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Miss Marauder by luvinpadfoot
Chapter 1 : Diagon Alley
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Disclaimer: I’m not JKR. Big surprise, right?

“A-a witch?” Lily looked at the letter she was holding. “But witches don’t exist! It’s been scientifically proven through physics, chemistry, and biology that magic does not, cannot, nor will not exist.” Her face was full of hope and doubt. Happiness and sorrow.

“Sweetie, this might just be someone playing a prank on you.” Her father looked into her eyes that were full of hope. “Don’t get too excited until there’s proof.” He wanted very much for his daughter to be a witch, but didn’t want her to get hurt.

“I know Daddy.” The girl paused, then, “Do you think I can really get a wand? I can play so many pranks with magic! I can charm people’s clothes and make fireworks and loads of stuff!” She was rambling about the things she would be able to do when the doorbell rang.

Her father went to answer the door and she followed. “Don’t talk about magic anymore, ok? We don’t want the neighbors to know if it really is real. That’s what your letter said, right?” She nodded and he opened the door.

“I hate to intrude, but I have some things that I wish to explain to a certain Miss Lily Evans.” The man was rather old with spectacles and a long beard. He was wearing a cloak though it was July. “She does live here, correct?”

“Is it about my letter?” Lily asked excitedly.

The man chuckled. “I was hoping to reach you before your letter did, but, alas, that is not the case.” He smiled at her. “I am Professor Dumbledore of Hogwarts, where I hope you’ll be attending come September.”

“Oh yes! I really want to attend! To be able to do magic…” Lily trailed off and Professor Dumbledore went on.

“Now wait just a minute,” Mr. Evans cut in. “I would like to know a little more about this school before we decide whether or not my daughter is going to attend.”

Lily hung her head and nodded. “Yes Daddy.”

“Hogwarts is a school for witchcraft and wizardry. There are others such as Durmstrang or Beauxbatons, but Hogwarts is the one you were accepted into. There you will learn potions, Transfiguration, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, and many other subjects. You will be sorted into one of four houses.”

“Houses?” Lily looked confused so Professor Dumbledore explained.

“Your House is like your family. You will live with them, eat with them, and have classes with them. As I was explaining before, there are four. Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin.” Lily almost jumped up to ask a question, and Professor Dumbledore smiled at her.

“How are you sorted into your House?” Lily was practically vibrating as she asked the question.

“Your personality will determine your House. Gryffindor is for the brave and noble, Hufflepuff is for the kind and loyal, Ravenclaw is for the intelligent and clever, and Slytherin is for the sly and cunning.” Lily grinned at him. “Hogwarts is like any other boarding in Britain. We have prefects and heads, and you are expected to get along with your room mates. There will be no switching.”

“How long will I be at Hogwarts?” Lily was still vibrating, but she had begun to jump as well. “Is magic hereditary?”

“Such a big word for such a little girl!” Dumbledore laughed and Lily grinned with him. “You will attend Hogwarts for seven years and yes, magic is hereditary.” Dumbledore’s face turned grave. “There will be some that will classify you on whether or not you are a pureblood. There is a wizard out there who is attacking muggles, muggleborns, and those who oppose him.”

Lily could feel the mood of the conversation turn from happy and lighthearted to dark. “But you have magic. Can’t you stop him?” Lily’s father spoke for the second time since Professor Dumbledore came in.

“Yes, we have magic, but the problem is, they do too. They have no conscience and do not care about using Dark spells that I for one refuse to use. It is a war. Not a great war yet, but a war all the same. It will keep getting worse until Voldemort is defeated.” Dumbledore sighed.

For the first time, Lily noticed how old he really was. There were lines all around his face and he seemed tired. That was when she made her decision. “Professor Dumbledore, I’m going to fight in the war and help people.”

He looked at the eleven year old in front of him with a great respect. She understood things that older witches and wizards couldn’t. “We can go to Hogsmeade now or in a few weeks. If we go now, then you will meet some other muggleborns that will be joining you at Hogwarts.”

Lily looked at her father. “Daddy? Can I please go now? Pretty, pretty please?” She gave her father puppy dog eyes and the puppy dog pout. “I’ll be really good if you let me go.”

“I doubt that, but you can go now. I guess it’s better to let you go when there is someone else going as well.” Lily ran up to her dad and gave him a big hug.

“You’re the best!” Mr. Evans nodded and laughed. “Be sure to be home by dinner!” He didn’t know why he was letting his youngest daughter walk away with a stranger, but Mr. Evans had a feeling that it was the right thing to do.

“Come here, Lily. I’ll apparate you to Abby’s house. I have a feeling the two of you will be great friends.” Dumbledore beckoned to Lily who took his hand.

“Bye Daddy! I’m a witch!” Lily shouted out the last part sounding so happy about it that Mr. Evans wanted to laugh. Then Lily felt like she was being squeezed through a tube. As soon as it had started, it was over. She looked around and saw the house in front of them. “Where are we?”

“Abby’s house. She’s the first one we pick up.” The two walked up the path and rang the door bell. A young girl opened the door.

“Mum! I’m leaving with Professor Dumbledore!” The girl had blond hair and was rather small. “Hi! I’m Abby Johnson. Who’re you?”

“Lily Evans.”

“I can’t believe I’m a witch, can you? I always thought witches were like fairytales or something, but they’re real!” The girl smiled at Lily. “What d’you like to do?”

“Well, I like reading and playing pranks on people. You?” Lily grinned at Abby.

“The same. I hope you get in Ravenclaw. That’s where I wanna be.” The two girls grinned at each other. “Do you have a favorite book? Mine’s The Secret Garden.”

Lily gasped. “Me too! That’s so cool.” The girls seemed to be instant best friends.

“Excuse me, I hate to interrupt your conversation, but we do have two more people to get.” The girls blushed and followed Professor Dumbledore. “We won’t be apparating to the next house because it’s within walking distance.”

“Cool.” Lily turned to Abby. “Apparating is the worst sensation ever. It feels like you’re being squeezed through something small.”

Abby’s face had turned pale. “What’s wrong, Miss Johnson?” Dumbledore had noticed how pale Abby was about the same time as Lily.

“Please tell me the other muggleborn’s a girl.” Dumbledore smiled and shook his head. “Noo! It can’t be him.”

Lily looked on curiously. “Who?”

“Dylan Exponet. He is the most horrible person ever to have been born on this planet. He stares at me all the time like some sort of bloody fish. He doesn’t even blink!. I hate him.”

Abby was talking passionately about some guy who liked her. That was all Lily got out of it. “You like another muggleborn?”

“EWW! I hate Dylan!” Abby looked like she was gonna be sick. “He’s a freaking bloody fish!”

“I’m sorry, Abby, but he will be going to Hogwarts with you.” Abby opened her mouth, but Professor Dumbledore cut her off. “You could very well be living in the same tower as him.”

Lily began laughing really hard. “That’s great!” She said in between laughs. “I can’t wait until I meet him!” Abby glared at her and the three walked down the street to a brown house.

Dumbledore knocked on the door and a boy with soft, brown curls opened the door. “Hey Professor.” He ran back into his house to tell his Dad, then came back out. “Ok, I’m good to go, Professor. Hey person I don’t know, hey Abby.” His eyes glazed over when he saw Abby. “Abby…” Dylan started drooling when he said Abby’s name the second time.

Lily snickered. Abby walked over and smacked Dylan upside the head. “Wake up! I won’t have you ruining Hogwarts for me.” She glared at him, then went back to talking with Lily. Dylan wandered down the path, staring at Abby.

“We have one last person to go collect. I can only apparate two people at a time. Lily, I’ll have to come back and get you, is that fine with you?” Lily nodded. “Abby, Dylan, take my hands.” Abby shot a glare at Dylan and took Professor Dumbledore’s hand.

Lily watched as they disappeared right before her eyes. If she didn’t believe in magic before, she sure did now. It was only seconds before Professor Dumbledore was back. She took his hand and they apparated to the last person’s house. Abby and Dylan were still standing there, Abby glaring at Dylan. “Did you have fun with loverboy while I was gone?” Lily whispered in her ear.

Abby jumped about a mile and glared at Lily. “I’m am going to kill you so bad once we get to Hogwarts!” Lily just laughed and grinned at her.

“Love you too!” Abby glared even harder at her, but Lily acted oblivious.

They watched Dumbledore walk up to the door. Same routine. Lily sighed, he was already boring. Boring people were lame. This time a woman opened the door. She and Dumbledore talked for a minute before she called her son. A boy their age with a huge grin plastered on his face ran down to meet them. “Hi! I’m-”

Lily cut him off quickly. “Sunshine Boy. Do you ever stop smiling?”

The boy shook his head and grinned. “My name is actually Clay Harrison.”

Lily raised her eyebrows. “I like Sunshine Boy better.”

Clay kept grinning. “I like you. You’re funny.” He grinned even wider if that was possible.

Lily cringed. “Mhm, yeah, I hate you.” She glared at him.

Clay kept grinning. “You make me sad.” The boy would not stop grinning. He said he was sad and kept grinning. What kind of logic was that?

Lily walked over to Abby and crept behind her. “He scares me.” She whispered in her ear. Abby shook her head and laughed.

“Get over it. You’ll be going to Hogwarts with him next year. You’ll need to get over your hatred of him.”

Lily raised her eyebrows. “And that’s coming from the girl who keeps glaring at Dylan. I’m completely gonna take your advice.” Abby opened her mouth, but Lily cut in. “That’s sarcasm if you couldn’t tell. You don’t take your own advice.”

Dumbledore came back and led the four kids to a small pub called the Leaky Cauldron. “Follow me.” None of the kids needed to be told to follow him, but they nodded all the same.

“Why is he taking us into a pub?” Lily whispered to Abby.

Abby just raised her eyebrows. “You are asking me this because?”

“Because I have no idea and I need someone to ask.” Abby just shook her head and they followed Dumbledore in silence. “Now this is getting weird.” They had stopped at a brick wall. “Why are we stopping at a brick wall?”

Dumbledore took out his wand started tapping the wall. He seemed to be counting, but Lily had no idea what. Suddenly the wall started moving and formed an arch. On the other side was a street full of bustling people, some wearing cloaks. “Welcome to Diagon Alley.”

Dylan, Clay, Abby, and Lily stared at the street. They had never seen so many magical things before in their lives. “Whoa…” They all spoke the same word at the same time. It was the only thing they seemed able to say.

Lily snapped out of it first. “Ok, moving on.” She snapped her fingers in Abby’s face a couple times until she blinked and looked away. “Professor Dumbledore, can we split up now and get our stuff? Or do we have to stick together?” She cringed at the last part and knew she would sneak away if he said to stick together.

“You may go off on your own, but remember: stay in pairs. Here is your money.” He distributed Galleons that he had changed from muggle money to wizarding money. “Use it on school supplies and not all games. Is that understood?”

The three kids nodded and Lily began jumping up and down. “Can we go now? Pleeaase?” Dumbledore laughed and nodded. “Yay!” She dragged Abby away to a shop. “Look!”

Abby looked into the window. “It’s a broom,” she stated flatly. “I’m amazed, really. A broom. Wow.”

“Duh! An awesome broom! You fly on them. Isn’t that awesome?” Lily was hyper and running all around her friend. “A Nimbus 700!” Lily had stopped running and was now drooling at the broom.

“Come on. You look like Fishboy.”

“Is that what you call him? I like Loverboy better.” Abby pulled Lily away from the broom and they wandered the street looking for shops with their school supplies.

“Look! Madame Malkin’s Robes. It says we need robes on the letter. Let’s go in and ask.” The two girls walked into the store. “Excuse, me. Are you Madame Malkin?”

The lady turned around from her other customer and smiled. “Yes, I am. Hogwarts?” Lily nodded and grinned. “Well then you sit up here and I’ll be right with you.”

Abby and Lily sat in the chairs that Madame Malkin pointed out. “Are you first years too?” A voice drawled from the chair Madame Malkin was working.

“Yeah.” Lily gave Abby an odd look that clearly said, this guy seems like a spoiled jerk!

“Turn my chair around,” he ordered Madame Malkin. She did so and the girls faced him for the first time. “Hello.” Lily smirked. He had white-blond hair that was perfectly gelled back. Definitely not her type. “You could be a Bones, or a Prewitt, or a Weasley from your hair.” The boy was looking at Lily, but he turned to Abby. “And you could be a Bones or any other pureblood, just about.

Lily smiled a sickly sweet smile at him. “I think we are- What’s the term Abby?”


The boy’s smile faded almost instantly. “Oh,” he said in a knowing way. “Mudbloods.”

He said that just as another boy was walking in. “Don’t call her that!” The new boy had tousled black hair and hazel eyes.

“I’ll call them as I see them Potter. And these two are Mudbloods.” The blond haired boy smirked at the boy called Potter and the two girls.

Apparently Abby had taken offense and her bottom lip was quivering. Lily stalked over and punched Malfoy square in the jaw. “Leave us alone, Blondie.” ‘Potter’ and Abby laughed at the new nickname and the boy walked out of the shop after paying for his robes.

The boy with black hair and glasses stretched out his hand. “James Potter.”

Lily shook it. “I’m Lily Evans and this is Abby Johnson.”

Abby glared at her while Lily smirked. “I can introduce myself you know.” Lily just shook her head and laughed. Madame Malkin sat them back down and measured them for their robes.

Lily was still confused. “What does that thing he called us mean? Mudblood I think it was?” Lily directed the question at James.

“It means dirty blood. It’s a nasty thing to call someone who’s muggleborn. That boy was Lucius Malfoy. All of the Malfoys are evil gits.” James glared off into space, getting mad after just thinking about Lucius Malfoy. “Are you two in first year?”

“Yup.” Lily grinned. “Mudblood, and proud of it!”

“Are you a muggleborn too?” Abby asked that question.

“No, I’m as pure blooded as you can get.” At the girls’ looks, James hastily added, “Not on purpose or anything. My folks hate people like the Malfoys, and my Dad would be the first to admit it.”

Madame Malkin finished measuring their robes, so the kids paid her. “Do you know where we get our wands? We looked for ages and couldn’t find anything else for school.” Abby looked sheepishly at James as though she was ashamed that she didn’t know where anything was.

“Oh yeah, Ollivanders is down this street. He’s the best place to go for wands.” James beckoned with his hand and Abby and Lily followed him. “You can stop at Flourish and Blotts to get your books and you can stop at Magical Menagerie to get your animals.”

“Well why don’t we stop there now? We just passed by and it’ll take less time if we stop by stuff when we pass it.” James smirked at Lily and she glared back. “What?”

“Our wands are most important- And don’t you have all day?” James was still grinning.

“Well, yeah, but I need some of that time to look at prank shops and that awesome broom we saw. Remember Abby?” Lily’s face broke into a grin as she thought about the broom. Abby sighed and nodded, she personally hadn’t seen anything cool the broom.

“First years aren’t allowed brooms, you have to wait until second year.” James smirked as he lead them into a dark shop.

“I KNOW first years aren’t allowed brooms. I was merely stating the fact that it was an awesome broom.” Lily glared at James. “Is there a problem with me thinking that broom was awesome? Are first years not allowed to think about brooms either?”

James turned red, but kept staring at her. “Ah, Mr. Potter. I was wondering when you would be coming. And the two of you are?” The man had a white beard, though it was short and scraggly. He seemed old and creepy, not a combination that Lily liked.

“I’m Lily Evans, that’s Abby Johnson.”

Abby glared at Lily. “I told you, I can introduce myself.” Lily just laughed and Mr. Ollivander pulled some wands off the shelf.

“Try these Mr. Potter.” James picked up the wand and didn’t move. “Well, give it a wave.” James waved the wand and the vase with flowers in it exploded. “Nope!” James tried several more and finally picked up a fifth. “11 inches, mahogany, excellent for transfiguration work.” James waved the wand and a glow lit up the room. “Well, you have your wand Mr. Potter.” James grinned at Lily and stood in the back of the room. “Next?”

Lily stepped forward and was instantly handed a wand. She waved it and the desk in the front burst into flames. “Whoops!” Lily grinned and placed the wand back up at the front. She tried at least seven more wands until she picked up an eighth. She waved it and the tip turned gold.

“Ah, that will be your wand Miss Evans. 10 and ¼ inches willow, quite swishy. Should be excellent for charms.” Lily nodded and leaned on the newly fixed desk. “Next?” Abby stepped forward nervously. She tried several wands and broke every window in the building. Apparently Abby was a hard one. Her 53rd wand finally emitted a glowing sensation. “9 and 1/3 inches ebony, phoenix feather.”

“You’re picky. More than me at least.” Abby shoved Lily and the two burst out laughing.

“Did I miss something?” James looked confused which made the girls laugh even more. “Whaaat?” Abby and Lily were finally able to stop laughing and they paid Ollivander.

“Did you see how long it took you to get a wand?” Lily started laughing again while Abby glared.

“It wasn’t my fault! Ollivander said it’s the wand that chooses the wizard—or witch in my case, I guess. Maybe my wand was just picky.” Lily cracked up again and Abby turned her back. “Crap!”

“What?” Lily instantly stopped laughing and looked around. She saw Dylan and Clay and her evil mind started working. “Ha! It’s Loverboy!”

“I don’t like him! He is my stalker!” Abby was mortified at the thought of her liking Dylan. Then her evil little mind started working. “Well, you like Sunshine Boy!”

“I do not!”

“Do too.”

“Do not!”

“Do too.”

“Do not!”

“Do too!”

“Do not!”

“Do too!”


“Fine, but you’ll eventually start liking him.” Abby smirked at her superiority. “I will never, ever, like Dylan, but you will like Sunshine Boy eventually.”

“Will not!”

“Will too!”

“Will not!”

“Will too!”

“Will not!”

“Will too!”

“What are you, some kind of seer or something?” Lily glared at Abby.

Abby smiled smugly. “Yep. It’s an added benefit of being a cooler witch than you.”

Clay and Dylan had come up behind the two girls and were standing with James. “What are they arguing about?” Clay was moving his head as though he was watching a tennis match.

James answered the question as he had been with the two girls the longest. “I have absolutely no idea.”

Dylan hadn’t even taken notice of the conversation. He was too busy staring at Abby. “Hi Abby.” Dylan looked dreamily at the girl he had loved ever since he had set eyes on her when they were seven.

“Hey Lily.” Clay smiled at Lily. No, he wasn’t smiling at Lily, he was always smiling. Lily and Abby both blanched.



“PRAT!” Both girls yelled the last word together. Then they grinned at each other and went to get their books. Their argument was long since forgotten.


“Yeah?” Abby looked over at Lily. “What’s up? You look very confuzzled.”



“Qué means what in Español.” Lily grinned at Abby. “Guess that’s one thing you don’t know. Finally. I was beginning to get worried.”

“Not my fault!” Abby exclaimed. Lily just shook her head and smirked, letting Abby know it was a lost cause. “Anyway, what was what?”

“Confuzzled. What the freak does confuzzled mean?”

“Oh, confused plus puzzled. Duh.” Abby spoke slowly, like speaking to a two-year-old. “What did you want before, though? You were asking me something…”

“Can you pass me that copy of Standard Book of Spells Grade 1?”

Abby nodded and passed her the book.

“Did we have that whole conversation just because you wanted me to pass you a book that you couldn’t reach cause you were too short?”

“I am not short!” Lily was extremely conscience of her, erm, small stature.

“Are too.” Abby was bored with the conversation. Lily opened her mouth to reply, but Abby cut her off. “Never mind. You’re really tall and you just felt like making me do all of the work. Can we please not have the same argument again? It’s beginning to really get on my nerves.”

“Fine.” It was silent for a moment before Lily spoke again. “You got all your books?”

“Yeah, why?” Abby gave Lily a ‘confuzzled’ look.

“Cause then we can go get animals!” Lily started jumping up and down around Abby. “Soooo… Can we go?”

Abby sighed and nodded. “Sure.” They wandered across the street to Magical Menagerie. “On our letters it says ‘All students may bring one animal of their choosing: A cat, a toad, or an owl.’ Sound good?” Abby looked up from her letter at Lily.

“Why can’t we bring snakes?”

“Uh, maybe cause some people are deathly afraid of them?” Abby rolled her eyes. “Aw! Look at the little kitty!” Abby ran over and picked up a tiny, black kitten with purple eyes. “Look at its eyes!” she cooed.

Lily ran over from an owl she was examining to look at the kitten. “Aww! It’s adorable!” Lily and Abby cooed over the kitten for a few minutes. “Are you gonna buy it?”

“No, I have a cat at home, so I’ll probably get an owl. You?” Abby looked up at Lily.

“It’s just so cute! I can’t leave her here. What if someone horrible takes her?” Lily looked sad. “Excuse me…” The lady behind the desk looked up. “Can you tell me how much this kitten is?”

“47 galleons.” Her voice was bland as though that question had been asked many times, which it probably had.

Lily gaped at the price. It was more than all of her school supplies combined. “Oh, well thank you anyways.” She didn’t have enough galleons to pay for the kitten.

“You didn’t really want that kitten anyway. She would have caused a lot of trouble at Hogwarts.” Abby tried to console Lily, who put on a fake grin.

“Yeah. Imagine what the teachers would do if she jumped on their desks in the middle of class.” Both girls grinned and this time Lily’s smile was real. They ended up getting two owls, one black as night for Lily, and a brown fluffy one for Abby.

“What’re you gonna name it?” Lily looked at Abby’s owl and smirked. “How about Fluffers?” Lily laughed when Abby glared. “Or you could name it Dylan. Here Dylan, hey Dylan.” Lily spoke to the owl and smirked as Abby turned red with anger.

“For your opinion, I hate Dylan Exponet! He is worse than the scum on this earth. I’m naming her Dusty.” Lily laughed at the name, but had to admit the owl’s feathers were the color of dust. “What’re you naming yours?”

“I was thinking of Hoot.” Lily watched as Abby’s face went from red to purple, probably because she was trying not to laugh. “Whaaaat?”

“Hoot?” Abby laughed really hard. “You’re naming your owl Hoot?”

Lily nodded slowly.

“Well aren’t you creative!” Abby snorted.

“Hey! Hoot’s an awesome name! Better than Dusty at least.” Lily glared at Abby for a moment before lightening her gaze. “Besides, it’s only an owl’s name. It’s not likes it’s anything important.” Abby nodded and smiled back. “Come on! Let’s go to Zonko’s!”

“No way! Did you see Honeydukes? We’re totally going there first!” Abby couldn’t resist the idea of candy, while Lily wanted to check out some pranks. “There’s wizarding candy, candy that explodes, we can’t miss it.”

“We won’t, now follow me.” Abby wasn’t following, so Lily turned around and glared at her. “Come on!”

“Why would I follow you? Why not you follow me?” Abby stood in her spot without moving.

Lily sighed as though she was talking to a little kid. “Because I’m bigger and stronger than you.” Lily began to walk towards Zonko’s.

“The bigger part could be argued,” Abby muttered under her breath, but she followed Lily anyway.


“Are we all back?” Dumbledore turned towards the group and Lily rolled her eyes. There was only four of them. “Good. It’s time to take you back to your families. Don’t forget about the train to Hogwarts on September first. It leaves at one o’clock and waits for no one.”

“We know. You talk to us like we’re dumb or something.” Lily glared at him and grinned at Abby. “Now can we please just go home?”

Dumbledore smiled at Lily and continued, “Don’t forget to go through the barrier of platform nine and ten.”

Dylan’s eyes grew wide. “Is that possible? It defies all laws of science.”

Abby rolled her eyes. “It’s magic, you idiot. There are no laws of science.” Lily snickered as Dylan turned red.

“The train leaves at eleven on the dot and waits for no one. Don’t be late.” Dumbledore smiled at the four kids. One was looking down at his feet, one was shifting impatiently, one was glaring at the boy, and the other was smiling back at him.

“Now that we’ve got that covered, can we go home now?” Lily shifted impatiently on her feet.

“Yes, Miss Evans, you can go home now.” Lily shrieked yes at the top of her lungs and Dumbledore apparated Dylan and Clay to their homes.

“What do you think of Clay?” Abby asked the question with a bit of a blush on her face. “Not that I like him or anything, I was just wondering.”

“Clay? You mean Sunshine Boy? He’s a freak.” Lily eyed Abby with suspicion. “You like him, don’t you?”

“NO! I don’t like him! I like a muggle boy at my old school.” Abby instantly turned red, then white. “I just told you I liked someone at my muggle school, didn’t I?” Lily nodded slowly with a grin on her face. “No! Crap, why am I so stupid? Why? Why? Whyyyy?”

“So you like a muggle and Clay?” Abby shook her head so hard it looked like it might break in half. “Cool. I’m gonna totally use this against you when we play Would You Rather.”

Lily paled at the name of the game. “Would You Rather?” Her voice squeaked. “With you? You’re an evil enough person just in normal life.” Abby looked as though she was about to collapse when Dumbledore apparated back to the girls.

“Hold my hands.” The girls closed their eyes until the tube-squeezing sensation had passed. “Here you go Lily. Your parents are home. I’ll just leave you here.”

Lily watched until Abby and Dumbledore had apparated away, then she walked inside. “Hello! I’m home!”

Petunia walked out with a disgusted look on her face. “You don’t really have freakish powers, do you? Cause that’s just disgusting.”

Lily was in shock. She had known Petunia was going to act odd, but not that odd. “There’s nothing wrong with having magical powers!”

“Freak,” Petunia muttered under her breath. Louder she said, “Mother and Father have moved all of your stuff to the attic because I refuse to share my room with a freak.”

She and Petunia had shared a room since they were little, even though there were plenty of other rooms in the house.

“She doesn’t love me anymore. She hates me.” Lily and Petunia had been the best of friends, doing everything together. “Petunia won’t do anything with me anymore,” She guessed.

Lily kicked the wall hard as she walked up to her new room in the attic.

A/N: This is the first chapter of one of my many multichapter fics. I don't think I'll be updating this one very soon, but feel free to try to change my mind with reviews! And my meet the author page is up if you want to ask me something else.

Dedication: This chapter is dedicated to the real life muggleborns that I know. I put all threee of them in the story.

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