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Betrayal by midnighter
Chapter 1 : Betrayal
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Draco lay back on his couch. The musicians grimaced, They were used to his moods.
“Play that song again” he commanded. “It reminds me of how much in love I am.”
The musicians enthusiastically began playing the song for the fifth time. As they did so Draco closed his eyes and imagined the feeling of love enveloping him.

While Draco was dreaming of love, the object of his so-called love, Hermione was sitting on cold dirty ground behind the bars of her prison where she had spent the last moth of her life, dreaming of how this had come to pass.
After leaving her home, at the request of the King, Draco, to become a lady of the court. She mysteriously fell in favour with the King, she went wherever he went, dressed like a queen, and she was the envy of every other lady. She thought she was happy. Unfortunately she caught the eye of one of the King’s guards, Ron, and fell in love. They started meeting secretly, for the King was a spiteful and jealous man, and if he found out about them the consequences would be dire.

All of a sudden there was a bang and Hermione sat up with a start. Standing in the open doorway was one of the Kings less than nice guards, Blaise.
“The King wishes to see you,” he said throwing a dress at her feet. “He wishes you wear this.”
Making no intention to move to put the dress on Hermione replied, “If he wishes to see me then why didn’t he come himself? Or doesn’t he like to see the object of his infatuations locked up like a criminal?”
“You have committed a crime it’s your own fault you’re in here, that makes you a criminal. You will not question the King’s intentions.”
“The only crime I have committed” Hermione said rising to her feet. “Is falling in love.”
“Ahh, but you fell in love with the wrong man, hence your crime and your imprisonment. Now put the dress on or face the consequences.” He said leaving her cell and slamming the door behind him.

Ron was pacing the floor worriedly while Ginny chattered on endlessly about the ladies of the court.
“ … and have you seen the beautiful Lady Hermione brother? She seems to be the Kings favourite doesn’t she?” Ginny said, oblivious to the apparent irritation that had leapt into Ron’s gait. “Well she was the Kings favourite any way. In fact I haven’t seen her with the King in at least a month now. I wonder why.”
“Ginny! Can’t you see I am busy and don’t wish to be bothered by your endless chat about the happenings at court.” Ron exploded.
“Well I just thought, seeing as you’re one of the Kings guards and all, you might know what happened to the Lady Hermione.” She replied in a defiant voice. “And your not that busy!” She retorted stalking out of the room.
Ron replied softly once she had left. “No I don’t, that’s what worries me.”
He sighed heavily and sat on Ginny’s now vacant chair. He thought back to that fateful day. How much fun it had been to hide from the King. Yet how dangerous.
“We must be quick my love, or he will see us.” Hermione said running through the gardens to their secret spot, dragging him behind her. He had an idea and suddenly speed ahead leaving Hermione far behind. She continued running through the trees and was passing the largest one in the gardens when she was grabbed from behind and pushed against it.
“Couldn’t let you get ahead of me.” He whispered, kissing her softly on the lips, then bolting away leaving a grinning Hermione behind.

Draco had fallen asleep to the sound of the music, and as soon as the foul sounds of snoring erupted from his throat the musicians had left.
She was missing when he sent for her. The servants couldn’t find her anywhere. He was furious. He had told her to stay where he could find her at all time, in case he wanted her, she had disobeyed him more than once and this was the last straw. Malvolio said he had seen her walking in the gardens, so he called for his most loyal guards, finding that Ron was strangely missing, and went into the gardens to find her. Whilst searching for her, he heard a gasp and turned in time to see a flash of blue material disappear around a corner. He followed in that direction and arrived at the gardener’s shed, just in time to see her approach it at a run.
He felt a hand shake him and opened his eyes to the sight of Blaise pushing Hermione roughly into the room.

Hermione stumbled after being pushed so violently. Collecting herself, she faced the King with a straight back and a proud glare. “You wished to see me my lord?” she hissed curtsying slightly.
“Yes I did. I wondered if you had thought over your situation any more after our last meeting?”
“Meaning sire?”
“Meaning, have you decided to tell me the name of your love? Or do you like your new home so much that you’d be willing to spend the rest of your life there?” He replied then continued when met with silence. “Will you betray him like you betrayed me?”
“Never!” she said in a low defiant voice.
Draco shook with rage as he rose to his feet. “Then in your cell you will stay. Forever! You will know how it feels to be betrayed.”

When she was returned to her cell she broke down, allowing the tears she had held onto in the presence of the King to flow freely. She lay on her small cot and cried herself to sleep.
She had just been approaching the shed when she heard a noise to her left; she turned and to her great shock and fear saw the king and his guards staring at her. She curtsied stepping forward to go to the King’s side, praying Ron would not be caught when the King held up his hand stopping her in her tracks. Then, gesturing with the other hand for his guards, they rushed forward seizing her and forcing her in front of the King.
He said. “You have betrayed me! You will live in a cell until you decided to reveal to me whom you have betrayed me with. Take her away!”

That was the day her life had ended. She would not do as the King had commanded; she would not betray her love. She would rather spend the rest of her years locked away and unable to see Ron then see him killed.

She would not betray him.

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Betrayal: Betrayal


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