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Everything Begins with a Change by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 20 : Chapter 20 - The Potter Manor
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Chapter 20 - The Potter Manor

Okay, so firstly I want to apologise profously for not updating sooner. Instead of making up hundreds of excuses and lying to you, I'll just tell you the truth - I was lazy and couldnt be bothered. I wrote this chapter about 2 weeks ago and was going to upload it as soon as I finished writing the next chapter - but I forgot. I found this AMAZINGLY written story on and devoted my free time to reading it - I am at work so often these days that all I really get to do is sleep and eat... - as well as being amazingly written - it was also amazingly long - I dont think I have read a longer story before on the net.
Anyway, enough about someone elses story, Here is next the chapter for you - and although its not adventurous, it is definitely raunchy and exciting. So - I wont keep you any longer with my boring rants - here is the next chapter !

xxx Iced_Cherriex

Chapter 20 - The Potter Manor


James had said no more about the death of his sister, and fell silent for the entire train ride back to London.

Although Lily desperately wanted to know what had happened, and how she had died, she knew not to push. James would tell her in his own time. This led Lily into a lapse of silence as well, as she imagined hundreds of horrid scenarios playing out in her head that involved James Potter and his baby sister.

By the time they had reached Kings Cross, Lily and James’ friends thought they were possibly having a large fight, and thus the temporary silence. However, as the train pulled to a stop, James stood up, taking Lily’s hand in his and led her out of the train.

“What’s wrong with them?” James heard as they stepped onto the platform.

He turned around to see Sirius questioning his odd behaviour and shook his head. Sirius understood this as a ‘not now, Padfoot’ look and shut his mouth.

Changing the topic, Sirius, James, Remus, Peter and Lily all left the platform and entered the muggle world.

They waved - and in one case kissed - the others goodbye and turned towards the raining street.

“Do you remember that bench?” James whispered to Lily as he turned to look out towards a large park.

Lily looked at James strangely for a moment, before the events of the first day of autumn had come back to her. That was where James had come to ‘rescue’ Lily. And although Lily would have defended her dignity, she knew that James had done just that - rescued her.

“Yes… You made an illegal portkey,” she said back, not taking her eyes off the bench and almost walking into someone. “Sorry,” she muttered.

“You made an illegal portkey?” Remus repeated from behind them. Lily stopped to turn around, and saw Remus, Sirius’ and Peter’s alarmed faces.


“Merlin, James - that is so dangerous! Even now you could get caught-” Sirius muttered, and Lily almost surprised that he wasn’t clapping his friend on the back.

“I am pretty sure Dumbledore sorted it out - he talked to the ministry for me…” James muttered.

Lily was surprised that the ministry had actually had some insight into the event. However she said nothing.

As they reached the street, Lily suddenly realised that she had no idea where she was going - let alone how she was getting there.

“James? Ah-”

But Lily was interrupted.

“I almost forgot - you don’t know how to apparate!” James exclaimed, squeezing her hand tightly

“Lily Evans doesn’t know how to apparate?” Sirius said from the other side of her.

“Oh - shut up Sirius, I just don't like the idea of it - okay?”

Sirius was a little taken aback by Lily’s harshness, but laughed nevertheless.

“Don’t worry - its rather fun when you get used to it!”

“I almost lost my license because of an AWI over summer,” James remarked, looking at his feet.

Remus let out a funny laugh, and Sirius chuckled into his hand.

However, Lily was rather lost.

“What’s an AWI?” she asked, confused.

“Oh - sorry - it means - well - ‘Apparating While Intoxicated’.” James told her, and Lily gave him a strange look.

“You tried to apparate while you were drunk?” she asked, exasperatingly.

“I was cautioned over summer because of it - not a really big deal,”

Sirius patted James on the back,

“Don’t worry mate - it happens to the best of us,” he said, and Lily was rather shocked at Sirius display of sympathy - until, “It happened to me to.”

She rolled her eyes at him and muttered something along the lines of “boys”, before turning back to James.

“So what am I going to do then?”

“Side apparation of course!” James exclaimed, and placed his arm around her waist, his other grabbing hold of his trunk.

“Are you sure this is safe?”

“Yes, of course, Flower,”

And before Lily knew it, she felt as though thousands of rubber bands were pushing her closer and closer to James’ body - she knew that she could no longer breath - it was going to end, right here, right now, with James in her arms.

But suddenly she felt a cool rush of air enter her lungs and she opened her eyes.

She was standing on the lawn in front of a huge, old mansion. It was James’ house.

James momentarily closed his eyes as he glimpsed the house, but then grabbed Lily’s hand and led her towards the door.

There were three loud pops, and Lily spun around to see that the other three boys had also arrived with their trunks.

“Ready?” Sirius whispered from behind them.

“Ready,” was James’ answer as he pushed open the door.

Lily was suddenly met by the most beautiful finished and furnished house she had ever laid eyes upon. It was so large, so elegant and yet so homely.

A tiny ring was sounded as the door closed, and Lily looked up the stairs to see an woman’s face appear.

Lily immeadiatly recognised this as James’ mother. Her she slowly and delicately climbed down the creeking stairs and into view.

She was almost a female version of James - and yet she was so much older, and so much smaller. On her head was a long thin braid of delicate red hair, which reminded Lily of a paler version of her own hair. Whispy, fly away hairs were exaggerated against the dark wooden walls of the hallway in which she stood.

“James?” She said quietly in a thick Irish accent that Lily didn’t think possible coming from such a small delicate looking woman. She seemed much older than Lily’s mother, tired wrinkles lined her face, and her eyes squinted as she smiled at them.

“Mum? Its so good to see you!” James replied, letting go of Lily’s hand and hugging his mother tightly. Lily noticed something in James’ accent that she had never noticed before - it was dripping with his Irish heritage; half English, half Irish. Did this only happen when he was talking to his parents? Or had she just never noticed the sweet, dulcet tones of his low voice before?

As James pulled apart from his mother, he whispered into her ear. His mother answered with a small nod, and smiled at her son before whispering softly - “I’m fine.”

A noise was heard from upstairs, and James looked up suddenly to meet the eyes of his father. He kept the gaze for as long as his eyes would let him, before looking back towards the floor, and not saying anything.

Lily could feel Sirius tense from beside, and she had to control her emotions to stop herself from glaring at the older man - however, before long, Henry Potter walked away from the landing, and she could no longer see him.

“Mum, this is Lily Evans,” James told his mother, and Lily returned her glance to the small, smiling lady. “Lily, this is mum, Rosalyn Potter,”

“It’s really nice to meet you, Mrs Potter,” Lily said politely, holding out her hand,

Rosalyn shook it lightly, and smiled back.

“Lily, its Rosalyn - I don’t think I’ve been called Mrs Potter once in my life!” She said cheerfully, although Lily could hear the fatigue in her voice. “Its nice to meet you too. Right, boys, you know where to go. James - the others are dying to see you,” She exclaimed, before walked down the corridor and disappearing.

Lily looked up at James expectantly, who again took hold of he hand.

“We’re all staying near my room,” He told her, “Its pretty close to the guest chambers. Then you can meet the rest of my family.”

James led Lily and the others through a side door, and into a long winding hallway. The floor creaked under their footsteps, and Lily couldn’t help but cringe every time she stepped on a floorboard that moved slightly. However, before long, they reached a large opening in the hallway, which was surrounded by uniform looking doors. Each was of the same intricate pattern, but painted a different colour.

Sirius, Remus and Peter immeadiately made their way to the red, yellow and maroon doors, respectively, levitating their trunks in front of them.

James led Lily to the very last one, next to a wide, open window. It surprised Lily that she couldn’t feel the cool air coming in, but she remembered that it was a magic house. The door she was taken to was green - and although it was not a very pretty green, Lily was taken by it immeadiatly.

“This will be you’re room,” James exclaimed, opening the door.

The furnishings were not extravagant, though they did not look cheep either.

A large bed sat in the middle of the huge room, which was at least two times larger than her own at home. The paint on the wall, the carpeting and the linen were all of a different shade of the same green. 

“Is it okay?” James asked, anxiously.

“Its perfect,”

Lily set down her trunk next to the bed and turned towards James.

“Can I see your room?” She asked, and James laughed.

“Of course!”

James had been right, he room was not very far from the guest rooms. In fact it was only three doors down from her own.

James opened a similar door to her own, however it was painted blue. Upon entering the room however, Lily was overtaken by awe. It was huge. And there wasn’t a bed in sight.

Each wall was filled with bookcase upon bookcase, each filled with hundreds of interesting titled books. However this was not what amazed Lily the most. Sitting in the middle of the room was a large grand piano, and upon further inspection Lily noticed other instruments around the room.

There was a violin in one of the bookcases, a guitar lying, disgarded on the floor. And various other cases, stacked up against piano.

The floor, was littered with sheet music, each delicately printed onto thin parchment.

“You play the piano?” Lily asked finally, looking up at James.

James smiled warmly.

“I play a lot of instuments,” he answered, picking up a sheet of music from the floor and walking over to the piano. "My parents thought that it was important to have an all rounded education," he said shrugging.

It was as though he was made for the piano, and nothing else. His elegant, long fingers gently touched the keys, before he began to play a soft melody to Lily.

“James, that is beautiful,” Lily exclaimed, sitting on the bench next to him.

Lily had always regretted not learning to play a musical instrament, and even though she knew she would never be able to learn one like James, she hesitantly asked James if he could teach a little.

James just smiled warmly again and showed her where middle C was.

“Just copy me, I’ll play down an octave,” Me said, showing Lily where to play.

After a while Lily copied his finger movements, and before long she was playing an old song from her childhood, ‘Hot Cross Buns’.

“Its not much, but it’s a start,” James said, biting his lip slightly.

Lily suddenly felt overwhelmed with gratitude and another feeling she could not quite grasp hold of.

She gently lent forward, kissing James delicately on the lips. James stood up, taking Lily with him, and she pressed him against the piano. A horrible 'out of tune' noise sounded when James hit the piano, but Lily ignored it as she passionately kissed James.

Although James a little taken aback by her sudden display of passion, he did not complain, and closed his eyes.

Lily felt so hot against his body, her veins were throbbing and her head was light and dizzy. She could not explain the feeling, but she knew she wanted him, right then and there.

Grabbing hold of his shirt, she lifted it, gingerly pulling it over his head. She desperately needed him, and ran her cold hands down into the small of his back and to the hem of his pants.

James, suddenly aware of what she was doing, grabbed her wrists and pushed her down onto the bench that was now behind her.

“Lily - slow down,” He said breathlessly.

Lily suddenly realised what she had been doing and downcast her eyes. She bit her lip and blushed, feeling totally and utterly embarrassed.

James just picked up his shirt, not bothering to put it on again and sat down next to her.

“You’re so cute when you’re embarrassed,” he told her, and he lent his forehead against her own, kissing her nose softly. “Don’t be. I wanted that just as much as you did - but I don’t think this is the right place and time,”

Lily felt a great deal of gratitude towards James, and even laughed when he cockily told her that his bedroom was behind the door to their left for next time.


I cant really think of a very original threat, so this will have to do for the time being:

Review, or you'll have bad luck for 9 years. This is NOT a joke.

(a bit chainletter-ish dont you think?)


now. Review.
jk. again.

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