf, drawing in a shaky breath, she gripped her cloak as the werewolf scraped its claws down the wolf’s front leg, as the wolf yelped, stumbling backwards, lily watched horrified as the werewolf pounced pinning the wolf down scratching all it’s front. As the werewolf lowered its head to rip the throat out of the wolf, a howl issued through the night 

Not another one lily though to herself. 

To her surprise the werewolf in front of her responded to the howl, she watched as the werewolf took off through the forest towards the howl. Relaxing she got to her feet, ignoring the dizzy sensation, she reached her wand, sending out her Patronus charm she tired around to see where the wolf lay whining, running over to it, she touched the wolf, she felt a warm and sticky substance, gasping in horror she watched as the wolf started to shake, stepping back she watched as the wolf became a boy. 

“Scorpius” lily screamed 

Scorpius swayed before falling over, lily rushed forward, “Oh Scorpius” 

Scorpius coughed “I had to lils I couldn’t let it hurt you” 

A tear slide down her cheek “Come on we have to get you out of here” 

Scorpius tried to standing falling down again. Tears flowed more vaguely down her cheeks. “Come on Scorps.” She urged 

“Lils I can’t” Scorpius squeaked 

Lily nodded gripping his shirt. “Ok, I’m going to stun you and levitate you out.” 

Scorpius smiled “you sure you’re capable” 

Lily know he was only trying to lighten the mood, but she couldn’t help but feel that she might stuff this up, shaking her head she pointed her wand as Scorpius wordlessly she stunned him and started to float him out of the forest. Startled by the silence she started to sing. 

“I found a peanut, found a peanut, found a peanut just now, just now I found a peanut, found a peanut just now.” Lily laughed at her choose of song, she only know the first verse, but for same reason she had to sing it. Smiling slightly she worked Scorpius thought the thick forest, at the edge she laid him down, un-stunning him she sat next to him. 

“It’s big tonight” Scorpius stated while gasping 

Lily nodded “can you walk” 

Scorpius sat up “I can try” 

As Scorpius tried to stand the scratches on his chest split open leaving him swaying, standing quickly lily gripped Scorpius’ arm steading him “Oh Merlin Scorpius, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have gone into the forest” 

Scorpius wrapped his arm around Lily for balance “Lily it’s no-one’s fault.” 

Lily nodded, as the two slowly walked up to the castle, how could of she been so stupid, she know this time was different from her time. 

As they reached the front doors Scorpius broke the silence “Take me to my dorm”
Lily looked up weakly, laying a hand on his chest pulling it away instantly as he gasped, she looked at the blood in the light “you should go to the hospital wing.” 

Scorpius coughed, as his body shivered “no take me to the dorm” 

Not wanting to protest she started to lead him up the stairs, she tried to hurry but be quiet at the same time, Scorpius dragged his feet, limping slowly while she panted to keep up with him. 

As they reach the seventh floor corridor, foot steps could be heard, thinking quick lily turned right leading Scorpius down the corridor, laying him on the floor she paced three times in front of the tapestry repeating I need a place for Scorpius to rest, that only me and him can enter. As a door appeared lily saw a shadow appear at the end of the corridor. 

“Sorry Scorpius” Lily mumbled as she flicked her wand picking Scorpius up and flinging him into the room, running after him she closed it. Panting she slowly laid him down on the bed in the middle of the room. 

“Scorpius are you still with me?” Lily asked as tears poured down her cheeks 

Scorpius groaned 

Lily sighed “What’s in the dorm Scorpius?” 

Scorpius gripped Lily’s hand “potion, need potion.” 

Tears flicked down Lily’s cheeks “Where in the dorm” 

Scorpius coughed 

“Scorps, where?” 


Lily nodded, kissing Scorpius on the forehead she ran from the room, running a long the corridor she screeched to a halt as she stood in front of the fat lady she screamed “wizard chess” 

“Who’s there?” 

“Please let me in” Lily said as tears streamed down her cheeks “the password is 
wizard chess” 

The fat lady swang open 

Running through lily didn’t notice the figure standing near the fire as she ran up the stairs to the boy’s dorm. 


Ok……I know you’re probably going to hate me for Lily having a boyfriend but I had to do it…….anyway Albus isn’t mentioned much in this chapter because he plays a lot in the next one……..who’s the person standing near the fire, you’ll just have to find out by reading the next chapter…….anyway I need same ideas for pranks……plz read and review.
Lily Times

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Time travel: hapter nine: kisses and fights


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