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Two Vampires = Lots of Trouble by harryfanZOG
Chapter 2 : Dinner with Dad
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Now viewers you need to know this, my chapters are usually VERY VERY LONG but these need to have there own chapters because they are important! review!
Hermione ran back up to her room her parents' yelling didn't seem to stop.  The potion seemed to take it care of Hermione's face for the perfect heart shape face structure was starting to become more round, her hair Turing bushy and frizzy, and her chest down sizing. Sense vampires had to be pretty so they could lure people Hermione hated changing the sexy looks being a vampire gave her.


"Oh well.."


Mumbled Hermione looking over at the clock. The clock read nine and Hermione still hadn't eaten.


"Might as well get it over with...."


thought Hermione sadly pushing open her thin wooden door and walking down the stairs loudly and pushing open the kitchen door.


"I WANT HER........Hermione!"


Gushed Hermione's mom, Jane, as she painted a big fake smile on her face,


"What are you"


 "Jane!" hissed George, "Hermione would you like to go out and get some pizza with me?"


Hermione was uncomfortable about doing something like this with her dad but to get away from her mum would cancel that out.


"Sure let me change."


Hermione climbled back up the stairs feeling alittle better except wondering what her dad would talk  to her about when they went out to eat. Hermione changed into a simple tee shirt with a grand piano on the front and some slim jeans with small heal shoes to match. For makeup Hermione just threw on some blush and lip gloss and headed down stairs.


"Ready to go dear?" ask George in a gray tee and jeans at the bottom of the old carpeted stairs.


"Ya." answered Hemrione quickly running down the stairs avoiding her mum's stares from the kitchen.


"Stay there all you want at the pizza shop I am in no hurry for you to get home." glared Jane.


"Thanks Mum love you." mumbled Hermione but her mum gave no reply and just turned on her heel and excited out of the room like it was on fire.


"I think she'll miss  us." joked George and Hermione laughed even if it sort of hurt to think her mum didn't want her around any more. 


Hermione and her father got into the car and drove to Sally's Monster Pizza Shop and went into the loud and busy resturant. After a few deathly silence  between them George cleared his throat.


"Hermione........I have been waiting for a long time to tell you this...." started George lowering his voice trying not to be heard, "I am so sorry for what your Mum is doing to you, not just right now but ever sense you got your school letter."


Hermione remembered the day she got it and how her mother acted. It was as if the planet Hermione and her once shared was broken and in unfixable pieces.


"She had plans for you Hermione even  if they were old fashioned....... Hermione, she engaged you to an muggle boy but when you became a witch she knew her plans wern't going to work. Ever sense you became a witch her has become a member of a gruesome group and used you and your imformation for it. Have you ever heard DOWW?"


Hermione was still shocked of the truth of her mother but remembered something about it in muggle studies.


"Ya.... Muggles that found out about the wizard race and are trying to find prove of our excistence and then kill us right?"


George nodded tiredly, "Yes and any info about the wizard word you ever said your mum put out to her group and they have really picked up on it."


Hermione thought about this and a thought  arose from her, "Why did you let her?"


George looked down and mumbled something under his breath, "She told me she would kill you and me if I..I did......I am so sorry honey I truely am."


Hermione was at the brim of tears but had to hold them back  as a tacky waitor came up to them.


"Welcome to Sally's Pizza Shop or whatever what would you like to drink?" droned the waitor smacking on pink glum.


"Two cokes and a pepperoni pizza." stated George gazing at Hermione who just knodded.


The waitor just rolled her eyes and walked away mumbling under her breath.


"Well Hermione in a nutshell I think you need to leave, get away from your mother till I can try to get some help or anything. Where do you want to  go till Hogwarts starts?"


Hermione thought about everywhere she could go but....nothing came up.


"I don't want to leave you Dad", mumbled Hermione tears fearing to spill over. George held Hermione's tan hand and looked her in the eyes.


"I'll be with you..... where ever you go and you need me just call me and I'll be there. You know they say Paris right now looks great."


Hermione had to smile even if that pushed the tears out, "France sounds nice Dad but I'll miss you......I love you."


Tears sprouted in George's eyes to when the waitior came with their food. George threw some money on the table saying, "I think my daughter has a plane to catch, my georgous, smart, wonderful daughter that I'll see in about a week."


The waitor just stood there his muscular jaw hanging open like a gaping hole. Hermione and George walked past her hand and hand tears free falling down their cheeks. The air port was only twenty minutes away but to Hermione it felt like two seconds.


"One ticket to France please" mumbled Hermiohe wiping the tears from her cheeks and handing the lady at the counter the ticket money.


"Well see you in about a week I'll call you don't worry. Do you have your cell phone?"


Hermione knodded and gave her dad one last hug, "I love you Dad I will miss you."


Hermione let the tears pour out as she let go and looked into her loving father's brown eyes. "I know dear.... I know...... It is only a week you have a credit card to last...... go get some cute french clothes!'


Hermione laughed and slowly turned around and walked into the entrance of the plane not knowing that was going to be the last time she hugged that man, saw that man, because George never made it to France.

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