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Harry Potter and the One Heir by angarato
Chapter 10 : Money, Money, Money
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The next morning, Harry woke up with the sun shining on his face and when he opened his eyes, he saw Hermione looking up at him.

"Good morning love." Harry told Hermione.

"Good morning Harry, today is going to be a long day. We need to go to Gringotts to check your accounts and settle Sirius's will." Hermione told him and he simply nodded before getting out of bed and moving to the shower.

Two hours later, Harry and Hermione were both standing outside the massive structure of Gringotts. The couple entered the building quietly and moved towards the head table where there was only one goblin sitting there. Harry went up to him and said that he was here to settle Sirius’s will and finish up the rest of the paper work for his vaults, which were waiting to be done since he turned 11.

Once inside, the goblin, Griphook, gave the will of Sirius to Harry.

Will of Sirius Ignatius Black

Harry, if you are reading this now then I have not been able to fulfil by duty as Godfather for you.

First, I give you most of  my money stored in Gringotts and all of the money which I have in  other muggle banks. They have been notified that you are my heir and when you show up there, they will need you to sign some paperwork and you will have all the money transferred into your name.

I also leave to you my properties in Singapore, China, India and Germany. I hope you will make the best out of it and hopefully take Hermione there for your honeymoon.

To the Weasley’s, I leave to you 10 million Galleons. I hope that you will be happy with this money and spend it on everything you want to. I am also leaving you my properties in Scotland, France and Italy. I hope that you can enjoy yourselves when you decide to go for holidays.

To Hermione Granger, I leave to you 5 million Galleons. I also leave to you all the books in my library. I hope you may find them to your liking.

To Ronald Weasley, I leave to you 5 million Galleons as well.

To Ginerva Weasley, I leave to you 5 million Galleons as well.

To William Weasley, I leave to you 7 million Galleons.

To Charlie Weasley, I leave to you 7 million Galleons as well.

To Fred and George Weasely, I leave to you the shops I own in Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade and many other places around the world. I hope that it will come in handy with your booming business. I also leave to you 7 million galleons in hope that it will be enough in funding your researches for the future. Do be sure to make a product or two in my name. I’m sure Remus would like it.

To Remus Lupin, I leave to you 15 million galleons and all my properties in London and Australia and America. Please enjoy yourself and get yourself some new robes you old werewolf.

Lastly, to Albus Dumbledore, I leave to you all my collection of socks. I hope you will find them to your liking. I also leave to you 10 million galleons for Hogwarts. Consider this the last act of my marauder life instead of pranking, I would like to make the world a better place for everyone else to live in.

By the time Harry finished reading the will, he was crying and laughing at the same time. Even when he was writing the will, Sirius could still make people laugh.

“Mr Potter, there are still some more matters for you to deal with. After that, Ms Granger also has some matters to be dealt with.” Griphook informed them.

The both nodded and Griphook gave Harry some more papers.

“Mr Potter, you have some more inheritances from the Evans family, which your mother was the last living witch it had so her fortune is being passed to you as her natural heir. If you want, this money can be combined with the Potter fortune and you would be required to accept the head ring of the Potter family and you will be given a list of all your living relatives with the countries of where they are staying.” Griphook told Harry.

Harry simply nodded and allowed Griphook to proceed with the dealings.

“Next, you also have some inheritances from the Lim and Chua family. Your grandmother was a part Chinese and she married into the Lim family while her maiden surname is Chua. You will also be given a list of the living family members of the families and the countries of where they are staying.” Griphook said.

“You also have inheritances from the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff as you are their direct descendants. You will be given a list of all the living relatives and their current locations in the different countries.” Griphook told him.

“So how many family heads do I have to take?” Harry asked Griphook.

“As of now, you would have to take the head of 7 families.” Griphook informed Harry.

Harry nodded his head and Griphook turned around to get some papers from a file that was needed to give Harry and his signature was also needed.

When Griphook turned to face Harry, there were 7 rings on the table and a stack of papers that Harry needed to sign.

“If you would repeat after me, we could get all of your titles arranged and you would be the head of all these families.”

Harry nodded.

I, Harry James Potter, solemnly swear

I, Harry James Potter, solemnly swear

That  I will lead these families

That I will lead these families

To the best of my ability

To the best of my ability

And shall now be known as Lord Harry-James-Evans-Gryffindor-Hufflepuff-Ravenclaw-Lim-Chua-Potter

And shall now be known as Lord Harry-James-Evans-Gryffindor-Hufflepuff-Ravenclaw-Lim-Chua-Potter

After all that was over, Harry wore the rings and the papers of the different families were given to him.

“Ms Granger, as you know, you have inherited some money from Mr Black. You also have an inheritance that was supposed to be given to your family a long time ago. As the first witch in your family after a long time, you have received the Granger family wealth. You will have to take the head of the Granger family and you will inherit the entire Granger fortune, that has been growing from the past 100 years.” Griphook told Hermione.

After everything was over, Harry looked over the papers with the family names.

Line of Potter Family

Mr Harry James Potter (Head)

Ms Michelle Potter (England)

Line of Evans Family

Mr Harry James Potter (Head)

Ms Petunia Evans (London)

Line of Lim Family

Mr Harry James Potter (Head)

Ms Amanda Lim (Singapore)

Ms Evangeline Lim (Singapore)

Ms Clara Lim (Singapore)

Line of Chua Family

Mr Harry James Potter (Head)

Ms Natasha Chua (Singapore)

Line of Gryffindor Family (Direct and Indirect)

Mr Harry James Potter (Head)

Mrs Molly Weasley (London)

Mr Arthur Weasley (London)

Mr William Weasley (London)

Mr Charlie Weasley (London)

Mr Fred Weasley (London)

Mr George Weasley (London)
Mr Ronald Weasley (London)

Ms Ginerva Weasley (London)

Line of Ravenclaw Family (Direct and Indirect)

Mr Harry James Potter (Head)

Ms Hermione Granger (London)

Line of Hufflepuff Family (Direct and Indirect)

Mr Harry James Potter (Head)

Mr Albus Dumbledore (Scotland)

Mr Aberforth Dumbledore (Scotland)

“Mr Potter, as all of these families were very well respected, each of them had a seat on the Wizengamot and you will be required to fill them up with whoever you think is capable of handling the task of it.” Griphook informed Harry. “And before you leave, here is a list of all the properties and the liquid cash each of the families have and at the bottom will be a total of what you have.”

Potter Family

Godric’s Hollow – 1,589,378 galleons
Scotland Yard – 1,345,384 galleons

Liquid Cash – 234,438,345,675 galleons

Pounds - £574,456,457,456

Black Family (As Mr Potter has inherited)

German Yard – 1,182,353 galleons
Taman Siglap – 21,234,345 galleons
Black Estate – 67,345,435 galleons
Black Fortress – 234,455,234 galleons

Liquid Cash – 3,342,674,765,345 galleons

Pounds - £14,145,987,654,159

Lim Family

Lim Estate – 1,465,154,145 galleons

Liquid Cash – 14,145,156,123 galleons

Singapore Dollars - $145,419,587,643

Chua Family

Chua Estate – 14,987,549 galleons

Liquid Cash – 1,458,986,149,687 galleons

Singapore Dollars - $145,987,354,987

Evans Family

Evans Estate – 14,954.187 galleons

Liquid Cash – 987,657,357,654 galleons

Pounds - £654,987,324,657

Ravenclaw Family

Ravenclaw Estate – 654,987,357 galleons

Liquid Cash – 654,987,357,654 galleons

Pounds – £657,275,987,357

Hufflepuff Family

Hufflepuff Estate – 149,657,561 galleons

Liquid Cash – 654,983,574,354 galleons
Pounds - £549,357,954,157

Gryffindor Family

Hogwarts – 14,579,324,217 galleons
Gryffindor Estate – 154,987,357,152 galleons

Liquid Cash – 198,355,357,266 galleons

Pounds - £657,684,327,954

Total Amount of Galleons – 7,718,421,638,169
Total Amount of Pounds - £17,239,731,705,740
Total Amount of Dollars - $291,406,942,630

Harry stared at the parchment in shock. All his life, he was raised by muggles who treated him like a slave. Little did he know that he had his own fortune waiting for him in underground London.

A/N: The conversation between Harry and Griphook is coded. What Griphook says is in bold and what Harry says is in normal fonts.. And about the money part.. I'm not sure if I calculated it correctly..

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Harry Potter and the One Heir: Money, Money, Money


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