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A Year of Change by Erudessa94
Chapter 3 : Anger manegment and Family issues
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This is the edited version of the chapter. I finally got it back from my beta a few weeks ago, and now im finally posting it. The original version that was up was the same, just with typos and a few mistakes and what not, enjoy:)

As Ginny walked into the common room the Slytherins went quiet. She knew she wouldn’t be welcomed but she was hoping no one would make a remark, because she was moments away from blowing something up. She walked across the room paying no attention to the glares from her peers. As she was about to step onto the stairs leading to the room but a snide remark stopped her. 

“I heard you got your own room, I guess the stories of you shagging all the Hufflepuffs is true.” The familiar voice spoke form behind her. 

Ginny turned around, facing her enemy. 

“Malfoy, I should have guessed, since the ‘insult’ was as pathetic as your grades.” 
The common room was silent as they waited for his next move 

“Do you think your funny, Weasley? Your just jealous because I have a life while all 
you do is study” Ginny smiled sourly. 

“A life that includes, um…lets see, being in guys pants, thinking up pathetic insults and failing all your classes. I am totally jealous.” Some Slytherins snickered as others just watched Malfoy. 

“Ha-ha, your-“Before he could finish his sentence he was flown across the room, breaking a portrait of Salzar Slytherin, by a force that no one saw coming. Ginny’s eyes widened, she had no clue how she had just doe that. Draco got up and faced her. 

“You want to play it that way huh?” He had his wand pointed at her and as he was about to speak as the common room door swung open. 

“What is this?” Snape said as he walked into the room. “Mr. Malfoy, maybe you would care to explain?” Draco put his wand down, but didn’t answer the question. “Mr. Malfoy? I’m waiting.” Draco turned to his teacher. 

“Um…I was just going to perform a quick fix it spell because someone accidentally broke the portrait of Salzar Slytherin.” Snap looked at him skeptically, not believing the lie but convinced it couldn’t have been more than a quarrel. 

“I expect everything to be in order by tomorrow and I don’t want anymore ‘accidents’ like this. Good night” with a swish of his cloak he was out of the room Ginny took this distraction to sneak up to her room. As she opened the door the dorm labeled ‘Ginevra Weasely’, someone called her ‘name’. 

“Weasely!” Pansy Parkinson called. “We need to have a word” 

“Parkinson, how lovely to see you” Ginny replied 

“I wish I could say the same. But I have one thing to say to you. Don’t you ever hurt Draco like that again. Keep your pathetic remarks and magic to yourself, thank you” Pansy went to walk away but Ginny was too worked up to let it pass. 

“What are you, his mother?” Ginny asked. 

“I’m his girlfriend, so back off” Ginny smirked, something she never thought she would do. 

“Oh, I’m glad he’s branching out to the opposite sex” Pansy smirked, not quiet understanding the insult, and just walked to her room. 

Ginny walked into her room, it was larger than she thought it’d be. She walked around the room, taking in the size and space. She had never had a room so big and she immediately knew it was going to be great having one now.
She slipped out of her clothes and into her flannel pajamas. She walked over to the door, and murmured the words to a complex ward she had learned during her study spree last year. As she made her way to the bed she couldn’t help but think of the conversation she had over heard. 

“I’m a Slytherin now; I’m rebelling in the best way possible.” She told herself, and she fell into a sound sleep. 

“Ginny? Wake up dear.” Ginny woke up to someone shaking her lightly. 

“Mum?” Ginny say up, then realized it wasn’t only her mum, it was her whole family. 

“How did you guys get in here?” 

“It wasn’t easy, that bloody ward was hard to crack.” Fred answered. 

“Where’d you learn a spell like that?” Ron asked 

“Oh…um…last year” Ginny answered. 

“Well, I’m just glad you took precautions” Molly said. 

“I was gonna bloody kill someone if they did anything to you.” Ron said, and Ginny 
was reminded of the conversation she had over heard. 

“I feel loved.” She said sarcastically, luckily no one picked up on the tone. 

“Well we didn’t come here to hang around; we need to talk about your house. Dumbledore said that if you don’t feel comfortable at all then he will let you switch your house.” Ginny looked at her mother. 

“That’s great! Ginny will be back in Gryffindor then.” Ron said, and Ginny looked at him bitterly. 

“No, it doesn’t mean that at all. I’m staying in Slytherin.” Ron looked at Ginny as if she had 3 heads. 

“You’re bloody crazy! They’ve put a spell on you, they must have!” Ron blurted out. 

“Ronald Billius Weasely, how dare you say that!? Your sister must have a perfectly reasonable explanation for wanting to stay in Slytherin.” Molly interjected, before Ginny could bite back. 

“I belong here.” Ronald nearly had a heart attack 

“Belong? You Belong in Gryffindor, with your family!” Ron exploded. 

“No, I don’t! You just don’t want me to be out of your reach. You want me to watch over me like I’m a little 2 year old. I’m 14 years old Ron! I don’t need a babysitter.” She said in a calm but forceful voice. 

“Ginny, don’t talk to your brother like that. He’s just trying to help.” Molly said and put a soothing hand on her back. 

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” Ginny again apologized for something her brother did. She hated fighting with her family, and not because she didn’t want to hurt them but they never let her win and she was tired of it. “Can you guys please leave, I need to get changed.” 

“Sure sweetie, we’ll talk after breakfast” Everyone said there goodbyes and then Ginny was left alone. As she looked at the clock on the side of the bed she realized that they had woken her up at 6:30, and it was a Saturday
She got up and started toward the bathroom, but was interrupted by a knock at the door. “Who is it?” she called 

“Teresa” came the muffled reply. 
“Oh! I’ll be right there” Ginny quickly changed her path. “Hello?” She answered the door
“Oh, you’re not even dressed, I’m sorry” Teresa apologized.
“Its okay, did you need anything?”
“I was wandering if you wanted to go down to breakfast with me, but I can wait till you’re done.” 

“Come in, I just need to take a quick shower,” Ginny quickly grabbed her stuff and headed towards the bathroom, Teresa sat on the bed.
“I saw your family.” Teresa yelled over the shower.
“Oh, did they wake you? They were pretty loud”
“No, I was already awake. If you don’t mind my asking, did you guys get in a fight? I thought I had heard raised voices.” The shower went off.
“I don’t mind, we just had a little disagreement, that’s all. Ron was being a big git, like he always is.” She said. The bathroom door opened and Ginny walked out in a cute denim skirt and pink blouse with her hair in curls. “Do you like? I wanna wear something cute while I can, the uniforms dopn’t really flatter me” She said with a turn.
“You look cute! Maybe the boys will be a little more welcoming today” Teresa said with a wink.
“You look pretty snazzy yourself. I love the jeans” Ginny said as tok in the skinny jeans and tight white and blue shirt.
“Thanks, shall we go?” Ginny checked the mirror and nodded.
“Lets go.” Ginny led the way out, but didn’t get far.
“cough-slut-cough” Pansy said from her door.
“Excuse me. How am I the slut when a guy just exited your room?” Ginny had no clue if it was true but why else would a girl like her be up at this time?
“ugh-how dare you speak to me like that, you blood traitor.” Ginny just smiled and continued on her way.
“Wow, I guess you really are a Slytherin” Teresa said as they made there way down the stairs.
“I guess so.” Ginny said with a thoughtful voice.

I'm just wating for my beta to get the next chapter back to me. It shouldn't be long now:) And  i am actually still going to have my computer during the move, so it won't effect my writting that much:)

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