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Cinderella? by hjplover
Chapter 3 : A bit of a mistake
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A/N: I'm so sorry that this took so long to get out! Life has been crazy and I had a bit of writer's block, so that's why it's late. I really like how this chapter turned out, though! I hope you all do too!

A bit of a mistake

The next morning, I was woken up by a shrieking alarm. After having slept till ten every morning the previous week, waking up at seven was utter hell. As was the disgustingly, smelly mixture of hair spray, curling and straightening irons, perfume, and shower spray.

I could barely breathe as I entered the large bathroom. Five girls stood at the equally large mirror. They stopped talking when I came in. One of the girls, I saw, was the one that Sirius had spent the train ride with.

“Hi,” I said shyly. “I’m Anastasia Nichols.”

“Welcome to Gryffindor, I’m Lily Evans.” One of the girls said. Ahh, so this was James’s love. It was kind of sick how much James loved her…and how much she hated him. “This is Lola, Genny, Chole, and Alice.”

“Nice to meet you all.” I responded, making my way to the mirror.

“Um, I have a question.” The blond girl that had gone off with Sirius came over to me, a hot curling iron in her hand.

“Yes?” I asked, keeping an eye on the smoking thing clutched in her pink talons.

“I was just wondering if James hit you with his trolley or something.” I looked at her, shaking my head slowly. “Then why the hell were you in the Marauders compartment. I mean, that’s like only reserved for Marauders, so I just thought they felt sorry for you or something like that.”

I glared at the girl. “Actually I’ve been staying at James’s house.” Let them make what they want with that!

I smirked and left the bathroom, every girl in there had their mouths hanging open. Quickly I changed into my uniform and walked downstairs to meet the Marauders.

“Good morning, Ana.” Remus said, once I had found them.

“Hey Ana, what’s the girl’s dorms like? We’ve only been there once, but we didn’t get to see much.” I rolled my eyes at Sirius, how they had even gotten into the dorms, I wasn’t sure because supposedly boys weren't able to even get up the stairs..

“Actually, it’s quite disgusting." I said, answering Sirius's question. "They’re all frying their brains away with the amount of hairspray and perfume they use. And they thought you guys pitied me and that was why you let me sit with you.” The four Marauders scowled.

“Just forget about them, Ana, they’re just jealous that we like you more than them, except maybe Evans, no offense!” We all rolled our eyes at James.

“Come on, I’m hungry!” Sirius interrupted James before he could go on a rant about how wonderful his precious Lily flower was.

The five of us left the common room. 

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Potty and Black's new toy.”

We whipped around in the Entrance Hall. Our eyes landed upon the dungeon door where three Slytherin boys and a girl were standing.

“Do you need something, Lestrange?” Sirius snarled, his eyes narrowed.

The group walked towards us, I noticed how James and Remus seemed to be gripping their wands under their robes; Sirius though, had his tightly in his hand, pointed directly at the boy in the center. The foursome had reached where the Marauders and I stood.

The boy in the center spoke. “Though I see why you like this one. She’s sure got the look.” He reached out his hand and grabbed a lock of my hair. I watched, paralyzed in an unexplainable fear as the boy rubbed the piece of my hair against his cheek.

Suddenly I was jerked away from him. Sirius had snatched me away and now had his wand pressed up against the boy’s neck. My brain seemed to have frozen.

“Sirius don’t, he’s not worth it.” Remus spoke, his hand clasping down on Sirius’s shoulder.

“That’s right, Black. Go back to the scum you call friends.” All of a sudden my brain caught up with what was going on around me.

“We aren’t scum!” I said, pulling my wand out, even though I had no idea what so ever what to do with it.

The boy raised his eyebrows at me, then turned back to the four boys. “Who would have thought that you boys actually could find a girl with a brain? It makes up for the lack of yours!” The girl with them laughed shrilly, the rest of them just smirked. “I can’t wait to run into you again, Miss Nichols.”

I watched, open-mouthed, as the Slytherins walked off to the Great Hall for breakfast.
As soon as they were out of sight, Sirius yanked free of Remus’s grip.

“Those bloody Slytherins. Don’t worry Ana, you aren’t our toy, Lestrange just doesn’t know how to think up a proper insult.” Sirius glared towards the Great Hall entrance.

“It’s alright Sirius.” I slipped my arm through his and pulled him into the Great Hall. Ignoring the Slytherin table, I pushed him into a seat at the Gryffindor table. The other three boys sat down around us.

We talked about lessons, none of us really wanted to bring up the topic of what had just happened.

As Remus was explaining why a person should never take Divination, Sirius groaned. We all turned to look at him; he just sunk lower in his seat and pointed towards a girl coming towards us.

“Oh bloody hell.” James muttered, scooting over so Sirius was slightly blocked from the girl’s view.

“Hi Siri-poo!” The girl pushed James aside and plopped herself into the seat next to Sirius. She proceeded to wrap one arm around Sirius’s waist, her other hand flipped her hair from her face and then she casually took a strawberry from Sirius’s plate.

I gulped. If there was one thing I had learned about Sirius, it was that you never, ever, ever take something from his plate. Food was his god. I had tried to steal the last bite of chocolate cake from his plate at dinner a couple days ago. He had tackled me to the ground, grabbed the cake from my fork, and then sat on me for an hour until I apoligised for stealing it.

Now I watched him clench his hands together and his mouth purse.

“Do you need something, Starlet?” He seemed to be trying to move out of her grip, but she kept scooting closer.

“Oh, silly, how many times have I asked you to call me by my first name. I think it’s cute how you keep forgetting. It's just about as cute a you are.”

By this time, I was holding my stomach to keep from letting my laughter burst forth. James was looking at me with an amused expression. My face was bunched up and red, but I couldn’t keep my laughter in.

I fell right off the bench, tears rolled from my eyes as I opened my mouth and howled with mirth. This set off the whole table. It seemed like everyone else had been watching Sirius and the girl and they all seemed to find it amusing.

Remus joined me on the floor, he was silent, but when I looked at him I noticed that he was laughing so hard that no sound was coming out. I saw James, bent over his breakfast, his eyes tearing up under his glasses.

Finally when I had finished laughing, I looked up and noticed that the girl was staring at me. I raised an eyebrow at her; she just sneered.

“Who are you?” She flipped her hair behind her ear and protectively moved even closer to Sirius, she was practically in his lap.

“I guess I could ask you the same question.” I flashed her the fakest smile I could muster.

“Fine, whatever. I’ll see you later Siri!” She winked and threw him a supposedly seductive look before walking away, her hips swaying in a very exaggerated manner.

I looked over at James as I stood up and took my seat once again. “Well, that was interesting!”

James grinned at me. “That was Roxanne Starlet, a clear example of an air brained Hufflepuff. She thinks that Sirius is her boyfriend even though she’s seen him snog about twenty girls since they snogged once in a broom closet last year.”

I smirked and watched the girl go back to her table. I noticed that after she sat down, her friends glared daggers at me.

“Sweet, I’ve been here for what, twelve hours, and I’ve already made enemies!” I shook my head and started eating my bacon.

“It’s okay, Ana,” Peter said, sending a glare right back at the girls. “We’ll protect you!”

“Oh dear,” I said. “You know, for some reason, that makes me even more nervous!”

“Your schedules,” Professor McGonagall approached us, handing over our schedules. “Miss Nichols, your classes will be the same as most of your fellow seventh years, so to catch up, Professor Dumbledore has assigned Mr. Amos Diggory to help tutor you.”

“What!?” Sirius and James yelled at the same time, causing the people around us to gape at our group.

“Is there a problem, boys?” Professor McGonagall turned her piercing gaze over to James and Sirius.

“Well of course there’s a problem!” James said in an obvious tone.

“And that would be what, Mr. Potter?”

“It’s Amos Diggory, Professor,” Sirius said, actually being serious (ignore the pun) for once.

“And what is wrong with Mr. Diggory, Mr. Black? He has the best grades of anyone in this year, though I must say that Miss Evans is quite close behind. He was not chosen for Head Boy because Dumbledore insisted that the position go to Mr. Potter here.”

“We aren’t top of the year?” James looked shocked at this new, distracting piece of information.

“Well, you, Mr. Potter, were going to be Miss Nichols’s tutor, but I believe that with N.E.W.Ts and your Head Boy duties, you have enough on your plate.”

“Oh come on, Professor, I could still tutor her!”

“Well, why don’t you show that to me by actually turning in your homework. That seemed to be of slight insignificance to you last year.” Professors McGonagall’s tone had finality in it that clearly displayed that this conversation was over.

“Wait, does this mean that Moony here isn’t top of the year either?” Peter turned to McGonagall as if she’d lost her mind.

“Mr. Lupin is up at a close third, now, if you’ll excused me, I have the rest of these schedules to pass out.” The Professor left, leaving the boys to stare at her incredulously.

“Seriously guys, Amos can’t be that bad. What’s he done to you?” I dug back into my plate of food, failing to notice how angry the boys all looked.

Diggory,” Remus spat out the name, which surprised me because for the short amount of time that I had known him, he didn’t seem one to show his emotions very often. “He competes with us for every class and every girl, he’s cocky, arrogant, and thinks he’s better than everyone else.”

“You all know that that is exactly what you four are?” Lily Evans was walking past our table with her friends, but they had stopped when they heard the conversation that we were having.

“You do know that you are rather rude, right?” I turned my eyes to the girls. Lily just rolled her own eyes and lead her posse away.

"As Moony here was saying,” Sirius continued. “Diggory has been at war with us since we let off a stink bomb in his train compartment when we all first came to Hogwarts. For some reason this upset him and he’s been fighting with us every since. Now though, we are much more mature,” I snorted and rolled my eyes in disbelief. “And we don’t try to be better than him, it just happens naturally.”

“Right, the Marauders are so much better than I am.” We all turned to look at a startlingly handsome young man sneering down at us. “Ah so you must be Anastasia.” He said looking me up and down, causing me to blush. “What a pleasure to meet you.” He held out his hand smirking at the Marauders around me.

“Um, good to meet you too?” I wasn’t quite sure if it was. I noticed that his sneer widened at my hesitancy.

“So I’ll be seeing you this evening. How about after dinner in the library?”

“Sure,” I answered, noticing how the boys were shifting uneasily around me.

Diggory smirked and strode away out of the Great Hall.

I didn’t notice that I was staring after him until I heard Sirius mutter ‘git’ under his breath and

I turned around to face James who was across from me at the table.

“I don’t know, he didn’t seem so bad to me.” I answered truthfully.

“Not so bad? Are you crazy, Ana?” Sirius said, putting his hand to my forehead to see if I was running a fever.

“Now that I think about it,” Remus said, looking to where Amos had just stood. “If he can get you, you would be his ultimate conquest.” I looked confused, so he clarified. “He’s always trying to undermine us, so if he can win your heart, he’d be taking something straight from us, his enemies. It'll be like taking a lollipop from a little kid.”

“So you’re saying I’m a lollipop?” I didn’t understand his point, but the others seemed to. Sirius was glaring and James had a faraway look in his eyes.

“Um guys, if we want to make a good start to the year, we should probably get going.” Peter said, glancing around to what I realised was an almost empty room.

“Let’s go guys, we have McGonagall now and she won’t like us being late for the first class of the term, besides I don’t want detention this early on, we can see about tomorrow though.” James said, standing up.

“Oh and just so you know James, I am so winning the competition. I have like twenty more detention than you do!” Sirius said.

Remus’s eyes met mine and I giggled as we both rolled our eyes.

The way to the Transfiguration classroom was incredibly long, but we somehow managed to arrive on time.

I sat down next to Sirius, intimidated by how many people were going to see me try to attempt to do magic. Sirius seemed to notice my nervousness.

“It’s alright, Ana, I’m sure you’ll do fine and then McGonagall will see that you don’t need anyone, especially Diggory to tutor you.”

"Alright Sirius, but I’m telling you right now that the only experience I have had with magic is blowing things up, breaking things, or throwing them. The amount of magic I’ve done is very limited.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll do everything perfectly.” He could see that I was still unsure, but he wasn’t able to say anything else because Professor McGonagall had started the class.

“We are just going to review spells from last year, so for the rest of class I would like you all to work on changing your partner's hair colour. If you don’t remember the incantation, it’s on the board, but remember that you must do the spell non-verbally.” I watched as McGonagall sat down at her desk and started reading some paper in front of her.

“Come on, Ana, this is actually a pretty easy spell. Just watch me do it first.”

Sirius pointed his wand at my head, screwed up his face in concentration, and then flicked his wand. I felt an odd sensation, as if someone had heated and then cooled my head rapidly.

“Here take a look,” Sirius handed me a mirror that he seemed to have in his pocket.

“You carry a mirror in your pocket?” I didn’t think he was that vain.

“It’s nothing, just a Marauder secret, I’ll tell you about it later.” I took the mirror, but almost dropped it when I saw that my normally black locks had turned an amazing shade of orange.

“Wow, that’s so cool! Um, can you change it back though, I look like a carrot!” Sirius laughed and flicked his wand. I made sure that my hair was back to its normal ebony shade before I handed back his mirror.

“Okay, now it’s your turn. Just think the incantation in your head as hard as you can, and then flick you wand.

I closed my eyes tight and did what Sirius told me. An explosion caused my eyes to fly open in fright. Knowing me, I had probably blown Sirius up. I noticed a great deal of smoke coming from my wand and the area where Sirius was standing. Was being the key word because, as the smoke cleared, Sirius was no where to be found…

Yay, a cliff hanger! So what do you all think? Favourite story today is Haunt My Dreams by absolument! it's incredible.
I would really appreciate if more people would review because it really makes me happy and helps improve my writing! I really like constructive criticism!! Just so you all know, I review every single story that i read and it really doens't take that long! thanks so much!

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