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I am Weasley, Hear Me Roar. by Echo95
Chapter 1 : Why did he have to be so gorgeous?
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“Rose!” roared Ron Weasley, “Get your arse out of bed and get down here!” Ugh. My father, Ronald Weasley, was calling.

“Hold your freakin’ horses I’ll be there in a minute!” Honestly, I can’t figure our why mom married him. Turning my head to the side I surveyed my yellow room, circular, and very messy. Sighing, I got up out of bed. As I walked down stairs I saw Hugo sitting at the table eating his breakfast. His school trunk was sitting by the door.

Oh crap.

I forgot to pack.

“Mom!” I cried. I knew my mother would cast the spell to pack my things, but only if dad couldn’t see her. He says that if he had to pack his own trunk, we had to too. I barreled through the door to my room, moving fifty miles an hour, to see everything packed. Thing is, I didn’t do it, and my mom didn’t pack it, so who did? My question was answered by Kreaher. I had opened the bathroom door and there he was, scrubbing the toilet.

“Kreacher, what in God’s name are you doing here?” I knew the answer already. My Uncle Harry had sent him over to pack my stuff since he knew I’d forget. How thoughtful.

“Never mind, just go back home. I’ll see you at Christmas.” Don’t get me wrong, I love that elf, but he was in my bathroom! That’s a personal place! Now, if he’d been in my underwear drawer I would have killed Uncle Harry the first chance I got, but I won’t do that. Anyway, it’s time to start fifth year…

“Hey Al.”

“Hi Rose, I want you to meet someone.” Al moved aside to reveal his girlfriend, a very pretty girl named Lauren. Of course Lauren and I were already good friends, though he liked to re-introduce us each and every year, over and over again, and it’s getting quite annoying for both of us. Anyway I said some thing polite then proceeded to an empty compartment, where I fell asleep.

When I finally opened my eyes, I saw Scopius Malfoy staring at me. Damn. Why does he have to be so gorgeous? I liked him since the minute I saw him in first year. What was the moment?

SCORPIUS POV Damn. Why did she have to be so beautiful? I can’t believe she woke up. Damn. Now I have to come up with some excuse as to why I am staring at her, in her compartment. I surveyed the room, looking at the window. My things weren’t even in here! Of course the first words out of her mouth would be, what the hell are you doing here, but I had an answer. I didn’t want to say it, but it was Rose Weasley I love you, but no way on God’s green earth was I going to say that. But instead, she just smiled.


A/N-Last Pov switch- I swear.

“What are you doing here?” I asked Scorpius Malfoy., A.K.A., the really cute guy sitting across from me.

“No place else to sit. May I sit here?” I smiled at him, and answered,

“Yeah sure. No problem.” Oh my god. Yes in a heartbeat!

“Rose?” he asked me.

“Yeah Malfoy,” I responded with a knowing smile,

“James and Al are throwing a party, kind of a Welcome Back Let’s Reek Havoc! Kind of thing. Would you go with me?” He asked me out! So Al and James to throw a party, when we haven’t even reached school yet!

“Sure Malfoy. I’ll go on a date with you.” HA! Look at his face! He’s completely and utterly relieved. He must really love me.

A/N- Please review! Disclaimer- I own the plot and a few minor characters. Everything else belongs to JK Rowling

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