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Lucy Potter by fullmoontonightO
Chapter 3 : Ten Names, Tea Dregs, and Dancing Toast Men
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"Rise and shine, Lucy! We get our schedules today!" Lucy awoke with a groan and a yawn, looking up at Lily's excited face.

"Do I have to, Lils?" Lily nodded.

"Yes! Now! C'mon!" Lucy groaned.

"But my bed is so warm!" Lily pulled Lucy's bedcovers off and threw them aside. Then she grabbed Lucy's arm and pulled her to her feet.

"Up! Get ready! Now!" Lucy couldn't stop herself from grinning. She threw on a plain white t-shirt and a pair of jeans and brushed her hair.

"Hurry up, Lucy!" Lily complained. "Get your robes on!" Lucy laughed as Lily rushed her, Lily finally loosing patience and digging in Lucy's trunk for her robes. Lily found Lucy's robes in a flash, then threw them at her. Lucy laughed again and pulled them on, Lily pulling Lucy down the stairs before she could even close them.

Lucy caught sight of the two of them in a passing window and laughed. Lily had finally let Lucy go, and was talking up a storm, emerald eyes bright and looking very neat. Lily's fiery hair was neatly brushed, pulled back in a ponytail. Her robes were neat and even looked like they'd been ironed recently. Her robes were closed, though Lucy knew that Lily was probably wearing an outfit close to her own.

Lucy, on the other hand, looked like Lily's exact opposite. Lucy's raven hair-though brushed-was everywhere. It half-hung in her face and had a neat-but-messy look to it happened that way on purpose. There wasn't a time when Lucy's hair didn't go crazy. Her hair looked positively wild. It was always everywhere, hiding her face most of the times, even though her eyes could always just barely be seen. Lucy's bright blue eyes were just as luminescent as Lily's, if not more. Her t-shirt was somewhat rumpled, her jeans had a large rip across her right knee, and her robes were flapping at her side like wings as she hurried after Lily.


Lucy yawned somewhat and put her head down on the table.

"Lucy!" Lily admonished softly. Lucy looked up at Lily through a mass of curls pitifully. Lily bit back a laugh and tried to look serious. "Sit up and eat! We're getting our schedules soon!" Lucy sighed and sat up. She shook her head to try and get her hair out of her face, but only made the curls worse. She groaned loudly.



"My hair........."

"What about it? It's nice." Lucy turned to look over at Lily..........or tried to, anyway. Lucy pushed her curly hair out of her face, but at least half of it fell back into her eyes. She groaned and tried again, but to no avail.

"It won't stay!" Lily tried-and failed-not to laugh at the immensely frustrated look on her friend's face. Lucy grinned sheepishly and shrugged.

"Look at the bright side, Lucy." Lucy jokingly made a face.

"Which is?" Lily thought a bit, eyes landing on James.

"Your hair is nothing like.............oh, wait..............never mind." Lucy turned and saw who Lily was looking at. James Potter. His hair was everywhere, too. It was sticking up like crazy. Lucy laughed.

"Lily! That's what my hair would be like if it was straight!" Lily shrugged sheepishly and continued looking.

"How about.............never mind." Lucy turned again. Sirius Black. Lucy laughed again, shaking her head. Sirius' hair was in his face, basically hiding his eyes from view.

"Lily! That's how my hair is now!" Lily gave up.

"Fine, fine. You win."

"Awesome!" Lucy cheered happily. "What'd I win?" Lily rolled her eyes.

"Complaining rights." Lucy thought about this.

"But I already have-"

"The schedules!" Thousands of owls flew into the Great Hall, each dropping off a piece of parchment to a student.

"-complaining rights!" Lucy finished. "I want whining rights!" She complained, whining purposefully. Lily rolled her eyes, smiling, and studied her schedule.

Lucy yawned and picked up her schedule. First class was Double Potions with Slughorn. Lucy folded her schedule and put it in her pocket.

"What're you doing? You couldn't have-"

"I don't need this till after Double Potions!" Lucy said cheerily, grabbing a plate holding a small tower of toast before all the food disappeared. "And now, I eat!"

Lily couldn't help but laugh. "You should've eaten when we got here." Lucy chewed a bite of toast thoughtfully, before swallowing and grinning at Lily.

"I could have, yes. I should have, also a yes. But did I?" Lily shook her head. Lucy grinned again. "Which means I can do this." Lucy spread her toast out on the plate. She picked up her wand and carefully drew outlines into the toast. The outlines looked much like the outlines of gingerbread men. Once each toast had an outline in it, Lucy tapped each one with her wand. Each outline cut itself out of the toast and stood.

"Now dance!" Lucy ordered them cheerfully, eyes bright with anticipation. The little men did so immediately, looking quite funny dancing across the table. Both Lucy and Lily began laughing as two little men waltzed across the plate, while another break-danced on Lily's schedule.

All in all, there were nine little men, each of them dancing in one way or another.


"Hey............what's she doing?"


"Over there. Her."

"The redhead?"

"No. The one with black hair."

"What do you mean?"

"Well she-bloody hell!"

"How'd she do that?!"

As Sirius had been looking over his schedule, he had heard laughing. He looked over to see two girls; a redhead and a raven-haired one. They were hunched over the table and laughing at something. Sirius had immediately grabbed James and pointed them out, only to have something that looked like a man made out of toast go skidding across the table. The girl with the black hair grabbed the toast-man, and he began to break-dance on her hand. More laughter.

"Who did that spell?"

"What's going on?"

Now Remus and Peter had joined in, and both of them spotted another toast man go flying. Once again the girl with the black hair's hand had shot out, this time catching the little man in mid-air. The girl brought her hand together, and the two toast-men began to dance together, causing her and her friend to laugh some more.

All four boys stood staring as more toast-men came into view as the two girls leaned back some. There seemed to be at least nine of them, and they were all dancing in one way or another. The black-haired girl said something and pointed her wand at them, and they stopped dancing. Instead, they began doing gymnastics, and clown routines all over the table, causing her and her friend's laughter to double.

The nine little toast-men all climbed one on top of the other, in a tall, swaying tower. The black-haired girl held out a plate, and, one by one, they all jumped on it, their movements ceasing as soon as they did so.

The bell rang, and the two girls stood up, the black-haired one still holding the plate. She picked up one of the little men and bit off its head, making a face at the redhead, who laughed.

As the two of them passed by the four boys, the black-haired one paused. She turned to look at them, smiling brightly. She held out the plate of toast-men. "Want one?" She asked cheerily, pushing her hair out of her face, revealing very interesting looking eyes. Blue, with flecks of green and gold. Her hair fell back into her face, but she just shrugged and continued grinning, holding out the plate.

"It's yummy............." She said in a tantalizing kind of voice, shaking the plate slightly. "And very talented.............." At this, her and her friend began laughing again.

After they stopped laughing, the girl set the plate down and grabbed four toast men. She took Peter's hand and opened it, placing one toast man in it. She did the same to Remus and Sirius, pausing slightly to look up at James, a confused look in her eyes.

"Eat." She said, after they each had one. She picked up the plate, which now had four toast-men on it. She handed one to her friend, put two in her pocket, and the last in her mouth. She crossed her eyes at the boys, then her friend. Her friend laughed, and the two of them headed out of the Great Hall.

"Wait!" Sirius called suddenly. The two girls half-turned, surprised.

"Yeah?" The black-haired one said, pushing her hair out of her face to look over at him. It fell back into her eyes the second she moved her hand.

"What's your name?" The two girls exchanged looks.

"I'm Lily Evans," the black-haired one said, grinning, eyes sparkling, "And this is Lucy Whitaker." The redhead, Lucy(?) threw her friend a confused glance, but she merely shook her head, eye bright and laughing. "See you in class, Sirius Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew!" She called, laughing. Her friend looked even more confused, but she just grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the Great Hall, pausing at the door to wave at the four boys.

It was quiet for a long moment, all four boys feeling the sneaking suspicion that the girl had been lying to them.

"...........Is it me..............." Remus said slowly, looking at James, Sirius, and Peter, "Or did that girl just trick us.................."

"Yeah.................and how did she know our names?"


"Lucy!" Lily cried, as soon as she and Lucy were far away from the Great Hall.

"Lily!" Lucy said back, grinning.

"Why'd you do that?" Lucy crossed her eyes at Lily.

"Cause I wanted to! ............And this'll be more fun!"

"Why?" Lucy beamed.

"We have Potions with them!"


"Hello, class. I'm Professor Slughorn." A somewhat short, round-bellied man that strongly resembled a walrus smiled at them. "I will be your Potions teacher." There were some murmurings after this obvious statement, but Slughorn ignored them. Instead, he flicked his wand to the board. The chalk began writing the day's lesson, as if by an invisible hand.

"Wanna be partners?" Lucy and Lily asked each other unanimously. They laughed together and nodded, Lily offering to go get the ingredients. Lucy nodded and used this as a perfect time to sneak one of her toast men out of her pocket. She ripped off small pieces and put them in her mouth, chewing them inconspicuously.

As Lucy ate her toast man, she carefully scanned the room for anyone she recognized. To put it simply, the four boys from before. It didn't take long. They were at the table directly across from where Lucy and Lily had chosen to sit. James, Sirius, and Peter were bent over a piece of paper, while Remus was rolling his eyes and working on the potion, occasionally kicking them under the table until they looked at him. They seemed to be saying something, but Remus just shook his head firmly. The three other boys groaned loudly, and, mumbling to themselves, began working. Remus caught sight of Lucy watching them and grinned over the other three's heads. Lucy returned the smile, finished off the rest of her toast man, then turned back to Lily, who had just gotten back.

"Hey Lily?" Lucy asked suddenly, in the middle of cutting up some roots.

"Yeah Lucy?" Lucy studied James for a second, then Lily. A huge grin broke out on her face, her eyes gleamed. "What?!"

"Oh, nothing............" Lucy turned back to her roots, carefully chopping them exactly the same length. Before Lily could say anything more, Slughorn came by and watched them work for a bit, praising Lily before he left, making her forget what she was going to anyway. Lily continued to work silently, while Lucy began humming and carefully taking aim at her cauldron, throwing in ingredient after ingredient.

After it was obvious Lucy wasn't going to stop, Lily turned to her. "Lucy!"

"What?" Lucy asked innocently. She picked up her next ingredient, took aim, and tossed it into her cauldron, it landing with a small splash dead center.

"Stop that! We're supposed to be working!"

"I am working!" Lucy said indignantly. "Look! I added them all in order!" Lucy showed Lily the recipe, and it indeed proved that she'd been adding them correctly. "In the right order, in the right amount of time, everything!"

"What about stirring?" Lucy pointed wordlessly at the wooden spoon she'd enchanted that was stirring the potion in the cauldron, waiting for the next ingredient. Lily's face flushed red. She turned to apologize to Lucy, who cut her off.

"No worries Red." Lucy said calmly, shrugging. She picked up a piece of root, aimed, and landed it in the perfect center of the cauldron. "I appreciate the concern."


"What's your name?" Sirius demanded. He, James, Remus, and Peter had cornered, Lucy and Lily after they'd exited the Potions room. Lucy grinned mischievously.

"My name is Ebony Raven Patricia Tatiana Amber Sara Kaitlyn Emma Alex-" Lucy rattled name after name until the boys cut her off.

"Stop that!" All four boys cried in unison.

"Stop what?" She asked, feigning innocence.

"All those names! Which one's the real one?!" Sirius demanded. James, Remus, and Peter nodded. Lucy grinned again, sneaking another toast man out of her pocket.

"All of them are real. None of them are mine. Though I did give you enough names to last the rest of the week...............if not more.............." Lucy trailed off, taking a bite of the toast man and counting off the names on her fingers silently. "Yup!" She exclaimed brightly. "More than a week!"

Lucy took another bite out of the toast man as she watched the boys figure out if she was right. She knew they'd figured it out when they groaned. "Yup! If you count this morning, that's ten, my friends! Know what that means?" The boys shook their heads warily. Lily bit her lip to keep from laughing at her friend.

"That means I don't need to think up of anymore until next Wednesday!" She said cheerily. "C'mon, Lils! Next class is Divination!"

The four boys checked their schedules disbelievingly.

"Hey, wait up!" James called, shocked. "We have Divination next, too!"


" how do we get up there?" Peter asked, looking up at the trapdoor in the ceiling.

"Maybe there's a password?" Remus offered doubtfully.

"Or something we have to press?" James asked.

"Maybe it's not here!" Sirius said hopefully. Lily shook her head.

"Maybe we should just wait until someone else gets here." She suggested. The guys seemed to agree with that, but all four began looking around for a button anyway. Lucy was the only one who had not spoken yet. She was looking up at the trapdoor carefully, trying to think of a way to get it down.

"I'm not waiting for this door to open!" She exclaimed, frustrated, startling the boys and Lily. "Get down here! Now!" She commanded. The trapdoor flew open and a ladder unfurled. "That's better!" Lucy climbed up the ladder. When no one followed her, she stuck her head back through the hole and looked down at the astonished faces of Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. And grinned.

"C'mon then!" She called happily. The five of them followed slowly.

The Divination room was a large, circular room. There were candles and large poufs everywhere, along with squashy chairs and tables. Odd-smelling smoke filled the room, and everything looked oddly pinkish. Seated at the front of the room where the smoke was strongest, was what appeared to be Professor Knot.

Knot had wispy white-ish hair and glasses. Her eyes were a clear hazel. She had a ridiculous, gaudy gauze shawl thrown over her shoulders, and many long, beaded necklaces. Knot's robes seemed to be too big for her, as well as an odd pinkish color, matching with the room and her shawl.

"Everyone please take your seats." Knot said mistily. Lucy took a long, hard look at Knot before she did so, choosing a seat far in the back next to a window. Lily asked if anything was wrong. Lucy shook her head and stared down at Knot, a somewhat fierce expression in her eyes. Knot cleared her throat, unnerved, and looked over at Lucy a moment before continuing. "In this class, you will learn to un-fog the future, and.............." Lucy had just caught Knot's eye again, causing her to stumble over her words and forget them entirely.  Knot cleared her throat again, then spoke, careful not to look at Lucy again. "If everyone would take a teacup and fill it. Drink it and swill the dregs................" Lucy had somehow managed to catch her eye again. "Switch with your partner. Then open your books and study them to see what you can find in your partners' future..............." Knot trailed off, Lucy giving her what could only be called a withering look, before getting up and getting tea cups for her, Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter.

"Here." Lucy said shortly, handing out the teacups.

"What was-" James began.

"Drink." Lucy answered shortly, tapping each cup and filling it to the brim with tea.


"Now." There was an edge to Lucy's voice as she spoke and a fire in her eyes. The five decided not to try their luck and began drinking their tea, which was scalding hot. Lucy stared down at her tea for a long moment, then brought it to her lips and downed the entire thing in one gulp. "Done." She muttered quietly, then began swilling the dregs as per Knot's instructions, glaring down at them.

Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter took much longer to finish their tea. The five of them had been quite surprised to see Lucy drink hers so quickly, but knew better than to say anything at the time. Something about Knot had set Lucy off, and they sure didn't want to get caught in the crossfire.

Lucy finished swilling her dregs and waited for the five of them to finish theirs. Once they'd finished, Lucy switched with Lily, James with Sirius, and Remus with Peter. The six of them got out their books and began trying to decipher the pictures they saw.

"That's not bowler hat, it's a-" Lucy checked her book, laughed. She had just leaned over to help James figure out what was at the bottom of Sirius' teacup.

"What's so funny bout my tea?" Sirius asked defensively. Lucy shook her head and dropped her book onto the table in front of them, pointed.

"It's the Grim." She whispered quietly, sending a short glare in Knot's direction. "Supposed to be an omen of death." Peter, who was listening in, gasped. Lucy rolled her eyes, but smiled kindly at him.

"Peter," she began gently, "It's nothing to be afraid of. It's just an old superstition. It doesn't mean anything. Trust me. Nothing bad's gonna happen to Sirius. All it is, is a big black dog!" Peter whimpered, nodding, giving Sirius' teacup a wary glance nevertheless. Lucy laughed softly, then leaned over and gave Peter a hug, smiling kindly at him. "Don't worry, Pete. It's just tea dregs."

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