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Lift It All Up (The Baby Project) by WHATIF_booksarecool
Chapter 1 : Little Miss Pregnant
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                Disclaimer: I’m so nervous if you’ll like it! If you read, please review! I’m not the Queen of Literature, Miss JK Rowling. I don’t own anything but some characters (Kira Slapjack, Professor Estochupars, Koral Westley, Amadeus Pickleton, John Mayer, Hilary Hugh-Wallace, David Fromstreet, Cassidy Lance/Fromstreet, Cadance Fromstreet and Davey Fromstreet. Also a few unnamed!) So, all this crap belongs to her. Have a fun trip, I’ll see you at the bottom of the page!

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    The whole of the sixth and seventh years were walking into the dark chamber that was Professor Estochupars’ room (they thought this was hilarious, because his name meant ‘This Sucks’ in Spanish). They all filed into their seats, slinking one by one.
                Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley were all sitting at one table. At the table to their left was Draco Malfoy, Kira Slapjack, Amadeus Pickleton and Koral Westley. Harry shot Malfoy a look, and Malfoy shot one back. Directly behind Malfoy’s table was another table, out of all ten. This held David Fromstreet, Cassidy Lance, John Mayer and Hilary Hugh-Wallace.


                They were all anxious to see what this mystery class was about. Their schedules said, “Lift It All Up—Taught by Proffesor Estochupars.” Cassidy Lance was doodling a penguin, an animal she found quite interesting. She heard footsteps, then a clunk, and looked up at Proffesor This Sucks. He was staring at her. “Miss Lance,” He began. “We would prefer you to pay attention, not draw penguins.” And with that, she turned a deep shade of red.


****Cassidy’s POV (point of view)****

                I was drawing penguins, when our new teacher kinda rapped on my desk.  He told me to stop drawing penguins. But I was thinking, I love penguins! Anyway, class hadn’t even technically started yet. Then he went to the front of the room. “Class, no matter how upset you’ll be, we’re going through with this. No yelling, complaining, or any of that. Got it? Good.” He looked over at a sheet of paper. “By input from teachers who have taught you longer then me, I have compiled a list of partners for this project.” He walked towards the door a little, and locked it. I bet all of us were thinking, It’s a murderer! Though none of us said it.


                “Anyway, as I was saying, here are your partners.” He ran through a boring list. “Dean Thomas and Hannah Abbott. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley.”   I saw a black haired boy and a striking redhead look at each other, with love in their eyes. I assumed they were a couple. “Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. John Mayer and Hilary Hugh-Wallace. David Fromstreet and Cassidy Lance. Now to explain the assignment.” He said, and sat down in his chair. It was quite obvious he was nervous. “Quiet down, quiet down. Almost all of you have heard of this project. We’re going to do the baby project.” With that, there were a few collective gasps. "I will give you a written sheet, and then we’ll be off.” He said, passing out the sheets.

The Baby Project

First you will decide on a name for your child with your partner. You don’t choose its gender. Mr. Estochupars will have you both come up to his desk to receive your baby. Then you will go to your private dorm by a means your teacher will explain. Then you will both stay there, with your family. You will take care of it, until at the end of the year you will give it back. These are technically real children. They can inherit your traits and genes. You must stay with them at all times, and bring them to class or hire a babysitter.


                Oh wow, I thought after reading that. This sucks.


                David and I walked up to our teacher’s desk. “Ah, well, Mr. and Mrs. Fromstreet.” He said. “What!” I shrieked loud enough for the whole class to here. “He is your partner in this project, therefore your husband.”


                “Cativo!” He said, waving his wand over my arms. All of a sudden, a wailing came from my arms. “Ah, the Fromstreet family was blessed with twins!” he said. “What!” I shrieked, for the second time that day. “Well, you have twins, obviously.” I was holding two naked, wailing babies in my arms. “David, help me!” I said, trying to balance both. “Oh, also, Fromstreet family, here is the key to your dorm. Press the heart in the middle and you will be instantly transported into your dorm. Good luck, and be off with you.”


                David and I were brainstorming names for our little girl and boy. “Hmm…” I began, “Cadance and Frank?” I suggested. “I don’t like Frank. How about Cadance and Davey?” He asked. “Oh, so you want them to be named after you! No, I love the name Davey. Davey it is.” I said. Then Candace began to wail, and I was back on mummy duty.


                After I fed Cadance her bottle, David and I looked through our packet. It said that we would get unlimited bottle refills. We were thrilled. It also said we had to mail-order clothes, so I flipped open the Babies Edition of Abercrombie and Witch (that thought by Disney). After we ordered a few onsies, I figured our we had a WizardWii in our cabinet, and well, I whomped his butt in Bash For Cash, Leviosa Liquid and a few others. Overall it ws fun, but it couldn’t have prepared me for what was coming. *

R/R! I really like the concept of this. Please read and review!  Be brutal.

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