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December 18th by miss_remus
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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“I don’t suppose you have a better idea, Black.” Sandra Barcula’s voice rang throughout the empty classroom, annoyance evident in her tone. “You do realize that this is your fault we’re still in here. I could, no should be in the Great Hall right now enjoying my dinner, but no, all because you have to go and make a complete arse of yourself in front of Slughorn. Not to mention that if Potter hadn’t st--”

“Hey Sandy, I was just wondering if that hole in your head ever decides to shut.” Sirius smirked his signature smirk, which was liable to make all the girls swoon. That is, except for Sandra.

Of course the majority of the Slytherin females also detested Black-- or at least pretended to, since he was now and forever always a blood traitor. Lily Evans once had a brain as well, until earlier that school year when she had fallen for Potter and had accepted life with Sirius as a package deal.

Sandra grimaced at the nickname Sirius used for her. She found it better though to just ignore his immature behavior. Besides if she acted like it annoyed her (which she had done numerous times in the past,) he would just keep going at it. Sandy. The name alone made her sound like a child and if that wasn’t enough, her height and weight made her look like an adolescent second year. “Just give me the beetle eyes, Black.”

Sirius leaned back in his chair, smirk still plastered to his face. “Nah, Bercula. Not until you say ‘please.’”
Sandra felt her cheeks turn red in disgust. There was no way in hell that she would ever act polite to thee Sirius Black. “Just, give me the damn eyes!”

“Not with that attitude, Sandy.”
She hated him! The only thing that prevented her from tackling him right then and there was the unfortunate table in between them, cauldron sizzling on top. Instead, she reached her hand towards him and was now waiting impatiently for him to pass the eye’s to her.

Sirius grabbed the jar on the table and gently tossed it to himself. “Say ‘please’ he added tauntingly still throwing the jar up a few inches and then catching it again. He wasn’t even good at quid ditch. Potter was the athletic bloke, although just as annoying, but Sirius was pretty much useless for anything.

“Black, why are you such an arse hole?”

“I prefer charismatic, Sandy. You should know that.”

That was it. The last straw that broke her back. “It’s Sandra!” she hollered, leaping over the table. Her petit figure rammed into the cauldron, causing the contents to spill everywhere. She knocked into Sirius, and with a shocked expression, fell backwards onto the dungeon floor. The jar of beetle eyes, shattered beside him.

“What is this!?” shrieked Slughorn, running into the room with a pastry in his hand. “Ah, should’ve known it would be a disaster leaving you two alone. Get up now, get up.” Slughorn rushed to the duo’s side and lifted Sandra off of Sirius, whom was now rubbing his back.

“Sandy wanted to get kinky, professor,” Sirius winked. “But I was not having it sir.”

She glared at him. Why was Black always such an idiot? Would he ever grow up?

“Ah, well, clean this mess up,” said Slughorn, taking a bite of his pastry. “And detention for a week.” he took a few more steps, and then asked: “Wait. Did professor Dumbledore, announce chocolate cake for dessert? I can’t remember. I’ll be back.”

As Slughorn rushed out of the room, Sandra turned to Sirius with utter disgust. “I hope you know you’re cleaning this up.”

“No problem,” responded Sirius. “I unlike some, are a good person, and I wouldn’t want you to break a nail or anything, so go.”

“I-I’m not worried about breaking a nail, like most of the other girls you like shag.”

“Okay. So go.”

Why was he being like this?

“I’m not. Besides this was your fault.”


“Fine, I’ll go.” said Sandra. “Have fun.” As she made to leave it was, once again, Sirius’s voice that held her back with an expression of displeasure.

“Of course it wasn’t me who had the temper tantrum and knocked all of this shit over.” He was so pathetic. “But that’s okay, I’ll suffice.”

Wow, Black. Big word.

* * *


Three hours and twenty minutes later, Sandra arrived back to the Gryffindor common room. It was a little past nine, but she was exhausted nonetheless. Begrudgingly, she made her way up the winding staircase that led to the girls dorm, and prayed for solace.

Sandra retreated to her bed in the far end of the room an sat down. On the bed next to hers, sat Melissa Stone, Sandra’s number one worthy confidant.

“Where have you been?” asked Melissa. “You weren’t at dinner,”

“Black,” Sandra stated simply. To Melissa, nothing more needed to be said. Both girls had a hard time learning how to be decent to him, yet alone except his existence. “He guiltied me into cleaning a mess that was not my fault.”

Melissa looked over the tip of her glasses, in a way that reminded Sandra of a professor giving a child a doubtful stare. “Sand, you, me and the rest of the world knows that you can’t stand Black.” Sandra nodded in agreement. “But I thing you kinda like him too,” Melissa smirked at her boldness. “You do always talk about him.”

“Anyways, he likes you.” Melissa frowned.

“Eww, no he doesn’t. Black’s a pig. Nothing will ever change.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Sandra agreed.

“Hey, are you okay?” asked Melissa. “Listen, if this is about Josh I tot--”

“No!” shouted Sandra louder than intended. “No, I’m fine. I-- I gotta take a shower, I’ll see you later.” Sandra gathered her clothes and headed into the girls bathroom. As the shower water ran, she looked at herself in the mirror, intently, looking for any sign of strength. Last weekend when she had caught Josh and Melissa snogging in the common room, her heart broke. Of coures Sandra hadn’t told Melissa that she was madly in love with him, but he wouldn’t have like her anyways.

Ever since then, she’d wanted to end her life. Life at was hell and life at Hogwarts wasn’t much better, with only one friend-- no, confident. Her useless way of thinking, had led her to believe that if she actually did die, maybe people would care. Like those artists that everyone always hears about. When they’re alive, nobody gives a shit, oh but when they’re dead, all of a sudden they’re legends.

She’ll be a legend, soon enough.

Soon enough.



A/N: Hello reader! This is my first Sirius/OC fic and I hope you weren’t terribly bored. Next chapter it gets better I swear, this is just to introduce some characters. So please let me know what you think!!

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